Source:		MedGen UID: 617736

     		Not detected

			The presence of the specified component /
			analyte, organism or clinical sign could not be
			determined within the limit of detection of the
			performed test or procedure.

			Related Concepts
			Absent fetal heart rate variability
			neonatal diabetes mellitus

			PRJNA137655 Affymetrix SNP array data for
			different passages of mesenchymal stem cells.

			PRJNA85241 AIDS-related Kaposi's sarcoma

			PRJNA385177 Alterations in DNA replication
			timing identify TP63 as a novel marker of
			progeroid diseases [Chip]

			PRJNA385173 Alterations in DNA replication
			timing identify TP63 as a novel marker of
			progeroid diseases [RepliSeq]

			PRJNA391086 Assessing the developmental
			and malignant potential of human pluripotent
			stem cells by RNA-seq analysis of Teratomas

			PRJNA138505 BRAF Mutation Is Rare in
			Advanced-Stage Low-Grade Ovarian Serous

			PRJNA284159 caArray_golub-00392: Gefitinib
			(Iressa) induces myeloid differentiation of acute
			myeloid leukemia

			PRJNA106051 Cell cycle dependent variation
			of a CD133 epitope in human embryonic stem
			cell, colon cancer and melanoma cell lines.

			PRJNA168197 Chromosomal copy number
			aberrations in colorectal metastases resemble
			their primary counterparts and differences are
			typically non-recurrent.

			PRJNA450534 Circulating microRNAs
			combined with PSA for an accurate and
			non-invasive prostate cancer detection

			PRJNA171394 Comprehensive Investigation of
			Archival and Prospectively Collected Samples
			Reveals No Association of the XMRV
			Gammaretrovirus with Prostate Cancer

			PRJNA260286 Decreased expression of cell
			proliferation-related genes in clonally derived
			skin fibroblasts from children with Silver-Russell
			syndrome is independent of the degree of
			11p15 ICR1 hypomethylation

			PRJNA118845 Dynamic Innate Immune
			Responses of Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells
			against SARS-CoV and DOHV infection

			PRJNA341071 Early Chronological Aging in
			Human Adipose-Derived Stem Cells Marked by
			Distinct Transcriptional Regulation Compared to
			Differentiated Cells

			PRJNA382731 Episomal S/MAR-based
			replicons do not alter expression profile of host

			PRJNA350556 Expression profile of
			Parathyroid hormone-related protein (PTHrP)
			induced miRNAs during TGF-beta mediated
			chondrogenesis of marrow derived human
			mesenchymal stem cells

			PRJNA170423 FOXF1 promoter-putative
			enhancer chromatin looping

			PRJNA236533 Gene expression analysis of
			human primary lung fibroblast cell line IMR-90
			infected by adenovirus type 2

			PRJNA225639 Gene Expression in the Human
			Mammary Epithelium in response to
			consumption of high fat (H-FAT) and high
			carbohdyrate (H-CHO) diets.

			PRJNA178103 Gene expression profiling of
			CD34/CD38 sorted CML cells

			PRJNA167184 Genomic (in)stability of the
			breast tumor microenvironment

			PRJNA290512 Homo sapiens Transcriptome
			or Gene expression

			PRJNA316858 HuR and GRSF1 modulate the
			nuclear export and mitochondrial localization of
			lncRNA RMRP

			PRJNA494244 Identification of novel immune
			and barrier genes in atopic dermatitis by means
			of laser capture microdissection

			PRJNA289523 Impact of Cirrhosis on
			Endogenous Interferons During HCV Treatment
			with Direct Acting Antivirals

			PRJNA328765 Impact of disseminated
			neuroblastoma cells on the identification of the
			relapse seeding clone

			PRJNA286886 Inverse relationship between
			microRNA-155 and -184 expression with
			increasing conjunctival inflammation during
			ocular Chlamydia trachomatis infection

			PRJNA390493 Loss-of-function mutations
			TDRD7 lead to a rare novel syndrome
			combining congenital cataract and
			non-obstructive azoospermia in humans

