Source:		MedGen UID: 196514


			Human interferons have been classified into 3
			groups: alpha, beta, and gamma. Both alpha-
			and beta-IFNs, previously designated type I, are
			acid-stable, but they differ immunologically and
			in regard to some biologic and physiochemical
			properties. The IFNs produced by
			virus-stimulated leukocytes (leukocyte IFNs) are
			predominantly of the alpha type. Those
			produced by lymphoblastoid cells are about
			90% alpha and 10% beta. Induced fibroblasts
			produce mainly or exclusively the beta type.
			The alpha- and beta-IFNs differ widely in
			amino acid sequence. The gamma or immune
			IFNs, which are produced by T lymphocytes in
			response to mitogens or to antigens to which
			they are sensitized, are acid-labile and
			serologically distinct from alpha- and beta-IFNs.
			(from OMIM 147570)

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			STING Agonist MK-1454
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			TLR 2/6/9 Agonist PUL-042
			TLR Agonist CADI-05
			TLR7 Agonist 852A
			TLR7 Agonist ANA773 Tosylate
			chronic hepatitis
			signaling pathway
			hepatitis C

			PRJNA136789 A Bacterial Protein Targets the
			BAHD1 Chromatin Complex to Stimulate Type
			III Interferon Response

			PRJNA128389 A cryptic sensor for HIV-1
			activates antiviral innate immunity in dendritic

			PRJNA448060 A Kelch domain-containing
			KLHDC7B and a long non-coding RNA
			ST8SIA6-AS1 act oppositely on breast cancer
			cell proliferation via the interferon signaling
			pathway (KLHDC7B knockdown)

			PRJNA448062 A Kelch domain-containing
			KLHDC7B and a long non-coding RNA
			ST8SIA6-AS1 act oppositely on breast cancer
			cell proliferation via the interferon signaling
			pathway (KLHDC7B overexpression)

			PRJNA448061 A Kelch domain-containing
			KLHDC7B and a long non-coding RNA
			ST8SIA6-AS1 act oppositely on breast cancer
			cell proliferation via the interferon signaling
			pathway (LOC100128098 knockdown)

			PRJNA285360 A mutation in the viral sensor
			2’-5’-oligoadenylate synthetase 2 causes failure
			of lactation. [human]

			PRJNA144753 A Robust Induction of Type III
			Interferons and Chemokines Defines a Unique
			Pattern of Hepatic Innate Immunity in
			Response to Hepatitis C Virus Infection

			PRJNA255260 A Systems Biology Approach
			identified different regulatory networks targeted
			by KSHV miR-K12-11 in B cells and endothelial

			PRJNA384259 A third generation therapeutic
			vaccine for human visceral leishmaniasis and
			post kala azar dermal leishmaniasis:
			first-in-human trial of ChAd63-KH

			PRJNA138189 Activated Innate Immunity and
			Involvement of the CX3CR1-FKN Axis in
			Promoting Hematuria in IgA Nephropathy

			PRJNA218139 Activation of the Interferon
			Pathway is Dependent upon Autoantibodies in
			African-American SLE Patients, but not in
			European-American SLE Patients

			PRJNA380409 Activation of the interferon type
			I response rather than autophagy contributes to
			myogenesis inhibition in congenital DM1

			PRJNA261006 Activation of the JAK/STAT
			pathway in Behcet’s Disease

			PRJNA450429 Acute viral bronchiolitis (NMS)

			PRJNA450430 Acute viral bronchiolitis (PBMC)

			PRJNA396019 Adaptive and Acquired
			Evolution in Response to Chemotherapy in
			Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

			PRJNA338496 ADAR1 controls apoptosis of
			stressed cells by inhibiting Staufen-mediated
			mRNA decay

			PRJNA257780 Adenosine-to-inosine RNA
			editing controls cathepsin S expression in
			atherosclerosis by enabling HuR-mediated
			post-transcriptional regulation

			PRJNA120719 Adult T-cell leukemia-lymphoma
			and AZT-IFNa combination therapy

			PRJNA92229 Affected and unaffected skin of 4
			psoriatic patients and normal skin of 3 psoriasis
			free individuals

			PRJNA151301 Affymetrix SNP array data for
			oral squamous cell carcinoma samples

			PRJNA130041 AIM2-responsive genes in
			colorectal tumor cells

			PRJNA341350 Alteration in gene expression of
			HUVECs infected by HTNV

			PRJNA108995 Alteration of microRNA gene
			expression by EBV encoded LMP1 oncogene

			PRJNA521001 An interferon-like small chemical
			compound CDM-3008 suppresses hepatitis B
			virus through induction of interferon-stimulated

			PRJNA237545 An intrahepatic gene expression
			signature of enhanced immune activity predicts
			response to peginterferon and adefovir in
			chronic hepatitis B patients

			PRJNA118495 Anakinra in Systemic-onset
			Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

			PRJNA507092 Analysis of 3D interactions
			identifies candidate host genes that
			transposable elements potentially regulate
			(Capture Hi-C)

			PRJNA388343 Analysis of the DNA
			accessibility upon multiple histone H1 variants
			by ATAC-seq

			PRJNA392926 Analysis of the DNA
			accessibility upon multiple histone H1 variants
			by ATAC-seq (6 samples)

			PRJNA146579 Analysis of the early
			transcriptome signature of Nipah virus infection
			in primary endothelial cells

			PRJNA257933 Analysis of the
			interferon-induced changes in transcriptome of
			primary human hepatocytes at three time
			points by RNA-seq

			PRJNA412403 Analysis of transcriptional
			differences after IFN-beta (IFN-b) or
			IFN-lambda (IFN-l) treated human
			mid-gestation chorionic villus explants

			PRJNA93355 Anti-IFN antibody 16 array set

			PRJNA121193 Antiviral response dictated by
			choreographed cascade of transcription factors

			PRJNA397310 antiviral RNAi in mammals

			PRJNA215082 Antiviral signaling mediates
			inhibition of RNAi in mammalian cells

			PRJNA483394 ARID3a Gene Profiles are
			Strongly Associated with Human Interferon
			Alpha Production

			PRJNA288136 Assessment of
			mTOR-Dependent Translational Regulation of
			Interferon Stimulated Genes

			PRJNA308613 Association of Interferon- and
			Transforming Growth Factor -Regulated Genes
			and Macrophage Activation With Systemic
			Sclerosis-Related Progressive Lung Fibrosis

			PRJNA221165 Autoimmune antigen and serum
			factor antigen reactivity in a cohort of patients
			with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and
			healthy controls from the ABCoN cohort.

			PRJNA430277 Baseline Intrahepatic and
			Peripheral Innate Immune Responses are
			Associated with Hepatitis C Virus Eradication in
			Patients Receiving Direct Acting Antivirals

			PRJNA141071 BID is critical for
			IFN-alpha-induced cell death

			PRJNA133601 Binding targets of transcription
			factor E2-2 in human plasmacytoid dendritic

			PRJNA312898 Blockade of interferon-γ
			normalizes IFN regulated gene expression in
			subjects with systemic lupus erythematosus

			PRJNA427443 Blood immunomonitoring
			uncovers pregnancy-induced immune
			programs and their dysregulation in lupus
			pregnancy destined for complications

			PRJNA508771 Bloom syndrome protein
			restrains innate immune sensing of DNA
			damage by cGAS.

			PRJNA509430 BRCA2 abrogation triggers
			innate immune responses potentiated by
			treatment with PARP inhibitors

			PRJNA254500 Broad and adaptable RNA
			structure recognition by the human
			interferon-induced tetratricopeptide repeat
			protein IFIT5

			PRJNA431899 Bronchial premalignant lesions
			have distinct molecular subtypes associated
			with future histologic progression

			PRJNA304167 CC-122, a pleiotropic pathway
			modifier, mimics an interferon response and
			has antitumor activity in DLBCL

			PRJNA370922 CD4 T-cells from pSS patients
			and human healthy volunteers

			PRJNA127297 CD62L expression identifies a
			unique subset of polyfunctional CD56dim NK
			cells: Groups 1-3

			PRJNA361556 CD8 T-cells from pSS patients
			and human healthy volunteers

			PRJNA322750 CD95/Fas increases stemness
			in cancer cells by inducing a STAT1 dependent
			Type I interferon response [array]

			PRJNA322762 CD95/Fas increases stemness
			in cancer cells by inducing a STAT1 dependent
			Type I interferon response [ChIP-seq]

			PRJNA484705 Cell lineage-specific
			genome-wide DNA methylation analysis of
			patients with paediatric-onset systemic lupus

			PRJNA192698 CGH array profiles of melanoma
			cell lines

			PRJNA281064 Characterization of Type I
			Interferon pathway during Hepatic
			Differentiation of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
			and hepatitis C virus infection

			PRJNA179269 ChIP-chip from KG-1 cells with
			HIV Tat

			PRJNA155555 ChIP-chip of lymphocytes using
			H3K9Ac, H3K4me3, H3K9me3, H3K27me3
			and H4K16Ac antibodies

			PRJNA155551 ChIP-chip of monocytes using
			H3K9Ac, H3K4me3, H3K9me2 and H4K16Ac

			PRJNA430255 Chromatin associated RNA
			sequencing during the IFN response induced by

			PRJNA478991 Chromatin remodeling factor
			BRG1 regulates stemness and chemosensitivity
			of glioma initiating cells

			PRJNA103931 Chronic CD4+ T cell Activation
			& Depletion in HIV-1 Infection: Type I
			Interferon-Mediated Disruption of T Cell

			PRJNA99379 Circulating Cells in Coronary
			Collateral Artery Growth

			PRJNA307189 Circulating leukocyte
			transcriptional signatures in HIV patients with
			impaired gas exchange

			PRJNA237221 Combinatorial flexibility of
			cytokine during Human T helper cells

			PRJNA393448 Combining theoretical analysis
			and experimental data generation reveals IRF9
			as a crucial factor for accelerating interferon
			a-induced early antiviral signalling

			PRJNA387006 Common lymphoid progenitor
			derivation of plasmacytoid dendritic cells is
			mediated by Bcl11a

			PRJNA139809 Comparative analysis of
			genomic features of human HIV-1 infection and
			primate models of SIV infection

			PRJNA257777 Comparative Analysis of
			Transcriptional Responses in Monocytes from
			Human Neonates, Adults, and Older Adults

			PRJNA245219 Comparative Gene expression
			analysis of 2fTGH cells expressing Wild type
			STAT2 vs S734A-STAT2 in response to IFN-α or

			PRJNA192699 Comparative gene expression
			profiles of immune inhibitory and non-inhibitory
			melanoma cell lines

			PRJNA284125 Comparison of Huh6 and Huh7
			cells under IFNgamma treatment

			PRJNA98565 Comparison of the costimuli
			anti-CD28 and IL-2 on the activation of purified
			naïve human T cells

			PRJNA98975 Comparison of transcriptional
			profiles of CD4+ and CD8+ T cells from
			HIV-infected pateints and uninfected control

			PRJNA274307 Constitutively-active MAVS
			inhibits HIV-1 replication via type I interferon
			secretion and induction of HIV-1 restriction

			PRJNA105127 Copy number alterations of 103
			hepatocellular carcinomas with hepatitis C virus

			PRJNA498126 CRISPR screen for
			interferon-alpha inducible inhibitors of yellow
			fever virus replication

			PRJNA389790 Critical role of pDC in regulating
			gene expression and innate immune responses
			to human rhinovirus

			PRJNA158303 DC populations incubated with
			rAd5, rAd28, rAd35, TLR7/8-ligand, or

			PRJNA97645 DC-SIGN initiates an immature
			dendritic cell phenotype triggering Rho
			activation that is utilised by HIV-1

			PRJNA489891 Defective transcription
			elongation in a subset of cancers confers
			immunotherapy resistance (BGI12 RNA-Seq)

			PRJNA489892 Defective transcription
			elongation in a subset of cancers confers
			immunotherapy resistance (human cell lines

			PRJNA489890 Defective transcription
			elongation in a subset of cancers confers
			immunotherapy resistance (human ChIP-Seq)

			PRJNA176459 Defining precision probes which
			differentiate between the activity of type I and
			type II interferons.

