Source:		MedGen UID: 274399

     		Viral Vector

			A viral gene transduction agent used to transfer
			genes or genetic materials, such as retroviruses
			and adenoviruses.

			Related Concepts
			Ad-sig-hMUC-1/ecdCD40L Vaccine
			Adenovector Encoding MDA7
			Adenovirus B7-1
			Aglatimagene Besadenovec
			ALVAC-CEA B7.1 Vaccine
			Angiogenesis Inhibitor GT-111
			Anti-CEA-CAR Autologous T Lymphocytes
			Autologous IL-2-expressing B-CLL Vaccine
			Canarypox Vector
			CCL21-expressing H1944 Cell Vaccine
			CEA-MUC-1-TRICOM Vaccine CV301
			Extended Release Flucytosine
			MVA-EBNA1/LMP2 Vaccine
			MVA-FCU1 TG4023
			MVA-PSA/PAP Prostate Cancer Vaccine
			PBTL CD19CAR-28/CD137/zeta
			Prime Cancer Vaccine MVA-BN-CV301
			Recombinant Adenovirus Encoding p53
			Recombinant Adenovirus-Interferon/Syn3
			Recombinant Vaccinia-NY-ESO-1 Vaccine
			Recombinant Viral Vaccine
			Retroviral Vector MFGS-MOv18-gamma
			Vaccinia Vaccine
			herpes simplex
			combined immunodeficiency
			high levels

			PRJNA113609 A 5’ Sequence of Human
			HMGB2 Gene for Transcriptional Targeting of

			PRJNA300451 A Dual Molecular Analog Tuner
			for Dissecting Mammalian Protein Function

			PRJNA129055 A transcriptional module
			initiates and maintains mesenchymal
			transformation in brain tumors [human data]

			PRJNA248751 Activating c-KIT mutations
			confer oncogenic cooperativity and rescue
			RUNX1-ETO-induced DNA damage in human

			PRJNA247464 Activating c-KIT mutations
			confers oncogenic cooperativity and rescue
			RUNX1-ETO induced DNA-damage in human

			PRJNA109591 Ad-HER-wt and Ad-HER2-ki
			infected HMECs

			PRJNA422874 Adenoviral Vector Transduction
			of Dendritic Cells is Inhibited by Plasma from
			Cancer Patients

			PRJNA108819 AdHBx UV vs AdEasy UV vs

			PRJNA162289 Amniocytes (AM) vs.
			Immortalized AM

			PRJNA98591 An estrogen-dependent model of
			breast cancer created by transformation of
			normal human mammary epithelial cells

			PRJNA358066 Analysis of gene expression in
			colorectal cancer cells with DGKG

			PRJNA499044 Analysis of gene expression in
			primary human foreskin keratinocytes +/-
			HPV16 E7 or PTPN14 knockout

			PRJNA407054 Analysis of transcriptional
			regulation by Myt1 and Myt1l

			PRJNA100157 AP2 transcription factors
			regulate expression of CRABPII in hormone
			responsive breast carcinoma

			PRJNA283872 Argonaute 2 binds directly to
			tRNA genes and promotes gene repression in

			PRJNA401536 ARID2 promotes clear cell renal
			cell carcinoma in the absence of functional
			PBRM1 [ARID2 ChIP-seq]

			PRJNA399228 ARID2 promotes clear cell renal
			cell carcinoma in the absence of functional
			PBRM1 [ATAC-seq]

			PRJNA401535 ARID2 promotes clear cell renal
			cell carcinoma in the absence of functional
			PBRM1 [Histone modification native ChIP-seq]

			PRJNA400186 ARID2 promotes clear cell renal
			cell carcinoma in the absence of functional
			PBRM1 [RNA-seq]

			PRJNA377249 Assessing the impact of the
			R252W Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease mutation
			in MORC2 on HUSH-mediated repression

			PRJNA276674 BCL6 orchestrates Tfh
			differentiation via multiple distinct mechanisms

			PRJNA155021 BJAB Cell Lines Transduced
			with lentiviral vector pNL-SIN-CMV-AcGFP
			expressing KSHV miRNAs miR-K1,
			miR-K12-11, or miR-K4-3p

			PRJNA102233 BJAB Cell Lines Unmodified,
			Transduced with ith lentiviral vector

			PRJNA301011 BRG1/SMARCA4 is essential
			for neuroblastoma cell viability through
			modulation of cell death and survival pathways

			PRJNA156319 BT474 tumors in the presence
			or absence of SHP2

			PRJNA369237 Cancer-specific retargeting of
			BAF complexes by a prion-like domain

			PRJNA264804 CAV-2 vector-transduced
			human neurospheres transcriptome profiles

			PRJNA284440 CD147 and downstream
			ADAMTSs promote the tumorigenesis of
			Kaposi sarcoma-associated herpesvirus

			PRJNA105389 CD34 Overexpression

			PRJNA231117 CEBPA-mediated chromatin
			structure remodeling controls
			macrophage-specific differentiation and
			inflammatory gene expression program.