			PRJNA157149 Micro-scale genomic copy
			number aberrations as another means of
			mutagenesis in breast cancer

			PRJNA453191 Minipuberty and Thymic Sexual
			Dimorphism in the Infant Human Thymus

			PRJNA453193 Minipuberty and Thymic Sexual
			Dimorphism in the Infant Human Thymus
			[non-puberty miRNA]

			PRJNA453190 Minipuberty and Thymic Sexual
			Dimorphism in the Infant Human Thymus

			PRJNA390983 Minipuberty and Thymic Sexual
			Dimorphism in the Infant Human Thymus
			[puberty miRNA]

			PRJNA115589 Neuroblastoma cell lines under
			normoxic and hypoxic conditions

			PRJNA133605 Part 1/7:

			PRJNA133607 Part 2/7:

			PRJNA133609 Part 3/7:

			PRJNA133611 Part 4/7:

			PRJNA133613 Part 5/7:

			PRJNA133615 Part 6/7:

			PRJNA133617 Part 7/7:

			PRJNA520875 Phospho-small RNA-seq
			reveals circulating, extracellular mRNA/lncRNAs
			as potential biomarkers in human plasma:
			Healthy Cohort [HEALTHYPLASMA]

			PRJNA520874 Phospho-small RNA-seq
			reveals circulating, extracellular mRNA/lncRNAs
			as potential biomarkers in human plasma:
			Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant [HSCT]

			PRJNA136709 Replicative senescence of
			mesenchymal stem cells causes DNA
			methylation changes which correlate with
			repressive histone marks

			PRJNA189288 Role of HGF in epithelial-stromal
			cell interactions during progression from benign
			breast disease to ductal carcinoma in situ

			PRJNA103891 Specific plasma membrane
			protein phenotype of culture-amplified and
			native human bone marrow mesenchymal stem

			PRJNA103619 Transcript Profiling of TSC
			Tumor Fibroblasts in Human Patients

			PRJNA275652 Transcriptomic analysis of
			cultured corneal endothelial cells as a validation
			for their use in cell-replacement therapy

			PRJNA394722 Whole-transcriptome brain
			expression and exon-usage profiling in major
			depression and suicide

			32352049 A left ventricular lead implantation
			at the latest site based on four-dimensional
			computed tomography: a case report.

			32351477 Occurrence, Phenotypic and
			Molecular Characterization of Extended-Spectrum-
			and AmpC- β-Lactamase Producing
			Enterobacteriaceae Isolated From Selected
			Commercial Spinach Supply Chains in South

			32330451 Virulence, antimicrobial resistance
			and phylogenetic analysis of zoonotic walking
			pneumonia Mycoplasma arginini in the
			one-humped camel (Camelus dromedarius).

			32328270 Antimicrobial resistance of Escherichia
			coli isolated from retail foods in northern Xinjiang,

			32322680 Oral Cannabidiol Does Not Convert
			to Δ8-THC or Δ9-THC in Humans: A Pharmacokinetic
			Study in Healthy Subjects.

			32318033 Evasion of Plant Innate Defense
			Response by Salmonella on Lettuce.

			32303690 Corded Ware cultural complexity
			uncovered using genomic and isotopic analysis
			from south-eastern Poland.

			32303177 Dispersal and genetic structure in
			a tropical small mammal, the Bornean tree
			shrew (Tupaia longipes), in a fragmented
			landscape along the Kinabatangan River,
			Sabah, Malaysia.

			32300136 Whole genome sequencing for
			mutation discovery in a single case of lysosomal
			storage disease (MPS type 1) in the dog.

			32299451 A case report of familial 4q13.3
			microdeletion in three individuals with
			syndromic intellectual disability.

			32288487 Detection of viral acute lower respiratory tract infection
			in hospitalized infants using real-time PCR.

			32284868 Pembrolizumab-induced
			secondary sclerosing cholangitis in a
			non-small cell lung cancer patient.

			32284498 Sensitivity Comparison of Refractive
			Index Transducer Optical Fiber Based on
			Surface Plasmon Resonance Using Ag, Cu,
			and Bimetallic Ag-Cu Layer.

