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			Difficult or labored breathing.

			Related Concepts
			Absence of the pulmonary artery
			Acute chest syndrome
			Acute interstitial pneumonia
			Acute myocardial infarction
			Acute respiratory failure
			AIDS-Related Pneumocystis Pneumonia
			Aneurysm of sinus of Valsalva
			Antiasthmatic agent
			Asthma Preparation
			Chlamydophila psittaci infection
			Chronic beryllium disease
			Congenital lobar emphysema
			Congenital stenosis of pulmonary artery
			Cryptogenic pulmonary eosinophilia
			Decreased peak expiratory flow rate
			Diffuse Leiomyomatosis Syndrome
			Diffuse panbronchiolitis
			Dopamine beta hydroxylase deficiency
			Dyphylline product
			Eosinophilic pneumonia
			Familial dilated cardiomyopathy
			Familial nasal acilia
			Glucosephosphate isomerase deficiency
			Infundibular pulmonic stenosis
			Infusion-Related Reaction
			Intrapulmonary Thymoma
			Left ventricular failure
			Left ventricular noncompaction
			Left ventricular noncompaction 10
			Left ventricular noncompaction 6
			Left ventricular noncompaction 7
			Left ventricular noncompaction 8
			Lung Sarcomatoid Carcinoma
			Mitral valve prolapse
			New York Heart Association Class I
			New York Heart Association Class II
			New York Heart Association Class III
			Occupational allergic alveolitis
			Panic attack
			Panic Disorder
			Pleuro-pericardial cyst
			Pneumocystosis pneumonia
			Primary dilated cardiomyopathy
			Primary pulmonary hypertension
			Primary pulmonary hypertension 2
			Primary pulmonary hypertension 3
			Primary pulmonary hypertension 4
			Progressive familial heart block type 1A
			Pulmonary alveolar proteinosis
			Pulmonary artery stenosis
			Pulmonary cryptococcosis
			Pulmonary fibrosis
			Pulmonary sarcoidosis
			Pyothorax-Associated Lymphoma
			Retinoic acid syndrome
			Severe acute respiratory syndrome
			Simple pulmonary eosinophilia
			Status asthmaticus
			Sternal cleft
			Subglottic Squamous Cell Carcinoma
			Toxoplasma Pneumonia
			Tracheal Lymphoma
			Tracheal Squamous Cell Carcinoma
			Tracheal Web
			Typical Coronary Artery Disease Symptom
			chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
			chest pain
			pulmonary function
			respiratory symptoms

			PRJNA116131 An 82-Year old woman with a
			palpable lymph node

			32351976 A Challenging Combination:
			Anomalous Left Anterior Descending Coronary
			Artery, Myocardial Bridging, and Endothelial

			32351807 Gastrointestinal Infection Could Be
			New Focus for Coronavirus Diagnosis.

			32341644 Prognostic Analysis of
			Thymoma-Associated Myasthenia Gravis (MG)
			in Chinese Patients and Its Implication of MG
			Management: Experiences from a Tertiary

			32337136 Triple Valve Replacement in a Patient
			with Severe Combined Aortic and Mitral Stenosis.

			32335169 Risk factors of critical & mortal
			COVID-19 cases: A systematic literature review
			and meta-analysis.

			32326924 The characteristics of the frequent
			exacerbator with chronic bronchitis phenotype
			and non-exacerbator phenotype in patients
			with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease:
			a meta-analysis and system review.

			32318325 The clinical data from 19 critically
			ill patients with coronavirus disease 2019: a
			single-centered, retrospective, observational

			32314249 Bariatric Surgical Practice During
			the Initial Phase of COVID-19 Outbreak.

			32313588 Chest CT Findings of Early and
			Progressive Phase COVID-19 Infection from
			a US Patient.

			32313463 2019 novel coronavirus: an emerging
			global threat.

			32311512 Diarrhea is associated with prolonged
			symptoms and viral carriage in COVID-19.

			32309812 Prone Position in Management of
			COVID-19 Patients; a Commentary.

			32309496 Balsalazide-Induced Pneumonitis
			Causing Dyspnea in a Patient With
			Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

			32305249 A case of COVID-19 patient with
			the diarrhea as initial symptom and literature

			32300739 Long-term clinical prognosis of
			human infections with avian influenza A(H7N9)
			viruses in China after hospitalization.

			32300478 Endoscopic posterior cordotomy
			for treatment of dyspnea due to vocal fold

			32299506 An adolescent girl with signs and
			symptoms of anaphylaxis and negative
			immunologic workup: a case report.

			32293463 Effect of high-flow nasal therapy
			during early pulmonary rehabilitation in patients
			with severe AECOPD: a randomized controlled

			32292917 Exploring Personal Protection During
			High-Risk PCI in a COVID-19 Patient: Impella
			CP Mechanical Support During ULMCA
			Bifurcation Stenting.