			PRJNA321427 CELL-SELEX on Hela cells -
			Raw sequence reads

			PRJNA432079 Changes in gene expression in
			human skeletal stem cells transduced with
			constitutively active Gsα correlates with hallmark
			histopathological changes seen in fibrous
			dysplastic bone

			PRJNA303960 Changes in gene expression in
			primary human white preadipocytes in response
			to knockdown of DPP4

			PRJNA387385 Characterization of
			Chromosomal Alterations Using a Zinc-Finger
			Nuclease Targeting the Beta-globin Gene
			Locus in Hematopoietic Stem/Progenitor Cells

			PRJNA292318 ChIP-seq and RNA-seq analysis
			of KMT2D-silenced metastatic melanoma cells

			PRJNA109233 Chromatin Immunoprecipitation
			of UV treated AdHBx cells with anti-HBx

			PRJNA121241 Chronic Active B Cell Receptor
			Signaling in Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma

			PRJNA294632 Co-expression networks in
			generation of induced pluripotent stem cells

			PRJNA397984 Comparative gene expression
			profiling of MHH-CALL4 cells subject to
			pharmacological JAK2 inhibitor treatment
			(ruxolitinib or CHZ868) or shRNA-mediated
			JAK2 depletion in vitro

			PRJNA286739 Comparison of endogenous
			tRNA expression levels from cells expressing
			and sgRNA from either a U6 or tRNA promoter

			PRJDB7970 Comparison of gene expression
			profiles between IGFBP-2-knockdown and
			control glioblastoma cell line U251

			PRJDB7977 Comparison of gene expression
			profiles between IGFBP-2-knockdown and
			control glioblastoma cell line YKG-1

			PRJNA284125 Comparison of Huh6 and Huh7
			cells under IFNgamma treatment

			PRJNA290580 Comprehensive analysis of
			microRNA expression in regionalized human
			neural progenitor cells reveals microRNA-10 as
			a caudalizing factor

			PRJNA102925 Constitutively active RhoA
			(RhoAV14) expression and regulation of
			acqeous humor outflow dynamics

			PRJNA188236 Control of Autophagic Cell
			Death by Caspase-10 in Multiple Myeloma

			PRJNA369099 Detailed comparison of
			retroviral vectors and promoter configurations
			for stable and high transgene expression in
			human induced pluripotent stem cells

			PRJNA265058 Differential gene expression in
			human THP-1 monocytes expressing the RdRP
			transgene (WT version) compared to THP-1
			empty vector control cells

			PRJNA265057 Differential gene expression in
			human THP-1 monocytes expressing the
			RdRP∆cat mutant transgene compared to
			THP-1 empty vector control cells

			PRJNA265056 Differential gene expression in
			human THP-1 monocytes expressing the
			RdRP∆rna mutant transgene compared to
			THP-1 empty vector control cells

			PRJNA295266 DNA methylation response of
			hematopoietic stem cells to recombinant
			lentiviral vector infection

			PRJNA138181 Down-regulation of
			BLIMP1-alpha by the EBV oncogene, LMP1,
			disrupts the plasma cell differentiation program
			and prevents viral replication in B cells

			PRJNA335391 Ebola virus glycoprotein variant
			with increased infectivity for human cells
			dominated the 2013-2016 outbreak

			PRJNA210253 Ectopical expression of
			miR-125b by lentiviral-vector in neuroblastoma
			cell line SKNDZ

			PRJNA260916 Effect of FDC-SP on Gene
			Expression of Human Periodontal Ligament

			PRJNA430367 Effect of NORAD shRNA on
			A549 cells treated with TGF-beta

			PRJNA206061 Effect of progerin on
			p53-deficient vascular smooth muscle cells

			PRJNA243027 Effect of TTF-1/NKX2-1
			expression on TGF-beta induced gene
			expression in A549 lung cancer cell line.

			PRJNA110059 Effect of wt versus mutant
			hsa-miR-122 overexpression on spontaneous
			hESC differentiation

			PRJNA183951 Endothelial Raf1 activation
			regulates arterial morphogenesis

			PRJNA377332 ESR1 mutations affect
			anti-proliferative responses to tamoxifen
			through enhanced cross-talk with IGF signaling

			PRJNA246362 Establishing and improving
			retroviral episome transfer of transcription
			factors to achieve cell fate conversion and

			PRJNA264478 Evaluation of the
			NUP98-HOXA9 role as oncogenic transcription

			PRJNA142273 Expression analysis of human
			melanoma short-term culture WM451-Lu
			harvested after lentiviral infection with a GFP
			(control) or SETDB1 (experimental) viral vector

			PRJNA486143 Expression data for T24 bladder
			cancer cell line - scrambled, SOX4-KD and
			SOX4 overexpression

			PRJNA253004 Expression data from A549
			cells infected by adenovirus not carrying virus
			associated sequences in the genome.

			PRJNA312815 Expression data from
			CD34+/CD71- cells following knockdown of

			PRJNA213883 Expression data from H1299
			human non-small cell lung carcinoma cell lines
			stably expressing CHES1 compared with
			H1299 infected with an empty vector

			PRJNA495169 Expression data from HeLa cell
			line transfected with TIPE1 or control vector

			PRJNA401803 Expression data from HPV
			11E6 and HPV18E6 infected cells

			PRJNA264578 Expression data from human
			HSPC with O/E TAL1 or KD/TAL1

			PRJNA479406 Expression data from human
			ovarian cancer cell line

			PRJNA148509 Expression data from human
			primary fibroblasts (IMR90) stably expressing
			H-RasV12 and shRNA against ERK2 or a
			non-targeting shRNA

			PRJNA148507 Expression data from human
			primary fibroblasts (IMR90) stably expressing
			H-RasV12 and treated with Metformin or

			PRJNA387584 Expression data from ovarian
			cells growing in three dimensional culture
			(Matrigel) with altered expression of miR-200s

			PRJNA376708 Expression data from ribosomal
			protein (RP) L23 (RPL23)-KD and NC SKM-1

			PRJNA117205 Expression data from Snail
			over-expressing non-small cell lung cancer cell

			PRJNA361227 Expression data from the
			different EMT and stemness status of lung
			cancer cell lines

			PRJNA387408 Expression data from the
			RWPE-1 prostate epithelial cell line
			overexpressing the miR-183 family cluster

			PRJNA222797 Expression data from U-2 OS
			osteosarcoma cell lines stably expressing an
			S22A-progerin mutant compared with U-2 OS
			expressing wt-progerin

