Source:		MedGen UID: 61558

     		Fatal Outcome

			Death resulting from the presence of a disease
			in an individual, as shown by a single case
			report or a limited number of patients. This
			should be differentiated from DEATH, the
			physiological cessation of life and from
			MORTALITY, an epidemiological or statistical

			Related Concepts
			Herpes simplex encephalitis
			I cell disease
			myocardial infarction
			heart failure
			cardiovascular events
			severe acute respiratory syndrome
			Middle East respiratory syndrome

			PRJNA305515 Absence of integrin α3
			modulates the integrin landscape of human

			PRJNA94137 Diffuse large B cell lymphomas

			PRJNA97093 Gene Expression Profiling of
			Patients with a Variation in the TNF-alpha gene
			and suffering from Multiple Trauma

			PRJNA151989 High-resolution, genome-wide
			analysis of human metastatic neuroblastoma
			samples by array-Comparative Genomic
			Hybridization (aCGH)

			PRJNA214224 Receptor-independent ectopic
			activity of PROLACTIN predicts aggressive lung
			tumors and indicates HDACi-based therapeutic

			PRJNA111697 The gamma secretase inhibitor
			LLNle induces apoptosis of human GBM tumor
			initiating cells

			32352026 Epitope based vaccine prediction
			for SARS-COV-2 by deploying immuno-informatics

			32351925 Two Cases of Influenza B Virus-Related
			Fatal Fulminant Pneumonia Complicated With
			Staphylococcus aureus Infection in China
			Diagnosed Using Next-Generation Sequencing

			32351649 Morbidity and mortality risk factors
			in emergency department patients with
			Acinetobacter baumannii bacteremia.

			32351510 Phenotypical Characterization of
			Spleen Remodeling in Murine Experimental
			Visceral Leishmaniasis.

			32342041 Forecasting the Impact of
			Coronavirus Disease During Delivery Hospitalization:
			An Aid for Resources Utilization.

			32341627 Estimating the infection horizon of
			COVID-19 in eight countries with a data-driven

			32334207 Real-time estimation and prediction
			of mortality caused by COVID-19 with
			patient information based algorithm.

			32328377 Rare Complication of Interventional
			Radiology-guided Arterial Embolization of the
			Gastroduodenal Artery in the Setting of Acute
			Gastrointestinal Bleed: Migrated Coils in the

			32328198 Untargeted Metabolomics Analysis
			of Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma
			Discovers Dysregulated Metabolic Pathways
			and Potential Diagnostic Biomarkers.

			32327809 ROPS designs to protect operators
			during agricultural tractor rollovers.

			32326974 Prediction of cardiovascular events
			in rheumatoid arthritis using risk age calculations:
			evaluation of concordance across risk age

			32326927 A cutaneous Anthrax outbreak in
			Koraput District of Odisha-India 2015.

			32322479 H1N1 with fatal viral septicemia in
			a normal child: A case report.

			32322454 Iatrogenic Pseudoaneurysm at the
			Deep Temporal Artery after Fronto-temporal
			Craniotomy Manifesting as Repeated
			Subcutaneous Hemorrhage -Case Report.

			32322210 Terphenyllin Suppresses Orthotopic
			Pancreatic Tumor Growth and Prevents
			Metastasis in Mice.

			32318665 Age-related rhesus macaque models
			of COVID-19.

			32317888 Fatal pulmonary hemorrhage due
			to severe mitral regurgitation during venoarterial
			extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.

			32317220 The anti-viral facet of anti-rheumatic
			drugs: Lessons from COVID-19.

			32317202 Areas of academic research with
			the impact of COVID-19.

			32315756 Challenges of managing the
			asymptomatic carriers of SARS-CoV-2.

			32315373 Health status and psychological
			outcomes after trauma: A prospective
			multicenter cohort study.

			32313886 Medically unexplained symptoms
			in the times of Covid-19 pandemic: a

			32313543 Host Cell Mimic Polymersomes for
			Rapid Detection of Highly Pathogenic Influenza
			Virus via a Viral Fusion and Cell Entry Mechanism.

