Source:		MedGen UID: 348949


			A designation that has some relationship to

			Related Concepts
			15q11q13 microduplication syndrome
			Abnormal maternal serum screening
			Acute fatty liver of pregnancy
			Acute Intervillous Thrombus
			Alcohol Related Birth Defect
			Amniotic fluid embolism
			Antepartum maternal status
			Antepartum Obstetric Air Embolism
			Antepartum Obstetric Septic Embolism
			Antepartum Obstetric Thromboembolism
			Aromatase deficiency
			Breast engorgement in newborn
			Breastfeeding Jaundice
			Cephalic presentation
			Clinical Chorioamnionitis
			Complete Maternal Surface of Placenta
			Congenital Epstein-Barr virus infection
			Congenital varicella syndrome
			Duncan Mechanism
			Engagement of presenting part
			Episodic Fetal Heart Rate Pattern
			Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
			Fetal descent
			Fetal Extension
			Fetal Heart Tone Location
			Fetal iodine syndrome
			Fetal Station
			Fetal-maternal hemorrhage
			Focal KATP-Associated Hyperinsulinism
			Gonococcal conjunctivitis neonatorum
			High risk pregnancy
			Hydatidiform mole
			Hydrops fetalis due to isoimmunization
			In Utero Drug Withdrawal
			Incomplete Maternal Surface of Placenta
			Insufficient Breast Milk Syndrome
			Internal fetal rotation
			Intervillous Thrombus
			Intrapartum maternal status
			Leber plus disease
			Lymphocytic choriomeningitis
			Maternal condition during puerperium
			Maternal Weight Gain in Pregnancy
			Maternally inherited Leigh syndrome
			McKusick Kaufman syndrome
			Methimazole embryofetopathy
			Methimazole embryofetopathy
			Mitochondrial inheritance
			Mosaic trisomy 7 syndrome
			Neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia
			Neonatal hemochromatosis
			Neonatal lupus erythematosus
			Neonatal melena
			Neonatal Vaginal Discharge
			Placental abruption
			Post-partum hemorrhage
			Postpartum Obstetric Air Embolism
			Postpartum Obstetric Septic Embolism
			Postpartum Obstetric Thromboembolism
			Preimplantation embryonic lethality 1
			Prolactin product
			Pseudoaminopterin syndrome
			Remote Intervillous Thrombus
			Renal Parathyroid Hormone Resistance
			Renier Gabreels Jasper syndrome
			Right Occiput Anterior Presentation
			SCARF syndrome
			Schaaf-yang syndrome
			Sex Development Disorder
			Shoulder dystocia
			Skewed maternal X inactivation
			Sotos syndrome 1
			Speech-language disorder 1
			Subacute Intervillous Thrombus
			Subchorionic thrombohematoma
			Temple syndrome
			Thalidomide embryopathy syndrome
			Transient Neonatal Hypoparathyroidism
			pregnancy outcomes
			low birth weight
			live birth
			small for gestational age
			antenatal care
			small for gestational age

			PRJEB6135 1000 Genomes Platinum Calls for

			PRJNA527297 A co-expression analysis of the
			placental transcriptome in association with
			maternal pre-pregnancy BMI and newborn birth

			PRJNA369390 A family of
			double-homeodomain transcription factors
			promotes zygotic genome activation in
			placental mammals [ChIP-seq_d1]

			PRJNA276463 A human fetal transcriptional

			PRJNA311946 A human mitochondrial DNA
			genetic bottleneck prevents mutational
			meltdown by purifying the early maternal germ

			PRJNA128825 A Novel Approach Identifies
			New Differentially Methylated Regions (DMRs)
			Associated with Imprinted Genes

			PRJNA118391 A restricted repertoire of
			cytosine methylation changes in neonates
			following intrauterine growth restriction

			PRJNA265046 Accumulation of epigenetic
			alterations at the promoters of transcriptional
			regulator genes in the placentas of pregnancy
			cases with inadequate maternal gestational
			weight gain

			PRJNA152447 Affymetrix Cytogenetics array
			data for a study of D45-deficiency resulting
			from uniparental disomy: a novel cause of SCID

			PRJNA125913 Affymetrix SNP array for
			CSES1, CSES8, CSES1 maternal, and CSES8

			PRJNA283988 Age, sexual dimorphism and
			disease associations in the developing human
			fetal lung transcriptome

			PRJNA316993 Amnion as a surrogate tissue
			reporter of the effects of maternal preeclampsia
			on the fetus [Help-tagging]

			PRJNA316992 Amnion as a surrogate tissue
			reporter of the effects of maternal preeclampsia
			on the fetus [RNA-Seq]

			PRJNA383981 An integrative analysis of
			non-coding regulatory DNA variations
			associated with autism

			PRJNA112801 Analysis of copy number
			change in cord lining epithelial cells after phage
			integrase mediated genomic integration.

			PRJNA205045 Analysis of differentially
			expressed genes in placental tissues of
			Pre-eclampsia Using microarray combined with
			Connectivity Map database

			PRJNA357867 Analysis of parent-of-origin bias
			in gene expression levels

			PRJNA262147 Ancient transposable elements
			transformed the uterine regulatory landscape
			and transcriptome during the evolution of
			mammalian pregnancy

			PRJNA99395 Array CGH in congenital heart

			PRJNA202419 Autosomal and uniparental
			portraits of the native populations of Sakha
			(Yakutia): implications for the peopling of
			Northeast Eurasia

			PRJNA527941 B cell repertoire sequencing in
			healthy individuals

			PRJNA484073 Bayesian-based noninvasive
			prenatal diagnosis of single-gene disorders

			PRJNA484074 Bayesian-based noninvasive
			prenatal diagnosis of single-gene disorders

			PRJNA387652 Cell-free DNA sequencing using
			insertion/deletion polymorphisms

			PRJNA152641 Cellular senescence
			reprograms human NK cells to promote
			vascular remodeling

			PRJNA97493 Characterization of Gene
			Expression At the Human Maternal-Fetal

			PRJNA406898 Characterization of imprinted
			methylation using the Illumina Infinium
			MethylationEPIC array platform

			PRJNA170422 ChIP-chip analysis to determine
			GLI2 binding sites

			PRJNA170660 Chromosomal analysis of
			products of conception

			PRJNA75729 CIDR Genetic Studies of

			PRJNA75731 CIDR Genetic Studies of

			PRJNA75541 CIDR Preterm Birth Boston

			PRJNA75543 CIDR Preterm Birth Boston

			PRJNA238609 CIDR/NICHD GWAS of Trisomy
			21: Risk Factors for Chromosome

			PRJNA238610 CIDR/NICHD GWAS of Trisomy
			21: Risk Factors for Chromosome

			PRJNA380933 Circular RNA expression
			profiling of human granulosa cells during
			maternal aging

			PRJNA475497 Circulating exosomal miRNA
			profile during term and preterm birth
			pregnancies – a longitudinal study

			PRJNA103467 Cohesin mediates
			transcriptional insulation by CCCTC-binding

			PRJNA344032 Comparative study of the
			transcriptome of HUVECs from infants born to
			mothers diagnosed with GDM and controls.

			PRJNA418184 Comparison of ITGA2+
			trophoblast progenitors to VCT and EVT

			PRJNA128075 Comprehensive Analysis of
			Karyotypic Mosaicism between Trophectoderm
			and Inner Cell Mass

			PRJNA137135 Comprehensive Study of
			Tobacco Smoke-Related Transcriptome
			Alterations in Maternal and Fetal Cells

			PRJNA259794 Concurrent whole-genome
			haplotyping and copy number profiling of single
			cells (Affymetrix)

			PRJNA259796 Concurrent whole-genome
			haplotyping and copy number profiling of single
			cells (Illumina)

			PRJNA137185 Correlation between maternal
			age and newborn DNA methylation

			PRJNA281411 CpG island methylation data
			from maternal venous blood and infant cord
			blood samples

			PRJNA173025 Culturing Cytotrophoblasts
			Reverses Gene Dysregulation in Preeclampsia
			Revealing Possible Causes

			PRJNA321909 Cumulative Impact of
			Polychlorinated Biphenyl and Large
			Chromosomal Duplications on DNA
			Methylation, Chromatin, and Expression of
			Autism Candidate Genes.