			PRJNA305696 Expression data from U937
			cells infected by hsa-miR-608 inhibitor virus

			PRJNA289931 Expression data from xenograft
			in BALB/c 6-wk-old nude mice with PC3
			prostate cancer cells stably expressing PML or
			a vector control after treatment of the mice
			with palbociclib

			PRJNA137069 Expression data from
			Fulvestrant-Resistant MCF7 Cell Lines

			PRJNA132653 Expression data of lentivirus
			sponge MicroRNA16 (miR16) downregulated
			RPMI 8226 and MMS1 multiple myeloma (MM)
			cell lines compared with control lentivirus

			PRJNA120687 Expression profile after β-TrCP
			inhibition and androgen ablation in prostate
			cancer cells

			PRJNA320411 Expression profile of Epstein
			Barr Virus infected mammary epithelial cells and
			Breast tumors

			PRJNA338785 Expression profile of HNF1A
			knockdown and overexpression in 22RV1 and
			LNCaP cells respectively

			PRJNA267018 Expression profile of Ras, MEK
			and ERK inhibited 16HBE bronchial epithelial

			PRJNA227212 Expression profile of select
			inflammation-related genes after miR-466l
			overexpression or knockdown in human

			PRJNA119665 Expression profiling of Burkitt's
			lymphoma cells 24h after FOXM1 shRNA or
			MYB shRNA lentivirus-mediated transduction

			PRJNA112413 Expression signatures and
			cytogenetic aberrations in HPV16 E6, E7 and
			E6/E7-positive immortalized human epithelial

			PRJNA385511 Fatty Acid Synthase
			Reprograms the Epigenome in Uterine

			PRJNA394892 FLIP modulates monocyte
			immunosuppression and selective resistance to

			PRJNA422259 Forced differentiation in vitro
			leads to stress-induced activation of DNA
			damage response in hiPSC-derived
			chondrocyte-like cells

			PRJNA340162 FOXO1 knockdown is toxic for
			BCP-ALL cell lines

			PRJNA432331 FOXO1 knockdown is toxic for
			Burkitt's lymphoma (BL) cell lines

			PRJNA128067 FTO: gene expression and
			function in skeletal muscle

			PRJNA495626 Gene expression analysis in
			U251 and U87 cells transduced with NANEP5

			PRJNA129679 Gene expression analysis of
			HepaRG cells that ectopically express
			miR-371-3 cluster

			PRJNA172926 Gene expression analysis of
			human microRNA-150 expression in PL21 and
			HL60 cells

			PRJNA315553 Gene expression analysis of
			MCF-10a breast epithelail cells upon enforced
			expression of G alpha 13 (GNA13)

			PRJNA134539 Gene expression analysis of
			TRIM5 KD in the THP1 cell line

			PRJNA117821 Gene expression associated
			with lentiviral expression of PRAME in normal
			hematopoietic progenitors.

			PRJNA103809 Gene Expression Changes in
			Response to Baculoviral Vector Transduction of
			Neuronal Cells In Vitro

			PRJNA103807 Gene Expression Changes in
			Response to Baculoviral Vector Transduction of
			Normal Human Astrocytes In Vitro

			PRJNA277699 Gene expression changes in
			U937 cells in response to ectopic expression of
			EVI1 and/or etoposide treatment

			PRJNA139469 Gene expression data following
			Cyclin T2 and Cyclin T1 depletion by shRNA in
			HeLa cells

			PRJNA422285 Gene expression data from fetal
			human liver cells

			PRJNA139765 Gene expression data from
			MDA-MB231 cells stably transduced with
			lentiviral vectors encoding a control shRNA
			(shscramble) or two shRNAs targeting Coco
			(shco2 and shco4)

			PRJNA414043 Gene Expression of MCF10A
			cells expresing ERAS

			PRJNA139931 Gene expression patterns in
			response to GATA2 (WT and mutants) in HL-60

			PRJNA152969 Gene expression profile of
			human iPS cell-derived mesoangioblasts

			PRJNA337939 Gene expression profile of
			LNCaP prostate cancer cells with exogenous
			HNF4G expression

			PRJNA100867 Gene Expression Profiling in
			A549 Lung Cancer Cell Line Following siRNA
			Mediated Knock-down of ALDH1A1 and

			PRJNA118021 Gene Expression Profiling of an
			Immortalized Human Neural Stem Cell Line

			PRJNA119071 Gene expression profiling of
			CD4+ and CD8+ T-cells from gene therapy
			treated ADA patients and from healthy controls

			PRJNA124997 Gene expression signatures for
			human iPS cell lines

			PRJNA179132 Gene expression signatures for
			human iPSC and ESC lines

			PRJNA182146 Gene expression signatures in
			HuH7 cells transfected with super hybrid p53
			version 2.

			PRJNA125537 Gene expression signatures of
			HO-1 in BeWo cells

			PRJNA125317 Gene profiles induced by
			overexpression of wild-type and mutant Notch1
			variants in MCF10A mammary epithelial cell line

			PRJNA117507 Genes regulated after
			knock-down of Pirin in U937 cells

			PRJNA129975 Genes regulated by SOX2
			overexpression in gastric cancer cells

			PRJNA244595 Genetic stability in FA cells
			before and after gene editing and cell

			PRJNA415602 Genome-wide analysis of
			differential gene expression in MDA-MB-231
			cells after GRMI silencing

			PRJNA262779 Genome-wide chromatin
			analysis of Ewing sarcoma (ATAC-seq)

			PRJNA188185 H3K4 demethylation by Jarid1a
			and Jarid1b contributes to
			retinoblastoma-mediated gene silencing during
			cellular senescence (expression)

			PRJNA358828 HCT116 cells N-BLR shRNA vs.
			empty vector control

			PRJNA292015 Hepatitis C virus up-regulates
			B-cell receptor signaling: a novel mechanism
			for HCV-associated B-cell lymphoproliferative

			PRJNA391426 High-throughput sequencing
			analysis of the integration pattern of
			MLV-derived gamma-retroviral vector in human
			JEB patient from pre-transplantation to 8
			months follow-up.

