Source:		MedGen UID: 10895


			The state or condition of having a developing
			embryo or fetus in the body (uterus), after union
			of an ovum and spermatozoon, during the
			period from conception to birth.

			Related Concepts
			Abnormal pregnancy
			Abortifacient preparation
			Acitretin/etretinate embryopathy
			Alcohol Related Birth Defect
			Ameliorated by pregnancy
			Amniotic Band Syndrome
			Antiphospholipid syndrome
			Beaded hair
			Blighted ovum
			Brain malformation
			Breast hypertrophy
			Carboprost product
			Carisoprodol response
			Cervical insufficiency
			Cervical Microglandular Hyperplasia
			Cervical Microglandular Polyp
			Chemical pregnancy
			Chorea gravidarum
			Choriogonadotropin product
			Chronic Maternal Hypertension
			Citrullinemia type I
			Cleft lip/palate
			Cleft of soft palate
			Complete Abortion
			Congenital defects
			Congenital infectious disease
			Congenital rubella syndrome
			Congenital syphilis
			Congenital toxoplasmosis
			Congenital varicella syndrome
			Congenital Varicella Zoster Infection
			Cornual pregnancy
			Defined Medical Condition Result
			Dichorionic diamniotic twin pregnancy
			Dimenhydrinate product
			Direct maternal death
			Disorder of lactation
			Disorder of pregnancy
			Early Pregnancy Loss
			Early Pregnancy Symptom
			Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
			Embryonic Loss
			Enlarged parietal foramina
			Enzootic Ataxia
			Estimated date of delivery
			Estriol product
			Exaggerated Placental Site
			Excessive Sucking
			Factor V deficiency
			False uterine contraction
			Female stress incontinence
			Fetal alcohol syndrome
			Fetal aminopterin syndrome
			Fetal diethylstilbestrol syndrome
			Fetal hydantoin syndrome
			Fetal iodine syndrome
			Fetal macrosomia
			Fetal methylmercury syndrome
			Fetal valproate syndrome
			Fetal warfarin syndrome
			Finding of gravid uterus
			Gestational trophoblastic disease
			Gestational Trophoblastic Tumor
			Gestational Weight Gain
			Granulomatous mastitis
			Hemorrhagic complication of pregnancy
			Hereditary factor I deficiency disease
			Hereditary factor II deficiency disease
			Herpes gestationis
			High-output congestive heart failure
			History of pre-eclampsia
			Hodgkin Lymphoma During Pregnancy
			Human Colostrum
			Hyperemesis gravidarum
			Hyperimmune Bovine Colostrum
			Incomplete Abortion
			Increased cardiac output
			Indirect maternal death
			Indomethacin embryofetopathy
			Indomethacin embryofetopathy
			Induced vaginal delivery
			Infantile cortical hyperostosis
			Infection due to Brucella abortus
			Isotretinoin embryopathy like syndrome
			Isotretinoin syndrome
			Lactating Adenoma
			Late Pregnancy Bleeding
			Late Pregnancy Loss
			Length of gestation at birth
			Lethal multiple pterygium syndrome
			Leuteoma of Pregnancy
			Lissencephaly due to TUBA1A mutation
			Lithium Induced Birth Defect
			Live Birth
			Loeys-Dietz syndrome
			Loeys-Dietz syndrome 1
			Loeys-Dietz syndrome 2
			Loeys-Dietz syndrome 3
			Loeys-Dietz syndrome 4
			Loeys-Dietz syndrome 5
			Low maternal serum PAPP-A
			Low maternal weight gain
			Maternal Complication of Pregnancy
			Maternal diabetes
			Maternal fever in pregnancy
			Maternal first trimester fever
			Maternal hyperphenylalaninemia
			Maternal hypertension
			Maternal obesity syndrome
			Maternal Sepsis
			Maternal teratogenic exposure
			Maternal thrombophilia
			Maternal virilization in pregnancy
			Maternal Weight Gain in Pregnancy
			Meclizine product
			Methimazole embryofetopathy
			Methimazole embryofetopathy
			Miscarriage in first trimester
			Miscarriage in second trimester
			Monochorionic diamniotic twin pregnancy
			Morning sickness
			Multiple birth
			Muscle hypertrophy
			Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma During Pregnancy
			Normal pregnancy
			Not pregnant
			Nuchal cord
			Number of previous pregnancies
			Oral Contraceptive Preparation
			Ovarian pregnancy
			Pelvic girdle pain
			Peripartum cardiomyopathy
			Periventricular Heterotopia
			Phenobarbital embryopathy
			Pheochromocytoma crisis
			Physiologic Lightening
			Physiologic pseudocyesis
			Placental Site Nodule or Plaque
			Polycystic ovaries
			Postterm pregnancy
			Pre-Gestational Diabetes
			Preeclampsia/eclampsia 2
			Preeclampsia/eclampsia 3
			Preeclampsia/eclampsia 4
			Preeclampsia/eclampsia 5
			Pregnancy and Lactation Status
			Pregnancy Complication
			Pregnancy in Diabetic
			Pregnancy on intrauterine device
			Pregnancy Outcome
			Pregnancy Related Breast Soreness
			Pregnancy Related Mood Swing
			Pregnancy Related Skin Change
			Pregnancy with abortive outcome
			Pregnancy-Related Nausea and/or Vomiting
			Preimplantation Factor PIF-1
			Premature infant
			Premature labor
			Premature rupture of membranes
			Prenatal vitamin
			Progesterone product
			Progesterone resistance
			Progesterone Vaginal Insert
			Progestogen product
			Progressive intrahepatic cholestasis
			Pseudoaminopterin syndrome
			Quadruplet pregnancy
			Recurrent abortion
			Renal carnitine transport defect
			Reproductive Control Agents
			Requests pregnancy termination
			Resorbed or Dead Litter
			Retained products after miscarriage
			Retinoid embryopathy
			Retroverted gravid uterus
			Rh Incompatibility
			Severe adrenal insufficiency
			Shwartzman reaction
			Spermatogenesis arrest
			Spontaneous abortion
			Striae gravidarum
			Syndrome of infant of diabetic mother
			Teenage pregnancy
			Thalidomide embryopathy syndrome
			Thrombophilia due to factor V Leiden
			Toluene embryopathy
			Toxemia of pregnancy
			Transient hypertension of pregnancy
			Transient neonatal diabetes mellitus 1
			Triggered by pregnancy
			Triplet pregnancy
			Tufted angioma of skin
			Twin pregnancy
			Unplanned pregnancy
			Unwanted pregnancy
			Uterine Corpus Choriocarcinoma
			Uterine souffle
			Wandering spleen
			Zika virus disease
			Zika virus disease
			history of
			low birth weight
			diabetes mellitus
			antenatal care

			5-hydroxymethylcytosine-mediated alteration of
			transposon activity associated with

			PRJNA527297 A co-expression analysis of the
			placental transcriptome in association with
			maternal pre-pregnancy BMI and newborn birth

			PRJNA312211 A Mixture Reflecting
			Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether (PBDE) Profiles
			Detected in Human Follicular Fluid Significantly
			Affects Steroidogenesis and Induces Oxidative
			Stress in a Human Granulosa Cell Line

			PRJNA102795 A testicular gene expression
			profile for NOA patients, and ART3 as a genetic
			susceptibility gene for NOA

			PRJNA290913 Abberant miRNA expression
			profiles in recurrent implantation failure

			PRJNA265046 Accumulation of epigenetic
			alterations at the promoters of transcriptional
			regulator genes in the placentas of pregnancy
			cases with inadequate maternal gestational
			weight gain

			PRJNA275299 Altered DNA Methylation of
			MAP3K6 and HPCAL1 as Potential Predictors
			for Persistent Trophoblastic Disease

			PRJNA312241 Analysis of human breast milk
			cells: gene expression profiles during
			pregnancy, lactation, involution and mastitic

			PRJNA262147 Ancient transposable elements
			transformed the uterine regulatory landscape
			and transcriptome during the evolution of
			mammalian pregnancy

			PRJNA188772 Antenatal Blood DNA
			Methylation Profiles

			PRJNA99395 Array CGH in congenital heart

			PRJNA484073 Bayesian-based noninvasive
			prenatal diagnosis of single-gene disorders

			PRJNA484074 Bayesian-based noninvasive
			prenatal diagnosis of single-gene disorders

			PRJNA427443 Blood immunomonitoring
			uncovers pregnancy-induced immune
			programs and their dysregulation in lupus
			pregnancy destined for complications

			PRJNA291063 Cell-free DNA comprises an in
			vivo, genome-wide nucleosome footprint that
			informs its tissue(s)-of-origin

			PRJNA387652 Cell-free DNA sequencing using
			insertion/deletion polymorphisms

			PRJNA152641 Cellular senescence
			reprograms human NK cells to promote
			vascular remodeling

			PRJNA297029 Changes in gene expression
			and splicing associated with pregnancy, labor
			and regions of human adipose tissue.

