Source:		MedGen UID: 61674

     		Coronavirus infection

			Virus diseases caused by the Coronavirus genus.

			The novel coronavirus causes the illness COVID-19,
			a viral respiratory tract infection. Viral pathogenesis
			and course of illness vary. Most infections are mild
			and may cause symptoms such as cough, congestion,
			fever or chills. Mild weakness, fatigue and joint pain
			(arthralgia) may also occur.

			Life threatening respiratory distress as occurs in
			Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) and
			Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) is rare
			for individuals under 65 years of age with no other
			conditions. Patients with pre-existing conditions,
			significant comorbidity or respiratory problems
			are at increased risk of serious adverse events.

			Efforts to reduce disease transmission emphasize
			avoiding non-essential interaction with others.

			Contaminated surfaces are known mediators of
			contact transmission. Droplet transmission may
			occur if the viral vector is directly inhaled.

			Reports from Italy indicate that patients currently
			being treated for hypertension may be at greater
			risk of mortality, raising concern that prescription
			of Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor is a
			significant risk factor.

			Cell entry of coronaviruses depends on binding
			of the viral PROS1 spike proteins to the ACE2
			cellular receptor, and processing by the TMPRSS2
			serine protease or CTSB/CTSL cysteine proteases.
			The SARS Coronavirus Protease Pathway can
			be blocked with the serine protease inhibitor
			Camostat and the endosomal cysteine protease
			inhibitor Aloxistatin, see ncbi.life/SARSCOV2DPZ

			The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)
			is currently conducting clinical trials to identify
			effective therapeutic treatments and protective

			NIH Grants & Funding

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			Lopinavir and ritonavir (Kaletra)
			Neutrophil leukocytosis
			Nitazoxanide (Alinia, Daxon)
			Oseltamivir (Tamiflu)
			Pirfenidone (Esbriet)
			Plasma Product
			Prednisone (Deltasone)
			Rapivab (Peramivir)
			Remdesivir (GS-5734)
			Ribavirin (Copegus, Rebetol)
			Rintatolimod (Ampligen)
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			Ruxolitinib (Jakafi)
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			Amprenavir product
			Atazanavir response
			Atazanavir sulfate
			Boceprevir response
			Cidofovir Anhydrous
			Cidofovir product
			Darunavir ethanolate
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			Feline Infectious Peritonitides
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			Indinavir Anhydrous
			Indinavir product
			Indinavir sulfate
			Interferon beta
			Lopinavir and ritonavir product
			Lopinavir product
			Middle East respiratory syndrome
			Nelfinavir mesylate
			Oseltamivir carboxylate
			Oseltamivir phosphate
			Peginterferon alfa-2a response
			Peginterferon alfa-2b response
			Presatovir (GS-5806)
			Ribavirin response
			SARS Coronavirus Protease Pathway
			Saquinavir mesylate
			Saquinavir product
			Severe acute respiratory syndrome
			Simeprevir response
			Sofosbuvir response
			Susceptibility to coronavirus 229e
			Taribavirin Hydrochloride
			Telaprevir response
			Tipranavir Disodium
			Viral Breakthrough
			Viral Disease
			Viral Fusion Protein Inhibitors
			Viral Load
			Viral Lower Respiratory Infection
			Viral Pathogenesis
			Viral Pneumonia
			Viral Respiratory Tract Infection
			Viral Upper Respiratory Tract Infection
			Viral Vaccine
			Viral Vector
			Zanamivir product
			infection control
			ground-glass opacity

			MN994467 Wuhan seafood market pneumonia
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			MN985325 Wuhan seafood market pneumonia
			virus isolate 2019-nCoV/USA-WA1/2020,
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			MN938384 Wuhan seafood market pneumonia
			virus isolate 2019-nCoV_HKU-SZ-002a_2020,
			complete genome

			MN908947 Wuhan seafood market pneumonia
			virus isolate 2019-nCoV Wuhan-Hu-1,
			complete genome

			PRJEB36487 2019_nCoV data generated
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			PRJNA118845 Dynamic Innate Immune
			Responses of Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells
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			human neuronal model: Mock infected
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			pneumonia by duration of symptoms.

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			32320741 Obesity as a risk factor for greater
			severity of COVID-19 in patients with metabolic
			associated fatty liver disease.

			32320740 Low-density lipoprotein is a potential
			predictor of poor prognosis in patients with
			coronavirus disease 2019.