			PRJNA127947 Highly Recurrent MYD88
			Mutations That Promote Human Lymphoma
			Cell Survival

			PRJNA415489 Histone acetyltransferase p300
			induces de novo super-enhancers to drive
			cellular senescence [DNA-seq]

			PRJNA124325 HLA-B35 upregulates ET-1 and
			downregulates eNOS via ER stresss response
			in endothelial cells

			PRJNA189480 HMLER cells expressing either
			FOXC2 or a vector control

			PRJNA258203 Homo sapiens Genome

			PRJNA319866 Homo sapiens Raw sequence

			PRJNA357475 Homo sapiens Raw sequence

			PRJNA246562 Homo sapiens strain:SIN-ASLV
			Targeted Locus (Loci)

			PRJNA214016 Homo sapiens Transcriptome
			or Gene expression

			PRJNA125607 HOTAIR transfected Breast
			Cancer Cells

			PRJNA109471 Human activated Treg cells and
			retrovirally engineered Th cells, transduced with
			GARP, FOXP3 or control GFP vector

			PRJNA123127 Human induced pluripotent
			stem cells free of exogenous DNA are derived
			with episomal vectors (fig 1.c)

			PRJNA123129 Human induced pluripotent
			stem cells free of exogenous DNA are derived
			with episomal vectors (fig 4.a)

			PRJNA377250 Hyper-repression of HUSH
			target genes by over-expression of the R252W
			Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease mutant MORC2

			PRJNA244875 Identification of
			beta-cetenin/TCF4 target genes in LS174T
			colorectal cancer cells using gene expression

			PRJNA244876 Identification of GATA6 target
			genes in LS174T colorectal cancer cells using
			gene expression arrays

			PRJNA237310 Identification of HIF1 and HIF2
			target genes in human CB CD34+ cells

			PRJNA99877 Identification of human
			miR-34a-responsive transcripts

			PRJNA297064 Identification of Resistance
			Genes to BRAF Inhibitor in Melanoma by
			piggyBac Transposon Activation Mutagenesis

			PRJNA152323 Identification of targets
			specifically regulated by a 'super hybrid p53'

			PRJNA109901 Identifying Sites Bound by
			Epstein Barr Nuclear Antigen 1 (EBNA1) in the
			Human Genome

			PRJNA136013 Impact of IRF1 on
			transcriptome changes in Huh-7 human
			hepatoma cells and STAT1-deficient human

			PRJNA438134 Impact of shRNA-mediated
			KLF4 down-modulation on the transcriptome
			profile of human keratinocyte precursor cells

			PRJNA270612 Impacts of reprogramming
			method and culture conditions in trophoblast
			differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells

			PRJNA245884 In Vitro Transformation of
			Primary Human CD34+ Cells by AML Fusion
			Oncogenes: Early Gene Expression Profiling
			Reveals Possible Drug Target in AML

			PRJNA126073 Increased expression of Bcl11b
			in human transformed T cell lines leads to
			chemoresistance accompanied by G1

			PRJNA194105 Induced Pluripotency of Human
			Prostatic Epithelial Cells

			PRJNA112953 Induction of developmental and
			inflammatory transcriptomes in PGP fibroblasts

			PRJNA313311 Influence of ATM-mediated
			DNA damage response on genomic variation in
			human induced pluripotent stem cells
			(Affymetrix CNV)

			PRJNA313310 Influence of ATM-mediated
			DNA damage response on genomic variation in
			human induced pluripotent stem cells
			(Affymetrix expression)

			PRJNA313309 Influence of ATM-mediated
			DNA damage response on genomic variation in
			human induced pluripotent stem cells
			(NimbleGen CNV)

			PRJNA430400 Inhibition of MYC by the
			SMARCB1 tumor suppressor

			PRJNA290154 Integrative analyses of human
			reprogramming reveal dynamic nature of
			induced pluripotency [shRNA]

			PRJNA147753 Integrative transcriptome
			sequencing identifies trans-splicing events with
			important roles in human embryonic stem cell

			PRJNA145101 Investigation of Isogenic Human
			Embryonic Stem Cells and Derived Induced
			Pluripotent Stem Cells and Differentiated Line

			PRJNA130345 KDM6B-induced gene
			expression changes in transfected
			CD10-positive GC B cells

			PRJNA121787 KLF2-induced actin shear fibers
			control both alignment to flow and JNK
			signaling in vascular endothelium

			PRJNA324265 KSHV LANA upregulates the
			expression of EGFL7 proteins in BJAB cells

			PRJNA174430 Lentiviral transduction of CD34+
			cells induces genome-wide epigenetic

			PRJNA151647 Lentiviral vector-based
			insertional mutagenesis identifies new clinically
			relevant candidate cancer genes involved in the
			pathogenesis of hepatocellular carcinoma

			PRJNA358237 Lentiviral Vectors Escape Innate
			Sensing but Trigger p53 In Human
			Hematopoietic Stem Cells

			PRJNA357086 Level of FACT defines the
			transcriptional landscape and aggressive
			phenotype of breast cancer cells

			PRJNA476791 LGR5 promotes tumorigenicity
			and invasion of glioblastoma stem-like cells and
			is a potential therapeutic target for a subset of
			glioblastoma patients [oeLGR5]

			PRJNA432214 LGR5 promotes tumorigenicity
			and invasion of glioblastoma stem-like cells and
			is a potential therapeutic target for a subset of
			glioblastoma patients [shLGR5]