			PRJNA339025 Characterization of exosome
			microRNA isolated from mothers who delivered
			preterm infants

			PRJNA75729 CIDR Genetic Studies of

			PRJNA75731 CIDR Genetic Studies of

			PRJNA75541 CIDR Preterm Birth Boston

			PRJNA75543 CIDR Preterm Birth Boston

			PRJNA380933 Circular RNA expression
			profiling of human granulosa cells during
			maternal aging

			PRJNA390557 Comparative analysis of mouse
			and human placentas across gestation reveals
			species-specific regulators of placental
			development [human]

			PRJNA418184 Comparison of ITGA2+
			trophoblast progenitors to VCT and EVT

			PRJDB1851 Complete
			hydatidiform-mole-associated miRNA

			PRJNA137135 Comprehensive Study of
			Tobacco Smoke-Related Transcriptome
			Alterations in Maternal and Fetal Cells

			PRJNA248908 Congenital scolisis may be
			associated with both of rare mutation and
			allele-specific methylation

			PRJNA119429 COX-2 network as predictive
			molecular marker for clinical pregnancy in IVF

			PRJNA173025 Culturing Cytotrophoblasts
			Reverses Gene Dysregulation in Preeclampsia
			Revealing Possible Causes


			PRJNA371721 Defective Decidualization During
			and After Severe Preeclampsia Reveals a
			Possible Maternal Contribution to the Etiology

			PRJNA136563 Defining the Genomic Signature
			of the Parous Breast

			PRJNA144057 Deregulation of Gene
			Expression induced by Environmental Tobacco
			Smoke Exposure in Pregnancy

			PRJNA95261 Diferential gene expression in
			Trophoblast cell cultures

			PRJNA450531 Differential Gene Expression
			Analysis of Human Cumulus Cells as a
			Predictor of Pregnancy

			PRJNA191104 Differential miRNA profiles of
			pregnancy tissue in ectopic pregnancies

			PRJNA273985 DNA methylation analyses in
			infants reveal signals correlated with fetal
			alcohol syndrome, maternal smoking, gender,
			and ethnicity

			PRJNA291784 DNA methylation anaylsis of
			placenta samples exposed to variable levels of
			arsenic during pregnancy

			PRJNA280493 DNA methylation in the
			placentas of typically developing and autistic

			PRJNA270729 DNA methylation patterns in
			newborns exposed to tobacco in utero

			PRJNA185153 DNA methylation profiling of
			placental villi from karyotypically normal
			recurrent miscarriage

			PRJNA385332 Downregulation of p53 drives
			autophagy during human trophoblast

			PRJNA98753 Dysregulation of the circulating
			and tissue-based renin-angiotensin system in

			PRJNA187054 Early growth response protein-1
			coordinates lipotoxicity-associated placental
			inflammation: Role in Maternal Obesity

			PRJNA338151 Early Pregnancy Gene
			Expression Profiling of Women with
			Preeclampsia: The “Vitamin D Antenatal Asthma
			Reduction Trial” (VDAART) Study

			PRJNA400627 Early- and late-onset
			preeclampsia and the tissue-specific
			epigenome of the placenta and newborn

			PRJNA221168 Effect of DHA enriched fish oil
			on human placental cells

			PRJNA119297 Effect of maternal tobacco
			smoke exposure on the placental transcriptome

			PRJNA127847 Effect of Medroxyprogesterone
			Acetate on Transcript Profile of Human
			Pregnant Myometrium

			PRJNA351230 Effect of prenatal DHA
			supplementation on the infant epigenome

			PRJNA508085 Effects of Cadmium Exposure
			on DNA Methylation at Imprinting Control
			Regions and Genome-Wide in Mothers and
			Newborn Children.

			PRJNA153403 Effects of choline intake and
			pregnancy on peripheral blood leukocyte gene

			PRJNA170490 Effects of maternal choline
			intake on placental gene expression

			PRJNA105885 Effects of Prenatal Tobacco
			Exposure on Gene Expression Profiling in
			Umbilical Cord Tissue

			PRJNA420077 Emory University African
			American Microbiome in Pregnancy Cohort

			PRJNA420105 Emory University African
			American Microbiome in Pregnancy Cohort

			PRJNA269372 Endometrial expression profiling
			in women with recurrent early pregnancy loss

			PRJNA112575 Endometrial receptivity

			PRJNA438751 Endometrial Tissue RNA
			expression in Recurrent Implantation Failure vs.

			PRJNA380649 Enhanced Protein Translation
			Underlies Improved Metabolic and Physical
			Adaptations to Different Exercise Training
			Modes in Young and Old Humans

			PRJNA392331 Epigenetic characterization of
			NKG2C high cells of primigravid decidual NK,
			multigravid decidual NK, nulligravid endometrial
			NK and multigravid endometrial NK

			PRJNA432925 Epigenetic profiling of children
			with respiratory allergy

			PRJNA349175 Epigenetic signatures of
			gestational diabetes mellitus on ATP5A1,
			PRKCH, SLC17A4 and HIF3A cord blood

			PRJNA302802 Estrogenic compounds reduce
			influenza A virus replication in primary human
			nasal epithelial cells derived from female, but
			not male, donors

			PRJNA145291 Evidence for widespread
			changes in promoter methylation profile in
			human placenta in response to increasing
			gestational age and environmental/stochastic

			PRJNA143683 Expression data from breast
			samples of postmenopausal women

			PRJNA173877 Expression data from human
			cumulus cells isolated from oocytes at MI and
			MII stages in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

			PRJNA159207 Expression data from intact
			adipose tissue in human pregnancy

			PRJNA144611 Expression data of human
			trophectoderm cells

			PRJNA305399 Expression of Cyclic AMP
			associated genes on primary culture human
			myometrial cells

			PRJNA360984 Expression of villi-specific genes
			reveals the novel prognostic biomarkers in
			human various cancers

			PRJNA311214 Expression Quantitative Trait
			Locus Mapping Studies in Mid-Secretory Phase
			Endometrial Cells Identifies HLA-F and TAP2 as
			Fecundability-Associated Genes

			PRJNA330891 Female Infertility: Primary
			Ovarian Insufficiency

			PRJNA330892 Female Infertility: Primary
			Ovarian Insufficiency

			PRJNA139197 Fetal blood transcriptome in
			maternal anti-fetal rejection

			PRJNA401987 First trimester human placenta
			prevents breast cancer cell attachment to the
			matrix: the role of extracellular matrix

			PRJNA182995 Gene expression data from
			human NSCLC cell line (U-1810 cells) treated
			with miRNA-214 antagomir or non-targeting

			PRJNA131277 Gene expression data from
			stage IV melanoma patients

			PRJNA291274 Gene expression of human
			blastocysts by microarrays

			PRJNA144557 Gene expression profile of
			decidual macrophages and different in vitro M1
			and M2 macrophage populations