			PRJNA106649 Dendritic cells activated with
			LPS IFNg over 48 hours

			PRJNA109967 Dengue VN Microarray MD and
			DF study

			PRJNA512200 Dental pulp cell-derived
			powerful inducer of TNF-alpha comprises PKR
			containing stress granule rich microvesicles

			PRJNA512199 Dental pulp cell-derived
			powerful inducer of TNF-alpha comprises PKR
			containing stress granule rich microvesicles

			PRJNA427102 Development of Specific
			Covalent MALT1 Inhibitors and Biomarkers for
			B-cell Lymphomas

			PRJNA393311 Differential ability of pandemic
			and seasonal H1N1 influenza 1 A virus to alter
			function of human neutrophils

			PRJNA96029 Differential Gene Induction by
			Type I And Type II Interferons and Their

			PRJNA122821 Differential IFNa-stimulated
			gene expression profiles in PLZF-inducible
			U937T monocyte cells

			PRJNA195449 Differential induction of
			TLR3-dependent innate immune signaling by
			closely related parasite species_II

			PRJNA256332 Differential Responses of
			Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells to Influenza and
			Distinct Viral Pathogens

			PRJNA382133 Differentially expressed
			circulating miRNAs during interferon therapy for
			48 weeks to reduce HBsAg levels in HBeAg
			negative chronic hepatitis B patients

			PRJNA476781 Discovering in vivo cytokine
			eQTL interactions from a lupus clinical trial

			PRJNA313198 Discovery of first-in-class
			reversible dual small molecule inhibitors against
			G9a and DNMTs with in vivo activity in
			hematological malignancies [array]

			PRJNA314452 Discovery of first-in-class
			reversible dual small molecule inhibitors against
			G9a and DNMTs with in vivo activity in
			hematological malignancies [RNA-Seq]

			PRJNA264064 Dissecting the immunogenicity
			of RD1-recombinant live tuberculosis vaccine
			candidates studying host-pathogen interaction
			in human primary dendritic cells

			PRJNA274403 Distinct mechanisms of
			inadequate erythropoiesis induced by tumor
			necrosis factor alpha or malarial pigment

			PRJNA244580 Diverse intracellular pathogens
			activate Type III Interferon expression from

			PRJNA296902 Diversity in Modulation of
			Interferon Stimulated Genes by Dobrava,
			Kurkino, and Sochi Genotypes of
			Dobrava-Belgrade Hantavirus in comparison to
			Tula Virus

			PRJNA413763 DNA accessibility in reactive
			and non-reactive CMV specific CD8+

			PRJNA483545 DNA methylation profiles of
			THP1 monocyte cells following Echinaforce

			PRJNA429664 DNA­-binding of IRF3, IRF5 and
			IRF7 transcription factors

			PRJNA170074 Down-regulation of Interferon
			signature in systemic lupus erythematosus
			patients by active immunization with Interferon

			PRJNA295083 Down-regulation of Interferon
			signature in systemic lupus erythematosus
			patients by active immunization with Interferon
			alpha-Kinoid extended follow-up

			PRJNA209947 Dynamic expression profiling of
			type I and type III interferon-stimulated

			PRJNA118845 Dynamic Innate Immune
			Responses of Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells
			against SARS-CoV and DOHV infection

			PRJNA230035 Early and late changes in gene
			and miRNA expression after hepatitis B or C
			infection in human hepatocyte chimeric mice

			PRJNA230037 Early and late changes in gene
			and miRNA expression after hepatitis B or C
			infection in human hepatocyte chimeric mice

			PRJNA230034 Early and late changes in gene
			and miRNA expression after hepatitis B or C
			infection in human hepatocyte chimeric mice

			PRJNA328248 Ebolavirus species associated
			with differential pathogenicity induce distinct
			host responses in human macrophages

			PRJNA94173 EC_interferon

			PRJNA246412 Effect of AZA on gene
			expression of multiple breast, colon, and
			ovarian cell lines [expression]

			PRJNA104075 Effect of heterotypic interaction
			between breast cancer cell line MDA-MB231
			and CCL-171 fibroblast

			PRJNA306644 Effect of human DAI expressed
			by an oncolytic vaccinia virus on the gene
			expression of tumor cells (HS294T) and
			monocytes (THP-1).

			PRJNA448743 Effect of hyperfractionated
			irradiation (HFRT) of prostate primary basal cells
			(PrEPs) on the transcriptome

			PRJNA105669 Effect of interferon-gamma on
			macrophage differentiation and response to
			Toll-like receptor ligands

			PRJNA258029 Effect of knock down of
			LASP-1 on basal-like breast cancer cells

			PRJNA186629 Effect of MWCNT on Lung
			Fibroblast gene expression

			PRJNA168359 Effect of Ribavirin on Viral
			Kinetics and Liver Gene Expression in Chronic
			Hepatitis C

			PRJNA261037 Effects of Active or Inactive
			PARP9/DTX3L Overexpression on ISG

			PRJNA137183 Effects of long dsRNA
			expression in HeLa and HEK293 cells

			PRJNA248473 Effects of nicastrin (NCSTN)
			siRNA knockdown in HEK293 and HEK001

			PRJNA94249 Effects on gene expression of a
			medicinal extract from Agaricus blazei in
			patients with hepatitis C infection

			PRJNA99195 Endogenous genes regulated by
			telomere length

			PRJNA225501 Endogenous Intrahepatic
			Interferons and Association with IFN-free HCV
			Treatment Outcome

			PRJNA473911 Enhanced susceptibility of
			cancer cells to oncolytic rhabdo-virotherapy by
			expression of Nodamura virus protein B2 as a
			suppressor of RNA interference

			PRJNA304981 Environmental enteric
			dysfunction includes a broad spectrum of
			inflammatory responses and epithelial repair
			processes (RT-PCR)

			PRJNA301157 Environmental enteric
			dysfunction includes a broad spectrum of
			inflammatory responses and epithelial repair

			PRJNA300297 Epidermal Growth Factor
			Receptor inhibition triggers Type 1 Interferon
			signature in human keratinocytes

			PRJNA513849 Epigenetic modulation of β-cells
			by interferon-α via PNPT11-miR-26a-TET2
			triggers autoimmune diabetes [methylation

			PRJNA513850 Epigenetic modulation of β-cells
			by interferon-α via PNPT11-miR-26a-TET2
			triggers autoimmune diabetes [RNA-seq]

			PRJNA272992 Epigenome profiling reveals
			significant DNA demethylation of interferon
			signature genes in lupus neutrophils

			PRJNA104073 epithelial-mesenchymal
			interaction of the breast

			PRJNA493878 eQTL Interactions in Lupus

			PRJNA493879 eQTL Interactions in Lupus

			PRJNA302802 Estrogenic compounds reduce
			influenza A virus replication in primary human
			nasal epithelial cells derived from female, but
			not male, donors


			PRJNA339200 Exosomal miRNA in liver

			PRJNA148037 Exploiting Synthetic Lethality for
			the Therapy of ABC Diffuse Large B Cell

			PRJNA203205 Expressed dsRNA provokes
			selective sequence-independent PKR response
			in transient co-transfection experiments

			PRJNA301692 Expression data and HIRA
			ChIP-seq data from interferon treated IMR90

			PRJNA173419 Expression data from 5 IFN
			type I-derived Dendritic Cells

			PRJNA356272 Expression data from blood of
			healthy controls and ns vitiligo patients

			PRJNA122295 Expression data from bone
			marrow CD34+ cells of MDS patients and
			healthy controls

			PRJNA238203 Expression data from dendritic
			cells treated with IFNβ for 2.5 hours and control

			PRJNA231124 Expression data from glioma
			cells exposed to interferon (IFN)-beta

			PRJNA139527 Expression data from HAART
			interruption in HIV patients

			PRJNA433419 Expression data from HCV
			infected hepatoma carcinoma cell line
			Huh7-MAVSR cells

			PRJNA401684 Expression data from HeLa
			cells upon interferon-gamma or interferon-beta

			PRJNA183881 Expression data from human
			antigen presenting cells expressing HIV-1 Tat
			alleles and mutants

			PRJNA136957 Expression data from human
			healthy CD133+ bone marrow EPCs

			PRJNA136953 Expression data from human
			healthy EPCs/CACs

			PRJNA136955 Expression data from human
			lupus EPCs/CACs

			PRJNA260396 Expression data from human
			monocyte derived dendritic cells infected with
			adenovirus expressing HIV-1 Vpr

			PRJNA244012 Expression data from human
			monocyte derived macrophages infected with
			adenovirus expressing HIV-1 Vpr

			PRJNA324248 Expression data from human
			monocytes stimulated with wild-type N.
			Meningitidis (Nm) and recombinant IL-10 [I]

			PRJNA324623 Expression data from human
			monocytes stimulated with wild-type N.
			meningitidis and recombinant IL-10 [II]

			PRJNA101961 Expression data from Human
			MPNST cancer cells infected with G207 and
			oncolytic HSV

			PRJNA108563 Expression data from human
			peripheral blood subsets

			PRJNA110547 Expression data from human
			primary fibroblasts, endothelial and smooth
			muscle cells infected with Trypanosoma cruzi

			PRJNA506466 Expression data from IGRA
			positive and IGRA negative

			PRJNA183880 Expression data from immature
			dendritic cells (iDC) expressing HIV-1 Tat alleles
			and mutants

			PRJNA482853 Expression data from in vitro
			healthy cells and malignant pleural
			mesothelioma cell lines infected by oncolytic
			attenuated measles virus or treated by
			exogenous type I interferon

			PRJNA214692 Expression data from laser
			capture microdissected human atherosclerotic
			plaque, rich or void of plasmacytoid dendritic

			PRJNA377075 Expression data from
			M(LPS+IFNγ) and M(IL4)

			PRJNA239693 Expression data from pDC
			infected with Aspergillus fumigatus

			PRJNA178600 Expression data from primary
			human dermal fibroblasts with STAT2
			deficiency and control fibroblasts treated with

			PRJNA127565 Expression data from purified
			human platelets

			PRJNA163091 Expression data in human
			hepatocytes with HCV infection

			PRJNA218870 Expression data in PBMCs from
			SLE patients and controls

			PRJNA259881 Expression data of
			genome-length HCV RNA-replicating OL8(3.5Y)
			cells and OL8(3.5Y)-derived ribavirin-resistant

			PRJNA148091 Expression data of
			interferon-alpha treated Huh-7 cells

			PRJNA208512 Expression data of LNCaP and
			MDA PCa 2b cells in absence or presence of

			PRJNA120367 Expression data of multiple
			sclerosis patients receiving intramuscular
			Interferon-beta-1a therapy [U133 A and B]

			PRJNA171572 Expression of Data from
			EHMT1 siRNA transfected HeLa cell treated
			with TNF

			PRJNA93023 Expression profiling of desmoid
			tumors and nodular fasciitis

			PRJNA379060 Extensive overlap of the STAT6
			and RXR cistromes in the active enhancer
			repertoire of human CD14+ monocyte-derived
			differentiating macrophages

			PRJNA147367 Fiorentino 2006-7
			dermatomyositis, lupus, control skin

			PRJNA270870 Flavivirus antagonism of type I
			interferon signaling reveals prolidase as a
			regulator of IFNAR1 trafficking and expression

			PRJNA93105 Folic Acid study in HT-29 cells

			PRJNA525355 Force expression LNK
			suppresses interferon Gamma signaling

			PRJNA391829 Function of HNRNPC in breast
			cancer cells by controlling the dsRNA-induced
			interferon response

			PRJNA182377 Functional genomics identifies
			type I interferon pathway as central for host
			defense against Candida albicans

			PRJNA393054 Gata4 and LMO3 balance
			angiocrine signaling and autocrine inflammatory
			activation by BMP2 in liver sinusoidal endothelial
			cells [HLSEC]

			PRJNA393053 Gata4 and LMO3 balance
			angiocrine signaling and autocrine inflammatory
			activation by BMP2 in liver sinusoidal endothelial
			cells [HUVEC]

			PRJNA369095 Gene expression after 24h
			Cocoa Extract incubation in HT29 cells

			PRJNA140017 Gene Expression Analysis of
			Blood Reveals S100A11 and AQP9 as Potential
			Biomarkers of Infective Endocarditis

			PRJNA262556 Gene expression analysis of
			bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells from
			myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) patients and
			normal controls

			PRJNA174748 Gene expression analysis of
			peripheral blood mononuclear cells prior to and
			following vaccination of human volunteers with
			the novel TB vaccine candidate MVA85A

			PRJNA143641 Gene expression analysis of the
			antiviral effect of chloroquine and derivatives on
			in vitro HCV infected cells.

			PRJNA100469 Gene expression changes in
			anti-FcgRIIb treated DCs and monocytes

			PRJNA350547 Gene expression changes in
			baseline SLE patients vs. healthy controls from
			two phase III trials (ILLUMINATE-1 and
			ILLUMINATE-2) of B cell activating factor
			blockade with tabalumab

			PRJNA155735 Gene expression data from
			human lymphocytes

			PRJNA122351 Gene expression in Calu-3 cells
			after influenza H3N2 and H11N9 infection

			PRJNA121251 Gene Expression in
			Inflammatory Diseases

			PRJNA93365 Gene expression pattern in
			Caco-2 cells following rotavirus infection

			PRJNA110693 Gene Expression Patterns
			Induced by HPV-16 L1 VLP in Leukocytes from
			Vaccine Recipients

			PRJNA106565 Gene expression profiles during
			in vivo human rhinovirus infection: insights into
			the host response.