			PRJNA107423 LMP1 mediated gene
			expression changes in transfected CD10+ GC
			B cells

			PRJNA197359 LMP2A mediated gene
			expression changes in transfected CD10+ GCB

			PRJNA503830 lncRAN and mRNA expression
			signatures in SKOV3 cells: control vs. β-HCG

			PRJNA503674 lncRNA and mRNA expression
			signatures in OVCAR3 cells: control vs.
			miR-200a transfected

			PRJNA214095 Long Intergenic Non-Coding
			RNA HOTAIRM1 Regulates Cell Cycle
			Progression During Myeloid Maturation in NB4
			Promyelocytic Leukemia Cells

			PRJNA158959 LV-Induced Dendritic Cells for
			AML Immunotherapy

			PRJNA312827 Matrix metalloproteinase-9 in
			chronic lymphocytic leukemia

			PRJNA157529 MCF10A cells expressing HER2
			and HER3 and grown in three-dimensional

			PRJNA156321 MCF10A-HER2/3 cells grown in
			3D cultures in the presence or absence of

			PRJNA383440 Mechanism of Kindlin-2
			regulating invasion and metastasis of human
			Hepatocellular carcinoma

			PRJNA110975 Microarray analysis of BHLHB2
			and BHLHB3 target genes in human skeletal
			muscle cells

			PRJNA296396 Microarray Analysis of Cohesin
			Mutant HSPC

			PRJNA307670 Microarray of NFAT1-shRNA
			(KD) vs Non-targeting shRNA (NT) metastatic
			melanoma cell line

			PRJNA107219 Microarrays analysis of
			SREBP-1a and SREBP-1c target genes identify
			new regulatory pathways.

			PRJNA172202 miR-146a promotes the
			initiation and progression of melanoma by
			activating Notch signaling

			PRJNA339444 miR-199a regulates human
			mammary epthelial cell function

			PRJNA120755 miR-335 orchestrates cell
			proliferation, migration and differentiation in
			human mesenchymal stem cells


			PRJNA270405 MLV_KP_DK

			PRJNA255114 mRNA expression profile in
			IL-4-treated macrophages transfected with
			miR-142-5p ASO or miR-130a-3p mimics

			PRJNA129591 mRNA expression profile
			modified by microRNA mir-517a (MIR517A) in
			human hepatocellular carcinoma cell line

			PRJNA362369 mRNA Profiling of miR-17 family
			inhibition using TuD lentiviral vector in Hep3B
			hepatocellular carcinoma cell line [array]

			PRJNA362552 mRNA Profiling of miR-17 family
			inhibition using TuD lentiviral vector in HepG2
			and SK-Hep1 hepatocellular carcinoma cell
			lines [RNA-Seq]

			PRJNA205893 NELF-dependent transcription

			PRJNA393943 Next generation sequencing
			analysis of potential target genes of lncRNA

			PRJNA316573 NextGen Consortium:
			GENESiPS Study: Identifying the Gene
			Networks of Insulin Resistance

			PRJNA138895 Non-phosphorylated FTY720
			induces apoptosis of human microglia by
			activating SREBP2

			PRJNA119817 NP-18 vs. NP-18AR
			transcriptional profile upon treatment with

			PRJNA229869 Nuclear factor kappa B
			activation-induced anti-apoptosis renders
			HER2 positive cells drug resistant and
			accelerates tumor growth

			PRJNA385828 Orthologous CRISPR-Cas9 for
			Combinatorial Genetic Screens

			PRJNA236056 Over-expression of either
			MECP2_e1 or MECP2_e2 in neuronally
			differentiated cells (SK-N-SH)

			PRJNA123261 Over-expression of
			hsa-miR-221 in JSC1 cells and identification of
			miRNA targets expressed in a panel of B-cell

			PRJNA283322 Over-expression of truncated
			FMRP with 295 amino acid residues: HEK293T

			PRJNA395652 overexpression of a newly
			truncated FMRP isoform with 297 amino acid

			PRJNA232601 Overexpression of ERG in cord
			blood progenitors promotes expansion and
			recapitulates molecular signatures of high ERG

			PRJNA143835 p53-dependent transcription
			program in HepG2 cells

			PRJNA113007 p53-repressed miRNAs are
			Involved with E2F in a Feed Forward Loop
			Promoting Proliferation

			PRJNA112099 Parkinson’s disease
			patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells
			free of viral reprogramming factors

			PRJNA156015 Primary TNBC tumor in the
			presence or absence of SHP2

			PRJNA355993 PRRX1 over-expression in

			PRJNA152605 Reprogramming of prostate
			cancer-associated stromal cells

			PRJNA480517 RNA Seq of wild-type and
			VPS35-D620N-expressing SH-SY5Y cells

			PRJNA421939 RNA sequence of ISL1-MSCs
			and Ctrl-MSCs

			PRJNA308425 RNA-seq expression data from
			FL-HSPCs after HOXA7 knockdown

			PRJNA248289 RNAseq transcriptome data
			from reprogramming human CD34+ cells to iPS

			PRJNA266514 Role of DLX3 in primary human

			PRJNA292301 Role of Gata5 in vascular
			endothelial cells

			PRJNA147659 Silencing of HAI-1 in a human
			oral squamous cell carcinoma cell line, SAS

			PRJNA481584 SIRT1 Activation Disrupts
			Maintenance of Myelodysplastic Syndrome
			Stem and Progenitor Cells by Restoring TET2
			Function [microarray expression profiling]

			PRJNA401828 SIRT1 expression effect on
			migration and invasion of gastric cancer cells

			PRJNA267192 Slit2 modifies VEGF-induced
			angiogenic responses in rabbit skeletal muscle
			by inducing capillary sprouting and decreasing
			vascular permeability via reduced eNOS activity