			PRJNA175482 Gene expression profile of the
			developing human retinal pigment epithelium

			PRJNA230787 Gene expression profiling of
			human breast cancer during pregnancy

			PRJNA107787 Gene expression profiling of
			human decidual macrophages

			PRJNA133001 Gene expression profiling of
			human NK cells

			PRJNA128597 Gene expression profiling of
			placenta from women with early- and
			late-onset preeclampsia reveals differences in

			PRJNA299768 Gene expression profiling reveal
			different molecular pattern in G-protein coupled
			receptor protein signaling pathway between
			early- and late-onset preeclampsia

			PRJNA219318 Gene profiling of the zone of
			altered morphology of choriodecidua overlying
			the cervix before labor

			PRJNA255965 Gene profiling of the zone of
			altered morphology of choriodecidua overlying
			the cervix before labor in preterm samples

			PRJNA276835 Genetics of Female Infertility

			PRJNA76013 GENEVA GWA mapping:
			Maternal Metabolism-Birth Weight Interactions

			PRJNA76015 GENEVA GWA mapping:
			Maternal Metabolism-Birth Weight Interactions

			PRJNA302438 Genome-wide analysis of
			uterine natural killer cell gene expression from
			lean and obese women in early pregnancy

			PRJNA264199 Genome-wide binding sites of
			Progesterone receptor (PGR) isoforms PGR-A
			and PGR-B during differentiation of human
			endometrial stromal cells

			PRJNA512512 Genome-wide DNA methylation
			analysis in primary antiphospholipid syndrome

			PRJNA430153 Genome-wide Methylation in
			Cordblood CD4+ Cells from Newborns
			Exposed vs. Unexposed to Maternal Tobacco
			Smoke During Pregnancy

			PRJNA122543 Genomic expression profiles of
			blood and placenta in Chinese women with
			gestational diabetes

			PRJNA449092 Genomic signature of parity in
			the breast of premenopausal women

			PRJNA91963 Gestational Diabetes Induces
			Placental Genes for Chronic Stress and
			Inflammatory Pathways

			PRJNA356617 Global gene expression profiling
			and senescence biomarker analysis of hESC
			exposed to H2O2 induced non-cytotoxic
			oxidative stress

			PRJNA139065 Global placental gene
			expression profiling in the first and third
			trimesters of normal human pregnancy

			PRJNA356828 Global transcriptional profiling
			confirmed failed decidualization of human
			Endometrial Stromal Cells (hESCs) obtained
			from non-pregnant women with a previous
			pregnancy complicated by severe preeclampsia

			PRJNA433489 Glycyrrhetinic acid antagonizes
			pressure-induced venous remodeling in mice

			PRJNA422647 Healthy Start BabyBUMP

			PRJNA422648 Healthy Start BabyBUMP

			PRJNA412473 HM450 analysis pregnancy

			PRJNA427177 Homo sapiens Genome

			PRJNA481313 Homo sapiens Raw sequence

			PRJNA229070 Homo sapiens Targeted Locus

			PRJNA373849 Hormone-responsive organoid
			cultures of human endometrium


			PRJNA219070 Human exosomal
			placenta-specific miRNAs modulate expression
			of target genes in maternal immune cells during

			PRJNA415622 Human Feto-placental Arterial
			and Venous Endothelial Cells are Differentially
			Programmed by Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
			Resulting in Cell-specific Barrier Function

			PRJNA401725 Human Feto-placental Arterial
			and Venous Endothelial Cells are Differentially
			Programmed by Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
			Resulting in Cell-specific Barrier Function

			PRJNA92629 Human myometrial adaptation to

			PRJNA422277 Human Placental
			Syncytiotrophoblasts Restrict Toxoplasma
			gondii Attachment and Replication and
			Respond to Infection by Producing
			Immunomodulatory Chemokines

			PRJNA122081 Human Trophoblast Responses
			to P. gingivalis Infection

			PRJNA273591 Hypoxia induced HIF-1/HIF-2
			activity alters trophoblast transcriptional
			regulation and promotes invasion

			PRJNA128115 Identification of follicular marker
			genes as pregnancy predictors for human IVF

			PRJNA529442 Identification of microRNA
			signatures in umbilical cord blood associated
			with maternal characteristics

			PRJNA395256 Immunoprofiling of CD14+
			blood monocytes upon Zika virus infection

			PRJNA230354 Immunoregulatory function of
			placental dendritic cells: tolerance against
			intracellular bacteria

			PRJNA356257 In utero exposure to maternal
			smoking is associated with DNA methylation
			alterations and reduced neuronal content in the
			developing fetal brain

			PRJNA421929 Increased AIF-1-mediated TNF-α
			expression during the implantation phase in IVF
			cycles with GnRH antagonist protocol

			PRJNA128681 Increased placental expression
			and maternal serum levels of
			apoptosis-inducing TRAIL in recurrent

			PRJNA421395 INSIGHT Microbiome:
			Intervention Nurses Start Infants Growing on
			Healthy Trajectories

			PRJNA421396 INSIGHT Microbiome:
			Intervention Nurses Start Infants Growing on
			Healthy Trajectories

			PRJNA377795 Investigating Human
			Placentation and Pregnancy Using First
			Trimester Chorionic Villi

			PRJNA377796 Investigating Human
			Placentation and Pregnancy Using First
			Trimester Chorionic Villi

			PRJNA294664 Karyotype assessment of whole
			human blastocysts by aCGH

			PRJNA218878 LncRNAs Expression in
			Preeclampsia Placenta Reveals the Potential
			Role of LncRNAs Contributing to Preeclampsia

			PRJNA514107 Longitudinal Study to Assess
			Methylmercury and gut Microbes During

			PRJNA514109 Longitudinal Study to Assess
			Methylmercury and gut Microbes During

			PRJNA273000 Loss of endometrial plasticity in
			recurrent pregnancy loss (MeDIP-Seq)

			PRJNA273001 Loss of endometrial plasticity in
			recurrent pregnancy loss (RNA-Seq)

			PRJNA121373 Low dose human chorionic
			gonadotropin hCG

			PRJNA139157 LOXs in invasive trophoblasts

			PRJNA324693 Maternal age impacts the
			epigenetic profile of offspring

			PRJNA129509 Maternal influences on the
			transmission of leukocyte gene expression
			profiles in population samples (mother and

			PRJNA272410 Maternal peripheral blood
			natural killer cells incorporate
			placenta-associated microRNAs during

			PRJNA308779 Maternal Plasma Folate impacts
			Differential DNA Methylation in an
			Epigenome-wide Meta-Analysis of Newborns

			PRJNA308780 Maternal Plasma Folate impacts
			Differential DNA Methylation in an
			Epigenome-wide Meta-Analysis of Newborns

			PRJNA286735 MeDIP and hMeDIP assays
			using human placentas of obese and lean
			(healthy weight) pregnancies

			PRJNA349002 Methotrexate resistant cell lines
			for the study of gestational trophoblastic

			PRJNA96761 Microarray Analysis of
			Differentially Expressed Genes in Placental
			Tissue of Severe Preeclampsia

			PRJNA237208 Microarray analysis of human
			pre-eclamptic placenta

			PRJNA97255 Microarray analysis of NL and
			PCOS oocytes

			PRJNA244881 Microarray Data of cell-free
			RNA across pregnancy time course

			PRJNA121851 miRNA expression signatures
			for human stomach biopsy samples, H. pylori
			positive versus negative

			PRJNA412262 miRNA seq of feto-placental
			arterial endothelial cells (pfEC) after normal
			pregnancy vs pregnancy complicated by
			gestational diabetes (GDM)

			PRJNA328487 miRNAs as Common
			Regulators of the Transforming Growth Factor
			(TGF)-β Pathway in the Preeclamptic Placenta
			and Cadmium-treated Trophoblasts: Links
			between the Environment, the Epigenome and

