Source:		MedGen UID: 462879


			Related Concepts
			oxidative stress
			ovarian cancer

			32351887 Combinatorial Low Dose Arsenic Trioxide
			and Cisplatin Exacerbates Autophagy via
			AMPK/STAT3 Signaling on Targeting Head
			and Neck Cancer Initiating Cells.

			32351510 Phenotypical Characterization of
			Spleen Remodeling in Murine Experimental
			Visceral Leishmaniasis.

			32346338 Hormonal and molecular alterations
			induced by sub-lethal toxicity of zinc oxide
			nanoparticles on Oreochromis niloticus.

			32341685 Plasma Proteins as Biomarkers of
			Mortality After Total Body Irradiation in Mice.

			32337462 Novel Paclitaxel Nanoformulation
			Impairs De Novo Lipid Synthesis in Pancreatic
			Cancer Cells and Enhances Gemcitabine

			32336952 Knockdown of lncRNA NEAT1
			suppresses hypoxia-induced migration, invasion
			and glycolysis in anaplastic thyroid carcinoma
			cells through regulation of miR-206 and

			32332800 Novel Variations in Native Ethiopian
			Goat breeds PRNP Gene and Their Potential
			Effect on Prion Protein Stability.

			32330544 Management of Acute Myocardial Infarction
			During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

			32328638 FXR1 splicing is important for muscle
			development and biomolecular condensates
			in muscle cells.

			32328416 In Vivo Assembly of Nanoparticles
			Achieved through Synergy of Structure-Based
			Protein Engineering and Synthetic DNA
			Generates Enhanced Adaptive Immunity.

			32328411 ATO (Arsenic Trioxide) Effects on
			Promyelocytic Leukemia Nuclear Bodies Reveals
			Antiviral Intervention Capacity.

			32328406 Vaccines for SARS-CoV-2: Lessons
			from Other Coronavirus Strains.

			32328112 Chemical Synthesis, Efficacy, and
			Safety of Antimalarial Hybrid Drug Comprising
			of Sarcosine and Aniline Pharmacophores as

			32328059 LPS Induces Active HMGB1 Release
			From Hepatocytes Into Exosomes Through
			the Coordinated Activities of TLR4 and
			Caspase-11/GSDMD Signaling.

			32328057 Trichoderma Species Attract
			Coptotermes formosanus and Antagonize
			Termite Pathogen Metarhizium anisopliae.

			32321154 DNA nanovaccines prepared using
			LemA antigen protect Golden Syrian hamsters
			against Leptospira lethal infection.

			32320395 Inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptors
			are essential for fetal-maternal connection and
			embryo viability.

			32318579 Role of Glucose Metabolism
			Reprogramming in the Pathogenesis of

			32318523 The Risk of Developing Constipation
			After Neonatal Necrotizing Enterocolitis.

			32318348 Circulating Tumor DNA Is Capable
			of Monitoring the Therapeutic Response and
			Resistance in Advanced Colorectal Cancer
			Patients Undergoing Combined Target and

			32317981 Sublethal Effects of Triflumezopyrim
			on Biological Traits and Detoxification Enzyme
			Activities in the Small Brown Planthopper
			Laodelphax striatellus (Hemiptera: Delphacidae).

			32317202 Areas of academic research with
			the impact of COVID-19.

			32315370 Dose threshold for radiation induced
			fetal programming in a mouse model at 4
			months of age: Hepatic expression of genes
			and proteins involved in glucose metabolism
			and glucose uptake in brown adipose tissue.

			32313544 Viromimetic STING Agonist-Loaded
			Hollow Polymeric Nanoparticles for Safe and
			Effective Vaccination against Middle East Respiratory Syndrome

			32313056 Improving Treatment Efficacy of In
			Situ Forming Implants via Concurrent Delivery
			of Chemotherapeutic and Chemosensitizer.