			PRJNA289985 Small RNA sequencing of
			human K562 cells transduced with lentiviral
			vectors overexpressing RUNX1

			PRJNA422652 Snail-dependent epithelial
			splicing regulatory protein 1 (ESRP1) silencing
			drives malignant transformation of human
			pulmonary epithelial cells [miRNA]

			PRJNA422653 Snail-dependent epithelial
			splicing regulatory protein 1 (ESRP1) silencing
			drives malignant transformation of human
			pulmonary epithelial cells [mRNA]

			PRJNA263145 Somatic transcriptome priming
			gates lineage specific differentiation potential of
			human induced pluripotent stem cell states

			PRJNA102385 Sox18 regulated genes

			PRJNA124165 STK38 is a Key Regulator of
			MYC Transcriptional Activity in Human B
			lymphoma cells

			PRJNA122095 Syndecan-2 and apoptosis in

			PRJNA288958 Systematic Functional
			Dissection of Common Genetic Variation
			Affecting Red Blood Cell Traits [Microarray]

			PRJNA415464 Targeting CDK6 and BCL2
			exploits the "MYB Addiction" of Ph+ acute
			lymphoblastic leukemia

			PRJNA400483 The comparsion of gene
			expression in ALVAC- and Ad5-infected human
			monocyte-derived dendritic cells

			PRJNA173881 The downstream molecules of
			Notch signaling in vascular endothelial cell

			PRJNA116723 The global responses of human
			bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells
			to baculovirus transduction


			PRJNA386199 Therapeutic targeting of
			KDM1A/LSD1 in Ewing sarcoma engages the
			ER-stress response II

			PRJNA116253 Transcriptional effects of LMP3
			in MSC

			PRJNA174316 Transcriptional perturbations
			caused by SV40 large T antigen and its

			PRJNA113827 Transcriptional profiles of Ad-F3
			and Ad-F7 transduced macrophages

			PRJNA209864 Transcriptional profiling of
			breast cancer stem cell xenografts and their
			metastatic derivatives

			PRJNA121451 Transcriptional Signature and
			Memory Retention of Human-induced
			Pluripotent Stem Cells

			PRJNA477546 Transcriptome analysis of
			SH-SY5Y and SK-N-AS neuroblastoma cells
			with KIT gene knockdown

			PRJNA433963 Transcriptome data from
			Eomes-overexpressing Th17 cells

			PRJNA493788 Transcriptome measurements
			after knocking out the UMLILO lncRNA

			PRJNA155971 Transcriptome Sequence
			Analysis of Pediatric Acute Megakaryoblastic
			Leukemia Identifies An
			Inv(16)(p13.3;q24.3)-Encoded CBFA2T3-GLIS2
			Fusion Protein As a Recurrent Lesion in 39% of
			Non-Infant Cases [2007]

			PRJNA155973 Transcriptome Sequence
			Analysis of Pediatric Acute Megakaryoblastic
			Leukemia Identifies An
			Inv(16)(p13.3;q24.3)-Encoded CBFA2T3-GLIS2
			Fusion Protein As a Recurrent Lesion in 39% of
			Non-Infant Cases [2010]

			PRJNA91877 Transcripts affected by RNAi to

			PRJNA279278 Using human genetic variation
			to improve red blood cell production from stem

			PRJNA283028 Vammin induces a highly
			efficient angiogenic response through
			VEGFR-2/NRP-1 and bypasses the regulatory
			function of VEGFR-1

			PRJNA190189 VGLL4 is a novel regulator of
			survival in human embryonic stem cells

			PRJNA132943 Viral and transgene-free human
			induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells using
			non-integrating Sendai virus (SeV) vectors.

			PRJNA353052 Whole-transcriptome maps of
			HepG2 cells after exposure to cationic
			liposomes and controls

			PRJNA361398 WT1 expression in breast
			cancer disrupts the epithelial/mesenchymal
			balance of tumour cells and correlates with the
			metabolic response to docetaxel

			PRJNA381481 ZBTB18 is a repressor of
			mesenchymal genes in Glioblastoma

			PRJNA381512 ZBTB18 is a repressor of
			mesenchymal genes in Glioblastoma [JX6]

			32346552 VSeq-Toolkit: Comprehensive
			Computational Analysis of Viral Vectors in Gene

			32346549 Development of Large-Scale
			Downstream Processing for Lentiviral Vectors.

			32322605 Successful Preclinical Development
			of Gene Therapy for Recombinase-Activating
			Gene-1-Deficient SCID.

			32312986 Optogenetic manipulation of a
			value-coding pathway from the primate caudate
			tail facilitates saccadic gaze shift.

			32300611 Peripapillary Intravitreal Injection
			Improves AAV-Mediated Retinal Transduction.

			32300607 Preclinical Evaluation of a Novel
			Lentiviral Vector Driving Lineage-Specific
			BCL11A Knockdown for Sickle Cell Gene

			32300351 High-Yield Production of the Major
			Birch Pollen Allergen Bet v 1 With Allergen
			Immunogenicity in Nicotiana benthamiana.

			32297853 A molecular view on the escape
			of lipoplexed DNA from the endosome.

			32294089 Mapping the coevolution, leadership
			and financing of research on viral vectors,
			RNAi, CRISPR/Cas9 and other genomic editing

			32293394 Lentivirus expressing shRNAs inhibit
			the replication of contagious ecthyma virus
			by targeting DNA polymerase gene.

			32288594 Gene-silencing suppressors for
			high-level production of the HIV-1 entry inhibitor
			griffithsin in Nicotiana benthamiana.