			PRJNA144751 Molecular Signature of
			Pregnancy Associated Breast Cancer (PABC)

			PRJNA430481 Multi Omic Microbiome Study:
			Pregnancy Initiative (MOMS-PI)

			PRJNA430482 Multi Omic Microbiome Study:
			Pregnancy Initiative (MOMS-PI)

			PRJNA279957 Multigenerational epigenetic
			inheritance in humans: DNA methylation
			changes associated with maternal exposure to
			lead can be transmitted to the grandchildren

			PRJNA219047 National Children's Study (NCS)
			Vanguard Formative Research Project;
			L0I3-RT-01-D: Ancestry Informative Markers
			(AIM) among NCS Participants

			PRJNA219048 National Children's Study (NCS)
			Vanguard Formative Research Project;
			L0I3-RT-01-D: Ancestry Informative Markers
			(AIM) among NCS Participants

			PRJNA381001 Natural killer cells promote fetal
			development through the secretion of
			growth-promoting factors

			PRJNA325784 Newborn Sex-specific
			Transcriptome Signatures and Gestational
			Exposure to Fine Particles: Findings from the
			ENVIRONAGE Birth Cohort

			PRJNA162875 Normal early pregnancy: a
			transient state of epigenetic change favoring

			PRJNA325830 Novel Variants in RSA

			PRJNA118927 Nuclear Matrix Association in
			Proliferative and Invasive Cytotrophoblasts


			PRJNA433053 Offspring Sex Impacts DNA
			Methylation and Gene Expression in Placentae
			from Women with Diabetes during Pregnancy

			PRJNA433054 Offspring Sex Impacts DNA
			Methylation and Gene Expression in Placentae
			from Women with Diabetes during Pregnancy

			PRJNA213703 Overlapping DNA methylation
			profile between placentas with trisomy 16 and
			early-onset preeclampsia

			PRJNA359418 Oxygen tension regulates the
			miRNA profile and bioactivity of exosomes
			released from extravillous trophoblast cells –
			implications for complications of pregnancy

			PRJNA265850 PER2 synchronizes mitotic
			expansion and decidual transformation of
			human endometrial stromal cells

			PRJNA117927 PIF modulated gene expression
			in human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell

			PRJNA284501 Pigment epithelium derived
			factor (PEDF): a novel trophoblast derived
			factor limiting feto-placental angiogenesis in
			late pregnancy

			PRJNA141401 Placenta environment induces
			the differentiation of macrophages into
			multinucleated giant cells

			PRJNA292496 Placental mRNA Expression
			data from pregnant smokers and non-smokers

			PRJNA287653 Placental Transcriptomes in the
			Common Aneuploidies Reveal Critical Regions
			on the Trisomic Chromosomes and
			Genome-Wide Effects

			PRJNA123613 Pregnancy changes expression
			in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of healthy

			PRJNA123615 Pregnancy changes expression
			in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of Multiple
			Sclerosis (MS) patients

			PRJNA209047 Preimplantation Factor Effect
			on Endometrial and Decidual Cells

			PRJNA122605 Premature progesterone rise

			PRJNA209813 Prenatal arsenic exposure and
			the epigenome: altered gene expression
			profiles in newborn cord blood

			PRJNA209814 Prenatal arsenic exposure and
			the epigenome: altered miRNA expression
			profiles in newborn cord blood

			PRJNA266110 Prenatal arsenic exposure and
			the epigenome: Identifying sites of 5-methyl
			cytosine alterations that predict functional
			changes in gene expression in newborn cord
			blood and subsequent birth outcomes

			PRJNA354431 Prenatal Pesticide Exposure
			Interacts with a Common Polymorphism in the
			PON1 Gene Leading to DNA Methylation

			PRJNA296107 Primary human trophoblast
			from term placenta

			PRJNA511458 Primary mid-trimester and term
			human cytotrophoblast, untreated [RNA-Seq]

			PRJNA215352 Primary term human
			trophoblasts exposed to ionizing irradiation

			PRJNA248205 Profile of differential expression
			and DNA methylation status in choriodecidua of
			women affected with severe endometriosis
			[DNA methylation]

			PRJNA247966 Profile of differential expression
			and DNA methylation status in choriodecidua of
			women affected with severe endometriosis
			[Gene Expression]

			PRJNA252531 Progesterone receptor genomic
			and transcriptomic effects are shaped by
			estrogen priming to produce a unique response
			in breast cancer cells

			PRJNA339836 Prolonged activation of innate
			antiviral gene signature after childbirth is
			determined by IFNL3 genotype

			PRJNA168560 Regulatory role of
			multinucleated giant cells derived from placental
			CD14+ macrophages: Pathophysiological

			PRJNA144971 regulatory T cells in human

			PRJNA504517 Revealing the role of the
			cervico-vaginal microbiome in spontaneous
			preterm birth

			PRJNA504518 Revealing the role of the
			cervico-vaginal microbiome in spontaneous
			preterm birth

			PRJNA453989 RNA sequencing analysis of
			decidua tissues from unexplained recurrent
			spontaneous abortion patients and controls
			with induced abortions

			PRJNA499121 RNA Sequencing Analysis of
			villus tissues from unexplained recurrent
			spontaneous abortion patients and controls
			with induced abortions

			PRJNA358580 RNA sequencing data of whole
			blood cells of normal glucose tolerant (NGT)
			and gestational diabetes (GDM) pregnant

			PRJNA318170 RNA-Seq Analysis of Changes
			in Human Myometrial Tissue mRNA Expression
			Upon Labour Onset and Progression in Term

			PRJNA338656 RNA-sequencing of milk cells
			extracted from pre-partum secretions and
			longitudinally from mature human milk across
			the first year of lactation

			PRJNA148419 Seminal fluid induces cytokine
			and chemokine mRNA expression in the human
			cervix after coitus

			PRJNA231568 Sex-specific changes of
			placental transcriptome in response to a n-3
			LCPUFA supplementation of pregnant women

			PRJNA325371 Single cell transcriptome of
			human myometrial and cervical tissue during

			PRJNA352390 Single-cell RNA-seq reveals the
			diversity of trophoblast subtypes and patterns
			of differentiation in the human placenta

			PRJNA345561 Single-cell transcriptomics of
			the human placenta: inferring the cell
			communication network of the maternal-fetal

			PRJNA75629 STAMPEED: Northern Finland
			Birth Cohorts 1966

			PRJNA75631 STAMPEED: Northern Finland
			Birth Cohorts 1966

			PRJNA232069 Standard of hygiene and
			immune adaptation in newborn infants [113
			cord blood RNA samples]

			PRJNA380826 Stromal fibroblasts exhibit a
			similar transcriptome to mesenchymal stem
			cells in the perimenopausal endometrium

			PRJNA294733 Syncytiotrophoblast generation
			from human pluripotent stem cells

			PRJNA251376 The endometrial gene
			expression signature of recurrent implantation
			failure after IVF

			PRJNA148123 The Human Oviductal
			Transcriptome Reveals An Anti-inflammatory,
			Anti-angiogenic, Secretory and Matrix-stable
			Environment During Embryo Transit

			PRJNA292041 The Influence of Gut Microbiota
			on the Speciation and Toxicity of Mercury
			During Pregnancy

			PRJNA292042 The Influence of Gut Microbiota
			on the Speciation and Toxicity of Mercury
			During Pregnancy

			PRJNA497848 The role of oxygen in regulating
			microRNAs that control the placental
			renin-angiotensin system

			PRJNA340875 The role of vitamin D in the
			transcriptional program of human pregnancy.

			PRJNA140409 The transcriptome of ejaculates
			used for successful/failed in vitro-fertilization

			PRJNA74947 The Vaginal Microbiome:
			Disease, Genetics and the Environment

			PRJNA308808 The YY1/MMP2 axis promotes
			trophoblast invasion at the maternal-fetal

			PRJNA123611 Transcription signature of
			Multiple Sclerosis in peripheral blood
			mononuclear cells.