			PRJNA156753 Gene expression profiles in
			synovial biopsies from patients with arthritis

			PRJNA348177 Gene expression profiles of 16
			relapsed/refractory CLL patients treated with
			lenalidomide in a phase II clinical trial

			PRJNA348764 Gene expression profiles of
			microdissected tumor epithelium and stroma
			from TN breast tumors

			PRJNA483544 Gene expression profiles of
			THP1 monocyte cells following Echinaforce

			PRJNA348766 Gene expression profiles of TN
			breast tumors

			PRJNA288430 Gene Expression Profiling
			Identifies Interferon Signalling Molecules and
			IGFBP3 in Human Degenerative Annulus

			PRJNA168242 Gene expression profiling of 6
			acute hepatitis C patients

			PRJNA105125 Gene expression profiling of 91
			hepatocellular carcinomas with hepatitis C virus

			PRJNA123741 Gene expression profiling of
			differentiated HNECs stimulated by IL4, IL13,
			IFNalpha, IFNbeta, IFNgamma and controls

			PRJNA150111 Gene expression profiling of
			interferon-alpha-treated HTLV-1-infected CD4+
			T cell lines

			PRJNA210196 Gene expression profiling of
			liver biopsies from 21 chronic hepatitis C
			patients undergoing antiviral therapy

			PRJNA151017 Gene expression profiling of
			MT-2 cells treated with interferon-alpha and
			ascorbic acid (dose response)

			PRJNA168241 Gene expression profiling of
			primary human hepatocytes treated with
			IFN-alpha or IFN-gamma

			PRJNA170604 Gene expression profiling of the
			effects of Cyclophosphamide on peripheral
			blood mononuclear cells

			PRJNA251683 Gene expression profiling of the
			response to interferon beta in EBV-transformed
			and primary B cells of patients with multiple

			PRJNA327204 Gene Expression Profiling Of
			TTLL12 Knocked Down Cell With Sendai Virus

			PRJNA170196 Gene Expression Response to
			Interferon Treatment at 12h and 24 in A549

			PRJNA140919 Gene expression study reveals
			compromised Pattern Recognition Receptors
			and Interferon Signaling in fullterm Low birth
			Weight newborns

			PRJNA170056 Gene expression-based,
			inflammatory response prediction by bronchial
			epithelial cell line treated with signal peptide of
			eosinophil cationic protein

			PRJNA419740 Gene induction by the USP6
			oncogene in response to interferon

			PRJNA269308 Gene Networks Specific for
			Innate Immunity Define Post-traumatic Stress
			Disorder [Affymetrix]

			PRJNA271942 Gene Networks Specific for
			Innate Immunity Define Post-traumatic Stress
			Disorder [RNA-Seq]

			PRJNA98401 Gene profiling of responders and
			non-responders to antiviral therapies peg
			interferon and ribavirin against hepatitis C

			PRJNA219422 Genes induced by IFN-beta,
			IFN-gamma or unphosphoraylted STAT1 in
			human fibroblasts

			PRJNA358742 Genetic analysis of isoform
			usage in the human anti-viral response

			PRJNA165669 Genome binding profile of the
			conserved CSB-PGBD3 fusion protein in
			CSB-null UVSS1KO cells

			PRJNA119619 Genome wide mRNA
			expression correlates of viral control in CD4+T
			cells from HIV-1 infected individuals

			PRJNA507133 Genome-wide analysis of gene
			changes caused by chemotherapy

			PRJNA418007 Genome-wide analysis of gene
			expression by IFNβ in Transformed HMEC
			(Epithelial/non-CSC, Mesenchymal/CSC)

			PRJNA432087 Genome-wide analysis of
			hepatic cells upon infection with Hepatitis B
			virus (HBV) or Hepatitis D virus (HDV)

			PRJNA201063 Genome-wide analysis of
			interferon-stimulated genes in primary cells and
			immortalized cell lines

			PRJNA214420 Genome-wide cDNA screening
			of IFIT1 promoter activation factors in human
			hepato cellarlar carcinoma cell line Huh-7

			PRJNA242560 Genome-Wide Expression
			Profiling Identifies Type 1 Interferon Response
			Pathways in Active Tuberculosis

			PRJNA291761 Genome-wide gene expression
			analysis of FAF1 silencing in HeLa cells

			PRJNA279358 Genome-wide identification of
			BATF2 binding sites in HeLa-BATF2 cells

			PRJNA394705 Genome-wide inhibition of
			pro-atherogenic gene expression by
			multi-STAT targeting compounds as a novel
			treatment strategy of CVD

			PRJNA432700 Genome-wide maps of STAT1,
			STAT2 and IRF9 in conjunction with
			nucleosome occupancy maps at 20
			interferon-stimulated gene regions during
			steady state and after type I interferon

			PRJNA115767 Genome-wide profiles of STAT1
			DNA association using chromatin
			immunoprecipitation and massively parallel

			PRJNA234358 Genome-wide profiling of
			human gene in HPV16E2 protein expressing
			human keratinocyte

			PRJNA356690 Genome-wide RELA binding
			sites in response to 5 microbial stimuli in
			Detroit562 cells [ChIP-seq]

			PRJNA485140 Genome-wide RNA-seq and
			Epigenetic analysis of human monocyte derived
			macrophage responses to Zika virus infection

			PRJNA482396 Genome-wide transcriptional
			and functional analysis of human T lymphocytes
			treated with benzo[a]pyrene

			PRJNA112555 Genomic Transcriptional
			Profiling Identifies a Blood Biomarker Signature
			for the Diagnosis of Septicemic Melioidosis

			PRJNA399336 Glioblastoma stem cells
			infected by ZIKA virus

			PRJNA264572 Global analyses revealed
			age-related alterations in innate immune
			responses after stimulation of
			pathogen-recognition receptors

			PRJNA294806 Global gene expression profiles
			in whole blood total RNA from patients with
			lupus nephritis, before and after initiation of

			PRJNA162583 Granulomatous response to
			Coxiella burnetii, the agent of Q fever:
			Activation of type I interferon-related genes

			PRJNA352224 Harnessing RNA sequencing for
			global, unbiased evaluation of two new
			adjuvants for dendritic-cell immunotherapy

			PRJNA185473 hCAF1/CNOT7 regulates
			interferon signaling by targeting STAT1

			PRJNA294173 Healthy donor PBMC RNA-seq
			with or without interferon-alpha stimulation

			PRJNA106603 Hela cells treated with or
			without IFNgamma at different time points

			PRJNA316194 HeLa cells: control vs

			PRJNA119677 Hepatic gene expression before
			and during interferon and ribavirin combination

			PRJNA329550 Hepatic miRNA profile in
			dengue hemorrhagic fever associated with
			apoptosis regulation, vascular injury and

			PRJNA85097 Hepatitis C Antiviral Long-term
			Treatment against Cirrhosis (HALT-C)

			PRJNA85099 Hepatitis C Antiviral Long-term
			Treatment against Cirrhosis (HALT-C)

			PRJEB545 High Density Nucleosome
			Occupancy Map of Human Chromosome
			9p21-22 Reveals Steady-State and
			Virus-Induced Chromatin Organization of the
			Type I Interferon Gene Cluster

			PRJNA127947 Highly Recurrent MYD88
			Mutations That Promote Human Lymphoma
			Cell Survival

			PRJNA149991 Histone protein and peptide
			reactivity within patients with systemic lupus
			erythematosus (SLE) from the ABCoN cohort

			PRJNA178033 HIV downregulates interferon
			stimulated genes in primary macrophages.

			PRJNA109751 HIV-1 Activates Macrophages
			Independent of Toll-like Receptors

			PRJNA391485 HIV-1 infection of human
			monocyte-derived dendritic cells with and
			without the integrase inhibitor, Raltegravir

			PRJNA391548 HIV-1 infection of human
			monocyte-derived dendritic cells with and
			without the integrase inhibitor, Raltegravir (gene

			PRJNA168168 HIV/HCV coinfection activates a
			type 1 interferon response in monocytes that
			correlates with cognitive impairment

			PRJNA284609 Homo sapiens Interferon alpha

			PRJNA328608 Homo sapiens isolate:H9
			HESCs (WA09) Transcriptome or Gene

			PRJNA308521 Homo sapiens Raw sequence

			PRJNA175783 Homo sapiens Targeted Locus

			PRJNA290512 Homo sapiens Transcriptome
			or Gene expression

			PRJNA132787 Host cell transcriptome
			response to expression of the human
			cytomegalovirus (hCMV) 72-kDa
			immediate-early 1 (IE1) protein

			PRJNA94785 Host transcriptome changes
			associated with episome loss and selection of
			keratinocytes containing integrated HPV16

			PRJNA293806 HT1080 WT or STAT deficient
			exposed to IFN beta or human trophoblast

			PRJNA417084 HUH VP30 cells with and
			without interferon α and β treatment

			PRJNA146633 Human bronchial epithelial cells
			exposed to A. alternata spores

			PRJNA287910 Human Calu-3 cell
			transcriptome response to human interferon α

			PRJNA287907 Human Calu-3 cell
			transcriptome response to human interferon α

			PRJNA85373 Human cancer cell lines

			PRJNA135917 Human lupus netting
			neutrophils induce endothelial damage, infiltrate
			tissues and expose immunostimulatory

			PRJNA244157 Human nuclear Dicer restricts
			the deleterious accumulation of endogenous
			double strand RNA

			PRJNA422277 Human Placental
			Syncytiotrophoblasts Restrict Toxoplasma
			gondii Attachment and Replication and
			Respond to Infection by Producing
			Immunomodulatory Chemokines

			PRJNA270890 Human Schlafen 5 (SLFN5) is a
			Regulator of Motility and Invasiveness of Renal
			Cell Carcinoma (RCC) Cells

			PRJNA126607 Human tumor cell lines treated
			with interferon-alpha-2a

			PRJNA387718 Human virus-derived small
			RNAs can confer antiviral immunity in mammals

			PRJNA514365 Hypersensitive interferon
			responses in lupus keratinocytes reveal key
			mechanistic determinants in cutaneous lupus

			PRJNA503859 Identification of ADAR1
			adenosine deaminase dependency in a subset
			of cancer cells

			PRJNA147839 Identification of Alpha
			Interferon-Induced Genes Associated with
			Antiviral Activity in Daudi Cells and
			Characterization of IFIT3 as a Novel Antiviral

			PRJNA218062 Identification of downregulated
			microRNA in a gastric cancer cell line
			co-cultured with M1- or M2-polarized

			PRJNA272772 Identification of genes
			responsible for RelA-dependent proliferation
			arrest in HMEC conditionally expressing RelA

			PRJNA94439 Identification of genes specifically
			over-expressed in lupus CD4 T and B cells

			PRJNA117159 Identification of genes that are
			regulated by TAK1 in human cutaneous T cell
			lymphoma HuT-102 cells

			PRJNA128883 Identification of genes that
			regulated by IRF4 in human cutaneous T cell
			lymphoma HuT-102 cells

			PRJNA150203 Identification of
			Host-Chromosome Binding Sites and
			Candidate Gene Targets for KSHV LANA

			PRJNA385078 Identification of long noncoding
			RNA RP11-2B6.2 as a positive regulator of
			type I interferon pathway in lupus nephritis

			PRJNA258384 Identification of novel gene
			signatures in patients with atopic dermatitis
			complicated by eczema herpeticum

			PRJNA451433 Identification of Nrf2 regulated
			genes by RNA sequencing

			PRJNA174286 Identifying chromatin
			associations with promyelocytic leukemia
			nuclear bodies using immunoTRAP

			PRJNA407206 IFIT1 exerts opposing
			regulatory effects on the inflammatory and
			interferon gene programs in LPS-activated
			human macrophages

			PRJNA116885 IFN alpha-induced gene
			expression in human NK cells

			PRJNA118189 IFN-a-induced monocyte
			phenotype in chronic unsuppressed HIV

			PRJNA123133 IFN-alpha Stimulated Gene
			Expression in Sensitive and Resistant Renal Cell
			Carcinoma Cell Lines

			PRJNA327558 IFN-γ and IL-4 regulate
			epigenetic modifiers in macrophages

			PRJNA232711 IFNb-1a in-vivo treatment
			induces the expression and signaling of IFNAR1
			and inhibits Th17 responses in PBMCs derived
			from CIS patients

			PRJNA96617 Imiquimod treated Basal Cell

			PRJNA93285 Immediate/Early Response to
			Trypanosoma cruzi Infection Involves Minimal
			Modulation of Host Cell Transcription

			PRJNA292000 Immortalized human
			hepatocyte (IHH) microRNA response to
			interferon alpha treatment

			PRJNA291999 Immortalized human
			hepatocyte (IHH) mRNA response to interferon
			alpha treatment

			PRJNA246413 Immune regulation by low
			doses of the DNA methyltransferase inhibitor
			5-azacitidine in common human epithelial
			cancers [methylation]

			PRJNA109425 Immune response to the yellow
			fever vaccine 17D.