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			and multi-site based virtual screening against

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			Patterns of COVID-19 Outbreak? - An
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			(ARDS) due to COVID-19 in the USA: a Markov
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			Current Status and the Need for Faster

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			Thromboembolic Disease: Implications for
			Prevention, Antithrombotic Therapy, and

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			32309528 Chest CT features and their role in

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			Prioritisation Strategies During the COVID-19
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			coronavirus-2 infections in paediatric patients
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			Critical Care Delivery During the Covid-19
			Pandemic: An International Perspective.

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			asymptomatic and symptomatic pregnant
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			incubation period of COVID-19 infection.

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			for healthcare workers at a large NHS
			Foundation Trust in the United Kingdom, March

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			infections: The case for interferon lambda.

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			utilizing transgenic antigen-expressing cells
			as immune presenter and adjuvant in vaccine
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			and work: Health, distress and life satisfaction
			of working adults in China one month into the
			COVID-19 outbreak.

			32282344 Attending to the Emotional Well-Being
			of the Health Care Workforce in a New York
			City Health System During the COVID-19

			32279934 Anesthesia Management and
			Perioperative Infection Control in Patients With
			the Novel Coronavirus.

			32279903 Considerations in the Triage of
			Urologic Surgeries During the COVID-19

			32278716 The Restructuring of Structural
			Heart Disease Practice During The Covid-19

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			Management during the COVID-19 Pandemic:
			A Multinational Consensus Statement from
			the Fleischner Society.

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			prioritization for patients with neuro-oncologic
			disease amid the COVID-19 pandemic: general
			guidance for neuro-oncology practitioners from
			the AANS/CNS Tumor Section and Society
			for Neuro-Oncology.

			32274570 COVID-19 in the heart and the
			lungs: could we "Notch" the inflammatory

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			Scientists and Engineers.

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			32265005 Only strict quarantine measures can
			curb the coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
			outbreak in Italy, 2020.

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			COVID-19 Pandemic: Extraordinary Times and
			Unusual Challenges for the Allergist/Immunologist.

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			During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic
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			American College of Cardiology; and the
			Electrocardiography and Arrhythmias Committee
			of the Council on Clinical Cardiology,
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			group of respectable population during the
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			Recommendations for COVID-19 clinical

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			COVID-19 epidemic: implications and policy

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			32212103 Practical considerations for
			performing regional anesthesia: lessons learned
			from the COVID-19 pandemic.

			32212099 COVID-19 may transmit through

			32211816 Association of Cardiac Injury With
			Mortality in Hospitalized Patients With
			COVID-19 in Wuhan, China.

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			Where Do We Stand Now?

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			Halved? Not Always! The Novel Coronavirus
			COVID-19 Outbreak.

			32203437 Insights from nanomedicine into
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			32202646 Factors Associated With Mental
			Health Outcomes Among Health Care Workers
			Exposed to Coronavirus Disease 2019.

			32202421 Can a Paper-Based Device Trace
			COVID-19 Sources with Wastewater-Based

			32202420 An Imperative Need for Research on
			the Role of Environmental Factors in
			Transmission of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

			32199457 Responding to the COVID-19
			pandemic in complex humanitarian crises.

			32196071 Knowledge and Perceptions of
			COVID-19 Among the General Public in the
			United States and the United Kingdom: A
			Cross-sectional Online Survey.

			32195311 From SARS to COVID-19: A
			previously unknown SARS- related coronavirus
			(SARS-CoV-2) of pandemic potential infecting
			humans - Call for a One Health approach.

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			pneumonia calls for viral vaccines.

			32191259 Characteristics and Outcomes of 21
			Critically Ill Patients With COVID-19 in
			Washington State.

			32190785 Transmission potential of the
			novel coronavirus (COVID-19) onboard the
			diamond Princess Cruises Ship, 2020.

			32190290 SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19: The
			most important research questions.

			32189218 The impact of high-flow nasal
			cannula (HFNC) on coughing distance:
			implications on its use during the novel
			coronavirus disease outbreak.

			32189136 Lower mortality of COVID-19 by
			early recognition and intervention: experience
			from Jiangsu Province.

			32189081 AI-Driven Tools for Coronavirus
			Outbreak: Need of Active Learning and
			Cross-Population Train/Test Models on
			Multitudinal/Multimodal Data.

			32189010 Correction to: COVID-19: a
			novel coronavirus and a novel challenge for
			critical care.

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			COVID-19 and establishment of a host risk
			score: findings of 487 cases outside Wuhan.

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			32186278 Influenza-associated pneumonia as
			reference to assess seriousness of
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			32185370 Information Typology in Coronavirus
			(COVID-19) Crisis; a Commentary.