			32310997 A novel 20-gene prognostic score
			in pancreatic adenocarcinoma.

			32309614 Rpl5-Inducible Mouse Model for
			Studying Diamond-Blackfan Anemia.

			32309520 Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma
			With Colonic Metastases.

			32309342 A blood-based 22-gene expression
			signature for hepatocellular carcinoma

			32308747 A COX-2/sEH dual inhibitor PTUPB
			alleviates lipopolysaccharide-induced acute
			lung injury in mice by inhibiting NLRP3
			inflammasome activation.

			32306355 Sialoglycovirology of Lectins: Sialyl
			Glycan Binding of Enveloped and Non-enveloped

			32302363 Lateral flow immunoassay (LFIA)
			for the detection of lethal amatoxins from

			32300640 Overexpression of YBX1 Promotes
			Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Growth
			via the GSK3B/Cyclin D1/Cyclin E1 Pathway.

			32300356 Influence of Dominance and Drift
			on Lethal Mutations in Human Populations.

			32300309 α1-Microglobulin Binds Illuminated
			Flavins and Has a Protective Effect Against
			Sublethal Riboflavin-Induced Damage in Retinal
			Epithelial Cells.

			32300151 Enhancing Brain Retention of a
			KIF11 Inhibitor Significantly Improves its Efficacy
			in a Mouse Model of Glioblastoma.

			32299512 Mechanisms of change in brief
			treatments for borderline personality disorder:
			a protocol of a randomized controlled trial.

			32299476 Natural history of non-lethal
			Raine syndrome during childhood.

			32299465 Glioblastoma hijacks microglial gene
			expression to support tumor growth.

			32299434 Merlin regulates signaling events
			at the nexus of development and cancer.

			32296960 Construction of engineered yeast
			producing ammonia from glutamine and soybean
			residues (okara).

			32296650 Circulating Lymphocyte Subsets
			Induce Secondary Infection in Acute Pancreatitis.

			32295901 Identification of tetranectin-targeting monoclonal
			antibodies to treat potentially lethal sepsis.

			32294093 Toxin-neutralizing antibodies elicited
			by naturally acquired cutaneous anthrax are
			elevated following severe disease and appear
			to target conformational epitopes.

			32293499 Oncogenic and drug-sensitive RET
			mutations in human epithelial ovarian cancer.

			32293462 HSP90 inhibitor 17AAG attenuates
			sevoflurane-induced neurotoxicity in rats and
			human neuroglioma cells via induction of HSP70.

			32292508 SR9009 induces a REV-ERB
			dependent anti-small-cell lung cancer effect
			through inhibition of autophagy.

			32288536 Rotavirus outbreak in central Australia.

			32288403 CRISPR-Cas13a mediated
			nanosystem for attomolar detection of canine
			parvovirus type 2.

			32286280 Modeling germline mutations in
			pineoblastoma uncovers lysosome disruption-based

			32280792 Clinical outcomes and toxicity
			predictors of thoracic re-irradiation for
			locoregionally recurrent lung cancer.

			32280695 Identification of FOS as a Candidate
			Risk Gene for Liver Cancer by Integrated
			Bioinformatic Analysis.

			32280672 Transcriptomic Analysis of Glioma
			Based on IDH Status Identifies ACAA2 as a
			Prognostic Factor in Lower Grade Glioma.

			32280338 Biochemical characterization and
			cytotoxic effect of the skin secretion from the
			red-spotted Argentina frog Argenteohyla siemersi
			(Anura: Hylidae).

			32274130 Vitamin B2 lung-marking method
			using black light irradiation.

			32273538 Intertwined Functions of Separase
			and Caspase in Cell Division and Programmed
			Cell Death.

			32271756 Tryptamine accumulation caused by
			deletion of MrMao-1 in Metarhizium genome
			significantly enhances insecticidal virulence.

			32271754 Toxicity and bioaccumulation of
			Cadmium, Copper and Zinc in a direct
			comparison at equitoxic concentrations in
			common carp (Cyprinus carpio) juveniles.