			32313400 Novel findings from a beta coronavirus
			outbreak on an American Miniature Horse
			breeding farm in upstate New York.

			32310621 Coronavirus Infections in Children
			Including COVID-19: An Overview of the
			Epidemiology, Clinical Features, Diagnosis,
			Treatment and Prevention Options in Children.

			32309225 Prediction Mortality Rate Due to
			the Road-Traffic Accidents in Kazakhstan.

			32308595 Therapy-Related Acute Myeloid Leukemia
			2 Months after Chemoradiotherapy for
			Esophageal Cancer: A Case Report.

			32308532 First COVID-19 infections in the
			Philippines: a case report.

			32300388 Transient Abnormal Myelopoiesis:
			A Varied Spectrum of Clinical Presentation.

			32296543 Newly identified viral genomes in
			pangolins with fatal disease.

			32295417 Effects of Acute Colchicine
			Administration Prior to Percutaneous Coronary
			Intervention: COLCHICINE-PCI Randomized

			32293684 Assessment of Potentially
			Inappropriate Prescribing of Opioid Analgesics
			Requiring Prior Opioid Tolerance.

			32293449 Prognostic value of NT-proBNP in
			patients with severe COVID-19.

			32292881 Coronavirus infections: Epidemiological,
			clinical and immunological features and

			32292711 Epidemiological Patterns of Animal
			Bites in the Najafabad, Center of Iran

			32292294 Practice and Barriers toward Breast
			Self-Examination among Palestinian Women
			in Gaza City, Palestine.

			32289070 Virus infection-induced host mRNA
			degradation and potential application of live
			cell imaging.

			32289003 Segmented regression analysis of
			emergency departments patient visits from
			Septicemia in Taiwan.

			32287992 Characterisation and analysis of
			indoor tornado for contaminant removal and
			emergency ventilation.

			32287598 I, 1.Viral causes of gastroenteritis.

			32287514 Bonded-communities in HantaVirus
			research: a research collaboration network
			(RCN) analysis.

			32284949 Microbiology and Risk Factors for
			Hospital-Associated Bloodstream Infections
			Among Pediatric Hematopoietic Stem Cell
			Transplant Recipients.

			32284846 Rapid development of
			pulmonary hypertension and right ventricular failure
			due to large vessel intravascular microcrystalline
			cellulosis in an intravenous drug user.

			32284788 Transcriptional regulation of HSPB1
			by Friend leukemia integration-1 factor
			modulates radiation and temozolomide
			resistance in glioblastoma.

			32283155 Clinical characteristics of
			coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in China:
			A systematic review and meta-analysis.

			32280937 Comparative study of HPV and
			Cervical Cancer Knowledge and Beliefs between
			Mexican Immigrant Women in the US and
			Peruvian Women.

			32280397 Hepatic adenoma rupture following
			portal vein embolization.

			32280218 Nanoformulated Bioactive
			Compounds Derived from Different Natural
			Products Combat Pancreatic Cancer Cell

			32274327 Fatal refractory cardiac arrest as
			presentation of systemic amyloidosis.

			32274139 Characteristics of pulmonary mucormycosis
			and the experiences of surgical resection.

			32273630 A prospective trial to evaluate
			treatment effects of a β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate
			containing nutrient for leakage at the anastomotic
			site after esophagectomy.

			32272785 Positive Association of Cardiovascular
			Disease (CVD) with Chronic Exposure to Drinking
			Water Arsenic (As) at Concentrations below
			the WHO Provisional Guideline Value: A
			Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

			32271825 Performance of risk prediction
			scores for cardiovascular mortality in older
			persons: External validation of the SCORE OP
			and appraisal.

			32269983 Association Between Socioeconomic
			and Demographic Characteristics and Non-fatal
			Alcohol-Related Injury in Maringá, Brazil.

