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     		Course of illness

			The worsening of a disease over time.

			Related Concepts
			Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 2D
			GARS-Associated Axonal Neuropathy
			mood disorders

			32351807 Gastrointestinal Infection Could Be
			New Focus for Coronavirus Diagnosis.

			32320810 Respiratory syncytial virus and
			influenza virus infection in adult primary care
			patients: association of age with prevalence,
			diagnostic features and illness course.

			32317180 Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pneumonia
			in Immunosuppressed Renal Transplant
			Recipients: A Summary of 10 Confirmed Cases
			in Wuhan, China.

			32300388 Transient Abnormal Myelopoiesis:
			A Varied Spectrum of Clinical Presentation.

			32264870 Phenotype and functionality of
			follicular helper T cells in patients with acute
			dengue infection.

			32258424 Neuroprogression across the Early
			Course of Psychosis.

			31245629 Endophenotypes in Schizophrenia:
			Digging Deeper to Identify Genetic

			31222412 Epidemiology of loneliness in a
			cohort of UK mental health community crisis
			service users.

			31196905 Recorded poor insight as a predictor
			of service use outcomes: cohort study of
			patients with first-episode psychosis in a large
			mental healthcare database.

			31166598 Burden of disease in children with
			respiratory tract infections in primary care:
			diary-based cohort study.

			31166595 Measuring Disturbance of the
			Endocannabinoid System in Psychosis: A
			Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.

			31139639 From Onset and Prodromal Stage to
			a Life-Long Course of Schizophrenia and Its
			Symptom Dimensions: How Sex, Age, and
			Other Risk Factors Influence Incidence and
			Course of Illness.

			31131775 Lifetime bipolar disorder comorbidity
			and related clinical characteristics in patients
			with primary obsessive compulsive disorder: a
			report from the International College of
			Obsessive-Compulsive Spectrum Disorders

			31130898 Treatment Utilization and Medical
			Problems in a Community Sample of Adult
			Women With Anorexia Nervosa.

			31101514 Role of glia in prefrontal white matter
			abnormalities in first episode psychosis or
			mania detected by diffusion tensor

			31094489 Time heals all wounds? A 2-year
			longitudinal diffusion tensor imaging study in
			major depressive disorder

			31086784 Lee Silverman voice treatment
			(LSVT) mitigates voice difficulties in mild
			Parkinson's disease.

			31081745 Expanded Molecular Testing on
			Patients with Suspected West Nile Virus

			31078634 Lipocalin-2 Levels in Acute and
			Chronic Graft-versus-Host Disease following
			Allogeneic Haematopoietic Stem Cell

			31061840 Hemi Masticatory Spasm: Series of
			7 Cases and Review of Literature.

			31054151 The association between the
			socioeconomic status and anxiety-depression
			comorbidity in patients with psoriasis: A
			nationwide population-based study.

			31039765 Study protocol of a multicenter
			randomized controlled trial of
			mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and
			treatment as usual in bipolar disorder.

			31032069 Patient-reported outcomes in lung
			and esophageal cancer.

			31016410 Epidemiological and Clinical Gender
			Differences in OCD.

			30981096 Symptoms, course of Illness, and
			comorbidity as predictors of expressed
			emotion in bipolar disorder.

			30962057 Volumetric MRI study of
			orbito-frontal cortex and thalamus in
			obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.

			Clinical Trials
			3975400 Using Digital Media Advertising to
			Reduce the Duration of Untreated Psychosis

			3946540 Longitudinal Follow Up of Eating
			Disorder Treatment

			3915613 Anhedonia and the Insulin Pathway

			3558529 Feasibility and Acceptability of a
			Smartphone App to Assess Early Warning
			Signs of Psychosis Relapse

			3553069 Simple Observational Critical Care

			3536169 Utilization of Anti-reflux Treatment
			and Course of Illness Leading to Reoperation

			3447548 Neurofeedback Training for High Risk

			3415529 Impact of Arterial CO2 Tension on
			Management and Outcome in Patients With
			Acute Hypoxemic Respirator Failure and ARDS

			3361371 Suctioning of NOse Therapy Versus
			Usual Home Care in Bronchiolitis

			3260257 Neurofeedback to Improve Working
			Memory in Schizophrenia

			3253367 Phenomics and Genomics of
			Clozapine Pharmacotherapy

			3203707 Early Assessment and Intervention for
			Adolescents at Risk for Bipolar Disorder

			3198104 Assessing Kids for Liver Inflammation
			and Fibrosis Using Non-invasive MRI

			3196245 NK Cell Mediated Influenza Immunity
			During Pregnancy

			3158805 Saxenda® in Obese or Overweight
			Patients With Stable Bipolar Disorder
			(Investigator Initiated)

			3147157 The Effect of Human Leukocyte
			Antigen Macthing on Guiding Tacrolimus
			Regimen After Liver Transplantation

			3122080 Efficacy of EA on Depression Related
			Insomnia: Study Protocol for a Multicenter RCT

			3088111 An Open Label Field Study of Anthim
			(Obiltoxaximab) in Subjects Exposed to B.

			3029299 Implementation Assessment and
			Clinical Utility of the FilmArray® Respiratory Panel
			(RP) EZ in a CLIA-waived Setting

			2853474 Early Palliative Care in Patients With
			Metastatic Upper Gastrointestinal Cancers
			Treated With First-line Chemotherapy

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