			PRJNA316990 Transcriptional profiling of JEG3
			cells with HLA-G ablation via deletion of
			Enhancer L

			PRJNA317309 Transcriptome analysis of
			NKG2CBright compared to NKG2CNeg from
			multigravida decidua samples

			PRJNA158261 Transcriptome changes
			affecting hedgehog and cytokine signalling in
			the umbilical cord in late pregnancy:
			implications for disease risk

			PRJNA183894 Transcriptome landscape of the
			human placenta

			PRJNA258259 Transcriptome profiling of
			deciduas from pre-eclamptic and normotensive

			PRJNA254782 Transcriptomic effects of
			combined 17beta-estradiol and progesterone
			treatment of cultured human uterine smooth
			muscle cells and of the progesterone inhibitor
			RU486 (mifepristone)

			PRJNA223272 Transcriptomic effects of
			estradiol treatment on cultured human uterine
			smooth muscle cells

			PRJNA381629 Transcriptomic insights into
			human decidual and peripheral blood CD4 T

			PRJNA414543 Transcriptomic insights into
			human decidual and peripheral blood CD8 T

			PRJNA524235 Transcriptomic Profiling of
			Trophoblast Fusion Using BeWo and JEG-3
			Cell Lines

			PRJNA345148 Transcriptomic signatures in
			follicular cells associated with failure of in vitro
			fertilization in humans

			PRJNA315528 Transcriptomic signatures of
			villous cytotrophoblast and syncytiotrophoblast
			in term human placenta.

			PRJNA449066 Treatment of rheumatoid
			arthritis patients with chaperonin 10

			PRJNA318761 UGA Folate and Pregnancy

			PRJNA281986 Unbiased evaluation of cell-free
			amniotic fluid transcriptome of term and
			preterm infants to detect fetal maturity

			PRJNA243888 Using RNA sequencing for
			identifying gene imprinting and random
			monoallelic expression in human placenta

			PRJNA244577 Using RNA sequencing for
			identifying gene imprinting and random
			monoallelic expression in human placenta (SNP


			PRJNA200708 Whole blood gene expression
			profile associated with spontaneous preterm

			PRJNA162575 Whole-transcriptome profiling
			analysis of first trimester placental villi in Indian

			32351918 Gene Mutation Spectrum of
			Thalassemia Among Children in Yunnan Province.

			32351559 Analysis of Blimp-1 and PD-1/PD-L1
			Immune Checkpoint in an Autoimmune Thyroiditis
			Animal Model.

			32346648 Electronic Monitoring Of Mom's
			Schedule (eMOMS™): Protocol for a feasibility
			randomized controlled trial to improve
			postpartum weight, blood sugars, and
			breastfeeding among high BMI women.

			32346519 Using corticosteroids to treat
			sudden sensorineural hearing loss in pregnancy:
			A case report and literature review.

			32337294 Novel Indices of Glucose Homeostasis
			Derived from Principal Component Analysis:
			Application for Metabolic Assessment in

			32336990 The hidden risk of ionizing radiation
			in the operating room: a survey among 258
			orthopaedic surgeons in Brazil.

			32335053 Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)
			in pregnant women: A report based on 116

			32334609 Do state insurance mandates alter
			ICSI utilization?

			32328047 A Nationwide Antenatal Human
			T-Cell Leukemia Virus Type-1 Antibody Screening
			in Japan.

			32326956 Proactive versus standard support
			of labour in nulliparous women; study protocol
			for a randomized, controlled trial.

			32326903 Dynamics of immunoglobulin G
			subclasses during the first two years of life in
			Malawian infants born to HIV-positive mothers.

			32322786 The Role of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1
			and Pregnancy-Associated Plasma Protein-A
			in Diagnosis of Acute Coronary Syndrome and
			Its Related Morbidities.

			32322692 Postal recruitment for genetic studies
			of preterm birth: A feasibility study.

			32322624 Datasets describing the introduction
			of the high-sensitive troponin in the emergency

			32322482 Acupuncture for in vitro fertilization
			in women with poor ovarian response: a
			systematic review.

			32318626 A protocol for an observational
			cohort study of heat strain and its effect on
			fetal wellbeing in pregnant farmers in The

			32318459 Evaluation of the sensitivity and
			specificity of 2D and color Doppler sonography
			in the detection of placenta accreta in pregnant

			32315307 Systematic review of prediction
			models for gestational hypertension and

			32313827 Management guidelines for pregnant
			healthcare workers exposed to infectious

			32313774 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Review
			of Literature.

			32313485 Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura
			with Graves' disease during pregnancy.

			32309764 Maternal serum levels of
			C-reactive protein at early pregnancy to predict
			fetal growth restriction and preterm delivery:
			A prospective cohort study.

			32308656 TNF-Signaling Modulates
			Neutrophil-Mediated Immunity at the Feto-Maternal
			Interface During LPS-Induced Intrauterine

			32300758 A comparison of neonatal outcomes
			between adolescent and adult mothers in
			developed countries: A systematic review and

			32300743 Gender discrimination and depressive
			symptoms among child-bearing women:
			ELSPAC-CZ cohort study.

			32300696 How do muscle and bone
			strengthening and balance activities (MBSBA)
			vary across the life course, and are there
			particular ages where MBSBA are most

			32300409 HELLP Syndrome,
			Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura or
			Both: Appraising the Complex Association and
			Proposing a Stepwise Practical Plan for
			Differential Diagnosis.

			32300348 KIR Variation in Iranians Combines
			High Haplotype and Allotype Diversity With an
			Abundance of Functional Inhibitory Receptors.

			32299371 A randomized controlled trial of daily
			weighing in pregnancy to control gestational weight gain.

			32298373 Night shift work surrounding
			pregnancy and offspring risk of atopic disease.

			32297947 Association of Maternal History of
			Neonatal Death With Subsequent Neonatal
			Death in India.

			32295579 Malaria knowledge and experiences
			with community health workers among recently
			pregnant women in Malawi.

			32295534 Effects of an orally supplemented
			probiotic on the autophagy protein LC3 and
			Beclin1 in placentas undergoing spontaneous
			delivery during normal pregnancy.

			32294503 Clinical features and outcomes of
			pregnant women suspected of coronavirus disease

			32293504 Prenatal and postnatal determinants
			in shaping offspring's microbiome in the first
			1000 days: study protocol and preliminary
			results at one month of life.

			32293382 Prenatal care and uptake of HIV
			testing among pregnant women in Gambia: a
			cross-sectional study.

			32293281 Feto-maternal outcomes of
			hypertensive disorders of pregnancy in Yekatit-12
			Teaching Hospital, Addis Ababa: a retrospective

			32293006 Automation of cleaning and
			reconstructing residential address histories to
			assign environmental exposures in longitudinal

			32292902 Outcome of Coronavirus spectrum
			infections (SARS, MERS, COVID 1 -19) during
			pregnancy: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

			32292825 A protocol for an observational
			cohort study of heat strain and its effect on
			fetal wellbeing in pregnant farmers in The

			32290842 Performing ICSI within 4 hours after
			denudation optimizes clinical outcomes in ICSI

			32287378 Reproductive Biology of the Coyote
			(Canis latrans): Integration of Mating Behavior,
			Reproductive Hormones, and Vaginal Cytology.

			32287303 Time trends in and factors associated
			with repeat adolescent birth in Uganda: Analysis
			of six demographic and health surveys.

			32286380 The association between second
			to fourth digit ratio, reproductive and general
			health among women: findings from an Israeli
			pregnancy cohort.

			32286341 Syncytiotrophoblast extracellular
			microvesicle profiles in maternal circulation for
			noninvasive diagnosis of preeclampsia.

			32286280 Modeling germline mutations in
			pineoblastoma uncovers lysosome disruption-based

			32284733 Use of romiplostim in pregnancy
			for refractory idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura:
			Two case reports with maternal and fetal
			outcomes and literature review.