			32269847 Risk Factors for Duodenal Stump Leakage
			after Laparoscopic Gastrectomy for Gastric Cancer.

			32269776 Oesophagobronchial perforations
			after placement of an oesophageal self-expanding
			metallic stent.

			32266293 Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in
			Pregnancy and Implications for Long-Term
			Health: Identifying the Research Priorities for
			Low-Resource Settings.

			32265115 COVID-19 in Colombia endpoints.
			Are we different, like Europe?

			32264827 Case report: postpartum
			cerebral venous thrombosis misdiagnosed as
			postdural puncture headache.

			32259477 Infection and Rapid Transmission
			of SARS-CoV-2 in Ferrets.

			32258362 Influence of sex on the incidence
			of potential coronary artery disease and
			long-term outcomes in asymptomatic patients
			with diabetes mellitus.

			32258201 Determinants of Fatal Outcome in
			Patients Admitted to Intensive Care Units With
			Influenza, European Union 2009-2017.

			32257849 Emerging and neglected zoonoses
			in transplant population.

			32257832 Did a shared thioredoxin-reductase
			gene mutation lead to maternal peripartum cardiomyopathy
			and fatal dilated cardiomyopathy in her son?
			A case report.

			32257772 Cross-Country Comparison of Case
			Fatality Rates of COVID-19/SARS-COV-2.

			32257754 Gallbladder cancer accompanied
			by uncontrollable eosinophilia: report of a case.

			32257253 Native valve fungal endocarditis
			caused by Aspergillus fumigatus: management

			32256868 Methemoglobinemia due to local
			anesthesia: a rare cause of cyanosis and
			chest pain after placement of implantable
			cardioverter defibrillator.

			32256864 A case of takotsubo cardiomyopathy
			developing ventricular fibrillation after a
			pacemaker implantation.

			32256857 Comparative Proteomic Investigation
			of Plasma Reveals Novel Potential Biomarker
			Groups for Acute Aortic Dissection.

			32256452 ST-Segment Elevation
			Myocardial Infarction Related to Potential
			Spontaneous Coronary Thrombosis in
			Pheochromocytoma Crisis.

			32256005 Genomic profiling of Nipah virus
			using NGS driven RNA-Seq expression data.

			32255894 Fire severity and soil erosion
			susceptibility mapping using multi-temporal
			Earth Observation data: The case of Mati fatal
			wildfire in Eastern Attica, Greece.

			32255797 Predicting disease risk areas through
			co-production of spatial models: The example
			of Kyasanur Forest Disease in India's forest

			32251475 Immunosuppressive FK506 treatment
			leads to more frequent EBV-associated
			lymphoproliferative disease in humanized mice.

			32251473 Dual RNA-Seq characterization of
			host and pathogen gene expression in liver
			cells infected with Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever

			32251295 Fungal kinases and transcription
			factors regulating brain infection in Cryptococcus

			32247926 Clinical features of the first cases
			and a cluster of Coronavirus Disease 2019
			(COVID-19) in Bolivia imported from Italy and

			32244852 Smoking Upregulates Angiotensin-Converting
			Enzyme-2 Receptor: A Potential Adhesion Site
			for Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19).

			32240670 Coronavirus disease 2019 in elderly
			patients: Characteristics and prognostic factors
			based on 4-week follow-up.

			32240094 Use of Rapid Online Surveys to
			Assess People's Perceptions During Infectious
			Disease Outbreaks: A Cross-sectional Survey
			on COVID-19.

			32238168 Real-world use of ACEI/ARB in
			diabetic hypertensive patients before the initial
			diagnosis of obstructive coronary artery disease:
			patient characteristics and long-term follow-up

			32236526 Idiopathic refractory ascites after
			allogeneic stem cell transplantation: a previously
			unrecognized entity.

			32236525 Facilitating resolution of life-threatening
			acute GVHD with human chorionic gonadotropin
			and epidermal growth factor.

			32236489 Association of Rare PTGIS Variants
			With Susceptibility and Pulmonary Vascular
			Response in Patients With Idiopathic
			Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.