			PRJNA395256 Immunoprofiling of CD14+
			blood monocytes upon Zika virus infection

			PRJNA377232 Immunostimulatory
			endogenous nucleic acids drive the lesional
			inflammation in cutaneous lupus erythematosus

			PRJNA274360 Impact of bariatric surgery on
			RNA-seq gene expression profiles of adipose
			tissue in humans

			PRJNA289523 Impact of Cirrhosis on
			Endogenous Interferons During HCV Treatment
			with Direct Acting Antivirals

			PRJNA136013 Impact of IRF1 on
			transcriptome changes in Huh-7 human
			hepatoma cells and STAT1-deficient human

			PRJNA254790 Impaired DNA damage
			metabolism promotes autoimmunity in TREX1

			PRJNA412283 Impaired HLA Class 1 Antigen
			Processing and Presentation as a Mechanism
			of Acquired Resistance to Immune Checkpoint
			Inhibitors in Lung Cancer

			PRJNA412284 Impaired HLA Class 1 Antigen
			Processing and Presentation as a Mechanism
			of Acquired Resistance to Immune Checkpoint
			Inhibitors in Lung Cancer

			PRJNA135065 Improved Innate and Adaptive
			Immunostimulation by Genetically Modified
			HIV-1 Protein Expressing NYVAC Vectors

			PRJNA140461 In vitro knockdown of LAMP3
			leads to down-regulation of interferon-inducible

			PRJNA342704 Inactivation of the putative
			ubiquitin-E3 ligase PDLIM2 in classical Hodgkin
			and anaplastic large cell lymphoma

			PRJNA87843 Individual-specific variation of
			gene expression in peripheral blood leukocytes

			PRJNA196438 Induction of
			interferon-stimulated genes on the IL-4
			response axis by Epstein-Barr virus infected
			human B cells; relevance to cellular

			PRJNA322321 Influenza Vaccines Differentially
			Regulate the Interferon Response in Human
			Dendritic Cell Subsets [HumanHT-12 V4.0
			Beadchip Experiments]

			PRJNA322322 Influenza Vaccines Differentially
			Regulate the Interferon Response in Human
			Dendritic Cell Subsets [HumanWG-6 v3.0
			Beadchip Experiments]

			PRJNA416117 Influenza virus facilitates its
			infectivity by activating p53 to inhibit the
			expression of interferon-induced
			transmembrane proteins (IFITMs)

			PRJNA193423 Inhibition of
			Lymphotoxin-LIGHT Signaling Reduces the
			Interferon Signature in Rheumatoid Arthritis

			PRJNA488816 Inhibition of the integrin alpha-V
			beta-3 reverts the paradoxical effect of
			levothyroxine replacement during bexarotene
			therapy in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma

			PRJNA113211 Interactions of cytokines in
			peripheral blood cells from Systemic Lupus

			PRJNA308107 Interfering with interferons:
			cholesterol modification by Helicobacter pylori
			prevents IFN receptor assembly

			PRJNA127915 Interferon alpha induced gene
			expression in SOCS1 and SOCS3
			overexpressing melanoma and hepatoma cell

			PRJNA517957 Interferon and inflammasome
			networks are associated with lower neutralizing
			antibody responses to Yellow Fever vaccination

			PRJNA84721 Interferon induction by shRNA

			PRJNA237281 Interferon Lambda Alleles
			Predict Innate Antiviral Immune Responses and
			Hepatitis C Virus Permissiveness.

			PRJNA379183 Interferon receptor signaling
			pathways regulating PD-L1 and PD-L2

			PRJNA105097 Interferon response of
			radioresistant and radiosensitive human
			head&neck tumor cell lines

			PRJNA106897 Interferon signaling and
			treatment outcome in chronic hepatitis C

			PRJNA124257 Interferon signaling related gene
			expression and clinical outcome of chronic
			hepatitis C

			PRJNA222980 Interferon Signature in the
			Blood in Inflammatory Common Variable
			Immune Deficiency [Test Set]

			PRJNA222981 Interferon Signature in the
			Blood in Inflammatory Common Variable
			Immune Deficiency [Training Set]

			PRJNA326780 Interferon ε protects primary
			macrophages against HIV infection

			PRJNA328968 Interferon-alpha dendritic cells
			in active tuberculosis, latent and healthy donors

			PRJNA311612 Interferon-g and Tumor
			Necrosis Factor-a Polarize Bone Marrow
			Stromal Cells Uniformly to a Th1 Phenotype

			PRJNA153411 Interferon-related transcriptional
			program is induced by chronic hepatitis E
			infection in kidney-transplant recipients

			PRJNA330849 Interferon-stimulated gene
			expression in STAT1 knockout cells

			PRJNA430418 Interferon-γ Converts Human
			Microvascular Pericytes into Negative
			Regulators of Alloimmunity through Induction of
			Indoleamine 2,3-Dioxygenase 1

			PRJNA272682 Interferon-γ inhibition of Ebola
			virus infection [Alveolar macrophage]

			PRJNA272681 Interferon-γ inhibition of Ebola
			virus infection [Monocyte-derived macrophage]

			PRJNA277039 Interferon-γ response against C.
			burnetii of peripheral blood mononuclear cells in
			the development of chronic Q fever

			PRJNA273923 Interleukin-1- and Type I
			Interferon-Dependent Enhanced
			Immunogenicity of an NYVAC-HIV-1
			Env-Gag-Pol-Nef Vaccine Vector with Dual
			Deletions of Type I and Type II
			Interferon-Binding Proteins

			PRJNA191106 Interleukin-27 is a potent
			inhibitor of cis HIV-1 replication in
			Monocyte-derived Dendritic Cells via a Type I
			Interferon-independent pathway

			PRJNA182751 Intrahepatic miRNA/mRNA
			expression in non-responders to pegylated
			interferon plus ribavirin combination therapy for
			chronic hepatitis C

			PRJNA193148 Intrahepatic miRNA/mRNA
			expression in non-responders to pegylated
			interferon plus ribavirin combination therapy for
			chronic hepatitis C (miRNA microarray data)

			PRJNA492872 Intrinsic immunity employs
			2’,5’-oligoadenylate signaling to establish
			privileged translation of interferons β and l

			PRJNA383578 Intrinsic Immunity Shapes Viral
			Resistance of Stem Cells

			PRJNA340985 IRAK4 kinase activity mediates
			IRF5 activation via IKKβ and TAK1

			PRJNA288643 IRF-5 and IRF-8 govern the
			response of Human Plasmacytoid Dendritic
			Cells following TLR9 ligation

			PRJNA258091 ISG15 in regulation of interferon

			PRJNA473502 KAP1 regulates ERVs in
			differentiated human cells and contributes to
			innate immune control

			PRJNA116591 Kawasaki Disease and Other
			Febrile Illnesses

			PRJNA136403 Knockdown of KSHV viral
			interferon-regulatory factor 3 (vIRF-3) in primary
			effusion lymphoma (PEL) cells by

			PRJNA116821 Knockdown of STAT1 in
			SCC61 tumor xenografts leads to alterations in
			the expression of energy metabolic pathways

			PRJNA433884 Leo1 occupancy in presence of
			dengue virus NS5

			PRJNA169614 Leukocyte transcript alterations
			in West-African girls following a booster
			vaccination with diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis

			PRJNA482784 Life-threatening influenza
			pneumonitis in a child with inherited IRF9

			PRJNA298562 Limiting cholesterol biosynthetic
			flux engages type I IFN signaling in a
			STING-dependent manner

			PRJNA431791 LINE-1 elements are
			derepressed in senescent cells and elicit a
			chronic Type-I Interferon response

			PRJNA84477 Lipopolysaccharide-stimulated

			PRJNA173823 Liposome transfection of
			miR-145 induces immune response via RIG-I in
			mesenchymal stem cells

			PRJNA277753 Liver gene expression profiles of
			interferon therapy in chronic hepatitis B Patients

			PRJNA277754 Liver gene expression profiles of
			interferon therapy in chronic hepatitis B Patients

			PRJNA273765 Liver transcriptome profiles
			correlates with viral control during hepatitis B
			virus infection

			PRJNA321496 LMP1+SLAMF1high cells are
			associated with drug resistance in Epstein-Barr
			virus-positive Farage cells

			PRJNA323458 LNCRHOXF1: a long noncoding
			RNA from the X-chromosome that suppresses
			viral response genes during development of the
			early human placenta

			PRJNA525882 LNK suppresses interferon
			signaling in M202 melanoma cells

			PRJNA524699 LNK suppresses interferon
			signaling in melanoma

			PRJNA481248 Long noncoding RNA
			signatures induced by TLR7 and type I IFN
			signaling in activated human plasmacytoid
			dendritic cells

			PRJNA96515 Longitudinal comparison of
			monocytes from an HIV viremic vs avirmeic

			PRJNA178315 longitudinal expression profiling
			in whole blood of multiple sclerosis patients and
			controls [IFN_discovery dataset]

			PRJNA178316 longitudinal expression profiling
			in whole blood of multiple sclerosis patients and
			controls [IFN_replication dataset]

			PRJNA178317 longitudinal expression profiling
			in whole blood of multiple sclerosis patients and
			controls [MS vs Ctrl Discovery dataset]

			PRJNA178318 longitudinal expression profiling
			in whole blood of multiple sclerosis patients and
			controls [MS vs Ctrl Replication dataset]

			PRJNA488222 Longitudinal transcriptomic
			characterization of the immune response to
			acute hepatitis C virus infection

			PRJNA279481 Low- and middle-dose of
			radiation on hNPC and HUVEC

			PRJNA158959 LV-Induced Dendritic Cells for
			AML Immunotherapy

			PRJNA286211 MaHo002: Epstein-Barr virus
			miRNA BART16 suppresses type I interferon

			PRJNA347636 Maternal BCG scar is
			associated with enhanced infant
			proinflammatory responses

			PRJNA110257 MCF7 tet-off cells treated or
			not with 80 ng/ml doxycycline for 12d

			PRJNA310702 Metformin reverses gene
			expression signautres in hyperglycaemics
			endothelial cells

			PRJNA280773 Microarray analysis of

			PRJNA383932 Microarray analysis of TNFα
			indcued senescence in Human umbilical vein
			endothelial cells

			PRJNA183538 Microarray study using whole
			blood and purified leucocyte populations from
			healthy controls and patients with tuberculosis
			or sarcoidosis with tuberculosis and sarcoidosis

			PRJNA117633 MicroRNA expression profiling
			predicts clinical outcome of chronic hepatitis C
			by interferon administration

			PRJNA389270 MicroRNA-122 supports robust
			innate immunity in hepatocytes by targeting the
			RTKs/STAT3 signaling pathway

			PRJNA195378 microRNA-190-mediated
			transcriptional changes

			PRJNA358247 miRNA Microarray analysis of
			TNFα induced senescence in Human umbilical
			vein endothelial cells

			PRJNA149559 miRNA profiles in unstimulated
			and TLR stimulated MDMs

			PRJNA374913 Mitochondrial dsRNA triggers
			antiviral signalling in humans

			PRJNA471680 Mitochondrial hypoxic stress
			induces RNA editing by APOBEC3G in

			PRJNA261038 Modified Stat1 Confers
			Enhanced Interferon Responsiveness and
			Improved Baseline Antiviral Host Defense

			PRJNA213965 Modular repertoire analyses
			identify dynamic type I and type II interferon
			transcriptional signatures in adult SLE patients

			PRJNA96043 Modulation of gene expression in
			a human cell line caused by poliovirus,
			vacciniavirus and interferon

			PRJNA224309 Molecular characterization of
			chronic antibody mediated rejection in kidney
			transplantation (microRNA)

			PRJNA270541 Molecular characterization of
			chronic antibody mediated rejection in kidney
			transplantation (mRNA CD4)

			PRJNA224311 Molecular characterization of
			chronic antibody mediated rejection in kidney
			transplantation (mRNA)

			PRJNA97877 Molecular Evidence of Injury and
			Inflammation in Normal and Fibrotic Renal
			Allografts One Year Post-Transplant