			PRJNA178566 Decidual Endothelial Cells (DEC)
			and endothelial cells from human skin (ADMEC)

			PRJNA97187 Decidual stromal cell response to
			paracrine signals from the trophoblast


			PRJNA255237 Deciphering the gene
			expression response of human immune cells to
			stimulation with RSV in the context of

			PRJNA371721 Defective Decidualization During
			and After Severe Preeclampsia Reveals a
			Possible Maternal Contribution to the Etiology

			PRJNA360115 Dental Pulp Stem Cells Model
			Early Life and Imprinted DNA Methylation

			PRJNA144057 Deregulation of Gene
			Expression induced by Environmental Tobacco
			Smoke Exposure in Pregnancy

			PRJNA244296 Detect genomic aberrations
			between PB1 and its counterpart,
			spindle-chromosome complex in human MII
			oocyte, PB2 and female pronucleus in human
			zygote at a single-cell level.

			PRJNA170042 Detection of non-coding
			deletion CNVs upstream to FOXF1

			PRJNA170421 Detection of non-coding
			deletion CNVs upstream to FOXF1

			PRJNA290515 Development of colorectal
			cancer gene expression signatures from
			expression profiles of embryonic development,
			precancer progression and cancer samples

			PRJNA290403 Development of colorectal
			cancer miRNA expression signatures from
			expression profiles of embryonic development,
			precancer progression and cancer samples

			PRJNA95261 Diferential gene expression in
			Trophoblast cell cultures

			PRJNA147119 Differential Gene Expression in
			Angelman syndrome deletion vs. int dup(15)
			Human Lymphocytes

			PRJNA120135 Differentially expressed miRNAs
			between HepG2.2.15 and HepG2 cells

			PRJNA151691 DNA hypermethylation in
			placental tissues: placental tissues vs. maternal
			peripheral bloods

			PRJNA273985 DNA methylation analyses in
			infants reveal signals correlated with fetal
			alcohol syndrome, maternal smoking, gender,
			and ethnicity

			PRJNA131193 DNA Methylation Analysis in
			Human Chorionic Villus and Maternal Blood

			PRJNA130647 DNA Methylation Analysis in
			Human Chorionic Villus and Maternal Blood
			Cells Using Custom Agilent CGH Arrays

			PRJDB4030 DNA methylation dynamics during
			early human development

			PRJNA403851 DNA methylation in blood from
			neonatal screening cards and the association
			with BMI and insulin sensitivity in early childhood

			PRJNA272539 DNA methylation in newborn

			PRJNA270729 DNA methylation patterns in
			newborns exposed to tobacco in utero

			PRJNA253597 DNA Methylation Predictors of
			Gene Expression in the 1st Trimester Chorionic
			Villus: Implications for Prenatal Diagnosis

			PRJNA396908 DNA methylation profiles in
			sibling pairs discordant for intrauterine exposure
			to maternal gestational diabetes

			PRJNA128181 DNA methylation profiles of
			human active and inactive X chromosomes

			PRJNA475230 DNA methylation profiling of
			acute chorioamnionitis-associated placentas
			and fetal membranes : insights into epigenetic
			variation in spontaneous preterm births

			PRJNA360297 DNA methylation profiling of first
			trimester villous cytotrophoblasts

			PRJNA270525 DNA Methylation Profiling of
			Uniparental Disomy Subjects Provides a Map of
			Parental Epigenetic Bias in the Human

			PRJNA293865 DNA methylation signatures
			triggered by prenatal maternal stress exposure
			to a natural disaster: Project Ice Storm

			PRJNA395663 DNAm profiling of healthy cord
			whole blood

			PRJNA98753 Dysregulation of the circulating
			and tissue-based renin-angiotensin system in

			PRJNA400627 Early- and late-onset
			preeclampsia and the tissue-specific
			epigenome of the placenta and newborn

			PRJNA119297 Effect of maternal tobacco
			smoke exposure on the placental transcriptome

			PRJNA287128 Effect of MEG3 on p53 target
			genes in hepatoma cells

			PRJNA351230 Effect of prenatal DHA
			supplementation on the infant epigenome

			PRJNA508085 Effects of Cadmium Exposure
			on DNA Methylation at Imprinting Control
			Regions and Genome-Wide in Mothers and
			Newborn Children.

			PRJNA170490 Effects of maternal choline
			intake on placental gene expression

			PRJNA105885 Effects of Prenatal Tobacco
			Exposure on Gene Expression Profiling in
			Umbilical Cord Tissue

			PRJNA276087 Elevated dairy fat intake in
			lactating women alters milk lipid and fatty acids
			without detectible changes in expression of
			genes related to lipid uptake or synthesis

			PRJNA287434 Endothelial cell response to
			trophoblastic debris

			PRJNA312717 Epigenetic Analysis of

			PRJNA312718 Epigenetic Analysis of

			PRJNA349175 Epigenetic signatures of
			gestational diabetes mellitus on ATP5A1,
			PRKCH, SLC17A4 and HIF3A cord blood

			PRJNA135879 Epigenetic Vestiges of Early
			Developmental Adversity: Child Stress
			Exposure and Adolescent DNA Methylation

			PRJNA296822 Epigenetics and Preeclampsia:
			Defining Functional Epimutations in the
			Preeclamptic Placenta Related to the TGF-β
			Pathway [gene expression]

			PRJNA296823 Epigenetics and Preeclampsia:
			Defining Functional Epimutations in the
			Preeclamptic Placenta Related to the TGF-β
			Pathway [methylation]

			PRJNA276176 Epigenome analysis of first
			trimester CVS samples from normal and
			Trisomy 13,18,21 pregnancies, and maternal
			whole blood samples.

			PRJNA288816 Epigenome-wide and
			Transcriptome-wide Analyses Reveal
			Gestational Diabetes is Associated with
			Alterations in the Human Leukocyte Antigen
			Complex [gene expression]

			PRJNA288707 Epigenome-wide and
			Transcriptome-wide Analyses Reveal
			Gestational Diabetes is Associated with
			Alterations in the Human Leukocyte Antigen
			Complex [methylation]

			PRJNA298834 Epithelial-mesenchymal
			transition in the differentiation of cyto- to
			extravillous trophoblast

			PRJNA145291 Evidence for widespread
			changes in promoter methylation profile in
			human placenta in response to increasing
			gestational age and environmental/stochastic

			PRJNA415953 Exosomal RNA may reflect
			placenta deficiencies and provide better
			biomarker in preterm birth.

			PRJNA416032 Exploration of the Biologic
			Basis for Underperformance of Oral Polio and
			Rotavirus Vaccines in Bangladesh

			PRJNA144611 Expression data of human
			trophectoderm cells

			PRJNA252801 Expression of imprinted
			non-coding RNAs from the DLK1-DIO3 locus in
			human embryonic stem cells advantages neural
			lineage differentiation

			PRJNA133945 Expression profiles of amniotic
			fluid from human fetuses with Trisomy 18 and
			euploid controls

			PRJNA103783 Expression profiling in
			lymphoblastoid cell lines of family with
			maternally inherited non-syndromic hearing

			PRJNA213986 Factors affecting the gene
			expression of in vitro cultured human
			preimplantation embryos

			PRJNA139197 Fetal blood transcriptome in
			maternal anti-fetal rejection

			PRJNA233621 Fetal transcripts in maternal

			PRJNA170423 FOXF1 promoter-putative
			enhancer chromatin looping

			PRJNA205165 Functional signature for the
			recognition of specific target mRNAs by human
			staufen1 protein

			PRJNA95485 Gene copy number
			polymorphism, a major source of genetic
			variation between humans

			PRJNA139869 Gene expression analysis of an
			endometrial cell line

			PRJNA116887 Gene Expression Atlas for
			Human Embryogenesis

			PRJNA472864 Gene expression in cord blood
			links genetic risk for neurodevelopmental
			disorders with maternal psychological distress
			and adverse childhood outcomes

			PRJNA121047 Gene expression in fetal
			mesenchymal stem cells for identification of
			epitopes suitable for non-invasive isolation

			PRJNA225639 Gene Expression in the Human
			Mammary Epithelium in response to
			consumption of high fat (H-FAT) and high
			carbohdyrate (H-CHO) diets.