			32235768 Boda Bodas and Road Traffic
			Injuries in Uganda: An Overview of Traffic
			Safety Trends from 2009 to 2017.

			32235717 Melatonin Relations with Energy
			Metabolism as Possibly Involved in Fatal
			Mountain Road Traffic Accidents.

			32234805 Quantifying SARS-CoV-2 transmission
			suggests epidemic control with digital contact

			32234467 The cytokine release syndrome
			(CRS) of severe COVID-19 and Interleukin-6 receptor
			(IL-6R) antagonist Tocilizumab may be the key
			to reduce the mortality.

			32234343 Monitoring Transmissibility and
			Mortality of COVID-19 in Europe.

			32234056 CRISPRi-based radiation modifier
			screen identifies long non-coding RNA
			therapeutic targets in glioma.

			32232167 Temporal trends in the accuracy
			of hospital diagnostic coding for identifying
			acute stroke: A population-based study.

			32231998 Transcriptomic and Functional
			Screens Reveal MicroRNAs That Modulate
			Prostate Cancer Metastasis.

			32231764 Successful liver transplantation for
			acute sickle cell intrahepatic cholestasis: A
			case report and review of the literature.

			32231374 Data-based analysis, modelling and
			forecasting of the COVID-19 outbreak.

			32228700 Prescription opioid injection among
			young people who inject drugs in New York
			City: a mixed-methods description and
			associations with hepatitis C virus infection and

			32228489 Identification of novel biomarkers
			in ischemic stroke: a genome-wide integrated

			32226820 Not typical angina and mortality in
			women with obstructive
			coronary artery disease: Results from the
			Women's Ischemic Syndrome Evaluation study

			32226733 Expression of the protective antigen
			for PEDV in transgenic duckweed, Lemna

			32226700 Intricate Interplay of Entwined
			Metabolic and Inflammatory Life-threatening
			Processes in Tumor Lysis Syndrome
			Complicating Prostate Cancer: A Systematic
			Review with a Single Institution Experience.

			32226629 Fatal pulmonary infection related to
			Nocardiopsis dassonvillei in a patient with
			chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

			32219094 Prevalence of Non-psychiatric
			Comorbidities in Pre-symptomatic and
			Symptomatic Huntington's Disease Gene
			Carriers in Poland.

			32214991 Pathogenesis of pandemic H1N1
			2009 influenza virus infection and the
			implication on management.

			32214980 SARS - Pandemie und Emerging

			32214474 Ebola hemorrhagic fever: Properties
			of the pathogen and development of vaccines
			and chemotherapeutic agents.

			32214443 Awareness About
			Ebola Virus Disease Among the Health Care
			Professionals in Karachi, Pakistan.

			32211811 Periprocedural Risk and Survival
			Associated With Implantable
			Cardioverter-Defibrillator Placement in Older
			Patients With Advanced Heart Failure.

			32211603 Multifunctional phototheranostic
			nanomedicine for cancer imaging and

			32211487 Portable compression devices in
			total joint arthroplasty: poor outpatient

			32211389 Reduced Prenatal Pulmonary
			Lymphatic Function Is Observed in Clp1 K/K
			Embryos With Impaired Motor Functions
			Including Fetal Breathing Movements in
			Preparation of the Developing Lung for Inflation
			at Birth.

			32211295 Fatal hepatitis A virus infection in an

			32211263 Initial Experience after Transition to
			Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in Patients with
			Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Treated in a Rural
			Healthcare Region.

			32210971 The Differential Expression of
			ERAP1/ERAP2 and Immune Cell Activation in

			32210640 Invasive Aspergillosis After
			Non-Fatal Drowning.

			32210331 RIPC provides neuroprotection
			against ischemic stroke by suppressing
			apoptosis via the mitochondrial pathway.

			32210242 A Staphylococcus pro-apoptotic
			peptide induces acute exacerbation of
			pulmonary fibrosis.

			32206675 Influenza and Bacterial Coinfection in
			Adults With Community-Acquired Pneumonia
			Admitted to Conventional Wards: Risk Factors,
			Clinical Features, and Outcomes.