			32288149 Retrovectors packaged in CHO
			cells to generate GLP-1-Fc stable expression
			CHO cell lines.

			32287331 Gene therapy in surgery: Part II:
			Application to septic shock and to
			organ transplantation.

			32283193 Dendrimer- and polymeric
			nanoparticle-aptamer bioconjugates as nonviral
			delivery systems: a new approach in medicine.

			32282857 Metagenomic analysis of Aedes
			aegypti and Culex quinquefasciatus mosquitoes
			from Grenada, West Indies.

			32280244 LINC02476 Promotes the Malignant
			Phenotype of Hepatocellular Carcinoma by
			Sponging miR-497 and Increasing HMGA2

			32280211 Biodegradable Polymers for
			Gene-Delivery Applications.

			32269702 Kin17 knockdown suppresses the
			migration and invasion of cervical cancer cells
			through NF-κB-Snail pathway.

			32266167 Non-replicating Vaccinia Virus
			TianTan Strain (NTV) Translation Arrest of Viral
			Late Protein Synthesis Associated With Anti-viral
			Host Factor SAMD9.

			32265926 Trib1 Contributes to Recovery From
			Ischemia/Reperfusion-Induced Acute Kidney Injury
			by Regulating the Polarization of Renal

			32265695 Icariin Ameliorates Diabetic
			Cardiomyopathy Through Apelin/Sirt3 Signalling
			to Improve Mitochondrial Dysfunction.

			32265666 Single-Cell Analysis of
			Neuroinflammatory Responses Following
			Intracranial Injection of G-Deleted Rabies

			32264953 Novel method for reduction of virus
			load in blood plasma by sonication.

			32258216 Skeletal Muscle Is an Antigen
			Reservoir in Integrase-Defective Lentiviral Vector-Induced
			Long-Term Immunity.

			32258210 Defining the Optimal FVIII Transgene
			for Placental Cell-Based Gene Therapy to Treat
			Hemophilia A.

			32258012 In Preparation for Outdoor Pharming:
			Griffithsin Can Be Expressed in Nicotiana
			excelsiana and Retains Activity After Storage
			as Silage.

			32256309 Early Dendritic Morphogenesis of
			Adult-Born Dentate Granule Cells Is Regulated
			by FHL2.

			32252776 MicroRNA-153 impairs presynaptic
			plasticity by blocking vesicle release following
			chronic brain hypoperfusion.

			32252149 Gene Therapy Approach for
			Intervertebral Disc Degeneration: An Update.

			32246020 In vivo biodistribution analysis of
			transmission competent and defective RNA
			virus-based episomal vector.

			32245003 Special Issue "Recent Advances
			in Morbillivirus Vaccine Development and
			Oncolytic Virotherapy".

			32240193 Replication-inducible vaccinia virus
			vectors with enhanced safety in vivo.

			32238837 Linagliptin affects IRS1/Akt signaling
			and prevents high glucose-induced apoptosis
			in podocytes.

			32235848 Modification of Adenovirus vaccine
			vector-induced immune responses by expression
			of a signalling molecule.

			32210746 A Feasibility Study to Investigate
			Chemogenetic Modulation of the Locus
			Coeruleus by Means of Single Unit Activity.

			32210315 Lentiviral Vector Induced Modeling
			of High-Grade Spinal Cord Glioma in Minipigs.

			32195130 Titration methods for rVSV-based
			vaccine manufacturing.

			32194892 LRP6-CRISPR prevents activation of
			hepatic stellate cells and liver fibrogenesis in

			32190291 HCC-derived EGFR mutants are
			functioning, EGF-dependent, and

			32184937 Clonal isolation of endothelial
			colony-forming cells from early gestation
			chorionic villi of human placenta for fetal tissue

			32184631 TIM-3 Participates in the Invasion
			and Metastasis of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
			via SMAD7/SMAD2/SNAIL1 Axis-Mediated
			Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition.

			32183699 ITR-Seq, a next-generation
			sequencing assay, identifies genome-wide DNA
			editing sites in vivo following adeno-associated
			viral vector-mediated genome editing.

			32181327 Inhibition of Cholesterol Esterification
			Enzyme Enhances the Potency of Human
			Chimeric Antigen Receptor T Cells against
			Pancreatic Carcinoma.

			32181274 Gene therapy and genome editing
			for primary immunodeficiency diseases.

			32175335 Evaluation of Duration of
			Immunogenicity and Protective Efficacy of
			Improved Influenza Viral Vector-Based Brucella
			abortus Vaccine Against Brucella melitensis
			Infection in Sheep and Goats.

			32175024 Apoptosis of A549 cells by small
			interfering RNA targeting survivin delivery using
			poly-β-amino ester/guanidinylated
			O-carboxymethyl chitosan nanoparticles.

			32174919 Vaccination Against Tuberculosis:
			Revamping BCG by Molecular Genetics Guided
			by Immunology.

			32170079 Extracellular nanovesicles for
			packaging of CRISPR-Cas9 protein and sgRNA
			to induce therapeutic exon skipping.

			32169868 Peritumoral administration of IFNβ
			upregulated mesenchymal stem cells inhibits
			tumor growth in an orthotopic,
			immunocompetent rat glioma model.

			32164699 Linked-read sequencing identifies
			abundant microinversions and introgression in
			the arboviral vector Aedes aegypti.

			32161326 In vivo engineering of lymphocytes
			after systemic exosome-associated AAV

			32155188 MPV17 does not control cancer cell

			32154327 Development and Preclinical
			Evaluation of an Integrase Defective
			Lentiviral Vector Vaccine Expressing the
			HIVACAT T Cell Immunogen in Mice.