			32280268 Analgesic Effect of Morphine Added
			to Bupivacaine in Serratus Anterior Plane Block
			Following Modified Radical Mastectomy. Only
			a Local Effect? Randomized Clinical Trial.

			32276623 Impact of transparent tray-based
			application of bioactive glasses desensitizer
			on the permeability of enamel and dentin to
			hydrogen peroxide: an in vitro study.

			32271799 A comparative analysis of drinking
			water employing metagenomics.

			32269529 Terpenoids From Cannabis Do Not
			Mediate an Entourage Effect by Acting at
			Cannabinoid Receptors.

			32268916 Development of Leishmania (Mundinia)
			in guinea pigs.

			32266182 Pepsin as a Marker of Reflux
			Aspiration in Children With Esophageal Atresia:
			A Pilot Study.

			32266057 Hepatitis E virus seroprevalence in
			pets in the Netherlands and the permissiveness
			of canine liver cells to the infection.

			32265844 Galanin System in Human Glioma
			and Pituitary Adenoma.

			32265664 Advantages of Acute Brain Slices
			Prepared at Physiological Temperature in the
			Characterization of Synaptic Functions.

			32258154 Bioserotypes, Virulence Markers,
			and Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Yersinia
			enterocolitica Strains Isolated from Free-Living

			32258064 Captive Green Iguana Carries
			Diarrheagenic Escherichia coli Pathotypes.

			32257815 Mtrr hypomorphic mutation alters
			liver morphology, metabolism and fuel storage
			in mice.

			32257785 A case of lymphangioleiomyomatosis
			with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: Usefulness
			of FDG-PET.

			32257762 Pancreatic cancer with
			leptomeningeal carcinomatosis: case report
			and literature review.

			32256496 Long-Term Delivery of an Anti-SIV
			Monoclonal Antibody With AAV.

			32251326 Solvent extraction and gas
			chromatography-mass spectrometric
			determination of probable carcinogen
			1,4-dioxane in cosmetic products.

			32245430 Case report: adult onset diabetes
			with partial pancreatic agenesis and
			congenital heart disease due to a de novo
			GATA6 mutation.

			32245120 Alpha-Smooth Muscle Actin-Positive
			Perivascular Cells in Diabetic Retina and Choroid.

			32240193 Replication-inducible vaccinia virus
			vectors with enhanced safety in vivo.

			32232197 Detection of human immunodeficiency virus
			(HIV) RNA in the sweat of HIV-infected patients.

			32231531 Occult Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma
			without Detection of the Primary Tumor on
			Preoperative Ultrasonography or Postoperative
			Pathological Examination: A Case Report.

			32226259 A Novel Mutation in ACAT1 Causing
			Beta-Ketothiolase Deficiency in a 4-Year-Old
			Sri Lankan Boy with Metabolic Ketoacidosis.

			32219103 Association between temperament
			and polymorphisms of CRH and leptin in
			Japanese Black Cattle.

			32214587 An analytic framework to develop
			policies for testing, prevention, and treatment
			of two-stage contagious diseases.

			32210963 Cytokine Profiling in Aqueous Humor
			Samples From Patients With Non-Infectious
			Uveitis Associated With Systemic Inflammatory

			32206181 Impact of preoperative
			chemoradiotherapy using concurrent S-1 and
			CPT-11 on long-term clinical outcomes in
			locally advanced rectal cancer.

			32194518 Metagenomic Analysis of Plant
			Viruses Associated With Papaya Ringspot
			Disease in Carica papaya L. in Kenya.

			32190455 Myomatous Erythrocytosis
			Syndrome: Case Report and Review of the

			32190140 Frequency of thyroid nodules and
			thyroid cancer in thyroidectomized patients with
			Graves' disease.

			32188497 Detection of enteric parasite DNA in
			household and bed dust samples: potential for
			infection transmission.

