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     		Viral disease

			A general term for diseases caused by viruses.

			Related Concepts
			Avian Leukosis
			Cattle Plague
			Exanthema subitum
			Immunodeficiency 32b
			Peripheral neuropathy
			Sandfly-borne phleboviral disease
			Vesicular stomatitis
			Viral hemorrhagic fever
			Viral vaccine
			Virologic Response
			Zika virus disease
			yellow fever
			African swine fever
			chikungunya fever
			Congo hemorrhagic fever
			dengue shock syndrome
			severe acute respiratory syndrome

			PRJNA274498 Expression data from human
			melanoma specific CD8+ T cell clones

			PRJNA167660 Homo sapiens Exome

			PRJNA126957 Hosts responses in critical
			disease caused by pandemic H1N1

			PRJNA205206 Human antibody heavy chain
			repertoires in dengue

			PRJNA136013 Impact of IRF1 on
			transcriptome changes in Huh-7 human
			hepatoma cells and STAT1-deficient human

			PRJNA391286 Increased adaptative immune
			response and proper feedback reguation
			protect against clinical Dengue

			32336896 Serious and lethal respiratory tract infections
			of viral etiology in children.

			32336873 Detection and identification of
			viruses by electron microscopy.

			32336601 Arboviruses: A global public health

			32334392 Enhancing immunity in viral infections,
			with special emphasis on COVID-19: A review.

			32309543 Blood Transfusion in the 21st Century.

			32306941 Recent transmission of dengue virus
			and associated risk Facors among residents
			of Kassala state, eastern Sudan.

			32305401 Clinical Implications of SARS-Cov2
			Interaction with Renin Angiotensin System.

			32288013 Predictions and measurements of
			the stack effect on indoor airborne virus
			transmission in a high-rise hospital building.

			32287585 Zoonoses in the Emergence of
			Human Viral Diseases.

			32287543 Nanomaterial-based biosensors
			for detection of pathogenic virus.

			32287457 Successful yellow head virus infection
			of Penaeus monodon requires clathrin heavy chain.

			32287454 Inhibition of white spot syndrome
			virus in Litopenaeus vannamei shrimp by
			sequence-specific siRNA.

			32287402 Monoclonal antibodies for
			prophylactic and therapeutic use against viral

			32287370 Comparing the performance of 3
			bioaerosol samplers for influenza virus.

			32283108 Remdesivir and SARS-CoV-2:
			Structural requirements at both nsp12 RdRp
			and nsp14 Exonuclease active-sites.

			32282830 The invasive Asian bush mosquito
			Aedes japonicus found in the Netherlands can
			experimentally transmit Zika virus and Usutu

			32281785 Dual-Functional Plasmonic
			Photothermal Biosensors for Highly Accurate
			Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus
			2 Detection.

			32269812 Comparative toxicity of larvicides
			and growth inhibitors on Aedes aegypti from
			select areas in Jamaica.

			32265004 Specialist laboratory networks as
			preparedness and response tool - the Emerging
			Viral Diseases-Expert Laboratory Network and
			the Chikungunya outbreak, Thailand, 2019.

			32258795 Point-of-service Diagnostic
			Technology for Detection of Swine Viral Diseases.

			32257095 Seroprevalence of Foot and Mouth
			Disease Virus Infection in Some Wildlife and
			Cattle in Bauchi State, Nigeria.

			32246098 Modelling the transmission and
			persistence of African swine fever in wild boar
			in contrasting European scenarios.

			32236142 Effectiveness of an intervention for
			Aedes aegypti control scaled-up under an
			inter-sectoral approach in a Colombian city
			hyper-endemic for dengue virus.

			32226078 European bat lyssaviruses:
			Distribution, prevalence and implications for

			32214669 Complex dynamic behavior in a viral
			model with state feedback control strategies.

			32214627 Assessment the protection
			performance of different level personal
			respiratory protection masks against viral

			32210742 Role of changes in SARS-CoV-2
			spike protein in the interaction with the human
			ACE2 receptor: An in silico analysis.

			32194589 Suppression of Arabidopsis
			Mediator Subunit-Encoding MED18 Confers
			Broad Resistance Against DNA and RNA
			Viruses While MED25 Is Required for Virus

			32190363 Wild Poliovirus Type 1 in Oman: A
			re-emerging threat that requires urgent,
			targeted and strategic preparedness.

			32175188 Genetic diversity and SNP's from
			the chloroplast coding regions of virus-infected

			32174760 Research Progress on MicroRNAs
			Involved in the Regulation of Chicken Diseases.

			32161589 Characterization of a
			Cytomegalovirus-Specific T Lymphocyte
			Product Obtained Through a Rapid and
			Scalable Production Process for Use in
			Adoptive Immunotherapy.

			32159000 Patterns of Urban Housing Shape
			Dengue Distribution in Singapore at
			Neighborhood and Country Scales.

			32143711 Optimisation and field validation of
			odour-baited traps for surveillance of Aedes
			aegypti adults in Paramaribo, Suriname.

			32143593 Rabies in Uganda: rabies
			knowledge, attitude and practice and molecular
			characterization of circulating virus strains.

			32140049 Seroprevalence of IgG antibodies
			against measles in a selected Polish population
			- do we need to be re-vaccinated?

