Source:		MedGen UID: 639841


			Patient currently pregnant

			Related Concepts
			46,XY sex reversal 9
			Alcohol dependence
			Back Labor
			Bacterial vaginosis
			Breast Burkitt Lymphoma
			Congenital defects
			Conjugated estrogens product
			Equine gonadotropin
			Fetal parvovirus syndrome
			Fetal parvovirus syndrome
			Finding During Childbirth Labor
			Finding related to pregnancy
			First Movement
			Flurbiprofen response
			HELLP syndrome
			Maternal diabetes
			Maternal Fever
			Maternal Hypotension
			Maternal phenylketonuria
			Morning sickness
			Para 1
			Pediatric AIDS
			Perinatal Drug Withdrawal
			Piroxicam response
			Placental aromatase deficiency
			Postnatal Drug Withdrawal
			Preeclampsia/eclampsia 2
			Preeclampsia/eclampsia 3
			Preeclampsia/eclampsia 4
			Preeclampsia/eclampsia 5
			Pregnancy Complication
			Pregnancy exposure
			Pure gonadal dysgenesis 46,XY
			Rubella vaccine
			Signs of Impending Birth
			Streptococcus agalactiae infection
			Therapeutic abortion
			Uterine Corpus Apoplectic Leiomyoma
			Uterine souffle
			pregnancy outcomes
			diabetes mellitus
			low birth weight
			antenatal care
			gestational weight gain

			PRJNA393797 Amniotic fluid transcriptomics
			reflects novel disease mechanisms in fetuses
			with myelomeningocele

			PRJNA262147 Ancient transposable elements
			transformed the uterine regulatory landscape
			and transcriptome during the evolution of
			mammalian pregnancy

			PRJNA188772 Antenatal Blood DNA
			Methylation Profiles

			PRJNA268876 Cell-free DNA sequencing of
			pregnant women

			PRJNA297029 Changes in gene expression
			and splicing associated with pregnancy, labor
			and regions of human adipose tissue.

			PRJNA401751 Characterization of gene
			expression profile during the implantation phase
			in IVF cycles in endometrium of women with
			recurrent implantation failure

			PRJNA383796 Circulating miRNAs for
			gestational diabetes mellitus

			PRJNA137593 Comparison of pan-inhibitor of
			HDACS (TSA) to specific HDAC8 inhibitor
			(HDAC Inhibitor XIX, Compound 2) in human

			PRJNA311708 Comparison of the in vivo
			transcriptome of the myometrium exposed to
			mifepristone vs vehicle

			PRJDB1851 Complete
			hydatidiform-mole-associated miRNA

			PRJNA137135 Comprehensive Study of
			Tobacco Smoke-Related Transcriptome
			Alterations in Maternal and Fetal Cells

			PRJNA119429 COX-2 network as predictive
			molecular marker for clinical pregnancy in IVF

			PRJNA143619 Coxiella burnetii infects JEG
			trophoblastic cell line, a model of placenta

			PRJNA246700 CRL4(CRBN) ubiquitin ligase

			PRJNA371721 Defective Decidualization During
			and After Severe Preeclampsia Reveals a
			Possible Maternal Contribution to the Etiology

			PRJNA144057 Deregulation of Gene
			Expression induced by Environmental Tobacco
			Smoke Exposure in Pregnancy

			PRJNA214103 Differential expression profiles
			of human primary endothelial cells (HUVECs)
			from umbilical cords of Gestational Diabetic

			PRJNA151691 DNA hypermethylation in
			placental tissues: placental tissues vs. maternal
			peripheral bloods

			PRJNA293865 DNA methylation signatures
			triggered by prenatal maternal stress exposure
			to a natural disaster: Project Ice Storm

			PRJNA338151 Early Pregnancy Gene
			Expression Profiling of Women with
			Preeclampsia: The “Vitamin D Antenatal Asthma
			Reduction Trial” (VDAART) Study

			PRJNA127847 Effect of Medroxyprogesterone
			Acetate on Transcript Profile of Human
			Pregnant Myometrium

			PRJNA493091 Effect of Prematurity on
			Genome Wide Methylation in the Placenta

			PRJNA351230 Effect of prenatal DHA
			supplementation on the infant epigenome

			PRJNA145997 Effect of prolonged stretch on
			transcript profile of human pregnant

			PRJNA508085 Effects of Cadmium Exposure
			on DNA Methylation at Imprinting Control
			Regions and Genome-Wide in Mothers and
			Newborn Children.