			32284732 A case of ANCA-associated vasculitis
			presenting de novo in pregnancy, successfully
			treated with rituximab.

			32284730 Glycaemic profile in the second and
			third trimesters of normal pregnancy compared
			to non-pregnant adult females.

			32284727 Myotonic disorders and pregnancy.

			32284681 Research in Pregnant Subjects:
			Increasingly Important, but Challenging.

			32284042 The prevalence of Restless Legs
			Syndrome/Willis-ekbom disease (RLS/WED)
			in the third trimester of pregnancy: a systematic

			32283530 Artificial intelligence-assisted
			prediction of preeclampsia: Development and
			external validation of a nationwide health
			insurance dataset of the BPJS Kesehatan in

			32281316 Determinants of Spontaneous
			Preterm Labor and Birth Including
			Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and

			32275324 Estimated Prevalence of Nonverbal
			Learning Disability Among North American
			Children and Adolescents.

			32274437 Incidence and effects of subacute
			ruminal acidosis and subclinical ketosis with
			respect to postpartum anestrus in grazing dairy

			32274422 Alterations in endogenous
			progesterone metabolism associated with
			spontaneous very preterm delivery.

			32274412 Placental site trophoblastic tumor:
			Successful treatment of 13 cases.

			32273790 Determinants of Low Birth Weight
			Among Newborns Delivered in Public Hospitals
			in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Case-Control Study.

			32271807 Trends of syphilis in Brazil: A growth
			portrait of the treponemic epidemic.

			32270495 Agricultural and nutritional education
			interventions for reducing aflatoxin exposure
			to improve infant and child growth in low- and
			middle-income countries.

			32269313 Role of Lectin-like Oxidized LDL
			Receptor-1 and Syncytiotrophoblast Extracellular
			Vesicles in the Vascular Reactivity of Mouse
			Uterine Arteries During Pregnancy.

			32269255 Parity is associated with cognitive
			function and brain age in both females and

			32268901 First trimester use of artemisinin-based
			combination therapy and the risk of low birth weight
			and small for gestational age.

			32267897 A comparative study of domestic
			decision-making power and social support as
			predictors of postpartum depressive and
			physical symptoms between immigrant and
			native-born women.

			32267514 Diagnostic Category Prevalence in
			3 Classification Systems Across the Transition
			to the International Classification of Diseases,
			Tenth Revision, Clinical Modification.

			32266465 Nature's endless wonder: unexpected
			motherhood after pediatric allogeneic stem
			cell transplantation and severe late effects.

			32266327 Health care providers' perspectives
			on delivering gender equity focused family
			planning program for young married couples
			in a cluster randomized controlled trial in rural
			Maharashtra, India.

			32266293 Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in
			Pregnancy and Implications for Long-Term
			Health: Identifying the Research Priorities for
			Low-Resource Settings.

			32264884 What will it take? Using an
			implementation research framework to identify
			facilitators and barriers in implementing a
			school-based referral system for sexual health

			32264875 Individual and contextual correlates
			of mosquito net use among women in Nigeria.

			32259265 Association of Parental Preconception
			Exposure to Phthalates and Phthalate
			Substitutes With Preterm Birth.

			32258337 Special considerations for women
			with hidradenitis suppurativa.

			32257832 Did a shared thioredoxin-reductase
			gene mutation lead to maternal peripartum cardiomyopathy
			and fatal dilated cardiomyopathy in her son?
			A case report.

			32257491 Acquired Immunodeficiency from
			Maternal Chemotherapy and Severe Primary
			Pneumocystis Infection in an Infant.

			32257442 Factors That Determine the Likelihood
			of Giving Birth to the First Child within 10 Months
			after Marriage.

			32257157 Timing and number of antenatal care
			contacts in low and middle-income countries:
			Analysis in the Countdown to 2030 priority

			32257094 Reproductive Performance in a
			Selected Sample of Dairy Farms in Una-Sana
			Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

			32257065 Antiphospholipid syndrome: a case
			report with an unusual wide spectrum of clinical

			32256497 Influenza-Induced Interferon Lambda
			Response Is Associated With Longer Time to
			Delivery Among Pregnant Kenyan Women.

			32256485 Chronic Intra-Uterine Ureaplasma
			parvum Infection Induces Injury of the
			Enteric Nervous System in Ovine Fetuses.

			32252775 A primary health care model for
			managing pre-eclampsia and eclampsia in low-
			and middle- income countries.

			32244912 Neutral Human Milk Oligosaccharides
			Are Associated with Multiple Fixed and Modifiable
			Maternal and Infant Characteristics.

			32239218 Association Between Breastfeeding
			and Ovarian Cancer Risk.

			32238853 Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
			modulates CXCL10 Expression through Histone
			Methylation in human decidua.

			32238840 The unique social sense of
			puerperium: Increased empathy and Schadenfreude
			in parents of newborns.

			32236510 Association of Preeclampsia in
			Term Births With Neurodevelopmental Disorders
			in Offspring.

			32234737 Determinants of modern contraceptive
			use among married women of reproductive
			age: a cross-sectional study in rural Zambia.

			32232018 Children Conceived by Assisted
			Reproductive Technology Prone to Low Birth Weight,
			Preterm Birth, and Birth Defects: A Cohort
			Review of More Than 50,000 Live Births During
			2011-2017 in Taiwan.

			32231835 The Culture of Herbal Preparations
			Among Pregnant Women: A Remedy or a
			Suicide Potion? A Case Report and Mini Review.

			32231824 Second Trimester Heterotopic
			Triplet Pregnancy with Intrauterine Twin Pregnancy
			and Ruptured Interstitial Pregnancy: A Maternal
			Near-Miss Case Report.

			32231414 Relationship between dietary
			inflammatory index, hs-CRP level in the second
			trimester and neonatal birth weight: a cohort

			32228613 "We have this, with my husband,
			we live in harmony": exploring the gendered
			decision-making matrix for malaria prevention
			and treatment in Nampula Province, Mozambique.

			32226732 Maternal tobacco use: A third-trimester
			risk factor for small-for-gestational-age
			pregnancy outcome.

			32226488 Association between microRNA
			machinery gene polymorphisms and recurrent
			implantation failure.

			32219197 Prenatal Exposure to Famine and
			Risk for Development of Psychopathology in
			Adulthood: A Meta-Analysis.

			32219011 Cesarean Section and Maternal-fetal
			Mortality Rates in Nigeria: An Ecological Lens
			into the Last Decade.

			32219001 Pregnancy has a minimal impact on
			the acute transcriptional signature to

			32211414 An Overview of Tickborne Infections
			in Pregnancy and Outcomes in the Newborn:
			The Need for Prospective Studies.

			32210913 Construction of Glycometabolism-
			and Hormone-Related lncRNA-Mediated
			Feedforward Loop Networks Reveals Global
			Patterns of lncRNAs and Drug Repurposing in
			Gestational Diabetes.

			32210651 Children's Sleep May Depend on
			Maternal Sleep Duration During Pregnancy: A
			Retrospective Study.

			32210300 Stillbirth risk prediction using
			machine learning for a large cohort of births
			from Western Australia, 1980-2015.

			32210262 Non-targeted urinary metabolomics
			in pregnancy and associations with fetal growth

			32210229 Maternal carriage of Prevotella
			during pregnancy associates with protection
			against food allergy in the offspring.

			32209071 Quality of youth friendly sexual and
			reproductive health Services in West Gojjam
			Zone, north West Ethiopia: with special
			reference to the application of the Donabedian

			32207571 EHS and AHS guidelines for
			treatment of primary ventral hernias in rare
			locations or special circumstances.

			32206652 Is there an association between
			platelet and blood inflammatory indices and the
			risk of gestational diabetes mellitus?

			32206650 Determination of maternal
			risk factors of preterm delivery: adjusted for
			sparse data bias; results from a
			population-based case-control study in Iran.