			32154243 Extracellular Vesicles From Notch
			Activated Cardiac Mesenchymal Stem Cells
			Promote Myocyte Proliferation and

			32151269 Role of lateral amygdala calstabin2
			in regulation of fear memory.

			32140158 Genetic Engineering of the Kidney to
			Permanently Silence MHC Transcripts During
			ex vivo Organ Perfusion.

			31252371 Highly versatile cell-penetrating
			peptide loaded scaffold for efficient and
			localised gene delivery to multiple cell types:
			From development to application in tissue

			31251537 Protection Efficacy of a
			Recombinant Herpesvirus of Turkey Vaccine
			Against Infectious Laryngotracheitis Virus
			Administered In Ovo to Broilers at Three
			Standardized Doses.

			31251534 Commercial Vaccines and
			Vaccination Strategies Against Infectious
			Laryngotracheitis: What We Have Learned and
			Knowledge Gaps That Remain.

			31249342 NFATc3 controls tumour growth by
			regulating proliferation and migration of human
			astroglioma cells.

			31248457 Generation of pig induced
			pluripotent stem cells using an extended
			pluripotent stem cell culture system.

			31248331 Gene Replacement Therapy: A
			Primer for the Health-system Pharmacist.

			31246675 Multilocus Mitochondrial Mutations
			Do Not Directly Affect the Efficacy of Gene
			Therapy for Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy.

			31244943 Gene delivery based on macrocyclic

			31244619 Anatomical and Surgical Evaluation
			of the Common Marmoset as an Animal Model
			in Hearing Research.

			31244309 Role of TMPRSS4 Modulation in
			Breast Cancer Cell Proliferation.

			31243443 Vector-mediated
			l-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine delivery reverses
			motor impairments in a primate model of
			Parkinson's disease.

			31243186 Familial Left Ventricular
			Non-Compaction Is Associated With a Rare
			p.V407I Variant in Bone Morphogenetic Protein

			31243134 Xenoantigen-dependent
			complement-mediated neutralization of LCMV
			glycoprotein pseudotyped VSV in human

			31235998 MiR-34a overexpression enhances
			the inhibitory effect of doxorubicin on HepG2

			31233505 Adenovirus-mediated expression of
			SIK1 improves hepatic glucose and lipid
			metabolism in type 2 diabetes mellitus rats.

			31233030 Modeling Breast Cancer via an
			Intraductal Injection of Cre-expressing
			Adenovirus into the Mouse Mammary Gland.

			31232714 Gene-targeting approaches for
			movement disorders: recent advances.

			31231794 Advances in the Gene Therapy of
			Monogenic Blood Cell Diseases.

			31230445 Characterization of liver specific
			promoters in a foamy viral vector pMD09.

			31229899 Generation of two induced
			pluripotent stem cell lines (MUSIi011-A and
			MUSIi011-B) from peripheral blood T
			lymphocytes of a healthy individual.

			Clinical Trials
			3996824 Study of Viral Transduction of Human
			Auditory Sensory Cells for the Development of
			Gene Therapy

			3964792 Safety and Efficacy of Gene Therapy
			of the Sickle Cell Disease by Transplantation of
			an Autologous CD34+ Enriched Cell Fraction
			That Contains CD34+ Cells Transduced ex Vivo
			With the GLOBE1 Lentiviral Vector Expressing
			the βAS3 Globin Gene in Patients With Sickle
			Cell Disease (DREPAGLOBE)

			3961243 Lentiviral FIX Gene Therapy

			3947190 A Study to Determine if New Types of
			Malaria Vaccines Are Safe, Effective and Lead
			to Immunity in Kenyan Adults

			3938987 Anti-CD19, Dual Co-stimulatory
			(4-1BB, CD3ζ) Chimeric Antigen Receptor
			T-cells in Patients With Relapsed/Refractory
			Aggressive Lymphoma or Acute Lymphoblastic
			Leukemia (ALL)

			3897361 Stem Cell Gene Therapy for

			3897309 Safety & Immunogenicity Study of
			Ad5 Based Oral Norovirus Vaccines

			3876769 Study of Efficacy and Safety of
			Tisagenlecleucel in HR B-ALL EOC MRD
			Positive Patients

			3875495 A Phase I/II Study Evaluating
			Temferon in Multiple Myeloma Patients With
			Early Relapse After Front Line Therapy

			3866187 A Study to Evaluate the
			Reactogenicity, Safety, Immunogenicity and
			Efficacy of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Biologicals'
			HBV (Hepatitis B Virus) Viral Vector Vaccines
			and Adjuvanted Proteins Vaccine
			(GSK3528869A) in Adult Patients With Chronic
			Hepatitis B Infection

			3866109 A Phase I/IIa Study Evaluating
			Temferon in Patients With Glioblastoma &
			Unmethylated MGMT

			3852511 First in Human Study of NG-350A (an
			Oncolytic Adenoviral Vector Which Expresses
			an Anti-CD40 Antibody)

			3852498 Clinical Study to Assess the Efficacy
			and Safety of Gene Therapy for the Treatment
			of Cerebral Adrenoleukodystrophy (CALD)

			3844386 Study to Assess Safety and Ability to
			Induce Immune Responses of HIV-1 Vaccines
			M3 and M4 Given Alone or in Combination in
			HIV-infected Adults

			3837483 A Clinical Study to Evaluate the Use
			of a Cryopreserved Formulation of OTL-103 in
			Subjects With Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome

			3829540 CD4CAR for CD4+ Leukemia and

			3825783 A Gene Therapy Trial to Evaluate the
			Safety and Efficacy of RP-L201 in Subjects
			With Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency-I

			3818763 Gene Therapy Trial for Platelet
			Derived Factor VIII Production in Hemophilia A

			3814408 A Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Safety
			of RP-L102 in Pediatric Subjects With Fanconi
			Anemia Subtype A

			3812263 A Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Safety
			and Efficacy of RP-L201 in Subjects With
			Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency-I

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