			PRJNA147169 Molecular insights on the
			peripheral and intra-tumoral effects of systemic
			high dose rIL-2 (Aldesleukin) administration for
			the treatment of metastatic melanoma

			PRJNA437469 Molecular signatures of
			maturing dendritic cells: implications for testing
			the quality dendritic cell therapies

			PRJNA144783 Molecular signatures of
			peripheral blood mononuclear cells following
			chronic IFN-alpha: Relationship of OAS2 with
			Depression and Fatigue

			PRJNA101363 mRNA expression profile in
			peripheral blood cells of RA patients following
			treatment with an anti-TNFa mAb, infliximab

			PRJNA324708 mRNA microarray analysis of
			gene changes in Huh7 cells treated with IFN-λ4,
			IFN-λ1 and IFN-α

			PRJNA243866 mRNA profiling of
			Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)

			PRJNA188233 Mtg16 regulates E protein
			activity and lineage specification in dendritic cell
			development (ChIP-seq)

			PRJNA335359 Multi-omics profiling of patients
			with primary Sjogren's syndrome

			PRJNA115011 Multiomics study to identify
			virulence factors of Rickettsia prowazekii
			revealed its adaptive mutation capabilities

			PRJNA177120 Mutant p53 attenuates the
			anti-tumorigenic activity of fibroblasts secreted
			interferon (IFN) beta

			PRJNA106201 Mutual Antagonistic
			Relationship Between Prostaglandin E2 and
			Interferon-(gamma): Implications for
			Rheumatoid Arthritis

			PRJNA155073 MX1 is Silenced in Permissive
			HRP4 Cells Supporting HCV Replication

			PRJNA392732 Mycobacterium tuberculosis
			inhibits type I interferon signaling to increase
			intracellular survival

			PRJNA227454 Myeloid Dendritic Cells Induce
			HIV-1 Latency in Non-Proliferating CD4+ T

			PRJNA432140 MYR1-dependent effectors are
			the major drivers of a host cell’s early response
			to Toxoplasma including counteracting
			MYR1-independent effects

			PRJNA123743 Nasal epithelium gene
			expression profiling in child respiratory allergic

			PRJNA309416 Nasopharyngeal microbiota,
			host transcriptome and disease severity in
			children with respiratory syncytial virus infection

			PRJNA498500 Neoadjuvant anti-PD-1
			immunotherapy promotes a survival benefit with
			intratumoral and systemic immune responses in
			recurrent glioblastoma

			PRJNA385930 NFkB signaling and ISGylation
			associated with BRCA1-mutated fallopian tube

			PRJNA507959 NLRP2 promotes
			proinflammatory and chemotactic responses in
			proximal tubular epithelial cells


			PRJNA388219 Organotypic models of type III
			interferon-mediated protection from Zika virus
			infections at the maternal-fetal interface

			PRJNA167339 Orientia tsutsugamushi, the
			agent of scrub typhus, induces an inflammatory
			program in human macrophages

			PRJNA133047 Orientsia tsutsugamushi
			stimulates an original gene expression program
			in human monocytes: relationship with gene
			expression in patients with scrub typhus

			PRJNA287029 Overexpression Studies of
			SNHG1 Revealed that SNHG1 Regulated the
			Distal Genes Expression in Cancer

			PRJNA313021 Oxidized mitochondrial
			nucleoids released by neutrophils drive type I
			Interferon production in human lupus

			PRJNA262463 Patient-based
			transcriptome-wide analysis identify interferon
			and ubiquination pathways as potential
			predictors of Influenza A disease severity

			PRJNA93309 Patterns of gene dysregulation in
			the frontal cortex of patients with HIV

			PRJNA129031 PBMC Cell Subset Stimulation

			PRJNA129027 PBMC Cytokine Comparison

			PRJNA129029 PBMC IFNg Dose Reponse

			PRJNA102109 PBMC response to B. pertussis
			filamentous hemagglutinin stimulation in vitro

			PRJNA112965 Periodontitis is associated with
			a type-1 interferon signature in peripheral blood

			PRJNA350550 Pharmacodynamic-induced
			changes in SLE Patients from the
			ILLUMINATE-1 phase III trial of B cell activating
			factor blockade with tabalumab

			PRJNA350549 Pharmacodynamic-induced
			changes in SLE Patients from the
			ILLUMINATE-2 phase III trial of B cell activating
			factor blockade with tabalumab

			PRJNA391723 Pharmacodynamics, Safety,
			and Clinical Efficacy of AMG 811, a Human
			Anti-Interferon-γ Antibody, in Patients With
			Discoid Lupus Erythematosus [blood]

			PRJNA390658 Pharmacodynamics, Safety,
			and Clinical Efficacy of AMG 811, a Human
			Anti-Interferon-γ Antibody, in Patients With
			Discoid Lupus Erythematosus [skin]

			PRJNA107739 Pharmacogenomics of IFNb

			PRJNA141401 Placenta environment induces
			the differentiation of macrophages into
			multinucleated giant cells

			PRJNA140825 Plasma miRNA profile as a
			predictor for early virological response of
			interferon treatment in chronic hepatitis B

			PRJNA95113 pp65 mutant human
			cytomegalovirus infected human fibroblasts

			PRJNA522252 PR attentuation of interferon

			PRJNA138295 Preactivation of the interferon
			signaling in liver is correlated with non-response
			to interferon alpha therapy in patients
			chronically infected with hepatitis B virus

			PRJNA144839 Primary human hepatocytes
			treated with IFNalpha and IL28B

			PRJNA145831 Primary human hepatocytes
			treated with IL28B and the HCV JFH1
			Genotype 2A clone.

			PRJNA417086 Primary human lung fibroblast
			cells transcriptome response to interferon αβ or
			interferon γ

			PRJNA417087 Primary human lung
			microvascular endothelial cells treated with
			universal interferon alpha beta or interferon

			PRJNA211239 Pro-inflammatory stimulation of
			human skin-derived precursor cells modulates
			several of their immunology-related pathways.

			PRJNA436726 Progression of whole blood
			transcriptional signatures from
			interferon-induced to neutrophil-associated
			patterns in patients with severe influenza

			PRJNA147951 Prolactin stimulation of
			parathyroid adenomas

			PRJNA339836 Prolonged activation of innate
			antiviral gene signature after childbirth is
			determined by IFNL3 genotype

			PRJNA136923 Reconstruction of an integrative
			gene regulatory meta-network reveals cell cycle
			and antiviral response as major drivers of
			cervical cancer

			PRJNA497809 Recruiting Endogenous ADARs
			with Antisense Oligonucleotides to Reprogram
			the Transcriptome

			PRJNA352332 Regionally distinct astrocyte
			interferon signaling promotes blood-brain
			barrier integrity and limits immunopathology
			during neurotropic viral infection

			PRJNA146203 Regulation of
			interferon-inducible proteins by doxorubicin via
			IFN-alpha-JAK-STAT signaling in tumor cells

			PRJNA348531 Regulatory Role of SLFN5 in
			Type I Interferon Signaling

			PRJNA94447 Reprogramming of CTLs into
			natural killer-like cells in celiac disease

			PRJNA391718 Resolving systematic errors in
			widely-used enhancer activity assays in human
			cells enables genome-wide functional enhancer

			PRJNA277057 Response of IRF7-deficient
			peripheral blood mononuclear cells to pH1N1
			influenza virus infection

			PRJNA136613 Response to immunotherapy in
			melanoma metastasis

			PRJNA381391 Restoring PU.1 induces
			apoptosis and modulates viral transactivation
			via interferon-stimulated genes in primary
			effusion lymphoma

			PRJNA122147 Rheumatoid arthritis and
			anti-TNF treatment

			PRJNA131183 Ribavirin Treated Huh7.5.1 Cells

			PRJNA285961 Ribosome profiling analysis of
			Dengue Virus

			PRJNA391171 RNA editing by ADAR1 leads to
			context-dependent transcriptome-wide
			changes in RNA Secondary Structure

			PRJNA326096 RNA sequencing reveals
			levamisole target genes PTPRZ1 and MDK and
			their links to interferon pathway in human

			PRJNA473130 RNA transcriptome analysis of
			IRF1 and IRF3 knockout in immortalized
			primary hepatocytes infected with hepatitis A

			PRJNA430069 RNA-seq analysis of IL-1B and
			IL-36 responses in epidermal keratinocytes
			identifies a shared MyD88-dependent gene

			PRJNA413694 RNA-Seq analysis of prostate
			cancer cell line C4-2 treated with siRNA control
			(siCont), siEAF2, sip53 or concurrent siEAF2
			and sip53

			PRJNA392700 RNA-seq comparison of gene
			induction in RIG-I stimulated old and young
			human monocytes

			PRJNA375931 RNAseq data from
			Mesenchymal stem cells treated with TCDD or
			1-methyl tryptophan

			PRJNA401801 RNAseq to determine gene
			expression changes following depletion of
			SETDB1 in THP-1 AML Cells

			PRJNA449926 Role of Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV)
			latency protein EBNA3C in EBV-induced
			lymphomagenesis in a cord blood-humanized
			mouse model

			PRJNA228527 Role of HCV-induced immune
			responses on the establishment of operational
			tolerance following liver transplantation in

			PRJNA210614 Role of interferon-alpha in the
			activation of tubular epithelial cell in lupus
			nephritis (LN)

			PRJNA285336 S100A6 Regulates Endothelial
			Cell Cycle Progression by Attenuating
			Antiproliferative Signal Transducers and
			Activators of Transcription 1 Signaling

			PRJNA312303 Selective CDK8 inhibitor
			SEL120-34A alters expression of
			interferon-related DNA damage resistance
			signature genes in colorectal cancer

			PRJNA136511 Sema4A, a novel serum marker
			of multiple sclerosis, implicates Th17 pathology
			and efficacy of interferon-β.

			PRJNA400331 Sequential inflammatory
			processes define human progression from M.
			tuberculosis infection to tuberculosis disease

			PRJNA187382 Sequential waves of gene
			expression in patients with clinically defined
			Dengue illnesses reveal subtle disease phases
			and predict disease severity.

			PRJNA173422 Signaling pathways of HPAIV

			PRJNA152031 SIN3A-regulated LIF-responsive
			genes in MCF7 cells

			PRJNA520853 Single cell analysis of HSV-1
			infection reveals anti-viral and developmental
			programs are activated in distinct
			sub-populations with opposite outcomes

			PRJNA474920 Single-cell analysis reveals
			stochastic regulation of type I IFN production
			by plasmacytoid dendritic cells and identifies
			host-derived environmental cues as amplifier of
			type I IFN production

			PRJNA511666 Single-Cell Transcriptome
			Analysis of CD34+ Stem Cell-Derived Myeloid
			Cells Infected With Human Cytomegalovirus

			PRJNA247557 siPools: highly complex but
			accurately defined siRNA pools eliminate
			Off-target effects (HuGene-2_0)

			PRJNA209646 STAT2 and IRF9-dependent
			IFN-I signaling restores ISRE-mediated
			transcription and anti-viral activity independent
			of STAT1 (human)

			PRJNA113771 Stimulation of type I Interferon
			system by double-stranded RNA in cultured
			human thyroid follicles

			PRJNA130115 Stunned silence: gene
			expression programs in human cells infected
			with Monkeypox or Vaccinia virus

			PRJNA158617 Subtype-dependent prognostic
			relevance of an interferon-induced pathway
			metagene in human node negative breast

			PRJNA144923 Suppression of IFN-induced
			transcription underlies IFN defects generated
			by activated Ras/MEK in human cancer cells

			PRJNA316584 Synthesis and activity of the
			salicylic acid ester of bakuchiol in psoriasiform
			keratinocytes and skin substitutes

			PRJNA146547 Synthetic double stranded RNA
			reliably induces innate immunity similar to a live
			viral vaccine in humans

			PRJNA258559 Systems Analysis of a RIG-I
			Agonist Inducing Broad Spectrum Inhibition of
			Virus Infectivity [comparison]

			PRJNA258560 Systems Analysis of a RIG-I
			Agonist Inducing Broad Spectrum Inhibition of
			Virus Infectivity [Kinetic]

			PRJNA205049 Systems analysis of the
			prostate tumor suppressor NKX3.1
			substantiates roles in DNA repair and a
			transcriptional program that drives luminal cell

			PRJNA226024 T helper lymphocyte- and
			monocyte-specific type I interferon (IFN)
			signatures in autoimmunity and viral infection.