			32206483 Linagliptin and cardiorenal outcomes
			in Asians with type 2 diabetes mellitus and
			established cardiovascular and/or kidney
			disease: subgroup analysis of the randomized
			CARMELINA® trial.

			32206040 Near-fatal anaphylaxis with
			Kounis syndrome caused by Argas reflexus
			bite: a case report.

			32206028 Systematic review of the clinical
			consequences of butyrfentanyl and
			corresponding analogues.

			32204713 Evaluating networked drug checking
			services in Toronto, Ontario: study protocol and

			32202643 Incidence and Lethality of Suicidal
			Overdoses by Drug Class.

			32201663 Two Intriguing Cases of Stanford
			Type A Acute Aortic Dissection.

			32201630 Dangers of Clostridium perfringens
			food poisoning in psychiatric patients.

			32201623 Forty-two years of responding to
			Ebola virus outbreaks in Sub-Saharan Africa: a

			32201619 Seasonal variation in the
			non-specific effects of BCG vaccination on
			neonatal mortality: three randomised controlled
			trials in Guinea-Bissau.

			32199125 Socioeconomic differences in
			health-care use and outcomes for stroke and
			ischaemic heart disease in China during
			2009-16: a prospective cohort study of 0·5
			million adults.

			32195099 Super-Resolution Infrared Imaging
			of Polymorphic Amyloid Aggregates Directly in

			32192451 Unusual accumulation of a wide
			array of antimicrobial resistance mechanisms in
			a patient with cytomegalovirus-associated
			hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis: a case

			32191196 Tree of Life Synagogue Shooting in
			Pittsburgh: Preparedness, Prehospital Care,
			and Lessons Learned.

			32190390 Giant Pericardial Lipoma Inducing
			Cardiac Tamponade and New Onset
			Atrial Flutter.

			32190137 Takotsubo syndrome - fatal
			prognosis of patients with low body mass index
			in 5-year follow-up.

			32189937 Thrombosis rates using aspirin and a
			compression device as multimodal prophylaxis
			for lower limb arthroplasty in a screened

			32188441 Severe sepsis caused by serious
			gastrointestinal infection in sJIA patients treated
			with IL-6 receptor antagonist: a case report.

			32187538 Mice Carrying ALS Mutant TDP-43,
			but Not Mutant FUS, Display In Vivo Defects in
			Axonal Transport of Signaling Endosomes.

			32185145 How could hypoglycemia-inducing
			glycogen storage disease lead to
			hyperglycemia-induced mucormycosis?

			32185070 Myiasis.

			32185045 Fatal outcome of malignant
			transformation of hidradenitis suppurativa: A
			case report and literature review.

			32185030 Three cases of intra-abdominal free
			air onset associated with COPD treated

			32184810 Construction Project Safety
			Performance Management Using Analytic
			Network Process (ANP) as a Multicriteria
			Decision-Making (MCDM) Tool.

			32184279 Hospital admission for stroke or
			transient ischemic attack among First Nations
			people with diabetes in Ontario: a
			population-based cohort study.

			32182692 Generation of New Isogenic Models
			of Huntington's Disease Using CRISPR-Cas9

			32182573 Oral high dose vitamin B12
			decreases renal superoxide and
			post-ischemia/reperfusion injury in mice.

			32181829 Prevalence of and Risk Factors
			Associated With Nonfatal Overdose Among
			Veterans Who Have Experienced

			32181193 Primary Diffuse Large B-Cell
			Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma of the Thoracic
			Spine Presented Initially as an Epigastric Pain.

			32181173 Postoperative
			Venous Thromboembolism in Extramedullary
			Spinal Tumors.

			32181155 Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell
			Transplantation in a Rare Case of Tonsillar
			Mast Cell Sarcoma.

			32180881 Assessment of the knowledge,
			attitude and practices of prescribers regarding
			malaria diagnosis: a cross sectional study
			among Ghanaian prescribers.