			32268945 Can atmospheric pollution be
			considered a co-factor in extremely high level
			of SARS-CoV-2 lethality in Northern Italy?

			32266053 CR6-interacting factor-1 contributes
			to osteoclastogenesis by inducing receptor
			activator of nuclear factor κB ligand after radiation.

			32265979 Integrated Analysis Identifies a
			Nine-microRNA Signature Biomarker for
			Diagnosis and Prognosis in Colorectal Cancer.

			32265931 Infant Alveolar Macrophages Are
			Unable to Effectively Contain Mycobacterium

			32265332 A Chimeric Japanese Encephalitis
			Vaccine Protects against Lethal Yellow Fever
			Virus Infection without Inducing Neutralizing

			32265331 Single-Dose, Intranasal Immunization
			with Recombinant Parainfluenza Virus 5
			Expressing Middle East Respiratory Syndrome
			Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) Spike Protein Protects
			Mice from Fatal MERS-CoV Infection.

			32264860 Drug resistance occurred in a newly
			characterized preclinical model of lung cancer
			brain metastasis.

			32264739 Molecularly defined extraintestinal
			pathogenic Escherichia coli status predicts
			virulence in a murine sepsis model better than
			does virotype, individual virulence genes, or
			clonal subset among E. coli ST131 isolates.

			32259084 The Role of Bone Morphogenetic
			Proteins in Diabetic Complications.

			32258944 Pathogenesis of Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis:
			An Overview.

			32258243 Cracking the riddle of dedifferentiated liposarcoma:
			is EV-MDM2 a key?

			32258062 Cardiomyocyte Specific Deletion
			of ADAR1 Causes Severe Cardiac Dysfunction
			and Increased Lethality.

			32257966 Prevalence and Therapies of
			Antibiotic-Resistance in Staphylococcus aureus.

			32257947 Novel Therapeutic Strategies for
			Ovarian Cancer Stem Cells.

			32257847 Thrombocytopenia with multiple
			splenic lesions - histiocytic sarcoma of the
			spleen without splenomegaly: A case report.

			32257553 Pretreatment Geriatric Assessments
			of Elderly Patients with Glioma: Development
			and Implications.

			32257107 BRCA1 and homologous recombination:
			implications from mouse embryonic development.

			32256265 Safety evaluation of FM101, an A3
			adenosine receptor modulator, in rat, for
			developing as therapeutics of glaucoma and

			32256207 MicroRNA-122-5p inhibits cell
			proliferation, migration and invasion by targeting
			CCNG1 in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.

			32253226 An orally bioavailable broad-spectrum
			antiviral inhibits SARS-CoV-2 in human airway
			epithelial cell cultures and multiple coronaviruses
			in mice.

			32252631 Anaesthetic management of a large
			paraganglioma resection in a woman with
			isolated L-looped transposition of the great arteries:
			a case report.

			32252128 Damage control resuscitation.

			32252021 Engineered Human Cathelicidin Antimicrobial Peptides
			Inhibit Ebola Virus Infection.

			32251490 CD300lf is the primary physiologic
			receptor of murine norovirus but not human

			32249839 Long-term exposure to nanoplastics
			reduces life-time in Daphnia magna.

			32249797 The honeybee (Apis mellifera)
			developmental state shapes the genetic
			composition of the deformed wing virus-A
			quasispecies during serial transmission.

			32245945 The critical role of humidity in
			modeling summer electricity demand across
			the United States.

			32245440 Daily fluctuating temperatures
			decrease growth and reproduction rate of a
			lethal amphibian fungal pathogen in culture.

			32245241 Selective Ablation of Dehydrodolichyl
			Diphosphate Synthase in Murine Retinal Pigment
			Epithelium (RPE) Causes RPE Atrophy and
			Retinal Degeneration.

			32245133 Herbicide Diuron as Endocrine
			Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) through
			Histopathalogical Analysis in Gonads of Javanese
			Medaka (Oryzias javanicus, Bleeker 1854).