			PRJNA153403 Effects of choline intake and
			pregnancy on peripheral blood leukocyte gene

			PRJNA170490 Effects of maternal choline
			intake on placental gene expression

			PRJNA105885 Effects of Prenatal Tobacco
			Exposure on Gene Expression Profiling in
			Umbilical Cord Tissue

			PRJNA395258 Effects of Propofol Treatment in
			Neural Progenitors Derived from Human
			Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

			PRJNA453194 Epigenome analysis of decidua
			tissues from unexplained recurrent
			spontaneous abortion patients and controls
			with induced abortions

			PRJNA248043 Epigenome analysis of normal
			and preeclamptic placenta samples

			PRJNA415953 Exosomal RNA may reflect
			placenta deficiencies and provide better
			biomarker in preterm birth.

			PRJNA132555 Expression data of influenza
			A-infected human type I-like alveolar epithelial

			PRJNA233621 Fetal transcripts in maternal

			PRJNA121047 Gene expression in fetal
			mesenchymal stem cells for identification of
			epitopes suitable for non-invasive isolation

			PRJNA144557 Gene expression profile of
			decidual macrophages and different in vitro M1
			and M2 macrophage populations

			PRJNA419921 Gene expression profile of
			human placenta from T. Cruzi infected mothers

			PRJNA112155 Gene Expression Profiles of
			Pregnant and Non-pregnant Whole Blood

			PRJNA230787 Gene expression profiling of
			human breast cancer during pregnancy

			PRJNA116345 Gene expression profiling of
			peripheral blood cells for early detection of
			breast cancer

			PRJNA219318 Gene profiling of the zone of
			altered morphology of choriodecidua overlying
			the cervix before labor


			PRJNA356828 Global transcriptional profiling
			confirmed failed decidualization of human
			Endometrial Stromal Cells (hESCs) obtained
			from non-pregnant women with a previous
			pregnancy complicated by severe preeclampsia

			PRJNA422647 Healthy Start BabyBUMP

			PRJNA422648 Healthy Start BabyBUMP

			PRJNA253214 Homo sapiens Epigenomics

			PRJNA186893 Homo sapiens Exome

			PRJNA186894 Homo sapiens Exome

			PRJNA186895 Homo sapiens Exome

			PRJNA296885 Homo sapiens Raw sequence

			PRJNA297435 Homo sapiens Raw sequence

			PRJNA381832 Homo sapiens Raw sequence

			PRJNA385049 Homo sapiens Raw sequence

			PRJNA385231 Homo sapiens Raw sequence

			PRJNA325480 Hormone responsive organoid
			cultures of human endometrium

			PRJNA92629 Human myometrial adaptation to

			PRJNA127895 Identification of differentially
			methylated regions between placentas and
			maternal blood cells on chromosome 18

			PRJNA387220 Identification of reference genes
			for normalizing the levels of circulating RNA
			transcripts in pregnant women based on
			whole-transcriptome data

			PRJNA395256 Immunoprofiling of CD14+
			blood monocytes upon Zika virus infection

			PRJNA128681 Increased placental expression
			and maternal serum levels of
			apoptosis-inducing TRAIL in recurrent

			PRJNA377385 Long-Term Outcome in
			Offspring and Mothers of
			Dexamethasone-Treated Pregnancies at Risk
			for Classical Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia
			Owing to 21-Hydroxylase Deficiency - GSD

			PRJNA377386 Long-Term Outcome in
			Offspring and Mothers of
			Dexamethasone-Treated Pregnancies at Risk
			for Classical Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia
			Owing to 21-Hydroxylase Deficiency - GSD

			PRJNA126487 Low dose hCG pregnant vs

			PRJNA129509 Maternal influences on the
			transmission of leukocyte gene expression
			profiles in population samples (mother and