			32180831 Direct-acting Anticoagulants in
			Chronic Coronary Syndromes.

			32180715 Formulation and Characterization of
			Solid Lipid Nanoparticles Loading RF22-c, a
			Potent and Selective 5-LO Inhibitor, in a
			Monocrotaline-Induced Model of
			Pulmonary Hypertension.

			32178703 Estimating physical activity from
			self-reported behaviours in large-scale
			population studies using network
			harmonisation: findings from UK Biobank and
			associations with disease outcomes.

			32176727 The immunogenicity and protective
			immunity of multi-epitopes DNA prime-protein
			boost vaccines encoding Amastin-Kmp-11,
			Kmp11-Gp63 and Amastin-Gp63 against
			visceral leishmaniasis.

			32175421 Early estimation of the case fatality
			rate of COVID-19 in mainland China: a
			data-driven analysis.

			32171270 Rapid formation and rupture of an
			infectious basilar artery aneurysm from
			meningitis following suprasellar region
			meningioma removal: a case report.

			32170189 Damage-free Metal Electrode
			Transfer to Monolayer Organic Single Crystalline
			Thin Films.

			32169066 Oral management of a patient with
			down syndrome and agammaglobulinemia: a
			case report.

			32168353 Communicative challenges among
			physicians, patients, and family caregivers in
			cancer care: An exploratory qualitative study in

			32166128 The novel coronavirus outbreak:
			what can be learned from China in public

			32166071 Pediatric road traffic injuries in Qatar:
			Evidence for a developmental stage approach
			to road safety.

			32165918 Exploring mental health needs and
			services among affected population in a
			cyclone affected area in costal Bangladesh: a
			qualitative case study.

			32165703 Population-Based Analysis of
			Demographic and Socioeconomic Disparities in
			Pediatric CNS Cancer Survival in the United

			32164562 Temporal decline in diarrhea
			episodes and mortality in Kiribati children two
			years following rotavirus vaccine introduction,
			despite high malnutrition rates: a retrospective

			32164535 Infection control in ERCP using a
			duodenoscope with a disposable cap
			(ICECAP): rationale for and design of a
			randomized controlled trial.

			32163411 Long-term trends in death and
			dependence after ischaemic strokes: A
			retrospective cohort study using the South
			London Stroke Register (SLSR).

			32161551 Non-invasive Quantification of Fat
			Deposits in Skeletal Muscle Predicts
			Cardiovascular Outcome in Kidney Failure.

			32161512 The burden of Japanese
			encephalitis, the catch-up vaccination
			campaign, and health service providers'
			perceptions in Myanmar: 2012-2017.

			32161475 Cryptococcus neoformans/gattii
			Species Complexes from Pre-HIV Pandemic
			Era Contain Unusually High Rate of
			Non-Wild-Type Isolates for Amphotericin B.

			32160244 Fatal overdose prevention and
			experience with naloxone: A cross-sectional
			study from a community-based cohort of
			people who inject drugs in Baltimore, Maryland.

			32158597 Clinical Characteristics and
			Treatment of Immune-Related Adverse Events
			of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors.

			32158585 Solid Pseudopapillary
			Neoplasm of the Pancreas with High-Grade
			Malignant Transformation Involving p16-RB
			Pathway Alterations.

			32158381 Transcription and Beyond:
			Delineating FOXG1 Function in Cortical
			Development and Disorders.

			32156806 New Host-Directed Therapeutics for
			the Treatment of Clostridioides difficile

			32156279 Triglyceride glucose index for
			predicting cardiovascular outcomes after
			percutaneous coronary intervention in patients
			with type 2 diabetes mellitus and
			acute coronary syndrome.

			32156268 Acute pesticide poisoning amongst
			adolescent girls and women in northern

			32155155 Implementation of the WHO
			guideline on treatment of young infants with
			signs of possible serious bacterial infection
			when hospital referral is not feasible in rural
			Zaria, Nigeria: Challenges and solutions.