			32292902 Outcome of Coronavirus spectrum
			infections (SARS, MERS, COVID 1 -19) during
			pregnancy: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

			32292704 Juxtaglomerular cell tumor in a
			young male presenting with new onset
			congestive heart failure.

			32292435 Epidemiology and Clinico-radiological
			features of Interstitial Lung Diseases.

			32288675 Endogenous Lipid Pneumonia in a
			Ferret (Mustela putorius furo).

			32288129 Clinical presentations and outcome
			of severe community-acquired pneumonia.

			32288128 Clinical characteristics and outcome
			of ICU admitted MERS corona virus infected

			32285014 Artificial intelligence for the diagnosis
			of heart failure.

			32284915 Huge Mediastinal Thymic Cyst in
			the Elderly Patient.

			32280581 Subcutaneous sarcoidosis with
			thoracic involvement: A very rare presentation
			of the disease.

			32276095 Symptom Cluster of ICU nurses
			treating COVID-19 pneumonia patients in
			Wuhan, China.

			32274173 Aerobic and breathing exercises
			improve dyspnea, exercise capacity and quality
			of life in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis patients:
			systematic review and meta-analysis.

			32273695 Development and Validation of the
			Modified Patient-Reported Outcome Scale for
			Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

			32265599 Percutaneous Closure of PFO in
			Patients with Reduced Oxygen Saturation at
			Rest and during Exercise: Short- and Long-Term

			32264836 The COngenital HeARt Disease in
			adult and Pulmonary Hypertension (COHARD-PH)
			registry: a descriptive study from single-center
			hospital registry of adult congenital heart disease
			and pulmonary hypertension in Indonesia.

			32259131 One-Month Outcomes of Cases
			Receiving Ticagrelor after Percutaneous
			Coronary Intervention; a Case Series.

			32257789 Pulmonary vein occlusion and
			veno-occlusive disease in a bilateral lung
			transplant patient: A case report.

			32257709 Whistling Lipoma: Bronchial
			Obstruction Caused by a Lipoma.

			32256920 Primary Cardiac Undifferentiated
			High-Grade Intimal Pleomorphic Sarcoma: A
			Case Series Report.

			32256868 Methemoglobinemia due to local
			anesthesia: a rare cause of cyanosis and
			chest pain after placement of implantable
			cardioverter defibrillator.

			32252718 Autoimmune pulmonary alveolar proteinosis
			developed during immunosuppressive treatment
			in polymyositis with interstitial lung disease: a
			case report.

			32252218 Successful rapid weight reduction
			and the use of liraglutide for morbid obesity
			in adolescent Prader-Willi syndrome.

			32249274 Thrombocytopenia, Anasarca,
			Fever, Reticulin Fibrosis/Renal Failure, and
			Organomegaly (TAFRO) Syndrome with Bilateral
			Adrenal Hemorrhage in Two Caucasian Patients.

			32245366 Impact of bedside lung ultrasound
			on physician clinical decision-making in an
			emergency department in Nepal.

			32240670 Coronavirus disease 2019 in elderly
			patients: Characteristics and prognostic factors
			based on 4-week follow-up.

			32238810 Are COPD self-management mobile
			applications effective? A systematic review and

			32231840 One Lung Soldier: A Ventilation
			Conundrum in a Postpneumonectomy Syndrome
			Complicated by Acute Respiratory Syndrome.

			32231749 MAC Attack: Clinical Correlates of
			Mycobacterium avium Complex Infection
			Among Patients With and Without Cancer.

			32228530 Coexistence of diffuse panbronchiolitis
			and sarcoidosis revealed during splenectomy:
			a case report.

			32215088 Saprochaete Capitata Infection in an
			80-Year Old
			Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
			Patient: A Case Report.

			32211202 The Brain-Heart Connection in
			Takotsubo Syndrome: The Central Nervous
			System, Sympathetic Nervous System, and
			Catecholamine Overload.

			32211085 Analysis of Optimal Health-Related
			Quality of Life Measures in Patients Waitlisted
			for Lung Transplantation.

			32206543 Coronary Artery Fistula Unmasking
			the Absence of Left Pulmonary Artery in an

			32206463 An Unusual Case of Klebsiella
			pneumoniae Endocarditis.

			32205957 ISCCM Guidelines for the Use of
			Non-invasive Ventilation in
			Acute Respiratory Failure in Adult ICUs.

			32203002 Validity and Reliability of the Turkish
			Version of the London Chest Activity of Daily
			Living Scale in Obstructive Lung Diseases.