			PRJNA110153 Tamoxifen induces expression
			of immune-response related genes in cultured

			PRJNA418377 Tamoxifen transcriptional
			regulation in human endometrial stromal cells

			PRJNA418338 Tamoxifen transcriptional
			regulation in normal human mammary epithelial
			cells (NHMEC)

			PRJNA205827 TCTP is an androgen-regulated
			gene implicated in prostate cancer

			PRJNA140027 Tetracycline-Inducible Cyr61
			effect on LN229 glioma cells

			PRJNA358587 The Biomarkers of Lupus
			Disease Study (BOLD)

			PRJNA173226 The blood transcriptional
			signature of chronic HCV [Affymetrix data]

			PRJNA173227 The blood transcriptional
			signature of chronic HCV [Illumina data]

			PRJNA311195 The Distinct Transcriptional and
			Metabolic Profiles Associate with Empathy in
			Spiritual/Religious Trained Buddhists: A Pilot
			Study of Shingon Esoteric Buddhism Priests

			PRJNA279251 The effect of Sendai virus
			infection using 2 concentrations on U937 cells

			PRJNA296533 The effects of CEP-37440, an
			inhibitor of focal adhesion kinase, in vitro and in
			vivo on inflammatory breast cancer cells.

			PRJNA109075 The Epstein-Barr Virus latent
			membrane protein 1 (LMP1) induces cellular

			PRJNA526670 The histone chaperone HIRA
			promotes the induction of host innate immune
			defences in response to HSV-1 infection

			PRJNA151601 The human pancreatic islet
			transcriptome: impact of pro-inflammatory

			PRJNA189474 The hypoxia-inducible
			transcription factor ZNF395 is controlled by
			I-kappaB kinase and activates genes involved in
			the innate immune response and cancer

			PRJNA254147 The impact of low molecular
			weight hyaluronan on the lipidomic profile and
			global gene expression of peripheral blood
			mononuclear cells in asthma

			PRJNA291929 The impact of PPARα activation
			on whole genome gene expression in human
			precision-cut liver slices

			PRJNA168483 The multifaceted balance of
			TNF-a and type I / II interferon responses in
			SLE and RA: how monocytes manage the
			impact of cytokines

			PRJNA230905 The novel NLR-related protein
			NWD1 is associated with prostate cancer
			progression and impacts androgen receptor

			PRJNA223520 The NRF2-KEAP1 pathway is
			an early responsive gene network in arsenic
			exposed lymphoblastoid cells

			PRJNA170197 The NS1 protein of influenza A
			virus suppresses interferon-regulated activation
			of antigen-presentation and
			immune-proteasome pathways

			PRJNA127033 The Relationship between Virus
			Replication and Host Gene Expression in
			Lymphatic Tissue during HIV-1 Infection

			PRJNA273701 The Role of Macrophages in the
			Development of Human Renal Allograft Fibrosis
			in the First Year after Transplantation

			PRJNA124793 The Sp100 component of
			ND10/PML bodies is a potent tumor

			PRJNA141255 The time-course transcriptomic
			responses of THP-1 human macrophage-like
			cells to W-Beijing Mycobacterium tuberculosis
			strains of different sublineages

			PRJNA271099 The transcriptome of Kawasaki
			Disease arteritis

			PRJNA248895 The transcriptomic responses
			of THP1 human monocyte-like cells expressing
			SP110b to interferon gamma stimulation

			PRJNA506372 The Type I interferon response
			impairs differentiation potential of pluripotent
			stem cells [RT-qPCR]

			PRJNA335606 The LIM protein AJUBA promotes
			colorectal cancer cell survival through
			suppression of JAK1/STAT1/IFIT2 network

			PRJNA324394 TLR2/1 ligand and IFN-g
			inducible genes in human monocyte-derived
			macrophages (MDMs)

			PRJNA530520 TNF promotes SREBP activity
			to regulate macrophage polarization and tissue
			repair [ATAC-seq]

			PRJNA530522 TNF promotes SREBP activity
			to regulate macrophage polarization and tissue
			repair [ChIP-seq]

			PRJNA530534 TNF promotes SREBP activity
			to regulate macrophage polarization and tissue
			repair [RNA-seq]

			PRJNA401705 Toll-Like Receptor 7 Agonist
			GS-9620 Induces Prolonged Inhibition of HBV
			in Human Hepatocytes via a Type I
			Interferon-Dependent Mechanism

			PRJNA103087 TRAIL Is a Novel Antiviral
			Protein against Dengue Virus

			PRJNA279199 Transcription Profiling of
			Malaria-Naïve and Semi-Immune Colombian
			Volunteers in a Plasmodium vivax Sporozoite
			Challenge [RNA-Seq]

			PRJNA280001 Transcription Profiling of
			Malaria-Naïve and Semi-Immune Colombian
			Volunteers in a Plasmodium vivax Sporozoite
			Challenge [RT-PCR]

			PRJNA395770 Transcriptional changes during
			naturally-acquired ZIKA Virus infection render
			dendritic cells highly conducive to viral

			PRJNA137507 Transcriptional effects of 1,25
			dihydroxi-vitamin D3 physiological and
			supra-physiological concentrations in breast
			cancer organotypic culture

			PRJNA242304 Transcriptional effects of CSB
			and the CSB-PGBD3 fusion protein in CSB-null
			UVSS1KO cells

			PRJNA415354 Transcriptional profile of human
			STAT1-/- fibroblasts expressing IFI6 or empty
			control vector

			PRJNA438677 Transcriptional profile of human
			STAT1-/- fibroblasts expressing LY6E or empty
			control vector

			PRJNA114297 Transcriptional profiles of Ad-F7
			transduced macrophages treated with
			anti-IFNAR2 antibody or control isotype (IgG)

			PRJNA137215 Transcriptional profiles of
			pediatric SLE neutrophils and Healthy
			neutrophils cultured with SLE sera or Interferon

			PRJNA257812 Transcriptional Profiling is
			Superior to Procalcitonin to Discriminate
			Bacterial vs. Viral Lower Respiratory Tract
			Infections in Hospitalized Adults

			PRJNA438707 Transcriptional profiling of
			human microglia reveals grey-white matter
			heterogeneity and multiple sclerosis-associated

			PRJNA260685 Transcriptional profiling of
			human monocyte-derived macrophages

			PRJNA288145 Transcriptional repression of
			IRF7 by MYC is critical for antiviral immune
			response in human pDC [ChIP-seq]

			PRJNA288146 Transcriptional repression of
			IRF7 by MYC is critical for antiviral immune
			response in human pDC [GEN2.2]

			PRJNA288147 Transcriptional repression of
			IRF7 by MYC is critical for antiviral immune
			response in human pDC [pDC]

			PRJNA343557 Transcriptional response of
			human endocervical epithelial A2EN cells to
			infection with wild-type or CpoS-deficient
			Chlamydia trachomatis L2/434/Bu

			PRJNA89967 Transcriptional Response of
			Human Microglial Cells to Interferon-gamma

			PRJNA328986 Transcriptional response to
			hepatitis C virus infection and interferon alpha
			treatment in the human liver

			PRJNA297802 Transcriptional response to
			interferon beta-1a treatment in patients with
			secondary progressive multiple sclerosis

			PRJNA104065 Transcriptional responses in
			B-cell lymphomas by the alpha-emitting
			radioimmunoconjugate Bi-213-CD20-rituximab

			PRJNA104067 Transcriptional responses in
			primary CD19+ B-cells by the alpha-emitting
			radioimmunoconjugate Bi-213-CD20-rituximab

			PRJNA107259 Transcriptional signature of
			IFN-alpha in the non-side population of ovarian
			cancer cells

			PRJNA181150 Transcriptome analysis of
			CD16/CD62L neutrophil subsets during human
			experimental endotoxemia

			PRJNA176482 Transcriptome Analysis of
			Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells
			Exposed to Lassa Virus and to the Reassortant
			ML29, a Vaccine Candidate

			PRJNA314904 Transcriptome profiles of
			Huh7.5.1-NTCP cells treated with HBV preS1

			PRJNA336157 Transcriptome profiles of
			primary human hepatocytes treated with HBV
			preS1 peptide with or without bile acids

			PRJNA449692 Transcriptome profiling of
			Cryptosporidium parvum infected lung and
			intestinal organoids

			PRJNA363033 Transcriptome Profiling of
			Influenza A Virus-infected Lung Epithelial (A549)
			Cells with Lariciresinol-4-β-D-glucopyranoside

			PRJNA393803 Transcriptomic Profile of Cystic
			Fibrosis Patients identifies Type I Interferon
			response and Ribosomal stalk proteins as
			potential modifiers of disease severity

			PRJNA517165 Transcriptomic profiling of
			peripheral blood NK cells of chronic HBV, HCV
			and HIV patients

			PRJNA239437 Trasncriptional response of
			human whole blood following TLR2 or TLR4
			ligation in vitro

			PRJNA470575 Tristetraprolin specifically
			regulates the expression and alternative splicing
			of immune response genes in Hela cells

			PRJNA226092 Trivalent Inactivated Influenza
			Vaccine (TIV) and Live Attenuated Influenza
			Vaccine (LAIV) Induce Different B cell and
			Transcriptional Responses in Children

			PRJNA432038 Tumorspheres from
			transformed fibroblasts highlight the great
			plasticity of differentiated tumorigenic cells

			PRJNA434098 Twin DNA methylation profiling
			reveals flare-dependent interferon signature and
			B-cell promoter hypermethylation in systemic
			lupus erythematosus

			PRJNA470733 Type I and II IFN Conditioning of
			Human Macrophage Gene Expression

			PRJNA470734 Type I and II IFN Effects on
			Chromatin Accessibility in Human Macrophages

			PRJNA144165 Type I Interferon Dependent
			Anti-viral Activity

			PRJNA271888 Type I interferon regulates the
			expression of long non-coding RNAs
			[expression array]

			PRJNA271890 Type I interferon regulates the
			expression of long non-coding RNAs [RNA-seq]

			PRJNA112007 Type I Interferon: Potential
			Therapeutic Target for Psoriasis?

			PRJNA259225 Upregulation of
			Interferon-inducible and damage response
			pathways in chronic graft-versus-host disease


			PRJNA96361 Vanadium pentoxide induced
			gene expression in human lung fibroblasts

			PRJNA474105 Viral infection enhances NK cell
			activation via Type I dependent pathways and
			can be utilized to enhance influenza-specific
			monoclonal antibody therapies

			PRJNA307199 WES of patient derived
			pre-treatment metastatic melanoma on
			anti-PD-1 antibody treatment

			PRJNA248376 White-to-brown metabolic
			conversion of human adipocytes by JAK

			PRJNA134357 Whole blood gene expression in
			Vietnamese dengue patients

			PRJNA173870 Whole blood transcriptional
			signature distinguishes viral infection from
			bacterial infection in febrile young children.

			PRJNA145321 ZEBOV-induced changes in
			macrophage gene expression

			32346535 Hepatocellular Carcinoma
			Mechanisms Associated with Chronic HCV
			Infection and the Impact of Direct-Acting
			Antiviral Treatment.

			32346491 Experimental Treatment with
			Favipiravir for COVID-19: An Open-Label Control

			32346479 Type I interferon shapes the quantity
			and quality of the anti-Zika virus antibody

			32346379 Inflammatory Markers and Plasma
			Fatty Acids in Predicting WBC Level Alterations
			in Association With Glucose-Related Markers:
			A Cross-Sectional Study.

			32339908 Conserved strategies for pathogen
			evasion of cGAS-STING immunity.

			32337307 Successful Treatment of a Reinfected
			Liver Graft Because of Receipt of a HCV-Positive

			32337217 Ivacaftor decreases monocyte
			sensitivity to interferon-γ in people with
			cystic fibrosis.

			32337035 Study of immune responses in mice
			to oral administration of Flor·Essence.

			32336953 Ulcerative colitis: understanding its
			cellular pathology could provide insights into
			novel therapies.

			32335281 Pharmacologic perspective:
			glycyrrhizin may be an efficacious therapeutic
			agent for COVID-19.

			32328062 Lipoteichoic Acid Is Involved in the
			Ability of the Immunobiotic Strain Lactobacillus
			plantarum CRL1506 to Modulate the Intestinal
			Antiviral Innate Immunity Triggered by TLR3

			32326938 An evaluation of the hepatitis C
			testing, care and treatment program in the
			country of Georgia's corrections system,
			December 2013 - April 2015.

			32322603 Partial Normalization of Biomarkers
			of Inflammation and Immune Activation Among
			Virally Suppressed Men With HIV Infection and
			High ART Adherence.

			32322479 H1N1 with fatal viral septicemia in
			a normal child: A case report.

			32319625 Effects of combined treatment with
			PD‑L1 Ig and CD40L mAb on immune tolerance
			in the CBA/J x DBA/2 mouse model.

			32319603 ADAM12 silencing promotes cellular
			apoptosis by activating autophagy in
			choriocarcinoma cells.

			32319563 Protein kinase D3 regulates the
			expression of the immunosuppressive protein,
			PD‑L1, through STAT1/STAT3 signaling.

