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     		Viral pneumonia

			Inflammation of the lung parenchyma that is
			caused by a viral infection.

			Related Concepts
			ground-glass opacity
			severe acute respiratory syndrome
			bacterial pneumonia
			acute respiratory distress syndrome

			PRJNA121239 Expression data of influenza A
			infected human macrophages

			PRJNA126957 Hosts responses in critical
			disease caused by pandemic H1N1

			32337201 Atypical presentation of SARS-CoV-2
			infection: A case report.

			32331519 Successful recovery of COVID-19
			pneumonia in a patient from Colombia after
			receiving chloroquine and clarithromycin.

			32307115 Anaesthesia and COVID-19:
			infection control.

			32302815 Psychological status of surgical
			staff during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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			Current Outbreak of COVID-19.

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			Middle East respiratory syndrome in China.

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			in hospitalized infants using real-time PCR.

			32288452 Viral pneumonia in children.

			32283217 Mortality of a pregnant patient
			diagnosed with COVID-19: A case report with
			clinical, radiological, and histopathological

			32265180 Genotype and phenotype of
			COVID-19: Their roles in pathogenesis.

			32234467 The cytokine release syndrome
			(CRS) of severe COVID-19 and Interleukin-6 receptor
			(IL-6R) antagonist Tocilizumab may be the key
			to reduce the mortality.

			32143620 Predicting the microbial cause of
			community-acquired pneumonia: can
			physicians or a data-driven method differentiate
			viral from bacterial pneumonia at patient

			32133152 Phase-adjusted estimation of the
			number of Coronavirus Disease 2019 cases in
			Wuhan, China.

			31246746 Specific Viral Etiologies Are
			Associated With Outcomes in Pediatric Acute
			Respiratory Distress Syndrome.

			31182983 A Retrospective Analysis of Three
			Antiviral Regimens of Peramivir in the Treatment
			of Severe Influenza A with Primary Viral

			31178498 Dyspnea and Wheezing as the
			Earliest Manifestations of Severe Fever with
			Thrombocytopenia Syndrome: The First Case

			31164430 Disease severity and clinical
			outcomes of community acquired pneumonia
			caused by non-influenza respiratory viruses in
			adults: a multicenter prospective registry study
			from CAP-China Network.

			31152248 Isolation and complete genome
			sequence analysis of a novel ovine adenovirus
			type representing a possible new
			mastadenovirus species.

			31136043 Immunohistochemical detection of
			respiratory syncytial virus at autopsy.

			31134078 Prevention of Pediatric Respiratory
			Syncytial Virus Lower Respiratory Tract Illness:
			Perspectives for the Next Decade.

			31113389 Potential role of CT-textural features
			for differentiation between viral interstitial
			pneumonias, pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia
			and diffuse alveolar hemorrhage in early stages
			of disease: a proof of principle.

			31081438 Viral pneumonia: which patients
			should we focus on?

			31081422 High mortality from viral pneumonia
			in patients with cancer.

			31019189 Influenza A Pneumonia Associated
			with Diffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage. A Case
			Report and Literature Review.

			30948970 Impact of angiotensin-converting
			enzyme inhibitors and statins on viral

			30940126 Combination of clinical symptoms
			and blood biomarkers can improve
			discrimination between bacterial or viral
			community-acquired pneumonia in children.

			30911327 Application of metabolomics in viral
			pneumonia treatment with traditional Chinese

			30746519 First Complete Genome Sequence
			of Human Coronavirus HKU1 from a Nonill Bat
			Guano Miner in Thailand.

			30690213 Macrolides in Critically Ill Patients
			with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.

			30684165 Population-based estimates of the
			burden of pneumonia hospitalizations in Hong
			Kong, 2011-2015.

			30672787 The evolving burden of viruses in

			30550666 Case management of ill travelers
			with infectious diseases.

			30550653 Avian influenza.

			Clinical Trials
			3710759 Effect of Assisted Autogenic Drainage
			In Children Suffering From Pneumonia

			3350802 Procalcitonin Test for Differentiation
			of the Cause of Pneumonia

			2943551 Dialogue Around Respiratory Illness

			2685930 Pneumonia in the Intensive Care Unit
			(ICU) Setting

			2668237 Early Molecular Detection Technique
			Coupled With Urinary Test of Infectious Agents
			Responsible of Children CAP

			1662258 Microbiology Testing With the Aim Of
			Directed Antimicrobial Therapy For CAP

			1612572 A Registry Study on Xiyanping(a
			Chinese Medicine Injection) Used in Fifty

			1485237 Severe Pandemic H1N1 Infection in
			ICU: Comparative Resource Utilization

			1375426 Efficacy Study for Standard Versus
			Double Dose of Amoxicillin in WHO Defined
			Non-severe Pneumonia

			1271842 Long-term Outcome and Lung
			Capacity in Survivors of ARDS Due to Influenza
			A (H1N1) v2009 The RESPIFLU Study

			968370 Trial in Childhood Pneumonia With

			677547 Cell-mediated Immune Response to
			Influenza Vaccine

			645619 Use of TREM-1 Protein to Differentiate
			Viral and Bacterial Pneumonias in Intubated

			455468 Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) in
			Children With Severe Pneumonia

			130013 Efficacy of Single Versus Double Dose
			of Oral Amoxicillin for Non-Severe Pneumonia in

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