			PRJNA255424 Maternal Whole Blood Gene
			Expression at 18 and 28 weeks of Gestation
			Associated with Spontaneous Preterm Birth in
			Asymptomatic Women

			PRJNA244881 Microarray Data of cell-free
			RNA across pregnancy time course

			PRJNA315133 miRNA Signatures indicate
			Acute Liver Failure in hepatitis E infected
			pregnant females

			PRJNA297709 miRNA-Seq of human placenta:
			spontaneous preterm birth in the presence of
			intra-amniotic infection/inflammation and

			PRJNA144751 Molecular Signature of
			Pregnancy Associated Breast Cancer (PABC)

			PRJNA279957 Multigenerational epigenetic
			inheritance in humans: DNA methylation
			changes associated with maternal exposure to
			lead can be transmitted to the grandchildren

			PRJNA87139 Myometrial cells expressing
			CREB, CREM alpha, CREM tau2alpha, ATF2 or
			the ATF2-small gene

			PRJNA314912 Nashville Birth Cohort

			PRJNA30977 non-invasive detection of fetal
			aneuploidy from cell-free DNA (plasma;
			pregnant women)

			PRJNA162875 Normal early pregnancy: a
			transient state of epigenetic change favoring

			PRJNA141401 Placenta environment induces
			the differentiation of macrophages into
			multinucleated giant cells

			PRJNA197384 Placental gene-expression
			profiles of Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy

			PRJNA292496 Placental mRNA Expression
			data from pregnant smokers and non-smokers

			PRJNA209047 Preimplantation Factor Effect
			on Endometrial and Decidual Cells

			PRJNA209813 Prenatal arsenic exposure and
			the epigenome: altered gene expression
			profiles in newborn cord blood

			PRJNA209814 Prenatal arsenic exposure and
			the epigenome: altered miRNA expression
			profiles in newborn cord blood

			PRJNA248205 Profile of differential expression
			and DNA methylation status in choriodecidua of
			women affected with severe endometriosis
			[DNA methylation]

			PRJNA247966 Profile of differential expression
			and DNA methylation status in choriodecidua of
			women affected with severe endometriosis
			[Gene Expression]

			PRJNA113999 Profiling 20,077 genes in 25
			vaccine recipients: U133 Plus 2.0, Custom CDF
			Version 9

			PRJNA339836 Prolonged activation of innate
			antiviral gene signature after childbirth is
			determined by IFNL3 genotype

			PRJNA206187 Regulation of endometrial
			bleeding by uNK cells

			PRJNA144971 regulatory T cells in human

			PRJNA504517 Revealing the role of the
			cervico-vaginal microbiome in spontaneous
			preterm birth

			PRJNA504518 Revealing the role of the
			cervico-vaginal microbiome in spontaneous
			preterm birth

			PRJNA358580 RNA sequencing data of whole
			blood cells of normal glucose tolerant (NGT)
			and gestational diabetes (GDM) pregnant

			PRJNA297708 RNA-Seq of human placenta:
			spontaneous preterm birth in the presence of
			intra-amniotic infection/inflammation and

			PRJNA258566 RPGEH WGS Pilot Study

			PRJNA212688 Severe preeclampsia: new
			blood circulating biomarkers

			PRJNA231568 Sex-specific changes of
			placental transcriptome in response to a n-3
			LCPUFA supplementation of pregnant women

			PRJNA369707 Targeted sequencing identifies
			a novel SH2D1A pathogenic variant in a
			Chinese family: Carrier screening and Prenatal
			genetic testing

			PRJNA397849 Temporal alterations in the
			HSAEC transcriptome following infection by
			virulent and attenuated strains of Rift Valley
			Fever Virus

			PRJNA261771 The Kaiser Permanente
			Research Program on Genes, Environment,
			and Health (RPGEH)

			PRJNA261772 The Kaiser Permanente
			Research Program on Genes, Environment,
			and Health (RPGEH)

			PRJNA74927 The Microbial Ecology of
			Bacterial Vaginosis: A Fine Scale Resolution
			Metagenomics Analysis

			PRJNA340875 The role of vitamin D in the
			transcriptional program of human pregnancy.