			32241771 Advanced ADC Histogram, Perfusion,
			and Permeability Metrics Show an Association
			with Survival and Pseudoprogression in Newly
			Diagnosed Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma: A
			Report from the Pediatric Brain Tumor Consortium.

			32240273 New live attenuated tuberculosis vaccine
			MTBVAC induces trained immunity and confers
			protection against experimental lethal

			32239218 Association Between Breastfeeding
			and Ovarian Cancer Risk.

			32235821 An Integrated Microarray Analysis
			Reveals Significant Diagnostic and Prognostic
			Biomarkers in Pancreatic Cancer.

			32235765 Pectin-Tannic Acid Nano-Complexes
			Promote the Delivery and Bioactivity of Drugs
			in Pancreatic Cancer Cells.

			32233129 Construction and immunization with
			double mutant ΔapxIBD Δpnp forms of Actinobacillus
			pleuropneumoniae serotypes 1 and 5.

			32231818 Successful Treatment of
			Crizotinib-Induced Fulminant Liver Failure: A
			Case Report and Review of Literature.

			32231671 ANP32B Deficiency Protects Mice
			From Lethal Influenza A Virus Challenge by
			Dampening the Host Immune Response.

			32228514 Is perinatal asphyxia predictable?

			32226775 The Landscape of Somatic Copy
			Number Alterations in Head and Neck
			Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

			32226675 Small Cell Carcinoma of the
			Prostate: A Case Report and Review of the

			32219191 Combined deletions of IHH and
			NHEJ1 cause chondrodystrophy and
			embryonic lethality in the Creeper chicken.

			32218893 Acute esophageal necrosis: A
			systematic review and pooled analysis.

			32218662 Trends in survival based on
			treatment modality in patients with pancreatic
			cancer: a population-based study.

			32215337 Dissociation of neonatal and adult
			mice brain for simultaneous analysis of
			microglia, astrocytes and infiltrating
			lymphocytes by flow cytometry.

			32215184 DOT1L inhibition is lethal for
			multiple myeloma due to perturbation of the
			endoplasmic reticulum stress pathway.

			32215055 PARP inhibitor combinations in
			prostate cancer.

			32215028 Persister cells formation and
			expression of type II Toxin-Antitoxin system
			genes in Brucella melitensis (16M) and Brucella
			abortus (B19).

			32214947 Lynx eats cat: disease
			risk assessment during an Iberian lynx intraguild

			32211399 Emerging and Innovative
			Theranostic Approaches for Mesoporous Silica
			Nanoparticles in Hepatocellular Carcinoma:
			Current Status and Advances.

			32211278 Treatment of a Large Skull Defect
			and Brain Herniation in a Newborn With
			Adams-Oliver Syndrome.

			32211206 Long-Term Efficacy and
			Complications of Radiofrequency
			Thermocoagulation at Different Temperatures
			for the Treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia.

			32211109 Primary anorectal malignant
			melanoma: a case report.

			32210956 Novel Peptide-Based PD1
			Immunomodulators Demonstrate Efficacy in
			Infectious Disease Vaccines and Therapeutics.

			32210933 Glycoproteins C and D of PRV Strain
			HB1201 Contribute Individually to the Escape
			From Bartha-K61 Vaccine-Induced Immunity.

			32210824 The Role of
			Fibroblast Growth Factor 10 Signaling in
			Duodenal Atresia.

			32210674 Therapeutic influences of almond oil
			on male rats exposed to a sublethal
			concentration of lead.

			32210630 hsa_circRNA_012515 Is Highly
			Expressed in NSCLC Patients and Affects Its

			32210265 Effect of Bt toxin Cry1Ab on two
			freshwater caddisfly shredders - an attempt to
			establish dose-effect relationships through

			32206674 Generation of bone marrow
			chimeras using X-ray irradiation: comparison to
			cesium irradiation and use in immunotherapy.

