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  Source:		CXCL10

    		C-X-C motif chemokine ligand 10

			This antimicrobial gene encodes a chemokine
			of the CXC subfamily and ligand for the
			receptor CXCR3. Binding of this protein to
			CXCR3 results in pleiotropic effects, including
			stimulation of monocytes, natural killer
			and T-cell migration, and modulation of
			adhesion molecule expression.

			Expression of C-X-C motif chemokine ligand
			10 has been detected in lung, lymph node,
			appendix, colon, testes and 29 other tissues.

			Chromosome 4

			32215018 Effect of
			Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells on
			Xenogeneic T and B Cells Isolated from
			Lupus-Prone MRL.Fas lpr Mice.

			32206083 The potential drug for treatment in
			pancreatic adenocarcinoma: a bioinformatical
			study based on distinct drug databases.

			32198421 Metastasis-initiating cells induce and
			exploit a fibroblast niche to fuel malignant
			colonization of the lungs.

			32195021 T cell recruitment triggered by
			optimal dose platinum compounds contributes
			to the therapeutic efficacy of sequential PD-1
			blockade in a mouse model of colon cancer.

			32194750 C-X-C motif receptor 3A enhances
			proliferation and invasiveness of
			colorectal cancer cells, and is mediated by
			C-X-C motif ligand 10.

			32194710 Effect of apigenin on whole
			transcriptome profile of TNFα-activated
			MDA-MB-468 triple negative breast cancer

			32185190 Chronic Inflammatory Lameness
			Increases Cytokine Concentration in the Spinal
			Cord of Dairy Cows.

			32181005 Effective Treatments for
			Bladder Cancer Affecting
			CXCL9/CXCL10/CXCL11/CXCR3 Axis: A Review.

			32174750 A negative correlation of axial length
			with aqueous humor concentration of cytokines
			in patients with congenital cataracts.

			32140591 Chemokine, cytokine and
			haematological profiles in Sprague-Dawley rats
			co-infected with Plasmodium berghei ANKA
			and Trichinella zimbabwensis-A laboratory
			animal model for malaria and tissue-dwelling
			nematodes co-infection.

			30233712 Regulatory effect of
			immunosuppressive agents in mice with renal
			ischemia reperfusion injury.

			30232656 LncRNA-135528 inhibits tumor
			progression by up-regulating CXCL10 through
			the JAK/STAT pathway.

			30231487 lncRNA NTT/PBOV1 Axis Promotes
			Monocyte Differentiation and Is Elevated in
			Rheumatoid Arthritis.

			30230981 Metformin Inhibits Chemokine
			Expression Through the AMPK/NF-κB Signaling

			30211827 IL-17A is critical for CD8+ T effector
			response in airway epithelial injury after

			30209990 Elevation of cerebrospinal fluid
			cytokine/chemokines involved in innate, T cell,
			and granulocyte inflammation in pediatric focal
			cerebral arteriopathy.

			30208590 Fish Oil Supplementation Reduces
			Inflammation but Does Not Restore Renal
			Function and klotho Expression in an
			Adenine-Induced CKD Model.

			30208515 IGF-1 resist oxidative damage to
			HaCaT and depigmentation in mice treated with

			30203067 Study of 2009 H1N1 pandemic
			influenza virus as a possible causative agent of

			30202097 Loss of
			solute carrier family 7 member 2 exacerbates
			inflammation-associated colon tumorigenesis.

			30200670 Topical Plant Polyphenols Prevent
			Type I Interferon Signaling in the Skin and
			Suppress Contact Hypersensitivity.

			30181917 Chemokine Network and Overall
			Survival in TP53 Wild-Type and Mutant Ovarian

			30173149 Flares in Rheumatoid Arthritis
			Patients with Low Disease Activity:
			Predictability and Association with Worse
			Clinical Outcomes.

			30165548 Biomarkers of Inflammation
			Correlate with Clinical Scoring Indices in
			HIV-Infected Kenyans.

			30153900 A cycle involving HMGB1, IFN-γ and
			dendritic cells plays a putative role in anti-tumor

			30139297 CXCR3-deficient mesenchymal
			stem cells fail to infiltrate into the nephritic
			kidney and do not ameliorate lupus symptoms
			in MRL. Faslpr mice.

			30093564 Digital PCR-based T Cell
			Quantification Assisted Deconvolution of the
			Microenvironment Reveals that Activated
			Macrophages Drive Tumor Inflammation in
			Uveal Melanoma.

			30090093 Proposal of Classification Criteria for
			HTLV-1-Associated Myelopathy/Tropical
			Spastic Paraparesis Disease Activity.

			30076959 Pharmacological blockade of
			CXCR3 by (±)-NBI-74330 reduces neuropathic
			pain and enhances opioid effectiveness -
			Evidence from in vivo and in vitro studies.

			30074872 Cerebrospinal Fluid Biomarkers in
			Human Spinal Cord Injury from a Phase II
			Minocycline Trial.

			30071357 Towards frailty biomarkers:
			Candidates from genes and pathways
			regulated in aging and age-related diseases.

			30039429 Honokiol and Magnolol Inhibit
			CXCL10 and CXCL11 Production in
			IL-27-Stimulated Human Oral Epithelial Cells.

			30013140 Correction:
			C-X-C motif chemokine ligand 10 produced by
			mouse Sertoli cells in response to mumps virus
			infection induces male germ cell apoptosis.

			Clinical Trials
			3634241 Pembrolizumab in Treating
			Participants With Stage I-II Non-Small Cell Lung
			Cancer or High-Risk Pulmonary Nodules

			3566485 Atezolizumab and Cobimetinib or
			Idasanutlin in Participants With Stage IV or
			Unresectable Recurrent Estrogen Receptor
			Positive Breast Cancer

			3538184 Molecular Content of Peri-implant
			Sulcus During Wound Healing and
			Osseointegration Following Drilling and

			3451955 The Effect of a Gluten Free Diet on
			the Permeability of the Blood Brain Barrier in
			Patients With CIS

			3403634 Celecoxib, Recombinant Interferon
			Alfa-2b, and Rintatolimod in Treating Patients
			With Colorectal Cancer Metastatic to the Liver

			3259230 Study to Evaluate interferon gamma
			(IFNγ) and Other Inflammatory Mediators in
			Patients With Malignancy-Associated
			Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (M-HLH)

			3206801 Urine CXCL10 Monitoring Trial in
			Kidney Transplant

			3140514 Urine CXCL10 Chemokine Monitoring
			Post-renal Transplant

			2650427 A Pilot Study to Evaluate the Safety of
			a 3 Weeks Sitagliptin Treatment in HCC
			Patients Undergoing Liver Resection

			2549833 Neo-adjuvant Evaluation of Glioma
			Lysate Vaccines in WHO Grade II Glioma

			2432534 Atorvastatin in Active Vitiligo

			1567540 A Pilot Study Evaluating Safety of
			Sitagliptin Combined With Peg-IFN Alfa-2a +
			Ribavirin in Chronic Hepatitis C Patients

			1550523 Pilot Immunotherapy Trial for
			Recurrent Malignant Gliomas

			977145 Evaluating the Safety and the Biological
			Effects of Intratumoral Interferon Gamma and a
			Peptide-Based Vaccine in Patients With

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