			PRJNA189785 Gene expression profile in
			offspring born before vs. after maternal bariatric

			PRJNA419921 Gene expression profile of
			human placenta from T. Cruzi infected mothers

			PRJNA288721 Gene expression profiles in
			preterm infants on continuous long-term
			oxygen therapy suggest reduced oxidative
			stress-dependent signaling during hypoxia

			PRJNA402078 Gene expression profiles of
			hiPSC-derived retinal ganglion cells in MT-ND4
			mutated Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy

			PRJNA203117 Gene Expression Profiling in
			45X Turner Syndrome patients

			PRJNA232603 Gene expression profiling in an
			induced pluripotent stem cell model of the
			developing human telencephalon: effect of heat
			shock and its potential impact on the
			development of neuropsychiatric disorders

			PRJNA107787 Gene expression profiling of
			human decidual macrophages

			PRJNA191916 Gene methylation profiles in
			offspring born before vs. after maternal bariatric

			PRJNA219318 Gene profiling of the zone of
			altered morphology of choriodecidua overlying
			the cervix before labor

			PRJNA76013 GENEVA GWA mapping:
			Maternal Metabolism-Birth Weight Interactions

			PRJNA76015 GENEVA GWA mapping:
			Maternal Metabolism-Birth Weight Interactions

			PRJNA100185 Genome wide analysis of
			placental malaria

			PRJNA513060 Genome-wide analysis of
			cfDNA fragmentation patterns and nucleosome
			positioning in dual enzyme-digested NIPT
			quality control materials (DENQCMs) and
			maternal plasma

			PRJNA279851 Genome-wide DNA methylation
			analysis of diploid hydatidiform moles with
			androgenetic or biparental genomic origin

			PRJNA119043 Genome-wide haplotyping of
			human single cells

			PRJNA268963 Genome-Wide Mapping of
			5-mC and 5-hmC in severely Preeclamptic

			PRJNA430153 Genome-wide Methylation in
			Cordblood CD4+ Cells from Newborns
			Exposed vs. Unexposed to Maternal Tobacco
			Smoke During Pregnancy

			PRJNA201856 Genome-wide parent-of-origin
			DNA methylation analysis [Methyl-seq]

			PRJNA229408 Genome-wide parent-of-origin
			DNA methylation analysis [Methylation450

			PRJNA170424 Genomic copy-number analysis
			in Alveolar capillary dysplasia (ACD) patient

			PRJNA430295 Germline De Novo Mutations
			with parent of origin in WGS trios

			PRJNA430296 Germline De Novo Mutations
			with parent of origin in WGS trios

			PRJNA91963 Gestational Diabetes Induces
			Placental Genes for Chronic Stress and
			Inflammatory Pathways

			PRJNA356617 Global gene expression profiling
			and senescence biomarker analysis of hESC
			exposed to H2O2 induced non-cytotoxic
			oxidative stress

			PRJNA209404 Haplotype-based noninvasive
			prenatal diagnosis of congenital adrenal
			hyperplasia by maternal plasma sequencing

			PRJNA209405 Haplotype-based noninvasive
			prenatal testing of monogenic disease by
			maternal plasma sequencing

			PRJNA422647 Healthy Start BabyBUMP

			PRJNA422648 Healthy Start BabyBUMP

			PRJNA529551 Highly-accurate long-read
			sequencing of HG002/NA24385 - De Novo
			Assembly (maternal)

			PRJNA177655 Homo sapiens (human blood)
			Genome sequencing

			PRJNA253214 Homo sapiens Epigenomics

			PRJNA287875 Homo sapiens Raw sequence

			PRJNA301337 Homo sapiens Raw sequence

			PRJNA317372 Homo sapiens Raw sequence

			PRJNA327177 Homo sapiens Raw sequence

			PRJNA229070 Homo sapiens Targeted Locus

			PRJNA219070 Human exosomal
			placenta-specific miRNAs modulate expression
			of target genes in maternal immune cells during

			PRJNA422277 Human Placental
			Syncytiotrophoblasts Restrict Toxoplasma
			gondii Attachment and Replication and
			Respond to Infection by Producing
			Immunomodulatory Chemokines

			PRJNA306192 Human pluripotent stem cells
			as a model of trophoblast differentiation in both
			normal development and disease

			PRJNA273591 Hypoxia induced HIF-1/HIF-2
			activity alters trophoblast transcriptional
			regulation and promotes invasion

			PRJNA127895 Identification of differentially
			methylated regions between placentas and
			maternal blood cells on chromosome 18

			PRJNA104971 Identification of
			Disease-Causing Mutations in SCID using
			Exome-Wide Sequencing

			PRJNA104973 Identification of
			Disease-Causing Mutations in SCID using
			Exome-Wide Sequencing

			PRJNA529442 Identification of microRNA
			signatures in umbilical cord blood associated
			with maternal characteristics

			PRJNA387220 Identification of reference genes
			for normalizing the levels of circulating RNA
			transcripts in pregnant women based on
			whole-transcriptome data

			PRJNA299011 Imprints and DPPA3 are
			bypassed during pluripotency- and
			differentiation-coupled methylation
			reprogramming in testicular germ cell tumors

			PRJNA331174 Improving the Positive
			Predictive Value of Non-invasive Prenatal
			Screening (NIPS)

			PRJNA415640 In utero cigarette smoke (IUS)
			exposure, sex differences and disease
			associations in the developing human fetal lung

			PRJNA356257 In utero exposure to maternal
			smoking is associated with DNA methylation
			alterations and reduced neuronal content in the
			developing fetal brain

			PRJNA128681 Increased placental expression
			and maternal serum levels of
			apoptosis-inducing TRAIL in recurrent

			PRJNA421395 INSIGHT Microbiome:
			Intervention Nurses Start Infants Growing on
			Healthy Trajectories

			PRJNA421396 INSIGHT Microbiome:
			Intervention Nurses Start Infants Growing on
			Healthy Trajectories

			PRJNA75513 International Consortium to
			Identify Genes and Interactions Controlling Oral

			PRJNA75515 International Consortium to
			Identify Genes and Interactions Controlling Oral

			PRJNA111033 Investigation of a patient with a
			partial 16q trisomy

			PRJNA151647 Lentiviral vector-based
			insertional mutagenesis identifies new clinically
			relevant candidate cancer genes involved in the
			pathogenesis of hepatocellular carcinoma

			PRJNA514107 Longitudinal Study to Assess
			Methylmercury and gut Microbes During

			PRJNA514109 Longitudinal Study to Assess
			Methylmercury and gut Microbes During

			PRJNA254101 Loss of non-coding RNA
			expression from the DLK1-DIO3 imprinted
			locus correlates with reduced neural
			differentiation potential in human embryonic
			stem cell lines

			PRJNA324693 Maternal age impacts the
			epigenetic profile of offspring

			PRJNA347636 Maternal BCG scar is
			associated with enhanced infant
			proinflammatory responses

			PRJNA389604 Maternal Folate Genes and
			Aberrant DNA Hypermethylation among
			Offspring with Pediatric Lymphoblastic

			PRJNA129509 Maternal influences on the
			transmission of leukocyte gene expression
			profiles in population samples (mother and

			PRJNA129733 Maternal influences on the
			transmission of leukocyte gene expression
			profiles in population samples (Red Cross

			PRJNA191100 Maternal microRNAs secreted
			by the endometrium act as transcriptomic
			regulators of the pre-implantation embryo

			PRJNA272410 Maternal peripheral blood
			natural killer cells incorporate
			placenta-associated microRNAs during

			PRJNA308779 Maternal Plasma Folate impacts
			Differential DNA Methylation in an
			Epigenome-wide Meta-Analysis of Newborns

			PRJNA308780 Maternal Plasma Folate impacts
			Differential DNA Methylation in an
			Epigenome-wide Meta-Analysis of Newborns

			PRJNA420384 Maternal Stress and Genomic

			PRJNA294332 Maternal Weight Phenotype as
			a Predictor of Methylation of Obesity-Related
			CpG Sites in Saliva Samples from Latino

			PRJNA454018 Maternal whole blood
			expression changes with gestational age and
			labor in normal pregnancy [array]

			PRJNA255424 Maternal Whole Blood Gene
			Expression at 18 and 28 weeks of Gestation
			Associated with Spontaneous Preterm Birth in
			Asymptomatic Women

			PRJNA507266 Maternal-biased H3K27me3
			correlates with paternal-specific gene
			expression in the human morula

			PRJNA492181 Maternal-Fetal Immune
			Responses in Preterm Labor and Congenital

			PRJNA492182 Maternal-Fetal Immune
			Responses in Preterm Labor and Congenital

			PRJNA302747 Mechanisms for the Generation
			of Two Quadruplications Associated with
			Split-Hand Malformation