			32206545 Public awareness of coronavirus in
			Al-Jouf region, Saudi Arabia.

			32206028 Systematic review of the clinical
			consequences of butyrfentanyl and
			corresponding analogues.

			32202643 Incidence and Lethality of Suicidal
			Overdoses by Drug Class.

			32200961 Necrotizing fasciitis of the entire
			head and neck: Literature review and case

			32198475 Two paralogous EcfG σ factors
			hierarchically orchestrate the activation of the
			General Stress Response in Sphingopyxis
			granuli TFA.

			32197632 A mutant vesicular stomatitis virus
			with reduced cytotoxicity and enhanced
			anterograde trans-synaptic efficiency.

			32195318 Antimesothelioma Immunotherapy
			by CTLA-4 Blockade Depends on Active
			PD1-Based TWIST1 Vaccination.

			32195266 Contribution of Increased
			Expression of Yin Yang 2 to Development of

			32195047 Changes of cellular stress response
			related hsp70 and abcb1 transcript and Hsp70
			protein levels in Siberian freshwater amphipods
			upon exposure to cadmium chloride in the
			lethal concentration range.

			32194979 A unique DNA-binding mode of
			African swine fever virus AP endonuclease.

			32194804 Sensitization of Carboplatinum- and
			Taxol-Resistant High-Grade Serous
			Ovarian Cancer Cells Carrying p53, BRCA1/2
			Mutations by Emblica officinalis (Amla) via
			Multiple Targets.

			32194710 Effect of apigenin on whole
			transcriptome profile of TNFα-activated
			MDA-MB-468 triple negative breast cancer

			32194692 Ubiquitination of P53 by E3 ligase
			MKRN2 promotes melanoma cell proliferation.

			32194673 The oncogenic role of
			microRNA-500a in colorectal cancer.

			32194669 IRF1 association with tumor immune
			microenvironment and use as a diagnostic
			biomarker for colorectal cancer recurrence.

			32194641 Long Non-coding RNA Gas5 Is
			Associated With Preeclampsia and Regulates
			Biological Behaviors of Trophoblast via

			32194436 Modeling Oncolytic Viral Therapy,
			Immune Checkpoint Inhibition, and the
			Complex Dynamics of Innate and Adaptive
			Immunity in Glioblastoma Treatment.

			32194423 Comparing PI3K/Akt Inhibitors Used
			in Ovarian Cancer Treatment.

			32194311 Advances and challenges in
			immunotherapy of small cell lung cancer.

			32191759 Developmental polychlorinated
			biphenyl exposure influences adult zebra finch
			reproductive behaviour.

			32191724 Effect of host fruit, temperature and
			Wolbachia infection on survival and
			development of Ceratitis capitata immature

			32190082 Antimicrobial, Cytotoxic, and
			Antioxidant Potential of a Novel Flavone
			"6,7,4'-Trimethyl Flavone" Isolated from
			Wulfenia amherstiana.

			32188418 Application of cook balloon during
			aorta replacement in a pregnant
			Marfan-syndrome patient: a case report.

			32187449 Elevation of CXCL1 indicates
			poor prognosis and radioresistance by inducing
			mesenchymal transition in glioblastoma.

			32187190 Homeodomain-interacting protein
			kinase (Hipk) plays roles in nervous system and
			muscle structure and function.

			32186741 Trunk Refugia: A Simple,
			Inexpensive Method for Sampling Tree Trunk

			32185899 Why is Listeria monocytogenes such
			a potent inducer of CD8+ T-cells?

			32184598 Anticancer Effects of Zinc Oxide
			Nanoparticles Through Altering the Methylation
			Status of Histone on Bladder Cancer Cells.

			32182279 Miniaturization optimized weapon
			killing power during the social stress of late
			pre-contact North America (AD 600-1600).

			32181443 Effects of Preinjury and Postinjury
			Exposure to Caffeine in a Rat Model of
			Traumatic Brain Injury.

			32181355 MTH1 inhibitor amplifies the lethality
			of reactive oxygen species to tumor in
			photodynamic therapy.

			32181351 High-resolution tomographic
			analysis of in vitro 3D glioblastoma tumor model
			under long-term drug treatment.