			32318377 Emerging resistance to directly-acting
			antiviral therapy in treatment of chronic Hepatitis
			C infection-A brief review of literature.

			32313320 Chemical Synthesis of the Highly
			Hydrophobic Antiviral Membrane-Associated
			Protein IFITM3 and Modified Variants.

			32308653 Diverse Anti-Tumor Immune Potential
			Driven by Individual IFNα Subtypes.

			32308648 Amino Acid Mutation in Position 349
			of Glycoprotein Affect the Pathogenicity of
			Rabies Virus.

			32308601 Outcome of Pregnancy in the Era
			of Pegylated Interferon Alpha 2a in Females
			with Essential Thrombocythemia: An Experience
			from Qatar.

			32308593 Outcome of Pregnancy in the Era
			of PEGylated Interferon-α2a in Females with
			Chronic Myeloid Leukemia: An Experience from

			32308549 miR-19 regulates the expression
			of interferon-induced genes and MHC class I
			genes in human cancer cells.

			32308542 Direct-acting Antiviral in the Treatment
			of Chronic Hepatitis C: Bonuses and Challenges.

			32308352 Add-on pegylated interferon
			augments hepatitis B surface antigen clearance
			vs continuous nucleos(t)ide analog monotherapy
			in Chinese patients with chronic hepatitis B
			and hepatitis B surface antigen ≤ 1500 IU/mL:
			An observational study.

			32308351 Evaluation of 177Lu-Dotatate
			treatment in patients with metastatic
			neuroendocrine tumors and prognostic factors.

			32300421 Cytokine Syntheses by T-Cell Subsets
			From Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Patients:
			Relationship Between Pre-Treatment Levels
			and Response to Imatinib Therapy.

			32300347 Unique Roles for Streptococcus
			pneumoniae Phosphodiesterase 2 in Cyclic
			di-AMP Catabolism and Macrophage

			32299447 Simultaneous quantification of
			natural and inducible regulatory T-cell subsets
			during interferon-β therapy of multiple sclerosis

			32299354 Whole-genome genotyping and
			resequencing reveal the association of a deletion
			in the complex interferon alpha gene cluster
			with hypothyroidism in dogs.

			32296581 Synthetic and immunological studies
			on the OCT4 immunodominant motif
			antigen-based anti-cancer vaccine.

			32296457 LncRNA NEAT1 Interacted With
			DNMT1 to Regulate Malignant Phenotype of
			Cancer Cell and Cytotoxic T Cell Infiltration via
			Epigenetic Inhibition of p53, cGAS, and STING
			in Lung Cancer.

			32295580 Protective effect of total flavonoids
			from Ixeris Sonchifolia on herpes simplex virus
			keratitis in mice.

			32292502 The molecular landscape and
			microenvironment of salivary duct carcinoma
			reveal new therapeutic opportunities.

			32289263 An Infectious cDNA Clone of

			32289152 COVID-19 and emerging viral
			infections: The case for interferon lambda.

			32288182 Biological and antigenic relationships
			between virus-induced porcine and human

			32286302 Sex-specific innate immune selection
			of HIV-1 in utero is associated with increased
			female susceptibility to infection.

			32286285 Microbiota-induced tissue signals
			regulate ILC3-mediated antigen presentation.

			32283527 Inhibition of cGAS-Mediated Interferon
			Response Facilitates Transgene Expression.

			32280684 Physiological Acclimatization of the
			Liver to 180-Day Isolation and the Mars Solar

			32280376 Type I interferon in HIV treatment:
			from antiviral drug to therapeutic target.

			32280227 Gut Microbiota Regulates Depression-Like
			Behavior in Rats Through the
			Neuroendocrine-Immune-Mitochondrial Pathway.

			32279057 M1-like macrophages are potent
			producers of anti-viral interferons and
			M1-associated marker-positive lung macrophages
			are decreased during rhinovirus-induced asthma

			32276140 Epigenetic dysregulation of ACE2
			and interferon-regulated genes might suggest
			increased COVID-19 susceptibility and severity
			in lupus patients.

			32275914 Type 1 interferons as a potential
			treatment against COVID-19.

			32274168 (-)-Epigallocatechin-3-gallate induces
			interferon-λ2 expression to anti-influenza A virus
			in human bronchial epithelial cells (BEAS-2B)
			through p38 MAPK signaling pathway.

			32273736 Murine Macrophage Requires CD11b
			to Recognize Talaromyces marneffei.

			32273535 Genetic responses of inbred chicken
			lines illustrate importance of eIF2 family and
			immune-related genes in resistance to
			Newcastle disease virus.

			32271902 Diversity of peripheral blood human
			NK cells identified by single-cell RNA sequencing.

			32269560 Lipopolysaccharide Downregulates
			CD163 Expression to Inhibit PRRSV Infection
			via TLR4-NF-κB Pathway.

			32269280 Comprehensive Analysis of the
			Expression and Prognosis for GBPs in Head
			and neck squamous cell carcinoma.

			32267861 Robust induction of interferon and
			interferon-stimulated gene expression by
			influenza B/Yamagata lineage virus infection
			of A549 cells.

			32266175 Impact of Smoking on Human
			Natural Killer Cell Activity: A Large Cohort

			32265937 The Impact of Type 1 Interferons
			on Alveolar Macrophage Tolerance and
			Implications for Host Susceptibility to
			Secondary Bacterial Pneumonia.

			32265666 Single-Cell Analysis of
			Neuroinflammatory Responses Following
			Intracranial Injection of G-Deleted Rabies

			32259129 Metronidazole; a Potential Novel
			Addition to the COVID-19 Treatment Regimen.

			32258953 Immune Checkpoint Axes Are
			Dysregulated in Patients With Alcoholic Hepatitis.

			32258897 Glycosylation Heterogeneity of
			Hyperglycosylated Recombinant Human
			Interferon-β (rhIFN-β).

			32258176 Peptide-Based Vaccination Therapy
			for Rheumatic Diseases.

			32256787 TlR2 and TlR4 are involved in the
			treatment of rheumatoid arthritis synovial
			fibroblasts with a medicated serum of asarinin
			through inhibition of Th1/Th17 cytokines.

			32256547 Clinical trials on drug repositioning
			for COVID-19 treatment.

			32256497 Influenza-Induced Interferon Lambda
			Response Is Associated With Longer Time to
			Delivery Among Pregnant Kenyan Women.

			32252809 Expression of interferon-regulated
			genes in juvenile dermatomyositis versus
			Mendelian autoinflammatory interferonopathies.

			32252660 Leucine-rich α2-glycoprotein-1
			upregulation in plasma and kidney of patients
			with lupus nephritis.

			32252635 Hepatocellular carcinoma occurs
			frequently and early after treatment in HCV
			genotype 3 infected persons treated with DAA

			32248821 The USP18 cysteine protease
			promotes HBV production independent of its
			protease activity.

			32246052 Molecular bases for HOIPINs-mediated
			inhibition of LUBAC and innate immune

			32245990 Native/citrullinated LL37-specific
			T-cells help autoantibody production in
			Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.

			32245397 Ombitasvir/paritaprevir/ritonavir &
			dasabuvir ± ribavirin following protease inhibitors
			failure - a prospective multi-centre trial.

			32245257 Identification of Immunogenic
			Epitopes That Permit the Detection of
			Antigen-Specific T Cell Responses in Multiple
			Serotypes of Group B Coxsackievirus Infections.

			32245233 The E3 Ubiquitin Ligase TRIM21
			Promotes HBV DNA Polymerase Degradation.

			32242005 Transient microglial absence assists
			postmigratory cortical neurons in proper

			32238166 High-intensity interval training in
			allogeneic adoptive T-cell immunotherapy - a
			big HIT?

			32232013 RNA-Seq Revealed a Circular
			RNA-microRNA-mRNA Regulatory Network
			in Hantaan Virus Infection.

			32231996 B7-Positive and B7-Negative
			Acute Myeloid Leukemias Display Distinct T
			Cell Maturation Profiles, Immune Checkpoint
			Receptor Expression, and European Leukemia
			Net Risk Profiles.

			32231867 Tumor endothelial cell up-regulation
			of IDO1 is an immunosuppressive feed-back
			mechanism that reduces the response to
			CD40-stimulating immunotherapy.

			32231670 Distinct Dysfunctional States of
			Circulating Innate-Like T Cells in Metabolic Disease.

			32231565 A Novel Sulfonyl-Based Small
			Molecule Exhibiting Anti-cancer Properties.

			32231463 M2 bone marrow-derived
			macrophage-derived exosomes shuffle
			microRNA-21 to accelerate immune escape
			of glioma by modulating PEG3.

			32228505 Cytokine dysregulation persists in
			childhood post Neonatal Encephalopathy.

			32228433 Characterising the mechanisms
			underlying genetic resistance to amoebic gill
			disease in Atlantic salmon using RNA

			32226930 Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
			immune microenvironment and immunotherapy

			32226718 Molecular Pathogenesis of
			Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)

			32226416 The Impacts of Reassortant
			Avian Influenza H5N2 Virus NS1 Proteins on
			Viral Compatibility and Regulation of Immune

			32219001 Pregnancy has a minimal impact on
			the acute transcriptional signature to

			Ubiquitin-like modifier-activating enzyme 7 as a
			marker for the diagnosis and prognosis of
			breast cancer.

			32218815 Interferon-β sensitizes human
			glioblastoma cells to the
			cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor, TG02.

			32218789 Inhibition of PI3Kδ Enhances Poly
			I:C-Induced Antiviral Responses and Inhibits
			Replication of Human Metapneumovirus in
			Murine Lungs and Human Bronchial Epithelial

			32215003 Regulation of virus-triggered type I
			interferon signaling by cellular and viral proteins.

			32214929 Production of a Monoclonal
			Antibody Targeting the M Protein of MERS-CoV
			for Detection of MERS-CoV Using a Synthetic
			Peptide Epitope Formulated with a
			CpG-DNA-Liposome Complex.

			32214471 Polymorphism of
			2'-5'-oligoadenylate synthetase (OAS) genes,
			associated with predisposition to severe forms
			of tick-borne encephalitis, in human populations
			of North Eurasia.

			32211402 Aberrant Migratory Behavior of
			Immune Cells in Recurrent Autoimmune Uveitis
			in Horses.

			32211357 Severe Recurrent Fever Episodes
			With Clinical Diagnosis of
			Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis,
			Incomplete Kawasaki Disease and
			Systemic-Onset Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: A
			Case Report and Literature Review.

			32211314 Clinical and Immunological
			Outcomes in High-Risk Resected Melanoma
			Patients Receiving Peptide-Based Vaccination
			and Interferon Alpha, With or Without
			Dacarbazine Preconditioning: A Phase II Study.

			32211244 Feature selection based on
			differentially correlated gene pairs reveals the
			mechanism of IFN-β therapy for
			multiple sclerosis.

			32211088 A case of Erdheim-Chester disease
			initially mistaken for retroperitoneal lymphoma.

			32210971 The Differential Expression of
			ERAP1/ERAP2 and Immune Cell Activation in

			32210710 Adipose Tissue-Derived
			Mesenchymal Stem Cells Suppress Growth of
			Huh7 Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells via
			Interferon (IFN)-β-Mediated JAK/STAT1 Pathway
			in vitro.

			32210270 In-depth characterization of a novel
			live-attenuated Mayaro virus vaccine candidate
			using an immunocompetent mouse model of
			Mayaro disease.

			32210221 Impact of Interferon-alpha1b
			(IFN-α1b) on Antitumor Immune Response: An
			Interpretation of the Promising Therapeutic
			Effect of IFN-alpha1b on Melanoma.

			32209106 DDX39B interacts with the pattern
			recognition receptor pathway to inhibit NF-κB
			and sensitize to alkylating chemotherapy.

			32208488 Interferon-complement loop in
			thrombotic microangiopathy.

			32206744 Checkpoint inhibitor blockade and
			epigenetic reprogrammability in CD8+ T-cell
			activation and exhaustion.

			32206332 An exploratory analysis of the
			efficacy of ocrelizumab in patients with
			multiple sclerosis with increased disability.

			32206239 Interrupting cyclic
			dinucleotide-cGAS-STING axis with small

			32204792 Rejuvenating conventional dendritic
			cells and T follicular helper cell formation after

			32201683 Is pulmonary arterial hypertension
			associated with interferon-β therapy for
			multiple sclerosis reversible? A case study to
			explore the complexity.

			32199462 Arsenic trioxide (As2O3) as a
			maintenance therapy for adult T cell

			32198366 Dynamic changes of innate lymphoid
			cells in acute ST-segment elevation
			myocardial infarction and its association with
			clinical outcomes.