			32203001 Effect of 8-week Pulmonary
			Rehabilitation Program on Dyspnea and
			Functional Capacity of Patients on Waiting List
			for Lung Transplantation.

			32194927 Optimizing COPD treatment in
			patients with lung- or head and neck cancer
			does not improve quality of life - a randomized,
			pilot, clinical trial.

			32194303 Effects of neoadjuvant
			chemotherapy on respiratory function in
			patients with breast cancer.

			32193505 Opioid drug use in emergency and
			adverse outcomes among patients with
			chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a
			multicenter observational study.

			32190631 Combining surgery with 125I
			brachytherapy for recurrent mediastinal
			dedifferentiated liposarcoma: A case report and
			review of literature.

			32190629 Acute thrombocytopenia after
			anticoagulation with rivaroxaban: A case report.

			32190543 Oral mite anaphylaxis after ingestion
			of Korean pancake.

			Angioimmunoblastic T-cell Lymphoma: An
			Unusual Case in an Octogenarian.

			32187180 Prevalence of respiratory symptoms
			and spirometric changes among non-smoker
			male wood workers.

			32184585 The Efficacy of Lung Volume
			Reduction Coil Treatment in Patients with
			Severe Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
			(COPD) Type II Respiratory Failure.

			32183901 Epidemiology, causes, clinical
			manifestation and diagnosis, prevention and
			control of coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
			during the early outbreak period: a scoping

			32183711 The risk of dyspnea in patients
			treated with third-generation P2Y12 inhibitors
			compared with clopidogrel: a meta-analysis of
			randomized controlled trials.

			32181207 Dysphagia in a Young Adult: Rare
			Case of Giant Cervical Osteophyte.

			32181139 Lyme disease and
			hemi-diaphragmatic paralysis: A case report
			and review of literature.

			32181060 Morgagni-Larrey Hernia: A Possible
			Cause of Recurrent
			Lower Respiratory Tract Infections.

			32181020 Irreversible Acquired
			Noncompaction Cardiomyopathy in a Parturient
			with Corrected Atrial Septal Defect: A Case
			Report and Clinical Implications.

			32180755 Intravenous Immunoglobulin
			Treatment Did Not Improve Tics in a Patient
			With Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome and
			Intrathecal Antibody Synthesis.

			32167524 Risk Factors Associated With
			Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome and
			Death in Patients With Coronavirus Disease
			2019 Pneumonia in Wuhan, China.

			32164584 Pulmonary endarteritis and
			endocarditis complicated with septic embolism:
			a case report and review of the literature.

			32163364 Does Nutritional Risk Screening
			2002 Correlate with the Dyspnea Status of
			Patients with GOLD Stage C-D
			Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease?

			32162811 Physical Activity and Exercise in
			Lung Cancer Care: Will Promises Be Fulfilled?

			32158524 High-intensity resistance training in
			newly diagnosed sarcoidosis- an exploratory
			study of effects on lung function, muscle
			strength, fatigue, dyspnea, health-related
			quality of life and lung immune cells.

			32158321 Current Pharmacological Approach
			to ARDS: The Place of Bosentan.

			32154003 Recurrent heart failure with
			preserved ejection fraction associated with
			carfilzomib administration for multiple myeloma.

			32154002 Symptom practice guide for
			telephone assessment of patients with cancer
			treatment-related cardiotoxic dyspnea:
			Adaptation and evaluation of acceptability.

			32153779 The role of phenotype on ventilation
			and exercise capacity in patients affected by
			COPD: a retrospective study.

			32153682 A superior vena cava to right
			pulmonary artery shunt for severe
			right ventricular outflow tract stenosis
			caused by an unresectable cardiac tumor.

			32148907 Mitral annular calcification: Can CMR
			be useful in identifying caseous necrosis?

			32148355 Coxsackie Myocarditis with Severe
			Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
			Sepsis, Multi-organ Dysfunction Syndrome, and
			Posterior Epidural Spinal Abscess: A Case

			32140402 Bronchoscopic management of
			endobronchial carcinoid presenting as asthma

			32140277 Busulfan-Induced Lung Injury in
			Pediatric Oncology Patients-Review of the
			Literature with an Illustrative Case.

			32140198 Diaphragmatic liposarcoma with gall
			bladder invasion: CT and MRI findings.

			32131747 Acute peripheral
			pulmonary embolism attributed to autoimmune
			haemolytic anaemia: a case report.

			32131639 Bacterial Endocarditis Caused by
			Actinomyces oris: First Reported Case and
			Literature Review.

			31254511 Outcomes of Repair of Kommerell's

			31253482 Paradoxical Cerebral Embolism as
			Initial Manifestation of Chronic Thromboembolic
			Pulmonary Hypertension: A Case Report.