			PRJNA275162 Mechanisms of
			Chorioamnionitis-associated Preterm Birth:
			Interleukin 1 β inhibits Progesterone Receptor
			Expression in Decidual Cells

			PRJNA127549 Methylation profiling in
			individuals with uniparental disomy identifies
			novel differentially methylated regions on
			chromosome 15

			PRJNA276263 Methylation profiling of molar
			tissues caused by recessive maternal-effect
			NLRP7 mutations

			PRJNA139079 Methylation screening of
			reciprocal genome-wide UPDs identifies novel
			human specific imprinted genes

			PRJNA145639 Methylome of Fetal and
			Maternal Monocytes and Macrophages at the
			Feto-Maternal Interface

			PRJNA96761 Microarray Analysis of
			Differentially Expressed Genes in Placental
			Tissue of Severe Preeclampsia

			PRJNA244881 Microarray Data of cell-free
			RNA across pregnancy time course

			PRJNA165681 Mid-gestational gene
			expression profile in placenta and link to
			pregnancy complications

			PRJNA141991 mRNA Content of Human

			PRJNA378173 mRNA expression data from
			ESCs derived by polar body transfer
			reconstructed embryos (PBTESCs)

			PRJNA320251 mRNA expression data from
			human parthenogenetic haploid ESCs (hPGES),
			normal ESCs (H9) and human fibroblast

			PRJNA279957 Multigenerational epigenetic
			inheritance in humans: DNA methylation
			changes associated with maternal exposure to
			lead can be transmitted to the grandchildren

			PRJNA314912 Nashville Birth Cohort

			PRJNA381001 Natural killer cells promote fetal
			development through the secretion of
			growth-promoting factors

			PRJNA337904 Neonatal DNA methylation
			distinguishes children who will and will not
			become asthmatic by age 9 years

			PRJNA238847 NICHD Genomic and Proteomic
			Network for Preterm Birth Research

			PRJNA238848 NICHD Genomic and Proteomic
			Network for Preterm Birth Research

			PRJNA170528 Non-allelic homologous
			recombination between retrotransposable
			elements is a major driver of de novo
			unbalanced translocations.

			PRJNA168047 Non-invasive whole genome
			sequencing of a human fetus

			PRJNA168048 Non-invasive whole genome
			sequencing of a human fetus

			PRJNA194466 Noninvasive Zygosity Diagnosis

			PRJNA162875 Normal early pregnancy: a
			transient state of epigenetic change favoring

			PRJNA516879 Novel parent-of-origin specific
			differentially methylated loci on chromosome 16


			PRJNA388219 Organotypic models of type III
			interferon-mediated protection from Zika virus
			infections at the maternal-fetal interface

			PRJNA213703 Overlapping DNA methylation
			profile between placentas with trisomy 16 and
			early-onset preeclampsia

			PRJNA359418 Oxygen tension regulates the
			miRNA profile and bioactivity of exosomes
			released from extravillous trophoblast cells –
			implications for complications of pregnancy

			PRJNA315404 Parental allele specific
			single-cell transcriptome dynamics reveal
			incomplete epigenetic reprogramming in human
			female germ cells

			PRJNA288434 Perturbed neonatal size is
			associated with differential DNA methylation
			and gene expression in human placentas

			PRJNA301426 Pervasive polymorphic
			imprinted methylation in the human placenta

			PRJNA306761 Pervasive polymorphic
			imprinted methylation in the human placenta

			PRJNA233405 PGC7 and TET3 ChIP-seq

			PRJNA117927 PIF modulated gene expression
			in human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell

			PRJNA373850 Placenta-derived exosomes as
			early biomarker of preeclampsia - Potential role
			of exosomal miRNAs across gestation.

			PRJNA495474 Placenta-specific DMRs
			maintain methylation across gestation.

			PRJNA300430 Placental Gene Expression in
			Response to Histamine and Oxygen

			PRJNA302183 Placental gene expression
			profiling for the identification of clinically relevant
			subclasses of human preeclampsia

			PRJNA384332 Placental methylation arrays for
			the assessment of epigenetic regulation in
			transcriptional subtypes of human preeclampsia

			PRJNA521079 Placental Transcriptome and

			PRJNA521080 Placental Transcriptome and

			PRJNA287653 Placental Transcriptomes in the
			Common Aneuploidies Reveal Critical Regions
			on the Trisomic Chromosomes and
			Genome-Wide Effects

			PRJNA120785 Preclinical Validation of a
			Microarray Method for Full Molecular
			Karyotyping of Blastomeres in a 24-hour

			PRJNA209047 Preimplantation Factor Effect
			on Endometrial and Decidual Cells

			PRJNA209813 Prenatal arsenic exposure and
			the epigenome: altered gene expression
			profiles in newborn cord blood

			PRJNA209814 Prenatal arsenic exposure and
			the epigenome: altered miRNA expression
			profiles in newborn cord blood

			PRJNA248205 Profile of differential expression
			and DNA methylation status in choriodecidua of
			women affected with severe endometriosis
			[DNA methylation]

			PRJNA247966 Profile of differential expression
			and DNA methylation status in choriodecidua of
			women affected with severe endometriosis
			[Gene Expression]

			PRJNA339836 Prolonged activation of innate
			antiviral gene signature after childbirth is
			determined by IFNL3 genotype

			PRJNA530026 Quantitative variation in
			m.3243A>G mutation produce discrete
			changes in energy metabolism

			PRJNA144971 regulatory T cells in human

			PRJNA454694 Sequencing based maternal
			whole blood expression changes with
			gestational age and labor in normal pregnancy

			PRJNA112181 Severe Preeclampsia-Related
			Changes in Gene Expression at the
			Maternal-Fetal Interface Include Siglec-6 and

			PRJNA212688 Severe preeclampsia: new
			blood circulating biomarkers

			PRJNA429623 Sex Differences in the Late First
			Trimester Human Placenta Transcriptome

			PRJNA429669 Sex Differences in the Late First
			Trimester Human Placenta Transcriptome

			PRJNA231568 Sex-specific changes of
			placental transcriptome in response to a n-3
			LCPUFA supplementation of pregnant women

			PRJNA391189 Single-cell multi-omics
			sequencing of human early embryos

			PRJNA345561 Single-cell transcriptomics of
			the human placenta: inferring the cell
			communication network of the maternal-fetal

			PRJNA381759 Single-nucleotide mapping of
			N1-methyladenosine reveals a tissue-specific
			role in translational repression

			PRJNA142027 Sperm DNA methylation

			PRJNA75629 STAMPEED: Northern Finland
			Birth Cohorts 1966

			PRJNA75631 STAMPEED: Northern Finland
			Birth Cohorts 1966

			PRJNA236396 Stress, heritability, tissue type
			and human methylome variation.

			PRJNA294733 Syncytiotrophoblast generation
			from human pluripotent stem cells

			PRJNA459725 Targeted sequencing based
			maternal whole blood expression changes with
			gestational age and labor in normal pregnancy

			PRJNA345632 Term placenta
			syncytiotrophoblast transcriptome

			PRJNA149231 The amniotic fluid
			transcriptome: a source of novel information
			about human fetal development

			PRJNA120137 The Co-regulated Genes by
			Ectopic Expression of MiR-371-372-373
			Cluster in HepG2 Cells

			PRJNA236565 The effect of genotype and in
			utero environment on inter-individual variation in
			neonate DNA methylomes (genotypes)

			PRJNA236558 The effect of genotype and in
			utero environment on inter-individual variation in
			neonate DNA methylomes (methylomes)

			PRJNA189653 The human placental sexome
			differs between trophoblast epithelium and
			villous vessel endothelium

			PRJNA292041 The Influence of Gut Microbiota
			on the Speciation and Toxicity of Mercury
			During Pregnancy

			PRJNA292042 The Influence of Gut Microbiota
			on the Speciation and Toxicity of Mercury
			During Pregnancy

			PRJNA141337 The mtDNA Amerindian
			Haplogroup B2 enhances the risk for Cervical
			Cancer of HPV: de-regulation of mitochondrial
			genes may be involved.

			PRJNA242529 The noncoding RNA IPW
			regulates the imprinted DLK1-DIO3 locus in an
			induced pluripotent stem cell model of
			Prader-Willi syndrome

			PRJNA343949 The transcriptome of human
			oocytes is related to age and ovarian reserve.

