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  Source:		TRAF3

    		TNF receptor associated factor 3

			The protein encoded by this gene is a member
			of the TNF receptor associated factor (TRAF)
			protein family. TRAF proteins associate
			with, and mediate the signal transduction
			from, members of the TNF receptor (TNFR)
			superfamily. This protein participates in
			the signal transduction of CD40, a TNFR family
			member important for the activation of the
			immune response. This protein is found to
			be a critical component of the lymphotoxin beta receptor
			(LTbetaR) signaling complex, which induces
			NF-kappaB protein complex (NFKB1, NFKB2, RELA, RELB, REL)
			activation and cell death initiated by LTbeta
			ligation. Epstein-Barr virus encoded latent
			infection membrane protein-1 (LMP1) can
			interact with this and several other members
			of the TRAF family, which may be essential
			for the oncogenic effects of LMP1. Several
			alternatively spliced transcript variants
			encoding three distinct isoforms have been

			Expression of TNF receptor associated factor
			3 has been detected in adrenal gland, white
			blood cells, lymph node, testes, colon and
			29 other tissues.

			Related Genes
			TRAF family member associated NFKB activator (TANK)
			TRAF3 interacting protein 1 (TRAF3IP1)

			Chromosome 14

			MedGen Concepts
			Herpes simplex encephalitis 1

			32132867 Difference of genomic copy
			numbers alterations between
			hairy cell leukemia-variant and classical hairy
			cell leukemia: a pilot retrospective study in

			30232281 4-1BB enhancement of CAR T
			function requires NF-κB and TRAFs.

			30226589 miR-17-92 functions as an
			oncogene and modulates NF-κB signaling by
			targeting TRAF3 in MGC-803 human gastric
			cancer cells.

			30213788 NEDD4 binding protein 1 (N4BP1)
			and TNFAIP3 interacting protein 1 (TNIP1)
			control MHC-1 display in neuroblastoma.

			30178836 microRNA 214 functions as an
			oncogene in human osteosarcoma by targeting

			30140268 tumor necrosis factor
			Receptor-Associated Factor Regulation of
			Nuclear Factor κB and Mitogen-Activated
			Protein Kinase Pathways.

			30070380 Negative regulation of
			MAVS-mediated antiviral signaling by the
			mitochondrial protein LRPPRC during HCV

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