			32185369 Liver and Kidney Injuries in
			COVID-19 and Their Effects on Drug Therapy; a
			Letter to Editor.

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			possibility of predicting the COVID-19 outbreak
			from Internet searches and social media data,
			China, 2020.

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			positive virus detection in two medical staff
			recovered from coronavirus disease 2019
			(COVID-19), China, January to February 2020.

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			proportion of coronavirus disease 2019
			(COVID-19) cases on board the Diamond
			Princess cruise ship, Yokohama, Japan, 2020.

			32183901 Epidemiology, causes, clinical
			manifestation and diagnosis, prevention and
			control of coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
			during the early outbreak period: a scoping

			32183864 Safe patient transport for COVID-19.

			32181302 Application of the ARIMA model on
			the COVID-2019 epidemic dataset.

			32180175 Safety and efficacy of different
			anesthetic regimens for parturients with
			COVID-19 undergoing Cesarean delivery: a
			case series of 17 patients.

			32180173 Lidocaine during intubation and
			extubation in patients with coronavirus disease

			32180157 Brain Awareness Week, CoVID-19
			infection and Neurological Sciences.

			32178711 Treatment of COVID-19: old tricks
			for new challenges.

			32178547 Challenges and Countermeasures of
			Integrative Cancer Therapy in the Epidemic of

			32176272 Estimation of Coronavirus Disease
			2019 (COVID-19) Burden and Potential for
			International Dissemination of Infection From

			32176257 COVID-19 and the Risk to Health
			Care Workers: A Case Report.

			32175437 The role of CT for Covid-19 patient's
			management remains poorly defined.

			32175421 Early estimation of the case fatality
			rate of COVID-19 in mainland China: a
			data-driven analysis.

			32175069 Imported Wuhan
			Coronavirus Infection: Is there any Correlation
			with Number of Immigrants from Endemic Area
			and Period after the First Outbreak?

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			Features of Coronavirus Disease 2019
			(COVID-19) Outbreak in the Republic of Korea
			from January 19 to March 2, 2020.

			32174068 Will the Third Wave of
			Coronavirus Disease 2019 Really Come in

			32170953 Limiting spread of COVID-19 from
			cruise ships - lessons to be learnt from Japan.

			32169119 The origin, transmission and clinical
			therapies on coronavirus disease 2019
			(COVID-19) outbreak - an update on the status.

			32167747 Evidence of the COVID-19 Virus
			Targeting the CNS: Tissue Distribution,
			Host-Virus Interaction, and Proposed
			Neurotropic Mechanisms.

			32167524 Risk Factors Associated With
			Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome and
			Death in Patients With Coronavirus Disease
			2019 Pneumonia in Wuhan, China.

			32166350 [Recommendations for critically ill
			patients with COVID-19].

			32165854 Coronavirus disease-2019: is fever
			an adequate screening for the returning

			32165386 Complete Genome Sequence of a
			2019 Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Strain
			Isolated in Nepal.

			32164708 What further should be done to
			control COVID-19 outbreaks in addition to
			cases isolation and contact tracing measures?

			32163542 Histopathologic Changes and
			SARS-CoV-2 Immunostaining in the Lung of a
			Patient With COVID-19.

			32162212 Preparing for a COVID-19
			pandemic: a review of operating room outbreak
			response measures in a large tertiary hospital in

			32162211 Chest computed tomography
			images of early coronavirus disease

			32162032 How to balance
			acute myocardial infarction and COVID-19: the
			protocols from
			Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital.

			32160889 Geographical tracking and mapping
			of coronavirus disease
			COVID-19/severe acute respiratory syndrome
			coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) epidemic and
			associated events around the world: how 21st
			century GIS technologies are supporting the
			global fight against outbreaks and epidemics.

			32160299 Coronavirus Disease 2019
			(COVID-19): Protecting Hospitals From the

			32160273 How Should U.S. Hospitals Prepare
			for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)?

			32158961 First two months of the 2019
			Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) epidemic in
			China: real-time surveillance and evaluation with
			a second derivative model.

			32156607 Positive rate of RT-PCR detection of
			SARS-CoV-2 infection in 4880 cases from one
			hospital in Wuhan, China, from Jan to Feb

			32156327 First cases of coronavirus disease
			2019 (COVID-19) in the WHO European
			Region, 24 January to 21 February 2020.