			32181315 Management and survival of patients
			with Mullerian adenosarcoma of the cervix
			without sarcomatous overgrowth desiring
			fertility preservation, a case report and review
			of the literature.

			32181080 Violence Depicted in
			Superhero-Based Films Stratified by
			Protagonist/Antagonist and Gender.

			32180773 Impaired B Cell Function in Mice
			Lacking Perforin-2.

			32180727 Amentoflavone Attenuates
			Clostridium perfringens Gas Gangrene by
			Targeting Alpha-Toxin and Perfringolysin O.

			32179481 Loss of Asb2 Impairs
			Cardiomyocyte Differentiation and Leads to
			Congenital Double Outlet Right Ventricle.

			32179242 Non-lethal sonodynamic therapy
			facilitates the M1-to-M2 transition in advanced
			atherosclerotic plaques via activating the
			ROS-AMPK-mTORC1-autophagy pathway.

			32178723 The histone methyltransferase Setd8
			alters the chromatin landscape and regulates
			the expression of key transcription factors
			during erythroid differentiation.

			32175286 The Virulence of Escherichia coli
			O157:H7 Isolates in Mice Depends on Shiga
			Toxin Type 2a (Stx2a)-Induction and
			High Levels of Stx2a in Stool.

			32174903 Clinical Relevance and Molecular
			Pathogenesis of the Emerging Serotypes 22F
			and 33F of Streptococcus pneumoniae in

			32174901 Intradermal Immunization of EBOV
			VLPs in Guinea Pigs Induces Broader Antibody
			Responses Against GP Than Intramuscular

			32174795 Therapeutic Targeting of CDK7
			Suppresses Tumor Progression in
			Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma.

			32170168 Characterization of pulmonary
			immune responses to hyperoxia by
			high-dimensional mass cytometry analyses.

			32169117 MicroRNA-107 is a novel tumor
			suppressor targeting POU3F2 in melanoma.

			32168323 Anisotropic shortening in the
			wavelength of electrical waves promotes onset
			of electrical turbulence in cardiac tissue: An in
			silico study.

			32166123 Role of interleukin 6 in liver cell
			regeneration after hemi-hepatectomy,
			correlation with liver enzymes and flow
			cytometric study.

			32166002 Prolyl 4-hydroxylase alpha 1 protein
			expression risk-stratifies early stage
			colorectal cancer.

			32164660 Performance analysis of novel
			toxin-antidote CRISPR gene drive systems.

			32164632 Life-threatening acute water
			intoxication in a woman undergoing
			hysteroscopic myomectomy: a case report and
			review of the literature.

			32161586 Impaired Airway Epithelial Barrier
			Integrity in Response to Stenotrophomonas
			maltophilia Proteases, Novel Insights Using
			Cystic Fibrosis Bronchial Epithelial Cell

			32158436 The Escherichia coli alkA Gene Is
			Activated to Alleviate Mutagenesis by an
			Oxidized Deoxynucleoside.

			32158257 Cosmc Disruption-Mediated
			Aberrant O-glycosylation Suppresses Breast
			Cancer Cell Growth via Impairment of CD44.

			32156825 The Absence of (p)ppGpp Renders
			Initiation of Escherichia coli Chromosomal DNA
			Synthesis Independent of Growth Rates.

			32156824 Humans Are Selectively Exposed to
			Pneumocystis jirovecii.

			32156814 Genetic and Chemical-Genetic
			Interactions Map Biogenesis and Permeability
			Determinants of the Outer Membrane of
			Escherichia coli.

			32156806 New Host-Directed Therapeutics for
			the Treatment of Clostridioides difficile

			32156782 Mortalin (HSPA9) facilitates
			BRAF-mutant tumor cell survival by suppressing
			ANT3-mediated mitochondrial membrane

			32155167 Normothermic machine perfusion of
			ischaemically damaged porcine kidneys with
			autologous, allogeneic porcine and human red
			blood cells.