			32198351 Therapeutic modulation of
			phagocytosis in glioblastoma can activate both
			innate and adaptive antitumour immunity.

			32194718 Simple scoring system for prediction
			of hepatocellular carcinoma occurrence after
			hepatitis C virus eradication by direct-acting
			antiviral treatment: All Kagawa Liver Disease
			Group Study.

			32194670 Fatty acid-binding protein 5 predicts
			poor prognosis in patients with
			uveal melanoma.

			32194562 Selective Janus Kinase 1 Inhibition Is
			a Promising Therapeutic Approach for
			Lupus Erythematosus Skin Lesions.

			32193378 Immunogenomic profiling
			determines responses to combined PARP and
			PD-1 inhibition in ovarian cancer.

			32190286 Serum IP-10 and IL-17 from
			Kawasaki disease patients induce
			calcification-related genes and proteins in
			human coronary artery smooth muscle cells in

			32188702 Phase II study of
			α-galactosylceramide-pulsed antigen-presenting
			cells in patients with advanced or recurrent
			non-small cell lung cancer.

			32188476 Circular RNA hsa_circ_0004812
			impairs IFN-induced immune response by
			sponging miR-1287-5p to regulate FSTL1 in
			chronic hepatitis B.

			32187211 STING promotes NLRP3 localization
			in ER and facilitates NLRP3 deubiquitination to
			activate the inflammasome upon HSV-1

			32185249 Interferon targeted therapies in
			systemic lupus erythematosus.

			32185190 Chronic Inflammatory Lameness
			Increases Cytokine Concentration in the Spinal
			Cord of Dairy Cows.

			32185187 Effects of in ovo Inoculation of
			Multi-Strain Lactobacilli on Cytokine Gene
			Expression and Antibody-Mediated Immune
			Responses in Chickens.

			32185135 Current Understanding of the
			Mechanisms Underlying Immune Evasion From
			PD-1/PD-L1 Immune Checkpoint Blockade in
			Head and Neck Cancer.

			32182365 Comprehensive metagenomic
			analysis of blastic plasmacytoid
			dendritic cell neoplasm.

			32180554 Antisense oligonucleotide treatment
			produces a type I interferon response that
			protects against diet-induced obesity.

			32178676 Lipoprotein profiling in early
			multiple sclerosis patients: effect of
			chronic inflammation?

			32175335 Evaluation of Duration of
			Immunogenicity and Protective Efficacy of
			Improved Influenza Viral Vector-Based Brucella
			abortus Vaccine Against Brucella melitensis
			Infection in Sheep and Goats.

			32174913 A Novel Microglia-Specific
			Transcriptional Signature Correlates With
			Behavioral Deficits in Neuropsychiatric Lupus.

			32174911 Quantitative Proteomic Analysis
			Reveals Antiviral and Anti-inflammatory Effects
			of Puerarin in Piglets Infected With Porcine
			Epidemic Diarrhea Virus.

			32174724 Sarcocystis fusiformis whole cyst
			antigen activates pro-inflammatory dendritic

			32169869 Potent STING activation stimulates
			immunogenic cell death to enhance
			antitumor immunity in neuroblastoma.

			32166089 Prevalence of latent tuberculosis
			among refugee children in Malaysia.

			32165873 Apigenin Attenuates Allergic
			Responses of Ovalbumin-Induced
			Allergic Rhinitis Through Modulation of Th1/Th2
			Responses in Experimental Mice.

			32165863 Sirtuin 1 inhibits
			lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammation in
			chronic myelogenous leukemia k562 cells
			through interacting with the
			Toll-like receptor 4-nuclear factor κ B-reactive
			oxygen species signaling axis.

			32165639 Cancer immune control needs
			senescence induction by interferon-dependent
			cell cycle regulator pathways in tumours.

			32164778 Identification of molecules
			associated with response to abatacept in
			patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

			32164571 The relationship between symptom
			burden and systemic inflammation differs
			between male and female athletes following

			32161622 Metabolic host response and
			therapeutic approaches to influenza infection.

			32161598 Low-Dose Gemcitabine Treatment
			Enhances Immunogenicity and Natural Killer
			Cell-Driven Tumor Immunity in Lung Cancer.

			32161581 Cirrhosis Hampers Early and Rapid
			Normalization of Natural Killer Cell Phenotype
			and Function in Hepatitis C Patients
			Undergoing Interferon-Free Therapy.

			32161340 Adaptations of
			Interferon Regulatory Factor 3 with Transition
			from Terrestrial to Aquatic Life.

			32160903 The effects of BAFF on T
			lymphocytes in
			chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

			32160710 A Dual-Functioning
			5'-PPP-NS1shRNA that Activates a RIG-I
			Antiviral Pathway and Suppresses Influenza

			32158426 Vitamin D and Disease Severity in
			Multiple Sclerosis-Baseline Data From the
			Randomized Controlled Trial (EVIDIMS).

			32158424 Pregnancy and the Postpartum
			Period in Women With
			Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Treated
			With Old and New Disease-Modifying
			Treatments: A Real-World Multicenter

			32157125 Using the circulating proteome to
			assess type I interferon activity in
			systemic lupus erythematosus.

			32156810 Barrier-to-Autointegration Factor 1
			Protects against a Basal cGAS-STING

			32156809 Vaccine-Induced Th1-Type
			Response Protects against Invasive Group A
			Streptococcus Infection in the Absence of
			Opsonizing Antibodies.

			32155173 Aqueous humour proteins and
			treatment outcomes of anti-VEGF therapy in
			neovascular age-related macular degeneration.

			32154507 Adults with systemic lupus exhibit
			distinct molecular phenotypes in a
			cross-sectional study.

			32154274 Upregulation of PD-L1 Expression
			by Prostaglandin E2 and the Enhancement of
			IFN-γ by Anti-PD-L1 Antibody Combined With a
			COX-2 Inhibitor in Mycoplasma bovis Infection.

			32153571 Selective Loss of Responsiveness to
			Exogenous but Not Endogenous
			Cyclic-Dinucleotides in Mice Expressing

			32153568 Glycolysis and
			Oxidative Phosphorylation Play Critical Roles in
			Natural Killer Cell Receptor-Mediated Natural
			Killer Cell Functions.

			32153563 Estrogen Receptor, Inflammatory,
			and FOXO Transcription Factors Regulate
			Expression of Myasthenia Gravis-Associated
			Circulating microRNAs.

			32153544 A Long Non-coding RNA IVRPIE
			Promotes Host Antiviral Immune Responses
			Through Regulating Interferon β1 and ISG

			32152285 PET imaging shows no changes in
			TSPO brain density after IFN-α immune
			challenge in healthy human volunteers.

			32152220 Downregulation of RIG-I mediated
			by ITGB3/c-SRC/STAT3 signaling confers
			resistance to interferon-α-induced apoptosis in
			tumor-repopulating cells of melanoma.

			32150572 Interferon inducible GBPs restrict
			Burkholderia thailandensis motility induced
			cell-cell fusion.

			32150556 C19orf66 interrupts Zika virus
			replication by inducing lysosomal degradation
			of viral NS3.

			32149091 Induction of SOCS Expression by
			EV71 Infection Promotes EV71 Replication.

			32141822 The effect of twelve weeks of
			treatment with ezetimibe on HDV RNA level in
			patients with chronic hepatitis D.

			32140563 Uncovering the Anticancer Potential
			of Murine Cytomegalovirus against Human
			Colon Cancer Cells.

			32140288 The Challenge of Diagnosing SAVI:
			Case Studies.

			32133407 Blood-stage malaria parasites
			manipulate host innate immune responses
			through the induction of sFGL2.

			32132873 HBV DNA and HBsAg: Early
			Prediction of Response to Peginterferon α-2a in
			HBeAg-Negative Chronic Hepatitis B.

			32132203 Circadian control of
			interferon-sensitive gene expression in murine

			31254956 Implications of soluble E-cadherin
			level of antiviral treatment in patients with
			chronic hepatitis C virus infection.

			31254564 Effect of suboptimal temperature on
			the regulation of endogenous antigen
			presentation in a rainbow trout hypodermal
			fibroblast cell line.

			31254403 Natural history of liver-related
			disease in patients with chronic hepatitis C virus
			infection: an analysis using a Markov chain

			31254392 Pharmacokinetics, Safety, and
			Efficacy of Glecaprevir/Pibrentasvir in
			Adolescents with Chronic HCV: Part 1 of the
			DORA Study.

			31254159 Platelets and IgE: Shaping the
			Innate Immune Response in Systemic Lupus

			31253988 5-year follow-up of active
			tuberculosis development from latent infection
			in rural China.

			31253760 Transcriptional profiling unveils type I
			and II interferon networks in blood and tissues
			across diseases.

			31253138 Cost-effectiveness analysis of
			escalating to natalizumab or switching among
			immunomodulators in relapsing-remitting
			multiple sclerosis in Italy.

			31252045 Molecular characterization and
			expression analysis of rockfish (Sebastes
			schlegelii) viperin, and its ability to enervate
			RNA virus transcription and replication in vitro.

			31251910 Glucose Metabolism Linked to
			Antiviral Responses.

			31250433 Identification of an IRF3 variant and
			defective antiviral interferon responses in a
			patient with severe influenza.

			31249813 Indoleamine 2,3-Dioxygenase
			Activity in Chlamydia muridarum and Chlamydia
			pneumoniae Infected Mouse Lung Tissues.

			31248690 Ultraviolet light induces increased T
			cell activation in lupus-prone mice via type I
			IFN-dependent inhibition of T regulatory cells.

			31247320 Phytic acid disrupted intestinal
			immune status and suppressed growth
			performance in on-growing grass carp
			(Ctenopharyngodon idella).

			31247271 Gut microbiota depletion from early
			adolescence alters adult immunological and
			neurobehavioral responses in a mouse model
			of multiple sclerosis.

			31247248 Immune responses upon in ovo
			HVT-IBD vaccination vary between different
			chicken lines.

			31247247 Intranasal treatment with CpG-B
			oligodeoxynucleotides protects CBA mice from
			lethal equine herpesvirus 1 challenge by an
			innate immune response.

			31247195 Docosahexaenoic acid decreased
			neuroinflammation in rat pups after controlled
			cortical impact.

			31247035 A novel direct co-culture assay
			analyzed by multicolor flow cytometry reveals
			context- and cell type-specific
			immunomodulatory effects of equine
			mesenchymal stromal cells.

			31246344 A truncated PACT protein resulting
			from a frameshift mutation reported in
			movement disorder DYT16 triggers caspase
			activation and apoptosis.

			Clinical Trials
			3995485 KW-136 With Sofosbuvir for Chinese
			Adults With Chronic Hepatitis C

			3982498 Cytokine-guided Robotic Cystectomy

			3979508 Abemaciclib in Treating Patients With
			Surgically Resectable, Chemotherapy
			Resistant, Triple Negative Breast Cancer

			3974971 Blastic Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell
			Neoplasm in Korean Population.

			3969017 Combination Treatment of NAs and
			Peg IFN α-2b for Hepatitis B Related,
			Compensatory Cirrhosis Patients

			3966859 7-day Atorvastatin and Emotional

			3965286 Effect of Direct AntiViral Drugs of
			Chronic HCV on eGFR in Assuit Universiry

			3961828 Hyalornic Acid Level in β-Thalassemic
			Children Treated for Hepatitis C Virus

			3953378 CD73+ Th1.17 in Rheumatoid
			Arthritis and Psoriatic Arthritis

			3949296 Mindfulness Meditation in Treating
			Insomnia in Multiple Sclerosis

			3949153 Cryotherapy With in Situ
			Immunotherapy in Melanoma Metastasis

			3943407 Characterization of the Toll-like
			Receptor 7-agonist Imiquimod 3.75% as a New
			Surrogate Model of Itch

			3943121 The Effects of Steroid-eluting Stent
			Implant for the Treatment of Eosinophilic
			Chronic Rhinosinusitis With Nasal Polyps

			3939013 Hepatitis C: Community Testing and
			Treatment (CT2 Study Myanmar)

			3938909 Ccf mtDNA as a Neurodegenerative

			3938337 Clinical Trial of Abemaciclib in
			Combination With Pembrolizumab in Patients
			With Metastatic or Recurrent Head and Neck

			3937895 Allogeneic NK Cell ("SMT-NK") in
			Combination With Pembrolizumab in Advanced
			Biliary Tract Cancer

			3933514 Metagenomic and
			Immune-inflammatory Analysis of Individuals
			With Generalized Aggressive Periodontitis and
			Their Descendants.

			3921554 JAK Inhibitor Treatment in AGS

			3920475 The Role of Inflammatory Processes
			in Development and Treatment of Depression

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