			32155789 Immediate Psychological Responses
			and Associated Factors during the Initial Stage
			of the 2019 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
			Epidemic among the General Population in

			32154287 Chinese expert consensus on the
			perinatal and neonatal management for the
			prevention and control of the 2019 novel
			coronavirus infection (First edition).

			32151274 Preparing for COVID-19: early
			experience from an intensive care unit in

			32150748 The Incubation Period of
			Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) From
			Publicly Reported Confirmed Cases: Estimation
			and Application.

			32149043 Contact Transmission of COVID-19
			in South Korea: Novel Investigation Techniques
			for Tracing Contacts.

			32149037 Early Epidemiological and Clinical
			Characteristics of 28 Cases of
			Coronavirus Disease in South Korea.

			32149036 Identification of Coronavirus Isolated
			from a Patient in Korea with COVID-19.

			32149035 Effectiveness for the Response to
			COVID-19: The MERS Outbreak Containment

			32144591 What we do when a COVID-19
			patient needs an operation: operating room
			preparation and guidance.

			32139464 The clinical dynamics of 18 cases of
			COVID-19 outside of Wuhan, China.

			32139372 What we know so far: COVID-19
			current clinical knowledge and research.

			32133152 Phase-adjusted estimation of the
			number of Coronavirus Disease 2019 cases in
			Wuhan, China.

			32132744 Data sharing for novel coronavirus

			32132521 The Effects of Social Support on
			Sleep Quality of Medical Staff Treating Patients
			with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in
			January and February 2020 in China.

			32118389 [Clinical analysis of 31 cases of
			2019 novel coronavirus infection in children
			from six provinces (autonomous region) of
			northern China].

			32114744 [Pregnant women with new
			coronavirus infection: a clinical characteristics
			and placental pathological analysis of three

			32112966 2019-novel Coronavirus severe adult
			respiratory distress syndrome in two cases in
			Italy: An uncommon radiological presentation.

			32112508 Spatial association between primary
			Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus
			infection and exposure to dromedary camels in
			Saudi Arabia.

			32112072 A Case Series of children with 2019
			novel coronavirus infection: clinical and
			epidemiological features.

			32108352 Clinical trial analysis of 2019-nCoV
			therapy registered in China.

			32107119 Coronavirus Disease 2019:
			Coronaviruses and Blood Safety.

			32102777 The 2019 novel coronavirus

			32102279 Assessing the Impact of Reduced
			Travel on Exportation Dynamics of Novel
			Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19).

			32102141 [First case of 2019 novel coronavirus
			infection in children in Shanghai].

			32102140 [Facing the pandemic of 2019 novel
			coronavirus infections: the pediatric

			32098466 [What are the highlights of
			"Diagnosis and treatment of Disease 2019
			novel coronavirus infection suitable for Military
			support Hubei medical team"].

			32096611 2019 novel coronavirus infection and
			gastrointestinal tract.

			32087334 The epidemic of
			2019-novel-coronavirus (2019-nCoV)
			pneumonia and insights for emerging infectious
			diseases in the future.

			32080991 Viral Load Kinetics of SARS-CoV-2
			Infection in First Two Patients in Korea.

			32079150 Incubation Period and Other
			Epidemiological Characteristics of 2019 Novel
			Coronavirus Infections with Right Truncation: A
			Statistical Analysis of Publicly Available Case

			32073213 Abnormal Coagulation parameters
			are associated with poor prognosis in patients
			with novel coronavirus pneumonia.

			32063887 Comprehensive Genomic
			Characterization Analysis of lncRNAs in Cells
			With Porcine Delta Coronavirus Infection.

			32062875 [Retracted: Clinical and
			epidemiological characteristics of 34 children
			with 2019 novel coronavirus infection in

			32061200 [Analysis of CT features of 15
			Children with 2019 novel coronavirus infection].

			32057210 [The prevention and control of a new
			coronavirus infection in department of

			32052466 Potential Interventions for Novel
			Coronavirus in China: A Systematic Review.

			32050635 Potential Maternal and Infant
			Outcomes from (Wuhan) Coronavirus
			2019-nCoV Infecting Pregnant Women:
			Lessons from SARS, MERS, and Other Human
			Coronavirus Infections.

			32047128 Distinct Roles for Sialoside and
			Protein Receptors in Coronavirus Infection.

			32043842 [2019-novel coronavirus infection in
			a three-month-old baby].

			32036011 Coronavirus infections reported by
			ProMED, February 2000-January 2020.

			32035428 [Suggestions for disinfection of
			ophthalmic examination equipment and
			protection of ophthalmologist against 2019
			novel coronavirus infection].

