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    		cathepsin B

			This gene encodes a member of the C1 family
			of peptidases. Alternative splicing of this
			gene results in multiple transcript variants.
			At least one of these variants encodes a
			preproprotein that is proteolytically processed
			to generate multiple protein products. These
			products include the cathepsin B light and
			heavy chains, which can dimerize to form
			the double chain form of the enzyme. This
			enzyme is a lysosomal cysteine protease
			with both endopeptidase and exopeptidase
			activity that may play a role in protein
			turnover. It is also known as amyloid precursor
			protein secretase and is involved in the
			proteolytic processing of amyloid precursor
			protein (APP). Incomplete proteolytic processing
			of APP has been suggested to be a causative
			factor in Alzheimer's disease, the most
			common cause of dementia. Overexpression
			of the encoded protein has been associated
			with esophageal adenocarcinoma and other
			tumors. Multiple pseudogenes of this gene
			have been identified.

			Expression of cathepsin B has been detected
			in thyroid, adipose, lymph node, lung, kidney
			and 29 other tissues.

			Chromosome 8

			32195026 Trifluoperazine prolongs the survival
			of experimental brain metastases by
			STAT3-dependent lysosomal membrane

			32176724 Myocardial cathepsin D is
			downregulated in sudden cardiac death.

			32175287 Isoforms of Cathepsin B1 in
			Neurotropic Schistosomula of Trichobilharzia
			regenti Differ in Substrate Preferences and a
			Highly Expressed Catalytically Inactive Paralog
			Binds Cystatin.

			32171725 Yeast β-D-glucan exerts antitumour
			activity in liver cancer through impairing
			autophagy and lysosomal function, promoting
			reactive oxygen species production and

			32154176 Molecular Mechanisms by Which
			S100A4 Regulates the Migration and Invasion
			of PGCCs With Their Daughter Cells in Human
			Colorectal Cancer.

			30263671 Proteolytic effect of starter culture
			during ripening of smoked horse sausage.

			30263592 The changes in the proteolysis
			activity and the accumulation of free amino
			acids during chinese traditional dry-cured loins

			30261474 Cathepsin B and S as markers for
			cardiovascular risk and all-cause mortality in
			patients with stable coronary heart disease
			during 10 years: a CLARICOR trial sub-study.

			30228307 Proteome analysis reveals a role of
			rainbow trout lymphoid organs during Yersinia
			ruckeri infection process.

			30215090 Cyclopeptidic photosensitizer
			prodrugs as proteolytically triggered drug
			delivery systems of pheophorbide A: part II -
			co-loading of pheophorbide A and black hole

			30204757 The vacuolar-type ATPase inhibitor
			archazolid increases tumor cell adhesion to
			endothelial cells by accumulating extracellular

			30194476 A Mild Inhibition of cathepsin K
			Paradoxically Stimulates the Resorptive Activity
			of Osteoclasts in Culture.

			30187035 Primary tumor and pre-metastatic
			niches co-targeting "peptides-lego" hybrid
			hydroxyapatite nanoparticles for metastatic
			breast cancer treatment.

			30180270 NLRP3 inflammasome activation in
			hepatic stellate cells induces murine liver

			30179491 Docetaxel-Loaded Hyaluronic
			Acid-Cathepsin B Cleavable Peptide-Gold
			Nanoparticles for The Treatment of Cancer.

			30177970 Expression and Localization of
			Cathepsins B, D and G in Cancer Stem Cells in
			Liver Metastasis From Colon Adenocarcinoma.

			30171718 PNPLA3 variant M148 causes
			resistance to starvation-mediated lipid droplet
			autophagy in human hepatocytes.

			30154458 Enhanced autophagy contributes to
			excitotoxic lesions in a rat model of preterm
			brain injury.

			30145925 Identification of compound CA-5f as
			a novel late-stage autophagy inhibitor with
			potent anti-tumor effect against non-small cell
			lung cancer.

			30138927 Oxidative Stress is the Principal
			Contributor to Inflammasome Activation in
			Retinal Pigment Epithelium Cells with Defunct
			Proteasomes and Autophagy.

			30136196 Lysosomal membrane
			permeabilization causes secretion of IL-1β in
			human vascular smooth muscle cells.

			A novel flavonoid from Dulacia egleri with
			potential inhibitory activity against cathepsins B
			and L.

			30107168 The role of cathepsin B in autophagy
			during obesity: A systematic review.

			30105973 Intranasal delivery of a formulation
			containing stage-specific recombinant proteins
			of Fasciola hepatica cathepsin L5 and
			cathepsin B2 triggers an anti-fecundity effect
			and an adjuvant-mediated reduction in fluke
			burden in sheep.

			30099343 Cathepsin B contributes to
			radioresistance by enhancing homologous
			recombination in glioblastoma.

			30091535 Determination of the concentration
			of cathepsin B by SPRI biosensor in children
			with appendicitis, and its correlation with

			30062341 A core-shell
			nanoparticle-peptide@metal-organic framework
			as pH and enzyme dual-recognition switch for
			stepwise-responsive imaging in living cells.

			30049645 Modeling endophilin-mediated Aβ
			disposal in glioma cells.

			30046966 Ischemic Postconditioning Alleviates
			Cerebral Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury Through
			Activating Autophagy During Early Reperfusion
			in Rats.

			30030080 Transcription factor E3 protects
			against Cadmium-induced apoptosis by
			maintaining the lysosomal-mitochondrial axis
			but not autophagic flux in Neuro-2a cells.

			Clinical Trials
			3635138 Effect of the Incoportation of Copper
			and Zinc Nanoparticles Into Dental Adhesives

			3286062 VM110 in Detection of Microscopic
			Tumors: A Phase I Study

			2495870 The Acute Effects of Low
			Temperature for Long Time Heat Treatment of
			Pork Semitendinosus on Satiety

			660218 A Phase I/II Study of Radiation
			Therapy, Paclitaxel Poliglumex and Cetuximab
			in Advanced Head and Neck Cancer

			459810 Paclitaxel Poliglumex and Estradiol in
			Treating Patients With Stage IV Prostate

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