			PRJNA308808 The YY1/MMP2 axis promotes
			trophoblast invasion at the maternal-fetal

			PRJNA515815 TOP2B disturbed the quality of
			human oocytes with advanced maternal age

			PRJNA308187 Towards therapeutic application
			of pronuclear transfer to prevent transmission
			of mitochondrial DNA disease

			PRJNA316990 Transcriptional profiling of JEG3
			cells with HLA-G ablation via deletion of
			Enhancer L

			PRJNA377237 Transcriptome analysis of
			immature and matured human oocytes from
			patients of young and advanced maternal age

			PRJNA448842 Transcriptome of human
			chorioamniotic membranes of severe preterm

			PRJNA258259 Transcriptome profiling of
			deciduas from pre-eclamptic and normotensive

			PRJNA151733 Transcriptomic Analysis of
			Placenta Affected by Antiphospholipid
			Antibodies: Following the TRAIL of trophoblast

			PRJNA414543 Transcriptomic insights into
			human decidual and peripheral blood CD8 T

			PRJNA362946 Transcriptomic Profiling of
			Trophoblast Subpopulations in Severe
			Preeclampsia Reveals Novel Aspects of RNA

			PRJNA146311 Transcriptomic Signature of
			Trophoblast Differentiation in a Human
			Embryonic Stem Cell Model

			PRJNA315528 Transcriptomic signatures of
			villous cytotrophoblast and syncytiotrophoblast
			in term human placenta.

			PRJNA113261 Transcriptonal profile of cord
			lining epithelial cells after phage integrase
			mediated integration

			PRJNA387578 TRIM28-Regulated Transposon
			Repression Is Required for Human Germline
			Competency and Not Primed or Naive Human

			PRJNA412078 Two distinct myeloid subsets at
			the term human fetal-maternal interface

			PRJNA401893 UBE3A-mediated regulation of
			imprinted genes and epigenome-wide marks in
			human neurons

			PRJNA473156 UGA Folic acid supplementation
			in pregnant women

			PRJNA281986 Unbiased evaluation of cell-free
			amniotic fluid transcriptome of term and
			preterm infants to detect fetal maturity

			PRJNA297670 Unique inflammatory
			transcriptome profiles at the maternal fetal
			interface and onset of human preterm and term

			PRJNA390973 Utility and validation in placental
			DNA methylation profiling of preeclampsia and
			intrauterine growth restriction [discovery cohort]


			PRJNA136859 Validation of rapid embryo
			tracking using cell-free fetal DNA enriched from
			maternal circulation at 9 weeks gestation

			PRJNA509222 Walking along chromosomes
			with super-resolution imaging, contact maps,
			and integrative modelling

			PRJNA269091 Whole Genome Bisulfite
			Sequencing of ccd DNA and its Cellular

			PRJNA269092 Whole Genome Bisulfite
			Sequencing of ccd DNA and its Cellular

			PRJNA307291 Whole Genome Study for de
			novo Mutation Rates

			PRJNA307292 Whole Genome Study for de
			novo Mutation Rates

			PRJNA497815 Whole-genome gene
			expression profiles of peripheral blood cells in
			an individual with Long QT syndrome and
			Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome

			PRJNA162575 Whole-transcriptome profiling
			analysis of first trimester placental villi in Indian

			PRJNA119649 Xenobiotic transporter gene
			expression in isolated lactating and
			non-lactating human mammary epithelial cells

			32342041 Forecasting the Impact of
			Coronavirus Disease During Delivery Hospitalization:
			An Aid for Resources Utilization.

			32341829 Pregnancy associated plasma
			protein A: An indicator of adverse obstetric
			outcomes in a South India population.

			32336970 Exposure to household secondhand
			smoke among adolescents in Kuwait: Results
			from two school-based cross-sectional studies.

			32335053 Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)
			in pregnant women: A report based on 116

			32333646 Adverse maternal environment and
			western diet impairs cognitive function and
			alters hippocampal glucocorticoid receptor
			promoter methylation in male mice.

			32332443 Stress During Pregnancy and
			Epigenetic Modifications to Offspring DNA: A
			Systematic Review of Associations and
			Implications for Preterm Birth.

			32329186 Point-of-care HIV maternal viral load
			and early infant diagnosis testing around time
			of delivery at tertiary obstetric units in South
			Africa: a prospective study of coverage, results
			return and turn-around times.

			32328169 Improving intraoperative temperature
			management in elective repeat cesarean
			deliveries: a retrospective observational cohort

			32328081 Molecular Phylogeography and
			Evolutionary History of the Endemic Species
			Corydalis hendersonii (Papaveraceae) on the
			Tibetan Plateau Inferred From Chloroplast DNA
			and ITS Sequence Variation.

			32327935 Distinctive nursing practices in
			working with mothers to care for hospitalised
			children at a district hospital in KwaZulu-Natal,
			South Africa: a descriptive observational study.

			32326903 Dynamics of immunoglobulin G
			subclasses during the first two years of life in
			Malawian infants born to HIV-positive mothers.

			32322682 Cannabinoid Inheritance Relies on
			Complex Genetic Architecture.

			32319625 Effects of combined treatment with
			PD‑L1 Ig and CD40L mAb on immune tolerance
			in the CBA/J x DBA/2 mouse model.

			32318282 Ocular Findings in Infants with
			Microcephaly Caused by Presumed
			Congenital Infection by Zika Virus in Sergipe.

			32318201 Examining the Differing Effects of
			Economic Hardship and Poor Maternal Wellbeing
			on Cumulative Exposure to Adverse Childhood Experiences.

			32318099 Sperm Ribosomal DNA Promoter
			Methylation Levels Are Correlated With Paternal
			Aging and May Relate With in vitro Fertilization

			32315306 Novel approach to visualize the
			inter-dependencies between maternal
			sensitization, breast milk immune components
			and human milk oligosaccharides in the LIFE
			Child cohort.

			32313683 A protocol for a pilot cluster
			randomized control trial of e-vouchers and
			mobile phone application to enhance access
			to maternal health services in Cameroon.

			32313550 Health policy mapping and system
			gaps impeding the implementation of
			reproductive, maternal, neonatal, child, and
			adolescent health programs in South Sudan:
			a scoping review.

			32311907 Probabilistic estimates of prenatal
			lead exposure at 195 toxic hotspots in low-
			and middle-income countries.

			32309433 The Roles of Uterine Natural Killer
			(NK) Cells and KIR/HLA-C Combination in the
			Development of Preeclampsia: A Systematic

			32309270 Pre-pregnancy Maternal Weight
			and Gestational Weight Gain Increase the Risk
			for Childhood Asthma and Wheeze: An Updated

			32308968 The relation between maternal locus
			of control and coping styles of pediatric leukemia
			patients during treatment.

			32308656 TNF-Signaling Modulates
			Neutrophil-Mediated Immunity at the Feto-Maternal
			Interface During LPS-Induced Intrauterine

			32308649 From Maternal Grazing to Barn
			Feeding During Pre-weaning Period: Altered
			Gastrointestinal Microbiota Contributes to
			Change the Development and Function of the
			Rumen and Intestine of Yak Calves.

			32308502 Maternal Mortality in Georgia:
			Incidence, Causes and Level of Underreporting:
			A National Reproductive Age Mortality Study

			32308499 Severe Hypertensive Disorders of
			Pregnancy in Eastern Ethiopia: Comparing the
			Original WHO and Adapted sub-Saharan African
			Maternal Near-Miss Criteria.

			32308249 Winning at all costs: The etiology
			of hypercompetitiveness through the indirect
			influences of parental bonds on anger and
			verbal/physical aggression.

			32303690 Corded Ware cultural complexity
			uncovered using genomic and isotopic analysis
			from south-eastern Poland.

			32303233 Infant feeding guideline awareness
			among mothers living with HIV in North America
			and Nigeria.

			32303218 Healthcare access and adverse
			family impact among U.S. children ages 0-5
			years by prematurity status.

			32300758 A comparison of neonatal outcomes
			between adolescent and adult mothers in
			developed countries: A systematic review and

			32300752 Access to women physicians and
			uptake of reproductive, maternal and child
			health services in India.

			32300745 Gender parity at scale: Examining
			correlations of country-level female participation
			in education and work with measures of men's
			and women's survival.

			32299468 Prevalence of institutional delivery
			and its correlates amongst women of
			reproductive age in Mozambique: a cross-sectional

			32299379 Effects of a maternal role adjustment
			program for first time mothers who use
			postpartum care centers (Sanhujoriwon) in
			South Korea: a quasi-experimental study.