			32034659 Diagnosis, treatment, and
			prevention of 2019 novel coronavirus infection
			in children: experts' consensus statement.

			32025807 miRNA repertoire and host immune
			factor regulation upon avian coronavirus
			infection in eggs.

			32023680 [Suggestions for prevention of 2019
			novel coronavirus infection in otolaryngology
			head and neck surgery medical staff].

			32023679 [First case of 2019 novel coronavirus
			infection in children in Shanghai].

			32023678 [Facing the pandemic of 2019 novel
			coronavirus infections: the pediatric

			32013309 Mast cells contribute to
			coronavirus-induced inflammation: new
			anti-inflammatory strategy.

			32009759 Isolation and characterization of
			avian coronavirus from healthy Eclectus parrots
			(Eclectus roratus) from Indonesia.

			32004427 First Case of 2019
			Novel Coronavirus in the United States.

			31999307 The Novel Coronavirus Originating
			in Wuhan, China: Challenges for Global
			Health Governance.

			31987001 Genomic characterization of the
			2019 novel human-pathogenic coronavirus
			isolated from a patient with atypical pneumonia
			after visiting Wuhan.

			31781765 A review of asymptomatic and sub-clinical
			Middle East Respiratory Syndrome
			Coronavirus Infections.

			31769524 Typical epidemiology of respiratory virus
			infections in a Brazilian slum.

			31694960 Murine coronavirus infection activates AhR in an
			IDO1-independent manner contributing to
			cytokine modulation and pro-viral TiPARP

			31694947 Three Amino Acid Changes In Avian
			Coronavirus Spike Protein Allows Binding To
			Kidney Tissue.

			31692019 Gold nanoparticle-adjuvanted S protein induces
			a strong antigen-specific IgG response against
			severe acute respiratory syndrome-related
			coronavirus infection, but fails to induce
			protective antibodies and limit eosinophilic
			infiltration in lungs.

			31578288 Small molecule antiviral β-D-N
			4-hydroxycytidine inhibits a proofreading-intact
			coronavirus with a high genetic barrier to

			31234434 Susceptibility of Chickens to Porcine
			Deltacoronavirus Infection.

			31223425 Improved Wound Healing of Airway
			Epithelial Cells Is Mediated by Cold Atmospheric
			Plasma: A Time Course-Related Proteome Analysis.

			31139937 Epidemiology of respiratory viruses
			in Saudi Arabia: toward a complete picture.

			31125806 Nucleoside analogues for the
			treatment of coronavirus infections.

			31113572 Clinical presentation, diagnostic
			findings, and outcome of adult horses with
			equine coronavirus infection at a veterinary
			teaching hospital: 33 cases (2012-2018).

			31094626 Effect of cat litters on feline
			coronavirus infection of cell culture and cats.

			31082732 The ER stress sensor IRE1 and MAP
			kinase ERK modulate autophagy induction in
			cells infected with coronavirus infectious
			bronchitis virus.

			31048107 Differential recognition of peptides
			within feline coronavirus polyprotein 1 ab by
			sera from healthy cats and cats with feline
			infectious peritonitis.

			30984127 Recent Aspects on the
			Pathogenesis Mechanism, Animal Models and
			Novel Therapeutic Interventions for
			Middle East Respiratory Syndrome
			Coronavirus Infections.

			30971240 Analysis of long non-coding RNAs in
			neonatal piglets at different stages of porcine
			deltacoronavirus infection.

			30964454 Epidemiological study of
			Middle East respiratory syndrome
			coronavirus infection in dromedary camels
			in Saudi Arabia, April-May 2015.

			30918074 High-throughput Screening and
			Identification of Potent Broad-spectrum
			Inhibitors of Coronaviruses.

			30914508 Antagonism of dsRNA-Induced
			Innate Immune Pathways by NS4a and NS4b
			Accessory Proteins during MERS Coronavirus

			30882305 Middle East Respiratory Syndrome
			Coronavirus Infection Dynamics and Antibody
			Responses among Clinically Diverse Patients,
			Saudi Arabia.

			30866764 Middle East respiratory syndrome
			coronavirus infection in non-camelid domestic

			30849247 Broad-spectrum coronavirus antiviral
			drug discovery.

			30775355 Absence of neutralizing activity in
			serum 1 year after successful treatment with
			antivirals and recovery from MERS in South

			30658691 Antiviral activity of itraconazole
			against type I feline coronavirus infection.

			30654597 Characterization of the Lipidomic
			Profile of Human Coronavirus-Infected Cells:
			Implications for Lipid Metabolism Remodeling
			upon Coronavirus Replication.