			32184628 Circulating Tumor Cells as a
			Screening and Diagnostic Marker for
			Early-Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.

			32183884 Co-infections of human
			herpesviruses (CMV, HHV-6, HHV-7 and EBV)
			in non-transplant acute leukemia patients
			undergoing chemotherapy.

			32183876 Neocortical tissue recovery in severe
			congenital obstructive hydrocephalus after
			intraventricular administration of bone
			marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells.

			32181046 Acute Appendicitis in Patients with
			Kartagener Syndrome.

			32180762 Myoblasts With Higher IRS-1 Levels
			Are Eliminated From the Normal Cell Layer
			During Differentiation.

			32180593 Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) is a
			Risk Factor for Dermatitis by Promoting the
			Expression of Thymic Stromal Lymphopoietin
			(TSLP) in Keratinocytes.

			32174921 Localization-Specific Expression of
			CCR1 and CCR5 by Mast Cell Progenitors.

			32170855 Uncovered p1 and p2 waves
			preceding the N3 vestibular evoked neurogenic
			potential in profound sensorineural hearing loss.

			32165915 Human papillomavirus (HPV) 16
			infection is not detected in rectal carcinoma.

			32161839 Protective Effects of Controlled
			Mechanical Loading of Bone in C57BL6/J Mice
			Subject to Disuse.

			32158331 Alternative Activation of
			Macrophages in Mice Peritoneal Cavities and
			Diaphragms by Newborn Larvae of Trichinella

			32158239 Molecular Epidemiological Survey of
			Prophages in MRSA Isolates in Taiwan.

			32154017 Early markers of cardiovascular
			injury in childhood leukaemia survivors treated
			with anthracycline chemotherapy.

			32153793 Clinical and echocardiographic
			characteristics of individuals aged 75/76 years
			old with screening-detected elevated
			NT-proBNP levels.

			32153648 Metabolome Analysis Identified
			Okaramines in the Soybean Rhizosphere as a
			Legacy of Hairy Vetch.

			32150610 The application of RNA sequencing
			for the diagnosis and genomic classification of
			pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

			32148899 Association of
			specific viral infections with childhood asthma

			32140658 Assessment of Rapid Hepatic
			Glycogen Synthesis in Humans Using Dynamic
			13C Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy.

			32133055 Correlation of quinolone-resistance,
			qnr genes and integron carriage in
			multidrug-resistant community isolates of
			Klebsiella spp.

			32132118 Reducing Ovarian Cancer Mortality
			Through Early Detection: Approaches Using
			Circulating Biomarkers.

			32131735 Concordance rate between copy
			number variants detected using either high- or
			medium-density single nucleotide
			polymorphism genotype panels and the
			potential of imputing copy number variants from
			flanking high density single nucleotide
			polymorphism haplotypes in cattle.

			31254094 Evidence for bidirectional and
			trans-synaptic parasympathetic and
			sympathetic propagation of alpha-synuclein in

			31253465 Comparison of Contrast-Enhanced
			Tomographic 3-D Ultrasound Against
			Rotational Angiography Imaging Immediately
			After Endovascular Aneurysm Repair.

			31252409 Steroids in the establishment and
			maintenance of pregnancy, and at parturition in
			the mare.

			31252193 Among Patients with Undetectable
			Hepatitis B Surface Antigen and Hepatocellular
			Carcinoma, a High Proportion Has Integration
			of HBV DNA into Hepatocyte DNA and No

			31252148 Effects of Drying Method and
			Excipient on Structure and Stability of Protein
			Solids Using Solid-State Hydrogen/Deuterium
			Exchange Mass Spectrometry (ssHDX-MS).

			31250421 Two Cases of Doppler Sonography
			for Intraneural Vascularity of Ulnar Neuropathy
			at the Elbow: Before and After Surgery.

			31250237 Resistance incidence and presence
			of resistance mutations in populations of
			Tetranychus urticae from vegetable crops in

			31249855 3D printed modeling contributes to
			reconstruction of complex chest wall instability.