			32298289 Addressing maternal depression
			in home visiting: Findings from the home visiting
			collaborative improvement and innovation

			32296629 The association of maternal
			plant-based diets and the growth of breastfed

			32296464 Functional Characterization and
			Expression Analyses Show Differential Roles
			of Maternal and Zygotic Dgcr8 in Early Embryonic

			32296427 Regulatory T Cells Beyond
			Autoimmunity: From Pregnancy to Cancer and
			Cardiovascular Disease.

			32295648 Innovations in maternal and child
			health: case studies from Uganda.

			32295555 Prevalence of myopia and associated
			risk factors among primary students in
			Chongqing: multilevel modeling.

			32293735 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
			in a Midwestern City: Child Characteristics,
			Maternal Risk Traits, and Prevalence.

			32293734 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
			in a Southeastern County of the United States:
			Child Characteristics and Maternal Risk Traits.

			32293732 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
			in a Rocky Mountain Region City: Child
			Characteristics, Maternal Risk Traits, and

			32293682 Association of Poor Sanitation With
			Growth Measurements Among Children in

			32293490 Maternal high-fat diet induces
			sex-specific changes to glucocorticoid and
			inflammatory signaling in response to
			corticosterone and lipopolysaccharide challenge
			in adult rat offspring.

			32293382 Prenatal care and uptake of HIV
			testing among pregnant women in Gambia: a
			cross-sectional study.

			32293318 Effect of previous placenta previa
			on outcome of next pregnancy: a 10-year
			retrospective cohort study.

			32293306 Experiences, views and needs of
			first-time fathers in pregnancy-related care: a
			qualitative study in south-East Nigeria.

			32293281 Feto-maternal outcomes of
			hypertensive disorders of pregnancy in Yekatit-12
			Teaching Hospital, Addis Ababa: a retrospective

			32284733 Use of romiplostim in pregnancy
			for refractory idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura:
			Two case reports with maternal and fetal
			outcomes and literature review.

			32284729 Brain natriuretic peptide in pregnant
			women with heart disease.

			32284728 Out-of-office blood pressure
			measurement for the diagnosis of hypertension
			in pregnancy: Survey of Canadian Obstetric
			Medicine and Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists.

			32283518 Pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC)
			neuron translatome signatures underlying
			obesogenic gestational malprogramming in

			32282838 A grape seed extract maternal
			dietary supplementation in reproductive hens
			reduces oxidative stress associated to
			modulation of plasma and tissue adipokines
			expression and improves viability of offsprings.

			32280941 Maternal outcomes and birth
			interventions among women who begin labour
			intending to give birth at home compared to
			women of low obstetrical risk who intend to
			give birth in hospital: A systematic review and

			32280936 A systematic review of the agreement
			of recall, home-based records, facility records,
			BCG scar, and serology for ascertaining
			vaccination status in low and middle-income

			32276955 Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy
			and risk of asthma in offspring: protocol for a
			systematic review and meta-analysis.

			32274339 A Real-world Prospective Study of
			Mother-to-child Transmission of HBV in China
			Using a Mobile Health Application (Shield 01).

			32273939 Long-Term Treatment with
			Fluvoxamine Decreases Nonmotor Symptoms
			and Dopamine Depletion in a Postnatal Stress
			Rat Model of Parkinson's Disease.

			32273885 Sequencing Shorter cfDNA Fragments
			Decreases the False Negative Rate of
			Non-invasive Prenatal Testing.

			32273777 The Association Between Pre-Pregnancy
			Body Mass Index, Perinatal Depression and
			Maternal Vitamin D Status: Findings from an
			Australian Cohort Study.

			32273775 Perception Determinants of Women
			and Healthcare Providers on the Effects of Oil
			Pollution on Maternal and Newborn Outcomes
			in the Niger Delta, Nigeria.

			32273632 Estimating cost of hospitalization
			for childbirth at a tertiary hospital in Mongolia.

			32272963 Adaptation and validation of the
			Iowa infant feeding attitude scale and the
			breastfeeding knowledge questionnaire for use
			in an Ethiopian setting.

			32271787 Maternal and perinatal outcome of
			preeclampsia without severe feature among
			pregnant women managed at a tertiary referral
			hospital in urban Ethiopia.

			32270134 A systematic review of the agreement
			of recall, home-based records, facility records,
			BCG scar, and serology for ascertaining
			vaccination status in low and middle-income

			32270133 "When I Eat Well, I Will Be Healthy,
			and the Child Will Also Be Healthy": Maternal
			Nutrition among HIV-Infected Women Enrolled
			in a Livelihood Intervention in Western Kenya.

			32269313 Role of Lectin-like Oxidized LDL
			Receptor-1 and Syncytiotrophoblast Extracellular
			Vesicles in the Vascular Reactivity of Mouse
			Uterine Arteries During Pregnancy.

			32265901 EuroFlow Standardized Approach
			to Diagnostic Immunopheneotyping of Severe
			PID in Newborns and Young Children.

			32265671 Behavioral Profiling in Early
			Adolescence and Early Adulthood of Male
			Wistar Rats After Short and Prolonged Maternal

			32265432 Effects of an Informational Video
			About Anesthesia on Pre- and Post-Elective
			Cesarean Section Anxiety and Recovery: A
			Randomized Controlled Trial.

			32258988 A Multisectoral Nutrition Program
			in Nepal Improves Knowledge of Dietary
			Diversity, Sick Child Feeding, and Handwashing,
			but Not All Practices: a Program Impact
			Pathways Mediation Analysis.

			32258487 Expression analysis of glutathione
			S-transferases and ferritins during the
			embryogenesis of the tick Haemaphysalis

			32258253 Acute sleep deprivation during
			pregnancy in rats: Rapid elevation of placental
			and fetal inflammation and kynurenic acid.

			32257990 WOmen's Action for Mums and
			Bubs (WOMB) Trial Protocol: A Non-randomized
			Stepped Wedge Implementation Trial of
			Participatory Women's Groups to Improve the
			Health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
			Mothers and Children in Australia.

			32257862 Fertility preservation options for
			transgender individuals.

			32257401 Towards universal health coverage:
			achievements and challenges of 10 years of
			healthcare reform in China.

			32257320 European and Asian contribution
			to the genetic diversity of mainland South
			American chickens.

			32256398 Deported Men's and Father's
			Perspective: The Impacts of Family Separation
			on Children and Families in the U.S.

			32256104 Ultrasound-Guided Transversus
			Abdominis Plane Block for Cesarean Delivery:
			Injection Site Pain as a New Complication and
			Dexamethasone Reduced Incidence.

			32255935 Comparative transcriptome analysis
			in Chinese cabbage (Brassica rapa ssp.
			pekinesis) for DEGs of Ogura-, Polima-CMS
			and their shared maintainer.

			32252778 Community engagement interventions
			for communicable disease control in low- and
			lower- middle-income countries: evidence from
			a review of systematic reviews.

			32252704 Occupational exposure to HIV
			among healthcare workers in PMTCT sites in
			Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

			32252686 Women's suggestions on how to
			improve the quality of maternal and newborn
			hospital care: a qualitative study in Italy using
			the WHO standards as framework for the

			32251309 Late weaning and maternal closeness,
			associated with advanced motor and visual
			maturation, reinforce autonomy in healthy,
			2-year-old children.

			32245416 A risk factor-based predictive model
			for new-onset hypertension during pregnancy
			in Chinese Han women.

			32240265 MiRNA profiles in blood plasma
			from mother-child duos in human biobanks
			and the implication of sample quality: Circulating
			miRNAs as potential early markers of child

			32240230 Chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan 4
			regulates zebrafish body axis organization via
			Wnt/planar cell polarity pathway.

			32236510 Association of Preeclampsia in
			Term Births With Neurodevelopmental Disorders
			in Offspring.

			32231390 Migration and first-year maternal
			mortality among HIV-positive postpartum
			women: A population-based longitudinal study
			in rural South Africa.

			32228501 Predictors of institutional delivery
			service utilization among women of reproductive
			age in Gambia: a cross-sectional analysis.

			32226732 Maternal tobacco use: A
			third-trimester risk factor for
			small-for-gestational-age pregnancy outcome.

			32219011 Cesarean Section and Maternal-fetal
			Mortality Rates in Nigeria: An Ecological Lens
			into the Last Decade.

			32219001 Pregnancy has a minimal impact on
			the acute transcriptional signature to

			32215199 The impact of placental pathology
			discordance in multiple gestation pregnancies
			on bronchopulmonary dysplasia-associated
			pulmonary hypertension.