			30626688 TMPRSS2 contributes to virus
			spread and immunopathology in the airways of
			murine models after coronavirus infection.

			30550651 SARS, MERS and coronavirus

			28659436 Broad-spectrum antiviral GS-5734
			inhibits both epidemic and zoonotic

			25720466 Coronaviruses: an overview of their
			replication and pathogenesis.

			21994708 Coronavirus genomics and
			bioinformatics analysis.

			21325420 Evidence that TMPRSS2 activates the
			severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus
			spike protein for membrane fusion and reduces
			viral control by the humoral immune response.

			16912115 Severe acute respiratory syndrome
			coronavirus nsp1 protein suppresses host gene
			expression by promoting host mRNA degradation.

			17534355 Lack of support for an association
			between CLEC4M homozygosity and
			protection against SARS coronavirus infection.

			17534354 Lack of support for an association
			between CLEC4M homozygosity and
			protection against SARS coronavirus infection.

			16369534 Homozygous L-SIGN (CLEC4M)
			plays a protective role in SARS coronavirus

			15809906 Detection of airborne
			severe acute respiratory syndrome
			(SARS) coronavirus and environmental
			contamination in SARS outbreak units.

			15638943 Dynamic changes of serum
			SARS-coronavirus IgG, pulmonary function and
			radiography in patients recovering from SARS
			after hospital discharge.

			12746549 Coronavirus main proteinase (3CLpro)
			structure: basis for design of anti-SARS drugs.

			12690092 A novel coronavirus associated with
			severe acute respiratory syndrome.

			Clinical Trials
			4283461 Safety and Immunogenicity Study of
			2019-nCov Vaccine (mRNA-1273) to Treat
			Novel Coronavirus (Recruiting)

			4280705 Adaptive COVID-19 Treatment Trial

			3615911 Safety, Tolerability and
			Immunogenicity of Vaccine Candidate
			MVA-MERS-S (Completed)

			3233516 Trial of Respiratory Infections in
			Children for Enhanced Diagnostics (Recruiting)

			3277170 Pragmatic RCT of High-dose
			Oral Montelukast for Moderate and Severe Pediatric
			Acute Asthma Exacerbations (Not yet

			2670187 Phase I, Open Label Dose Ranging
			Safety Study of GLS-5300 in Healthy
			Volunteers (Completed)

			2644135 A Pilot Study of the Safety,
			Tolerability, and Effectiveness of Halo

			2627378 Saudi Outcomes of ECMO-treated
			MERS-CoV Patients (Completed)

			2203110 The Impact of Simultaneous
			Presence of Viral and Bacterial Pathogens on
			Therapy and Course of Severe Pneumonia
			(Unknown status)

			2190799 Anti-MERS-CoV Convalescent
			Plasma Therapy (Withdrawn)

			2003651 Echinacea and Acute Respiratory
			Illness (Completed)

			1979705 Detect Novel Pathogens and
			Characterize Emerging Infections (Recruiting)

			1546935 Oseltamivir for Influenza Lower
			Respiratory Tract Infection in Children Under
			One (Withdrawn)

			1486160 Respiratory Viral Infection in Nursing
			Home Slovenia (Completed)

			1056354 Respiratory Virus Outpatient Study
			(FLU 002 Plus) (Completed)

			1056185 Respiratory Virus Hospitalization
			Study (FLU 003 Plus) (Recruiting)

			533741 SARS Coronavirus Vaccine
			(SARS-CoV) (Withdrawn)

			523276 SARS Survivor Evaluations (Withdrawn)

			494624 Efficacy of Systemic Glucocorticoid in
			the Treatment of Wheezing in Children
			(Unknown status)

			342524 Collection of Convalescent SARS
			Plasma by Apheresis (Completed)

			215826 Study of Alferon® LDO (Low Dose Oral)
			in Normal Volunteers (Completed)

			202239 [Occurrence of rota- and coronavirus
			as a cause of neonatal calf diarrhea in the
			Federal Republic of Germany].

			173576 Clinical Study of SARS in Children

			173563 Induction of Cytokines in Human
			Monocytes by SARS-CoV in Adults and
			Children (Unknown status)

			172263 The Interaction Between
			Severe Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
			Viral Proteins and Monocytes (Withdrawn)

			99463 Phase I Study of a Vaccine for
			Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
			(SARS) (Completed)

			66209 Investigating
			Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
			(SARS) (Completed)

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