			32206470 Metabolic Response of Adult Male
			Offspring Rats to Prenatal Caffeine Exposure.

			32204704 Validity and reliability of a Hausa
			language questionnaire assessing information,
			motivation and Behavioural skills for malaria
			prevention during pregnancy.

			32201854 Urinary trace metals in association
			with fetal ultrasound measures during

			32201747 Parent-reported early sleep
			problems and internalising, externalising and
			dysregulation symptoms in toddlers.

			32201494 Management of psoriasis in
			pregnancy - a review of the evidence to date.

			32201489 Race and Length of Time Pursuing
			Pregnancy Among Women Who
			Utilized Medical Help to Get Pregnant.

			32198466 Neonatal outcome of children born
			after ICSI with epididymal or testicular sperm: A
			10-year study in China.

			32197619 Systematic review of statistical
			methods for safety data in malaria
			chemoprevention in pregnancy trials.

			32196492 Validation of Chinese
			Multidimensional Depression Assessment Scale
			(MDAS) in Inner Mongolia pregnant women and
			risk factors of antenatal depression in Inner
			Mongolia in the era of one-child policy.

			32195385 Comparison of
			fetal heart rate variability by symbolic dynamics
			at the third trimester of pregnancy and low-risk

			32194978 Cytoplasmic m1A reader YTHDF3
			inhibits trophoblast invasion by downregulation
			of m1A-methylated IGF1R.

			32194641 Long Non-coding RNA Gas5 Is
			Associated With Preeclampsia and Regulates
			Biological Behaviors of Trophoblast via

			32192596 Androgenicity and fertility treatment
			in women with unexplained infertility.

			32190623 Study on the correlation and
			predictive value of serum pregnancy-associated
			plasma protein A, triglyceride and serum
			25-hydroxyvitamin D levels with gestational
			diabetes mellitus.

			32190029 Head-to-head comparison of
			[18F]-fluorodeoxyglucose and
			[18F]-fluorocholine positron emission
			tomography/computed tomography in three
			patients with rare gestational trophoblastic
			neoplasms: A case series.

			32188885 Biphasic changes in β-cell mass
			around parturition are accompanied by
			increased serotonin production.

			32188491 Low frequency of flares during
			pregnancy and post-partum in stable lupus

			32188454 Are environmental area
			characteristics at birth associated with
			overweight and obesity in school-aged
			children? Findings from the SLOPE (Studying
			Lifecourse Obesity PrEdictors)
			population-based cohort in the south of

			32188414 Serum homocysteine and folate
			concentrations in early pregnancy and
			subsequent events of adverse
			pregnancy outcome: the Sichuan
			Homocysteine study.

			32187236 An internet-based mind/body
			intervention to mitigate distress in women
			experiencing infertility: A randomized pilot trial.

			32185276 Clinical Case: Pregnancy lactation

			32184745 Extreme Risk-Taking Behaviors in
			Patients With Eating Disorders.

			32184691 Idiopathic Hypereosinophilia and
			Venous Thromboembolism: Is There a
			Pathophysiological or Clinical Link? Description
			of an Intriguing Clinical Case.

			32183783 The impact of the Adolescent Girls
			Empowerment Program (AGEP) on short and
			long term social, economic, education and
			fertility outcomes: a cluster randomized
			controlled trial in Zambia.

			32183744 What do women want? An analysis
			of preferences of women, involvement of men,
			and decision-making in maternal and newborn
			health care in rural Bangladesh.

			32182282 Adherence to clinical practice
			guidelines for South Australian pregnant women
			with cardiac conditions between 2003 and

			32182239 Healthcare factors associated with
			the risk of antepartum and intrapartum stillbirth
			in migrants in Western Australia (2005-2013): A
			retrospective cohort study.

			32181020 Irreversible Acquired
			Noncompaction Cardiomyopathy in a Parturient
			with Corrected Atrial Septal Defect: A Case
			Report and Clinical Implications.

			32180822 Vedolizumab in the treatment of
			inflammatory bowel disease: evolving

			32180770 Lactic Acid: A Novel Signaling
			Molecule in Early Pregnancy?

			32180760 Plasma Prolactin and Progesterone
			Levels and the Risk of Gestational Diabetes: A
			Prospective and Longitudinal Study in a
			Multiracial Cohort.

			32176304 Association of Fish Consumption
			and Mercury Exposure During Pregnancy With
			Metabolic Health and Inflammatory Biomarkers
			in Children.

			32175527 Correction: Evidence-Based
			Guideline on Laparoscopy in Pregnancy:
			Commissioned by the British Society for
			Gynaecological Endoscopy (BSGE) Endorsed
			by the Royal College of Obstetricians &
			Gynaecologists (RCOG).

			32175351 A preliminary study on a patented
			intrauterine stent in the treatment of recurrent
			intrauterine adhesions with poor prognosis.

			32175344 Cold scissors ploughing technique in
			hysteroscopic adhesiolysis: a comparative

			32175041 Management of diabetes in
			pregnancy in primary care.

			32170216 Gut microbiota manipulation during
			the prepubertal period shapes behavioral
			abnormalities in a mouse
			neurodevelopmental disorder model.

			32169927 Prediction of gestational age with
			symphysis-fundal height and estimated uterine
			volume in a pregnancy cohort in Sylhet,

			32169094 Review of health and non-health
			sector indicators for monitoring service
			provision along the continuum of care for
			maternal health.

			32169044 Pregnancy and perinatal outcomes
			in pregnancies resulting from time interval
			between a freeze-all cycle and a subsequent
			frozen-thawed single blastocyst transfer.

			32168469 Therapeutic plasma exchange for
			the management of severe gestational
			hypertriglyceridaemic pancreatitis due to
			lipoprotein lipase mutation.

			32168356 Awareness of HIV-positive status
			and linkage to treatment prior to pregnancy in
			the "test and treat" era: A national antenatal
			sentinel survey, 2017, South Africa.

			32168328 Applications, indications, and effects
			of passive hydrotherapy WATSU
			(WaterShiatsu)-A systematic review and

			32166037 Efficacy of relaxin for
			cisplatin-induced testicular dysfunction and
			epididymal spermatotoxicity.

			32165805 Determinants of Maternal Near Miss
			in Western Ethiopia.

			32164782 Outcome reporting in neonates
			experiencing withdrawal following opioid
			exposure in pregnancy: a systematic review.

			32164630 Adverse event reports in patients
			taking psychiatric medication during pregnancy
			from spontaneous reports in Japan and the
			United States: an approach using latent class

			32164606 Intergenerational transmission of
			health disparities among Turkish-origin
			immigrants in Germany: study protocol of a
			multi-centric cohort study (BaBi-stress and
			BaBeK study).

			32164603 Herbal medicine use and predictors
			among pregnant women attending
			antenatal care in Ethiopia: a systematic review
			and meta-analysis.

			32163502 Potential new tool for anemia
			screening: An evaluation of the performance
			and usability of the TrueHb Hemometer.

			32163478 Common genetic variants in ADCY5
			and gestational glycemic traits.

			32158555 Drug resistance after cessation of
			efavirenz-based antiretroviral treatment started
			in pregnancy.

			32158424 Pregnancy and the Postpartum
			Period in Women With
			Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Treated
			With Old and New Disease-Modifying
			Treatments: A Real-World Multicenter

			32158276 Predictors of Health-Promoting
			Lifestyle in Pregnant Women Based on
			Pender's Health Promotion Model.

			32158267 Clinicopathological Characteristics
			and Treatment Outcomes of Pregnancy
			Complicated by Malignant
			Ovarian Germ Cell Tumors.

			32156294 Combination of the BeWo b30
			placental transport model and the embryonic
			stem cell test to assess the potential
			developmental toxicity of silver nanoparticles.

			32156287 High serum Antimullerian hormone
			levels are associated with lower live birth rates
			in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome
			undergoing assisted reproductive technology.