			32211495 Management of acute haemorrhage
			following chemotherapy for invasive molar
			pregnancy by embolization and conservative
			fertility-sparing surgery.

			32210651 Children's Sleep May Depend on
			Maternal Sleep Duration During Pregnancy: A
			Retrospective Study.

			32210488 Founder Effect of KHDC3L, p.M1V
			Mutation, on Iranian Patients with Recurrent
			Hydatidiform Moles.

			32210300 Stillbirth risk prediction using
			machine learning for a large cohort of births
			from Western Australia, 1980-2015.

			32210262 Non-targeted urinary metabolomics
			in pregnancy and associations with fetal growth

			32210229 Maternal carriage of Prevotella
			during pregnancy associates with protection
			against food allergy in the offspring.

			32206650 Determination of maternal
			risk factors of preterm delivery: adjusted for
			sparse data bias; results from a
			population-based case-control study in Iran.

			32206334 Protocol for a pilot randomized
			controlled feasibility study of brief interpersonal
			psychotherapy for addressing social-emotional
			needs and preventing excess
			gestational weight gain in adolescents.

			32206219 Correlation among the Behavioral
			Features in the Offspring of Morphine-Abstinent

			32206043 Does Maternal Warmth Moderate
			Longitudinal Associations Between Infant
			Attention Control and Children's Inhibitory

			32201781 Inhibition of Valproic Acid-Induced
			Prenatal Developmental Abnormalities with
			Antioxidants in Rats.

			32201626 Toward improving respectful
			maternity care: a discrete choice experiment
			with rural women in northeast Nigeria.

			32201621 What the percentage of births in
			facilities does not measure: readiness for
			emergency obstetric care and referral in

			32201457 Maternal Encouragement of Modest
			Behavior, Temperamental Shyness, and
			Anxious Withdrawal Linkages to Chinese
			American Children's Social Adjustment: A
			Moderated Mediation Analysis.

			32199122 Performance of late pregnancy
			biometry for gestational age dating in
			low-income and middle-income countries: a
			prospective, multicountry, population-based
			cohort study from the WHO Alliance for
			Maternal and Newborn Health Improvement
			(AMANHI) Study Group.

			32198464 Human PZP and common
			marmoset A2ML1 as pregnancy related

			32198414 First trimester PAPP-A serum levels
			and long-term metabolic outcome of mothers
			and their offspring.

			32195153 Promoting Health Care for Pregnant
			Women in Prison: A Review of International

			32194583 Genetic Relationships Among
			Portuguese Cultivated and Wild Vitis vinifera L.

			32194459 Family Features of Social Withdrawal
			Syndrome (Hikikomori).

			32192596 Androgenicity and fertility treatment
			in women with unexplained infertility.

			32192458 Loss to follow-up and associated
			maternal factors among HIV-exposed infants at
			the Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital,
			Uganda: a retrospective study.

			32192449 Quality of neonatal resuscitation in
			Ethiopia: implications for the survival of

			32191181 Penalties for Emergency Medical
			Treatment and Labor Act Violations Involving
			Obstetrical Emergencies.

			32190434 Frequency of
			Early-onset Neonatal Sepsis Following
			Prolonged Rupture of Membranes.

			32190123 Cell-free DNA screening for
			sex chromosome aneuploidies by non-invasive
			prenatal testing in maternal plasma.

			32188454 Are environmental area
			characteristics at birth associated with
			overweight and obesity in school-aged
			children? Findings from the SLOPE (Studying
			Lifecourse Obesity PrEdictors)
			population-based cohort in the south of

			32188420 Genotype calling of triploid offspring
			from diploid parents.

			32185276 Clinical Case: Pregnancy lactation

			32184994 Exposure to exogenous egg cortisol
			does not rescue juvenile Chinook salmon body
			size, condition, or survival from the effects of
			elevated water temperatures.

			32184675 Association of Maternal and
			Umbilical Cord Blood Lipid Parameters with
			Uterine and Fetal-Placental Blood Flow in
			Hypertensive and Normotensive Pregnancies.

			32184565 Perindopril in Breast Milk and
			Determination of Breastfed Infant Exposure: A
			Prospective Observational Study.

			32184311 Access and use of oxytocin for
			postpartum haemorrhage prevention: a
			pre-post study targeting the poorest in six
			Mesoamerican countries.

			32183744 What do women want? An analysis
			of preferences of women, involvement of men,
			and decision-making in maternal and newborn
			health care in rural Bangladesh.

			32179833 The influence of transmitted and
			non-transmitted parental BMI-associated alleles
			on the risk of overweight in childhood.

			32176692 Nationally and regionally
			representative analysis of 1.65 million children
			aged under 5 years using a child-based human
			development index: A multi-country
			cross-sectional study.

			32176304 Association of Fish Consumption
			and Mercury Exposure During Pregnancy With
			Metabolic Health and Inflammatory Biomarkers
			in Children.

			32175519 Longitudinal Changes of
			One-Carbon Metabolites and Amino Acid
			Concentrations during Pregnancy in the
			Women First Maternal Nutrition Trial.

			32175480 Congenital microcephaly unrelated
			to flavivirus exposure in coastal Kenya.

			32175345 Obstetrical outcome in the third
			trimester after hysteroscopic adhesiolysis.

			32175035 Proportion of women with
			history of gestational diabetes mellitus who
			performed an oral glucose test at six weeks
			postpartum in Johor Bahru with
			abnormal glucose tolerance.

			32174914 Prenatal Maternal Stress Causes
			Preterm Birth and Affects Neonatal Adaptive
			Immunity in Mice.

			32174855 Received Cradling Bias During the
			First Year of Life: A Retrospective Study on
			Children With Typical and Atypical

			32174832 Early-Life Stress Induces
			Depression-Like Behavior and
			Synaptic-Plasticity Changes in a Maternal
			Separation Rat Model: Gender Difference and
			Metabolomics Study.

			32171253 The maternal origin of indigenous
			domestic chicken from the Middle East, the
			north and the horn of Africa.

			32170107 Organoid cultures of MELAS neural
			cells reveal hyperactive Notch signaling that
			impacts neurodevelopment.

			32169927 Prediction of gestational age with
			symphysis-fundal height and estimated uterine
			volume in a pregnancy cohort in Sylhet,

			32169094 Review of health and non-health
			sector indicators for monitoring service
			provision along the continuum of care for
			maternal health.

			32169083 Maternal phthalate exposure and
			asthma, rhinitis and eczema in 552 children
			aged 5 years; a prospective cohort study.

			32165805 Determinants of Maternal Near Miss
			in Western Ethiopia.

			32165645 Janzen-Connell effects shape gene
			flow patterns and realized fitness in the tropical
			dioecious tree Spondias purpurea

			32164728 Evaluating implementation
			effectiveness and sustainability of a maternity
			waiting homes intervention to improve access
			to safe delivery in rural Zambia: a
			mixed-methods protocol.

			32164717 How the choice of ethnic indicator
			influences ethnicity-based inequities in maternal
			health care in four Latin American countries:
			who is indigenous?

			32164616 Estimating racial health disparities
			among adverse birth outcomes as deviations
			from the population rates.

			32164606 Intergenerational transmission of
			health disparities among Turkish-origin
			immigrants in Germany: study protocol of a
			multi-centric cohort study (BaBi-stress and
			BaBeK study).

			32164563 Maternal plasma lipid levels across
			pregnancy and the risks of
			small-for-gestational age and low birth weight:
			a cohort study from rural Gambia.

			32164247 The Primary Care-Video Intervention
			Therapy for Growth-Vulnerable Infants. A Case Study.

			32164226 Promoting Roles of Embryonic
			Signals in Embryo Implantation and
			Placentation in Cooperation with Endocrine and
			Immune Systems.

			32163502 Potential new tool for anemia
			screening: An evaluation of the performance
			and usability of the TrueHb Hemometer.

			32163440 Prevalence and determinants of
			caesarean section in South and South-East
			Asian women.

			32161505 The Extent of Maternal Nutritional
			Knowledge and Practice During Lactation in
			Kombolcha Town, South Wollo Zone, Ethiopia:
			A Mixed Study Design.

			32160214 Mid-trimester cervical length not
			associated with HIV status among pregnant
			women in Botswana.

			32158465 Novel MT-ND Gene Variants
			Causing Adult-Onset Mitochondrial Disease and
			Isolated Complex I Deficiency.

			32158267 Clinicopathological Characteristics
			and Treatment Outcomes of Pregnancy
			Complicated by Malignant
			Ovarian Germ Cell Tumors.