			31249472 Characterization of Microbiota in
			Endometrial Fluid and Vaginal Secretions in
			Infertile Women with Repeated Implantation

			31248375 Rapid, low cost and sensitive
			detection of Calreticulin mutations by a PCR
			based amplicon length differentiation assay for
			diagnosis of myeloproliferative neoplasms.

			31248357 Transarterial Embolization With
			Complementary Surgical Ligation of
			Gastroduodenal Artery for Ruptured
			Pancreaticoduodenal Artery Aneurysm.

			31248180 Detection of Pathogenic Viruses,
			Pathogen Indicators, and Fecal-Source
			Markers within Tanker Water and Their Sources
			in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal.

			31248156 Emerging Fusarium Mycotoxins
			Fusaproliferin, Beauvericin, Enniatins, and
			Moniliformin in Serbian Maize.

			31247977 Molecular and Kinetic Analyses of
			Circulating Tumor Cells as Predictive Markers of
			Treatment Response in Locally Advanced
			Rectal Cancer Patients.

			31246678 Lateral Antebrachial Cutaneous
			Nerve as Autologous Graft for Mini-Invasive
			Corneal Neurotization (MICORNE).

			31245488 Brush biopsy of human oral mucosal
			epithelial cells as a quality control of the cell
			source for fabrication of transplantable epithelial
			cell sheets for regenerative medicine.

			31245443 Safety assessment of bone marrow
			derived MSC grown in platelet-rich plasma.

			31244624 EEG Microstates Analysis in Young
			Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorder During

			31244153 Formation of Quinone Methides by
			Ultrafast Photodeamination: A Spectroscopic
			and Computational Study.

			31243989 Detection of "Hidden" Antimicrobial
			Drug Resistance.

			Clinical Trials
			3995485 KW-136 With Sofosbuvir for Chinese
			Adults With Chronic Hepatitis C

			3947580 Clinical Trial of Dvectis Pads in
			Comparison to no Pad Use in Patients With
			Chronic Lumbar Spine Pain

			3944356 BRAF-/MEK-Inhibition With
			Dabrafenib and Trametinib in Melanoma

			3925285 Image Guided Surgery in Sinonasal
			Inverted Papilloma

			3923881 MSOT Using Cetuximab-800CW for
			Detection of Cervical Lymph Node Metastases

			3911219 Study to Evaluate the Impact of
			eHealth Monitoring on Overall Survival in
			Patients With Metastatic NSCLC or SCLC
			Under 1st-line Treatment With Atezolizumab
			and Platinum-based Chemotherapy

			3852953 Under- and Overdiagnosis in
			BreastScreen Norway

			3782454 Quantification of Bacterial DNA in

			3755271 Hemodynamic Monitoring in

			3708575 Evaluating Risk Factors of
			Post-LASIK Ectasia

			3688178 DC Migration Study to Evaluate TReg
			Depletion In GBM Patients With and Without

			3664778 Abbreviated Breast MRI After BCT

			3640676 Intermittent Negative Pressure to
			Improve Blood Flow in Patients With Peripheral
			Artery Disease: Effects After Long-term

			3635866 PET/MRI Study of Men With Highly
			Suspicious MRI Lesions That Showed no
			Clinically Significant Prostate Cancer Following
			MRI Fusion Targeted Biopsy

			3617497 Prevalence of Epilepsy and Sleep
			Wake Disorders in Alzheimer Disease

			3583320 Trial of Cardiac CT in Acute Chest
			Patients With Intermediate Level Initial
			High-sensitivity Cardiac Troponin

			3510923 Selective Rather Than Routine
			Histopathological Examination After
			Appendectomy and Cholecystectomy

			3501875 Study of Coronary Calcification in
			Subjects With Autosomal Dominant Familial
			Hypercholesterolemia Heterozygous

			3453346 Safety and Efficacy of Generic
			Sofosbuvir and Ribavirin for Treatment-naive
			Genotype 2 Chronic Hepatitis C

			3450980 Mobile Medical Application for
			Cost-effective Strabismus Screening

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