			31251534 Commercial Vaccines and
			Vaccination Strategies Against Infectious
			Laryngotracheitis: What We Have Learned and
			Knowledge Gaps That Remain.

			31250528 Evaluation of the severity of mitral
			stenosis in patient with pulmonary
			hypertension: Role of exercise hemodynamics.

			31250432 Association of Symptoms of
			Obstructive Lung Disease and All-Cause
			Mortality in Older Adult Smokers.

			31250326 Successful therapy with
			bevacizumab combined with corticosteroids for
			crizotinib-induced interstitial lung disease.

			31249780 Rapidly progressive interstitial lung
			disease due to anti-melanoma differentiation
			associated protein-5 requiring a bilateral lung
			transplant, and complicated by kennel cough.

			31249233 Epidemiology, diagnosis, and
			etiology of acute kidney injury in the elderly: A
			retrospective analysis.

			31248506 Man With Progressive Dyspnea.

			31245274 Acute thrombotic vascular events
			complicating influenza-associated pneumonia.

			31245273 Plastic bronchitis: A case report.

			31245272 Diffuse pulmonary ossification
			associated with fibrosing interstitial lung

			31245208 A Case of Rapidly Deteriorating
			Lymphangitic Carcinomatosis in a Patient with
			Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer.

			31244526 Dermatomyositis: An Acute Flare
			and Current Treatments.

			31243704 Rare case of an upper urinary tract
			carcinoma (UTUC) in renal pelvis and ureter
			associated to renal vein thrombosis: diagnostic
			imaging with CECT, MRI and CEUS.

			31243217 Pneumothorax as an Adverse Event
			in Patients with Lung Metastasis of Soft Tissue
			Sarcoma under Eribulin Treatment: Two Case

			31243216 Development of Allergic
			Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis in a Patient
			with Crohn's Disease.

			31243182 Asthma Exacerbation Coincident
			with Saddle Pulmonary Embolism and
			Paradoxical Embolism.

			31235453 Efficacy of yoga, tai chi and qi gong
			on the main symptoms of chronic obstructive
			pulmonary disease: A systematic review.

			31234868 Accelerated hypofractionated
			radiotherapy plus chemotherapy for inoperable
			locally advanced non-small-cell lung cancer:
			final results of a prospective phase-II trial with a
			long-term follow-up.

			Clinical Trials
			3987204 Ivabradine for Rate Control in
			Permanent Atrial Fibrillation

			3981406 Palliative Care and Quality of Life in
			Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

			3980574 Dietary Supplementation in Heart

			3978676 Exercise-induced in Secondary Mitral
			Regurgitation: Analysis of Echocardiographic
			Parameters at Rest Predicting the Onset of
			Significant Exercise-induced Mitral

			3977532 Study of a Red Blood Cell
			Deformability Parameter in Patients With Sickle
			Cell Disease

			3976700 Bufei Jianpi Granule for Delaying
			Pulmonary Function Decline in Early-Stage

			3965832 HFNT During Exercise in CF

			3959982 HHHFA in COPD Patients, With
			Chronic Bronchitis

			3957577 Etiology of Acute Exacerbations of
			Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
			(AECOPD) in Japan

			3955536 Comparison of the Effects of Different
			Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Methods on
			Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

			3955029 Interval Training in Heart Failure

			3954132 Spiolto® Respimat®
			(Tiotropium/Olodaterol) Versus Triple
			Combination Therapy in Everyday Clinical
			Treatment Practice for Chronic Obstructive
			Pulmonary Disease (EVELUT®)

			3953560 Symptom-related Screening for Early
			Detection of CTEPH.

			3951779 Diagnostic Utility of Exercise Cardiac
			Magnetic Resonance in the Assessment of
			Cardiac Dyspnea.

			3950531 The Effect of Bronchiectasis on the
			Exacerbation and Mortality in COPD

			3950206 Intraoperative Assessment of Ureteral
			Perfusion in Women With Endometriosis

			3944928 ThOracic Ultrasound in Idiopathic
			Pulmonary Fibrosis Evolution

			3944525 High-flow Air Via Nasal Cannula vs
			Non-invasive Continuous Positive Airway
			Pressure for Hypercapnic Respiratory Failure

			3944408 A Metal Bare Stent With 125 Iodine
			(125I)Seeds for the Treatment of Malignant
			Central Airway Stenosis

			3943030 Cardiovascular Effects of Pulmonary
			Rehabilitation in COPD

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