			32154035 Activated Carbon as a Cathode for
			Water Disinfection through the Electro-Fenton

			32153560 Monoclonal IgM Antibodies
			Targeting Candida albicans Hyr1 Provide
			Cross-Kingdom Protection Against
			Gram-Negative Bacteria.

			32153386 CFTR Modulators: The Changing
			Face of Cystic Fibrosis in the Era of Precision

			32150563 Recessive missense LAMP3 variant
			associated with defect in lamellar body
			biogenesis and fatal neonatal interstitial lung
			disease in dogs.

			32149229 Measuring Cellular Ion Transport by

			32148440 Interleukin-22 Polymorphisms in
			Plasmodium falciparum-Infected Malaria

			32148403 Acute and repeated dose 26-week
			oral toxicity study of 20(S)-ginsenoside Rg3 in
			Kunming mice and Sprague-Dawley rats.

			32145636 Gemcitabine Recruits M2-Type
			Tumor-Associated Macrophages into the
			Stroma of Pancreatic Cancer.

			32144325 Increased genetic diversity from
			colony merging in termites does not improve
			survival against a fungal pathogen.

			32144294 Vitamin A supplement after neonatal
			Streptococcus pneumoniae pneumonia inhibits
			the progression of experimental asthma by
			altering CD4+T cell subsets.

			32143669 Targeting human
			epidermal growth factor receptor 2 enhances
			radiosensitivity and reduces the metastatic
			potential of Lewis lung carcinoma cells.

			32143628 A de novo 2.2 Mb recurrent
			17q23.1q23.2 deletion unmasks novel putative
			regulatory non-coding SNVs associated with
			lethal lung hypoplasia and
			pulmonary hypertension: a case report.

			32143215 Optimisation of cell and ex vivo
			culture conditions to study
			vascular calcification.

			32140612 Bilateral interstitial keratitis,
			erythema nodosum and atrial fibrillation as
			presenting signs of polyarteritis nodosa.

			32140395 Novel small molecule retrograde
			transport blocker confers post-exposure
			protection against ricin intoxication.

			32139720 Immunization with DNA
			prime-subunit protein boost strategy based on
			influenza H9N2 virus conserved matrix protein
			M1 and its epitope screening.

			32133297 Opportunities and Challenges of the
			Human Microbiome in Ovarian Cancer.

			32133261 Endoscopic Surgical Repair of a
			Giant, Postoperative, Neglected

			32132648 Virus Like Particles (VLP) as
			multivalent vaccine candidate against
			Chikungunya, Japanese Encephalitis,
			Yellow Fever and Zika Virus.

			32132579 Disruption of the kringle 1 domain of
			prothrombin leads to late onset mortality in

			31254952 Verteporfin-loaded mesoporous
			silica nanoparticles inhibit mouse melanoma
			proliferation in vitro and in vivo.

			31254700 Herpes Simplex Encephalitis initially
			erroneously diagnosed as glioma of the
			cerebellum. Case report and literature review.

			31254664 P8 nuclear receptor responds to
			acaricides exposure and regulates transcription
			of P450 enzyme in the two-spotted spider mite,
			Tetranychus urticae.

			31254600 Thai Russell's viper monospecific
			antivenom is immunoreactive and effective in
			neutralizing the venom of Daboia siamensis
			from java, Indonesia.

			31254592 Renal protective effects of aloin in a
			mouse model of sepsis.

			31254499 A model for extracellular freezing
			based on observations on Equisetum hyemale.

			31254272 A Recombinant Rabies Virus
			Expressing Fms-like Tyrosine Kinase 3 Ligand
			(Flt3L) Induces Enhanced Immunogenicity in

			31254187 Oral acute toxicity and impact of
			neonicotinoids on Apis mellifera L. and
			Scaptotrigona postica Latreille (Hymenoptera:

			31254185 Effects of phenol on glutathione
			S-transferase expression and enzyme activity in
			Chironomus kiiensis larvae.