			32154490 Leptomeningeal Metastasis from
			Adrenocortical Carcinoma: A Case Report.

			32154358 Acute subdural hematoma in an
			elite-level rugby union player.

			32154026 Antecedent cancer in Takotsubo
			syndrome predicts both cardiovascular and
			long-term mortality.

			32153546 Identification of Anti-Mycobacterium
			and Anti-Legionella Compounds With Potential
			Distinctive Structural Scaffolds From an
			HD-PBL Using Phenotypic Screens in Amoebae
			Host Models.

			32153351 FAIM Opposes Aggregation of
			Mutant SOD1 That Typifies Some Forms of
			Familial Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

			32151314 Fatal amyloid formation in a patient's
			antibody light chain is caused by a single
			point mutation.

			32151281 Epigenetic modulation of AREL1 and
			increased HLA expression in brains of
			multiple system atrophy patients.

			32150563 Recessive missense LAMP3 variant
			associated with defect in lamellar body
			biogenesis and fatal neonatal interstitial lung
			disease in dogs.

			32150544 Human Plasmodium vivax diversity,
			population structure and evolutionary origin.

			32148980 Clarithromycin-Associated Acute
			Liver Failure Leading to Fatal, Massive Upper
			Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage from Profound
			Coagulopathy: Case Report and Systematic
			Literature Review.

			32148596 Pneumocystis jirovecii Pneumonia in
			Patients with Nephrotic Syndrome: Application
			of Lymphocyte Subset Analysis in Predicting
			Clinical Outcomes.

			32142079 Children's Oxygen Administration
			Strategies Trial (COAST): A randomised
			controlled trial of high flow versus oxygen
			versus control in African children with severe

			32140367 Hepatic Artery Thrombosis: A Rare
			Complication of Microwave Ablation in
			Hepatocelluar Carcinoma.

			32138746 Legacy effect of fibrate add-on
			therapy in diabetic patients with dyslipidemia: a
			secondary analysis of the ACCORDION study.

			32133366 Endobronchial Valves for the
			Treatment of Bronchopleural Fistula and
			Pneumothorax Caused by
			Pulmonary Cryptococcosis in an AIDS Patient.

			32133301 Tick-Borne Encephalitis Virus
			Infection Alters the Sialome of Ixodes ricinus
			Ticks During the Earliest Stages of Feeding.

			32133251 Adult-onset Primary
			Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis:
			Reporting a Rare Case with Review of

			32133176 Tuberculosis case fatality in India: a
			systematic review and meta-analysis.

			32133167 Establishment of a road traffic
			trauma registry for northern Sri Lanka.

			32133033 Long-term outcomes of staged
			recanalization for concurrent chronic total
			occlusion in patients with ST-segment elevation
			myocardial infarction after primary
			percutaneous coronary intervention.

			32132902 Chaperone Mediated Autophagy
			Degrades TDP-43 Protein and Is Affected by
			TDP-43 Aggregation.

			32132361 Unanticipated Myocarditis in a
			Surgical Patient Treated With Pembrolizumab:
			A Case Report.

			31245253 Falls from a balcony while
			intoxicated: a new injury trend among young

			31235699 Integrative analysis of genomic and
			transcriptomic characteristics associated with
			progression of aggressive thyroid cancer.

			31234820 A report of two children with
			Gorham-Stout disease.

			31226641 Brain-blood ratio of morphine in
			heroin and morphine autopsy cases.

			31220047 Otitis Media-associated Bacterial
			Meningitis in Children in a Low-income Country.

			31203084 Internal Carotid Artery Bleed: A Rare
			Complication Of Invasive Sphenoidal

			31200944 A transgenic mouse model
			reproduces human hereditary systemic

			31192125 Fatal Myelotoxicity Following
			Palliative Chemotherapy With Cisplatin and
			Gemcitabine in a Patient With Stage IV
			Cholangiocarcinoma Linked to Post Mortem
			Diagnosis of Fanconi Anemia.

			31180943 Successful Intrathecal Rituximab
			Administration in Refractory Nonteratoma
			Anti-N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor
			Encephalitis: A Case Report.