			32155181 Barriers and facilitators to
			contraceptive use among Somali immigrant
			women in Oslo: A qualitative study.

			32153845 Predictors of anemia in pregnant
			women residing in rural areas of the Oromiya
			region of Ethiopia.

			32153842 An examination of whether
			associations exist between maternal and
			neonatal 25OHD and infant size and adiposity
			at birth, 6-9 months and 2-2.5 years of age - a
			longitudinal observational study from the ROLO

			32153821 The Pune Rural Intervention in
			Young Adolescents (PRIYA) study: design and
			methods of a randomised controlled trial.

			32153809 The lancet series nutritional
			interventions in Ghana: a determinants analysis
			approach to inform nutrition strategic planning.

			32153365 Antidepressant Paroxetine Exerts
			Developmental Neurotoxicity in an
			iPSC-Derived 3D Human Brain Model.

			32150832 The Role of NFκB in Healthy and
			Preeclamptic Placenta: Trophoblasts in the

			32149117 Human Uterine Decidual NK Cells in
			Women with a History of Early Pregnancy
			Enhance Angiogenesis and Trophoblast

			32148965 Early Pregnancy Serum Metabolite
			Profiles Associated with Hypertensive Disorders
			of Pregnancy in African American Women: A
			Pilot Study.

			32148807 Appetite-regulating hormones and
			anthropometric indicators of infants according
			to the type of feeding.

			32148773 Childhood inflammatory and
			metabolic disease following exposure to
			antibiotics in pregnancy, antenatally,
			intrapartum and neonatally.

			32148747 Effects of Calliandra and Sesbania
			on Daily Milk Production in Dairy Cows on
			Commercial Smallholder Farms in Kenya.

			32146786 Irrigation Versus Suction Alone
			During Laparoscopic Appendectomy for
			Uncomplicated Acute Appendicitis.

			32144130 Increased placental mitochondrial
			fusion in gestational diabetes mellitus: an
			adaptive mechanism to optimize feto-placental
			metabolic homeostasis?

			32144129 Placental growth factor in beta cells
			plays an essential role in gestational beta-cell

			32143598 Disseminated melioidosis in early
			pregnancy - an unproven cause of foetal loss.

			32143390 Girls' Empowerment and Adolescent
			Pregnancy: A Systematic Review.

			32142081 Small for gestational age babies and
			depressive symptoms of mothers during
			pregnancy: Results from a birth cohort in India.

			32140668 Concurrent prenatal drinking and
			smoking increases risk for SIDS: Safe Passage
			Study report.

			32140586 Cognitive-behavioral counseling and
			mental health of pregnant women.

			32140295 Metabolomic Pathways Predicting
			Labor Dystocia by Maternal Body Mass Index.

			32140135 Live Birth in Woman With
			Premature Ovarian Insufficiency Receiving
			Ovarian Administration of Platelet-Rich Plasma
			(PRP) in Combination With Gonadotropin: A
			Case Report.

			32140065 Innate Lymphoid Cells at the
			Maternal-Fetal Interface in Human Pregnancy.

			32138727 Exclusive breastfeeding in first-time
			mothers in rural Kenya: a longitudinal
			observational study of feeding patterns in the
			first six months of life.

			32138725 Breastfeeding as a balancing act -
			pregnant Swedish women's voices on

			32138721 Interventions for women who report
			domestic violence during and after pregnancy in
			low- and middle-income countries: a
			systematic literature review.

			32134987 The timing and quality of
			antenatal care received by women attending a
			primary care centre in Iquitos, Peru: A facility
			exit survey.

			32133441 Fetal cardiovascular alterations in
			twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome.

			32133219 Ultra-sensitive optical coherence
			elastography using a high-dynamic-range force
			loading scheme for cervical rigidity assessment.

			31254974 Elevated Complement C3 and C4
			Levels are Associated with Postnatal
			Pregnancy-Related Venous Thrombosis.

			31254963 Hair cortisol levels, psychological
			stress and psychopathological symptoms prior
			to instrumental deliveries.

			31254962 The experience of mothers and
			fathers in cases of stillbirth in Spain. A
			qualitative study.

			31254951 Trajectories of child protective
			services contact among Alaska
			Native/American Indian and non-Native

			31254723 Progesterone signaling during
			pregnancy in the lab opossum, Monodelphis

			31254547 Biomechanical and functional
			properties of trophoblast cells exposed to
			Group B Streptococcus in vitro and the
			beneficial effects of uvaol treatment.

			31254464 Uterine artery and umbilical vein
			blood flow are unaffected by moderate habitual
			physical activity during pregnancy.

			31254360 Adult congenital heart disease: past,
			present, future.

			31254346 Hormones modulate Candida
			vaginal isolates biofilm formation and decrease
			their susceptibility to azoles and hydrogen

			31254335 The Use of an Electronic Health
			Record Patient Portal to Access Diagnostic
			Test Results by Emergency Patients at an
			Academic Medical Center: Retrospective

			31254324 Cache Valley virus: A scoping review
			of the global evidence.

			31254310 Breastfeeding Practices in Georgia:
			Rural-Urban Comparison and Trend Analyses
			Based on 2004-2013 PRAMS Data.

			31254257 Should I Get LASIK If I'm

			31254248 Urinary Excretion of Silicon in Men,
			Non-pregnant Women, and Pregnant Women:
			a Cross-sectional Study.

			31254160 Irish Maternal Early Warning Score.

			31254142 Polymorphisms of
			methalenetetrahydrofolate reductase in
			recurrent pregnancy loss: an overview of
			systematic reviews and meta-analyses.

			31253638 Gestational trophoblastic neoplasia:
			a meta-analysis evaluating reproductive and
			obstetrical outcomes after administration of

			31253623 Cohort profile: Finnish Health and
			Early Life Microbiota (HELMi) longitudinal birth

			31253563 Screening for monogenic diabetes in
			primary care.

			31253512 Medicaid, motherhood, and the
			challenges of having a healthy pregnancy
			amidst changing social networks.

			Clinical Trials
			3997773 Face-it: Health Promotion for Women
			With Prior Gestational Diabetes

			3997396 Effects of Gestational Diabetes
			Mellitus on Children

			3997188 Zinc-L-Carnosine Prevents Dysphagia
			in Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Adjuvant

			3997045 Exercise During Pregnancy and
			Urinary Incontinence

			3996434 Coasting Versus Antagonist Protocol
			in Patients at High Risk of OHSS

			3996070 VESPER: Stress Urinary Incontinence

			3995953 Integrated Care Delivery of HIV
			Prevention and Treatment in AGYW in Zambia

			3995797 VESPER: Pelvic Organ Prolapse

			3995641 The Effect of Local Analgesia on
			Postoperative Gluteal Pain in Patients
			Undergoing Sacrospinous Ligament Fixation: A
			Randomized Trial

			3995043 Project for Reproductive Equity
			Through Volunteers and Entrepreneurship,
			Networks and Technology

			3994939 Families Talking Together (FTT) in

			3994614 the Effect of Acupuncture on the
			Quality of Oocyte on POR

			3993457 Promoting Enhanced
			Pharmacotherapy Choice Through
			Immunomarkers Evaluation in Depression

			3993015 Accuracy of eDiagEPU, a Medical
			Computerized Tool for EPU

			3992729 Safety Study for Prospective
			Assessment of Pregnancy Outcomes in
			Patients Treated With Tildrakizumab

			3992534 The FLIP-1 Study: Vaginal
			Lactobacillus Supplementation in Women at
			High Risk of Preterm Birth

			3991871 HARapan kiTa ECP (External Counter
			Pulsation) Study HARTEC Study

			3991845 A Trial to Evaluate the Effect of
			Vitamin D Supplementation in Patients With
			Chronic Urticaria

			3991832 Study of Olaparib and Durvalumab in
			IDH-Mutated Solid Tumors

			3991663 Azoospermia Patients

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