			32156815 Maternal Broadly Neutralizing
			Antibodies Can Select for
			Infant-Transmitted/Founder HIV Variants.

			32155988 Maternal Exposure to Ambient Air
			Pollution and Risk of Preeclampsia: A
			Population-Based Cohort Study in Scania,

			32154403 Engraftment potential of maternal
			adipose-derived stem cells for fetal

			32154032 Estimating uncertainty in geospatial
			modelling at multiple spatial resolutions: the
			pattern of delivery via caesarean section in

			32154031 The influence of distance and quality
			on utilisation of birthing services at health
			facilities in Eastern Region, Ghana.

			32153950 Determinants of stunting among
			children aged 0-59 months in Nepal: findings
			from Nepal Demographic and health Survey,
			2006, 2011, and 2016.

			32153921 Maternal knowledge and attitudes
			towards complementary feeding in relation to
			timing of its initiation in rural Bangladesh.

			32153842 An examination of whether
			associations exist between maternal and
			neonatal 25OHD and infant size and adiposity
			at birth, 6-9 months and 2-2.5 years of age - a
			longitudinal observational study from the ROLO

			32153833 Intention, magnitude and factors
			associated with bottle feeding among mothers
			of 0-23 months old children in Holeta town,
			Central Ethiopia: a cross sectional study.

			32153830 Folate, vitamin B12, ferritin and
			haemoglobin levels among women of
			childbearing age from a rural district in South

			32153821 The Pune Rural Intervention in
			Young Adolescents (PRIYA) study: design and
			methods of a randomised controlled trial.

			32153804 Regional, socioeconomic, and
			dietary factors influencing B-vitamins in human
			milk of urban Chinese lactating women at
			different lactation stages.

			32153506 The Future of Cryopreservation in
			Assisted Reproductive Technologies.

			32153480 Implicit Maternal Intuition Confidence
			Is Associated With Maternal Well-Being Across

			32143597 Socioeconomic risk factors for
			labour induction in the United Kingdom.

			32143588 A maternal GOT1 novel variant
			associated with early-onset severe
			preeclampsia identified by whole-exome

			32142530 Community gender systems and a
			daughter's risk of female genital
			mutilation/cutting: Multilevel findings from

			32140462 Maternal Smoking Induced
			Cardiovascular Risks in Fetuses: How Can in
			silico Models Help?

			32140432 Folic Acid Supplement Intake and
			Risk of Colorectal Cancer in Women; A Case
			Control Study.

			32140290 Is Early Amniotomy Associated with
			Higher Likelihood of Vaginal Birth after

			32140235 QTL mapping and identification of
			SNP-haplotypes affecting yield components of
			Theobroma cacao L.

			32138755 Developmental nicotine exposure
			engenders intergenerational downregulation
			and aberrant posttranslational modification of
			cardinal epigenetic factors in the frontal
			cortices, striata, and hippocampi of adolescent

			32138721 Interventions for women who report
			domestic violence during and after pregnancy in
			low- and middle-income countries: a
			systematic literature review.

			32138695 "The midwife helped me ...
			otherwise I could have died": women's
			experience of professional midwifery services in
			rural Afghanistan - a qualitative study in the
			provinces Kunar and Laghman.

			32134987 The timing and quality of
			antenatal care received by women attending a
			primary care centre in Iquitos, Peru: A facility
			exit survey.

			32134961 Maternal perceptions of father
			involvement among refugee and disadvantaged
			families in Beirut, Lebanon.

			32133183 Large and persistent subnational
			inequalities in reproductive, maternal, newborn
			and child health intervention coverage in
			sub-Saharan Africa.

			32133181 Closing the inequality gaps in
			reproductive, maternal, newborn and child
			health coverage: slow and fast progressors.

			32133179 Women, children and adolescents in
			conflict countries: an assessment of inequalities
			in intervention coverage and survival.

			32133171 Predictors of neonatal mortality:
			development and validation of prognostic
			models using prospective data from rural

			32133164 Effects of improved complementary
			feeding and improved water, sanitation and
			hygiene on early child development among
			HIV-exposed children: substudy of a cluster
			randomised trial in rural Zimbabwe.

			32132757 Informal work and maternal and
			child health: a blind spot in public health and

			31254963 Hair cortisol levels, psychological
			stress and psychopathological symptoms prior
			to instrumental deliveries.

			31254951 Trajectories of child protective
			services contact among Alaska
			Native/American Indian and non-Native

			31254880 Early life stress induces submissive
			behavior in adult rats.

			31254811 Motor activity and spatial proximity:
			Relationships to infant emotions and maternal
			postpartum depression.

			31254631 Content of Infant Safe Sleep
			Counseling and Maternal Reported Practices in
			an Urban Clinic.

			31254609 The influence of seminal plasma on
			offspring development and health.

			31254551 Why are you eating, mom? Maternal
			emotional, restrained, and external eating
			explaining child's eating styles.

			31254468 The association between severe
			fetal congenital heart defects and placental
			vascular malperfusion lesions.

			31254464 Uterine artery and umbilical vein
			blood flow are unaffected by moderate habitual
			physical activity during pregnancy.

			31254448 The impact of maternal touch of the
			abdomen on cardiotocography fetal patterns.

			31254350 Risk of congenital heart diseases
			associated with NAT2 genetic polymorphisms
			and maternal polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

			31254160 Irish Maternal Early Warning Score.

			31253738 Hollis BW, Wagner CL, Howard CR,
			et al. Maternal Versus Infant Vitamin D
			Supplementation During Lactation: A
			Randomized Controlled Trial. Pediatrics.

			31253591 Training health workers to prevent
			and manage post-partum haemorrhage (PPH).

			31253486 Fetal exposure to polybrominated
			diphenyl ethers and the risk of hypospadias:
			focus on the congeners involved.

			31253347 Uterine and fetal placental Doppler
			indices are associated with maternal
			cardiovascular function.

			31253224 A Novel Mutation in the
			Choroideremia Gene in a Turkish Family.

			31253193 Challenging diagnosis of prune belly
			syndrome antenatally: a case report.

			31253143 Paternal self-efficacy for promoting
			children's obesity protective diets and
			associations with children's dietary intakes.

			31253131 Population-based prevalence of fetal
			alcohol spectrum disorder in Canada.

			Clinical Trials
			3997396 Effects of Gestational Diabetes
			Mellitus on Children

			3997266 NICU Antibiotics and Outcomes Trial

			3996317 Maternal Hyperoxygenation for
			Intrapartum Fetal Heart Rate Tracing

			3993860 Introduction of Fish Early in the
			Complementary Feeding Period to Improve
			Infant Growth

			3991091 Reducing Neonatal Morbidity by
			Discontinuing Oxytocin During the Active Phase
			of 1st Stage of Labor

			3989102 Safety, Immunogenicity, and
			Protective Efficacy of Radiation Attenuated
			Plasmodium Falciparum NF54 Sporozoites
			(PfSPZ Vaccine) During Malaria Transmission
			Season in Healthy African Adult Women of
			Childbearing Potential in Mali

			3987165 The Effect of Music Therapy on

			3985618 The MODE Trial: Planned Caesarean
			Section Versus Induction of Labour for Women
			With Class III Obesity

			3984552 Validation of Rapid Tests for the
			Serological Diagnosis of HIV in 9 to 24 Months
			Old Children

			3982732 Maternal Antibody in Milk After

			3981029 FACT Biomarker Subgroup Analysis

			3980951 Combined Spinal Epidural vs Dural
			Puncture Epidural for Labour Analgesia

			3980353 Difficulties and Obstacles to the
			Integration in Community of Children With Type
			1 Diabetes Before Primary School.

			3978429 An mHealth Strategy to Reduce
			Pre-Eclampsia and Infant Death in Tanzania

			3977987 Maternal Antiviral Treatment and
			Infants Immunoprophylaxis in the Prevention of
			Mother-to-child Transmission

			3977259 Targeting Human Milk Fortification to
			Improve Preterm Infant Growth and Brain

			3976453 Psychological Outcome of Women
			With Morbidly Adherent Placenta Following

			3976063 Tocolysis in the Management of
			Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes
			Before 34 Weeks of Gestation

			3975933 Pregnancy Testing in Northern

			3975530 Piloting a Precision Approach to
			Home Visiting

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