			31254077 Mapping human health risk by
			geostatistical method: a case study of mercury
			in drinking groundwater resource of the central
			ganga alluvial plain, northern India.

			31253977 The genetic evolution of metastatic
			uveal melanoma.

			31253872 Neratinib inhibits Hippo/YAP
			signaling, reduces mutant K-RAS expression,
			and kills pancreatic and blood cancer cells.

			31253768 Generating viable mice with heritable
			embryonically lethal mutations using the
			CRISPR-Cas9 system in two-cell embryos.

			31253681 Heat and chemical treatments affect
			the viability, morphology and physiology of
			Staphylococcus aureus and its subsequent
			antibody-labelling for flow cytometric analysis.

			31253583 PTB-AS, a Novel Natural Antisense
			Transcript, Promotes Glioma Progression by
			Improving PTBP1 mRNA Stability with SND1.

			31253147 Discovery of a novel long noncoding
			RNA overlapping the LCK gene that regulates
			prostate cancer cell growth.

			31252649 Characterization of Maize miRNAs in
			Response to Synergistic Infection of Maize
			Chlorotic Mottle Virus and Sugarcane Mosaic

			31252532 Association of Pertussis Toxin with
			Severe Pertussis Disease.

			31252211 The enigma of an interconnected
			mitochondrial reticulum: new insights into
			mitochondrial fusion.

			31252195 EXCITATION study: Unexplained
			in-custody deaths: Evaluating biomarkers of
			stress and agitation.

			Clinical Trials
			3994653 Cancer Loyalty Card Study

			3990753 Microbiome/Peptidome-based Model
			for Non-invasive Detection of High-risk
			Gastroesophageal Varices in Compensated
			Cirrhosis (CHESS1901/APPHA1901)

			3989336 An Open-label, Phase I/II Study of the
			Pan-immunotherapy in Patients With
			Relapsed/Refractory Ovarian Cancer

			3985891 The Efficacy of JS001 Combined With
			Chemotherapy in Patients With Locally
			Advanced Colon Cancer

			3984149 Lipa Gene Mutation in PED-LIPIGEN
			(Pediatric FH Subjects)

			3978377 Cardiopulmonary Toxicity of Thoracic

			3957187 Prevalence and Clinical Associates of
			Iron Deficiency in Patients With Atrial Fibrillation

			3948724 Impact of Therapeutic Patient
			Education on the Toxicity of Immune
			Checkpoint Inhibitors in Oncology

			3933891 Magnetic Resonance Technics for the
			Assessment of Liver Function Before and After

			3926494 Carbon Monoxide-induced Coma:
			Prognostic Factors

			3924037 Zero Suicide Plus KICKS

			3922984 Non-Contrast Perfusion Using Arterial
			Spin Labeled MR Imaging for Assessment of
			Therapy Response in Glioblastoma

			3908502 A Study in Radiotherapy-related
			Nervous System Complications

			3908333 High Dose Ascorbic Acid and
			Nanoparticle Paclitaxel Protein Bound and
			Cisplatin and Gemcitabine (AA NABPLAGEM) in
			Patients Who Have Metastatic Pancreatic

			3907709 Effects of In-Home Addiction
			Treatment for First Responders

			3896880 Detection of Bloodstream Pathogens
			in Hematological Malignancies

			3893734 Effect of Methadone and
			Hydromorphone on the QT Interval After
			Anesthesia and Surgery

			3893383 Knowledge- Attitude- Practice (KAP)
			of Post Exposure Prophylaxis for Fifth Year
			Dental Students of a Private Egyptian University

			3887533 Combined Intrathecal and
			Intravenous VTS-270 Therapy for Liver and
			Neurological Disease Associated With
			Niemann-Pick Disease, Type C1

			3887156 Evaluation of a Donor Testing Kit for
			the Prediction of AGVHD in Patient Receiving a
			Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Allograft

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