Source:		MedGen UID: 52069


			Camostat is a serine protease inhibitor used in the
			treatment of cancer, viral infections, liver, kidney
			and pancreatic disease.


			Related Concepts
			SARS Coronavirus Protease Pathway

			32142651 SARS-CoV-2 Cell Entry Depends
			on ACE2 and TMPRSS2 and Is Blocked by
			a Clinically Proven Protease Inhibitor.

			30920846 Intestinal serine protease inhibition
			increases FGF21 and improves metabolism in
			obese mice.

			30623107 Hepatocyte growth factor activator
			inhibitor-2 stabilizes Epcam and maintains
			epithelial organization in the mouse intestine.

			30391941 Camostat Mesilate, Pancrelipase,
			and Rabeprazole Combination Therapy
			Improves Epigastric Pain in Early Chronic
			Pancreatitis and Functional Dyspepsia with
			Pancreatic Enzyme Abnormalities.

			26166259 The serine protease inhibitor
			camostat inhibits influenza virus replication and
			cytokine production in primary cultures of
			human tracheal epithelial cells.

			25766432 The serine protease inhibitor
			camostat mesilate attenuates the progression
			of chronic kidney disease through its
			antioxidant effects.

			25666761 Protease inhibitors targeting
			coronavirus and filovirus entry.

			22038264 Proteolytic activation of the epithelial
			sodium channel and therapeutic application of a
			serine protease inhibitor for the treatment of
			salt-sensitive hypertension.

			11779708 Retinoids in liver fibrosis and cancer.

			6209186 Effect of a specific
			serine protease inhibitor on the rat pancreas:
			systemic administration of camostate and
			exocrine pancreatic secretion.

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