			PRJNA113351 The transcriptome of human

			PRJNA240304 Transcriptomic profiling of
			granulosa and cumulus cells for prediction of
			successful embryo implantation in human
			in-vitro fertilization procedures

			PRJNA345148 Transcriptomic signatures in
			follicular cells associated with failure of in vitro
			fertilization in humans

			PRJNA473156 UGA Folic acid supplementation
			in pregnant women

			PRJNA136391 use of aCGH in a large series of
			prenatal samples


			PRJNA269091 Whole Genome Bisulfite
			Sequencing of ccd DNA and its Cellular

			PRJNA269092 Whole Genome Bisulfite
			Sequencing of ccd DNA and its Cellular

			PRJNA130521 Whole genome gene
			expression modifications associated with
			micronucleus formation in blood cells from
			nitrosamine-exposed humans

			PRJNA364271 Whole transcriptome analysis in
			Hepatitis-E infection in humans

			32351410 Patterns in Psychiatrists' Prescription
			of Valproate for Female Patients of Childbearing
			Age With Bipolar Disorder in Japan: A
			Questionnaire Survey.

			32346661 The role of microRNAs in
			ectopic pregnancy: A concise review.

			32346317 Unattended Pregnancies and Perinatal
			Mortality in Georgia.

			32346206 Abortion at the edges: Politics,
			practices, performances.

			32342041 Forecasting the Impact of
			Coronavirus Disease During Delivery Hospitalization:
			An Aid for Resources Utilization.

			32337294 Novel Indices of Glucose Homeostasis
			Derived from Principal Component Analysis:
			Application for Metabolic Assessment in

			32337041 Clinicopathological features and
			maternal and foetal management of pregnancy-complicating
			Krukenberg tumours.

			32336977 Physiologic requirement for iron in
			pregnant women, assessed using the stable
			isotope tracer technique.

			32335338 Clinical analysis of ten pregnant
			women with COVID-19 in Wuhan, China: A
			retrospective study.

			32335053 Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)
			in pregnant women: A report based on 116

			32328047 A Nationwide Antenatal Human
			T-Cell Leukemia Virus Type-1 Antibody Screening
			in Japan.

			32327976 Berberine Ameliorates Prenatal
			Dihydrotestosterone Exposure-Induced
			Autism-Like Behavior by Suppression of
			Androgen Receptor.

			32322800 A 21-year-old Pregnant Trauma
			Patient with Asymptomatic Fat Embolism; a
			Case Report.

			32319625 Effects of combined treatment with
			PD‑L1 Ig and CD40L mAb on immune tolerance
			in the CBA/J x DBA/2 mouse model.

			32318626 A protocol for an observational
			cohort study of heat strain and its effect on
			fetal wellbeing in pregnant farmers in The

			32318393 Heart rate variability is reduced in
			normal pregnancy irrespective of trimester: A
			cross-sectional study from Gujarat, India.

			32318029 A Novel wx2 Gene of Toxoplasma
			gondii Inhibits the Parasitic Invasion and
			Proliferation in vitro and Attenuates Virulence
			in vivo via Immune Response Modulation.

			32315341 Prevalence of asymptomatic
			Plasmodium species infection and associated
			factors among pregnant women attending
			antenatal care at Fendeka town health facilities,
			Jawi District, North west Ethiopia: A cross-sectional

			32313710 Medically Refractory Multiple Sclerosis
			Is Successfully Treated with Plasmapheresis
			in a Super Morbidly Obese Pregnant Patient.

			32311907 Probabilistic estimates of prenatal
			lead exposure at 195 toxic hotspots in low-
			and middle-income countries.

			32309380 Prenatal dexamethasone exposure
			exerts sex-specific effect on placental oxygen
			and nutrient transport ascribed to the differential
			expression of IGF2.

			32308746 Size profile of cell-free DNA: A
			beacon guiding the practice and innovation
			of clinical testing.

			32308601 Outcome of Pregnancy in the Era
			of Pegylated Interferon Alpha 2a in Females
			with Essential Thrombocythemia: An Experience
			from Qatar.