			31179880 Severe pulmonary infections
			complicating nivolumab treatment for lung
			cancer: a report of two cases.

			31179560 A mutation analysis of the EGFR
			pathway genes, RAS, EGFR, PIK3CA, AKT1,
			and BRAF, and TP53 gene in thymic carcinoma
			and thymoma type A/B3.

			31179293 Pregnancy and Wilson disease:
			management and outcome of mother and
			newborns-experiences of a perinatal centre.

			31169293 Stockpiled avian influenza A(H7N9)
			vaccines induce robust, non-neutralizing
			functional antibodies against antigenically
			drifted 5th wave A(H7N9) viruses.

			31165151 Is the association between blood
			pressure and mortality in older adults different
			with frailty? A systematic review and

			31160372 Distance to trauma centres among
			gunshot wound victims: identifying trauma
			'deserts' and 'oases' in Detroit.

			31157748 Effects of glucose-lowering on
			outcome incidence in diabetes mellitus and the
			modulating role of blood pressure and other
			clinical variables: overview, meta-analysis of
			randomized trials.

			31157109 Hospital admissions for bleeding
			events associated with treatment with
			apixaban, dabigatran and rivaroxaban.

			31154353 Prediction of intracranial
			hemorrhages after mechanical thrombectomy
			of basilar artery occlusion.

			31150854 Herpes simplex encephalitis shortly
			after surgery for a secondary glioblastoma: a
			case report and review of the literature.

			31150098 Severe yellow fever in Brazil: clinical
			characteristics and management.

			Clinical Trials
			3931135 Cyclizine Vs. Dexamethasone for
			Nausea and Vomiting Following Intrathecal
			Morphine in Cases of Cesarean Section

			3868722 Acalabrutinib and Venetoclax
			Treatment of Newly Diagnosed Patients With
			CLL at High Risk of Infection or Early Treatment

			3824743 Balanced Crystalloids in Postpartum

			3697395 Advanced Immunoclinical
			Phenotyping of Rejection in Lung Transplant

			3687424 Can High-flow Nasal Oxygenation
			Improve Oxygen Saturation During
			Analgo-sedation in Obese Adults?

			3655561 Lassa Fever Clinical Course and
			Prognostic Factors in Nigeria

			3591757 Short-term Effects of TOLCAPONE
			on Transthyretin Stability in Subjects With
			Leptomeningeal TTR Amyloidosis (ATTR)

			3561025 Diagnostic Potential of PET/MRI in
			Cardiac Sarcoidosis

			3552900 Evaluating a Mobile App for Students
			Seeking Care for Depression and Anxiety at
			Harvard University Health Services

			3358043 Prevalence and Outcome of Acute
			Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure in Wales

			3342716 Resolution of Organ Injury in Acute
			Pancreatitis - RESORP

			3322345 Characterizing the Effect of Dopamine
			on Markers of Lymph Re-circulation in
			Fontan-associated Protein-losing Enteropathy

			3314792 Effects of Tapentadol Versus
			Oxycodone After Hysterectomy.

			3165123 Effect of Using Azithromycin Versus
			Placebo With Dexamethasone in Prevention of
			Post-spinal Nausea and Vomiting.

			3145974 Prevalence and Outcome of Acute
			Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure

			3110822 A Phase 1 Study of Ruxolitinib,
			Steroids and Lenalidomide for
			Relapsed/Refractory Multiple Myeloma (RRMM)

			3045510 Efficacy and Safety of Ultra Small
			Dose Decitabine for the Lower Risk MDS
			Patients With Transfusion Dependent

			3033823 MAGnesium Adjunction in Alcohol
			Withdrawal Syndrome: a Multicenter
			Assessment (MAGMA)

			2895646 Genomic Study of Genetic
			Polymorphisms Involved in Immediate Allergic
			Reactions to Beta-lactam Antibiotics

			2841553 Wolfram Syndrome International
			Registry and Clinical Study

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