			32132648 Virus Like Particles (VLP) as
			multivalent vaccine candidate against
			Chikungunya, Japanese Encephalitis,
			Yellow Fever and Zika Virus.

			31253475 Simultaneous and rapid detection
			method for measles and rubella using
			single-tube multiplex real-time quantitative

			31252609 Bioluminescent Ross River Virus
			Allows Live Monitoring of Acute and Long-Term
			Alphaviral Infection by In Vivo Imaging.

			31251532 Effects of Chicken MHC Haplotype
			on Resistance to Distantly Related Infectious
			Bronchitis Viruses.

			31251501 Prevalence of Aves Polyomavirus 1
			and Beak and Feather Disease Virus From
			Exotic Captive Psittacine Birds in Chile.

			31249837 Classical Swine Fever in China-An
			Update Minireview.

			31245825 PCR-Based Bloodmeal Analysis of
			Aedes aegypti and Culex quinquefasciatus
			(Diptera: Culicidae) in St. George Parish,

			31245713 CRISPR/Cas9-mediated resistance
			to cauliflower mosaic virus.

			31243783 Evidence of potential vertical
			transmission of tilapia lake virus.

			31228109 Analysis of Antiviral Resistance
			Signaling Pathways by Virus-Induced Gene
			Silencing in Nicotiana benthamiana.

			31226251 Impact of population displacement
			and forced movements on the transmission
			and outbreaks of Aedes-borne viral diseases:
			Dengue as a model.

			31222494 Raman spectroscopy as an early
			detection tool for rose rosette infection.

			31221554 Generation of acid resistant virus like
			particles of vaccine strains of foot-and-mouth
			disease virus (FMDV).

			31215390 Advancement of Mechanisms of
			Coxsackie Virus B3-Induced Myocarditis
			Pathogenesis and The Potential Therapeutic

			31214999 Development of a Specific
			CHIKV-E2 Monoclonal Antibody for
			Chikungunya Diagnosis.

			31214398 Immune response in RSV
			bronchiolitis: The key to more effective
			therapeutic interventions.

			31214179 Evidence for Host Epigenetic
			Signatures Arising From Arbovirus Infections: A
			Systematic Review.

			31212939 Establishment of a Cell Culture
			Model of Persistent Flaviviral Infection: Usutu
			Virus Shows Sustained Replication during
			Passages and Resistance to Extinction by
			Antiviral Nucleosides.

			31212772 Increased Immunogenicity of
			Full-Length Protein Antigens through
			Sortase-Mediated Coupling on the PapMV
			Vaccine Platform.

			31212671 Soybean Cytochrome b5 Is a
			Restriction Factor for Soybean Mosaic Virus.

			31211446 Differences in smolt status affect the
			resistance of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)
			against infectious pancreatic necrosis, while
			vaccine-mediated protection is unaffected.

			Clinical Trials
			3997110 Palliative Radiation for Advanced
			Cervical Cancer

			3950414 A Dose-Escalation Study Evaluating
			Safety and Tolerability of Viral-Specific T Cells
			Against CMV in Adult Kidney Transplant

			3682549 Oral Microbiome of Patients With
			Hepatitis C Virus Infection

			3631719 Impact of Wolbachia Deployment on
			Arboviral Disease Incidence in Medellin and
			Bello, Colombia

			3600753 Characterization of Respiratory
			Microbiota in Susceptibility to Viral Respiratory

			3581734 Immunogenicity of Co-administered
			Oral Polio Vaccine and Oral Cholera Vaccine

			3534245 Investigating Vector-Borne
			Determinants of Aedes Transmitted Arboviral
			Infections in Cambodia: An Observational
			Longitudinal Cohort Study in Children

			3502993 Personalised Risk Assessment in
			Febrile Illness to Optimise Real-life
			Management Across the European Union

			3391245 Vitamin D Level and Risk of Infections
			in Cirrhotic Patients

			3362125 Bronchiolitis: Evaluation of Wang's
			Score as a Predictor of the Duration of Oxygen
			Therapy in Bronchiolitis

			3313154 Impact on QoL and Cognitive
			Functioning of New Antiviral Therapies in
			Subjects With Chronic Hepatitis HCV-related

			3212716 Efficiency of Antagonist Drugs of the
			Cellular Transcriptomic Signature of Influenza A
			Virus Infection.

			3170765 Randomized Controlled Trial of
			Measles Vaccination Schedule

			3158168 Intralesional Candidal Antigen Versus
			Intralesional Zinc Sulphate in Treatment of
			Cutaneous Warts

			3116802 Yellow Fever Vaccine on Statin/ Non
			Statin Subjects

			3106714 Study on the Persistence of Zika Virus
			(ZIKV) in Body Fluids of Patients With ZIKV
			Infection in Brazil

			3025074 Blood Collection Biorepository for
			Liver Disease Research

			2991495 Immunogenicity and Safety of
			Fractional Doses of Yellow Fever Vaccines

			2649517 Clinical and Morphological
			Characteristics of Chronic Inflammation in the
			Myocardium in Patients With Decompensated
			HF With Ischemic Systolic Dysfunction

			2592902 Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis
			and Extraesophageal Reflux

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