			32308593 Outcome of Pregnancy in the Era
			of PEGylated Interferon-α2a in Females with
			Chronic Myeloid Leukemia: An Experience from

			32306955 Effect of sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine
			doses for prevention of malaria during pregnancy
			in hypoendemic area in Tanzania.

			32303264 Prenatal infant feeding intentions
			and actual feeding practices during the first
			six months postpartum in rural Rwanda: a
			qualitative, longitudinal cohort study.

			32303192 Fertility intentions and the way they
			change following birth- a prospective longitudinal

			32299386 Social concerns related to HIV status
			disclosure and participation in the prevention
			of mother-to-child transmission of HIV care
			among pregnant women in Kenya.

			32298313 South African mothers' immediate
			and 5-year retrospective reports of drinking
			alcohol during pregnancy.

			32298269 Continuous glucose monitor use
			with and without remote monitoring in pregnant
			women with type 1 diabetes: A pilot study.

			32295604 Ethical issues in cluster randomized
			trials conducted in low- and middle-income
			countries: an analysis of two case studies.

			32295579 Malaria knowledge and experiences
			with community health workers among recently
			pregnant women in Malawi.

			32295574 Social judgments on abortion and
			contraceptive use: a mixed methods study
			among secondary school teachers and student
			peer-counsellors in western Kenya.

			32295541 Factors associated with provision
			of smoking cessation support to pregnant
			women - a cross-sectional survey of midwives
			in New South Wales, Australia.

			32295527 Association between hypertensive
			pregnancy disorders and future risk of stroke
			in Taiwan: a Nationwide population-based
			retrospective case-control study.

			32293328 Clinical features and survival of
			pregnancy-associated breast cancer: a
			retrospective study of 203 cases in China.

			32293006 Automation of cleaning and
			reconstructing residential address histories to
			assign environmental exposures in longitudinal

			32292902 Outcome of Coronavirus spectrum
			infections (SARS, MERS, COVID 1 -19) during
			pregnancy: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

			32292825 A protocol for an observational
			cohort study of heat strain and its effect on
			fetal wellbeing in pregnant farmers in The

			32292315 Mothers' prenatal tobacco smoke
			exposure is positively associated with the
			occurrence of developmental coordination disorder
			among children aged 3-6 years: A cross-sectional
			study in a rural area of Shanghai, China.

			32286341 Syncytiotrophoblast extracellular
			microvesicle profiles in maternal circulation for
			noninvasive diagnosis of preeclampsia.

			32284888 Implementation of a PMTCT
			programme in a high HIV prevalence setting
			in Johannesburg, South Africa: 2002-2015.

			32284878 In vitro expansion of pancreatic islet
			clusters facilitated by hormones and chemicals.

			32284720 Arterio-VENouS Intra Subject
			agreement for blood gases within intensive
			care: The AVENSIS study.

			32284042 The prevalence of Restless Legs
			Syndrome/Willis-ekbom disease (RLS/WED)
			in the third trimester of pregnancy: a systematic

			32283217 Mortality of a pregnant patient
			diagnosed with COVID-19: A case report with
			clinical, radiological, and histopathological

			32282819 Spontaneous preterm birth and
			cervical length in a pregnant Asian population.

			32280671 Determinants of Infertility among
			Married Women Attending Dessie Referral
			Hospital and Dr. Misganaw Gynecology and
			Obstetrics Clinic, Dessie, Ethiopia.

			32280643 Association between Parvovirus
			B19 and anemia in HIV-infected patients.

			32280620 Effect of Low-Dose Intravenous
			Ketamine on Prevention of Headache After
			Spinal Anesthesia in Patients Undergoing
			Elective Cesarean Section: A Double-Blind
			Clinical Trial Study.

			32280359 Prevalence and factors associated
			with depression among pregnant mothers in
			the West Shoa zone, Ethiopia: a community-based
			cross-sectional study.

			32276624 Husband's willingness-to-pay for
			HIV and syphilis screening at antenatal care
			clinic under the Thai universal coverage scheme.

			32274422 Alterations in endogenous
			progesterone metabolism associated with
			spontaneous very preterm delivery.

			32274339 A Real-world Prospective Study of
			Mother-to-child Transmission of HBV in China
			Using a Mobile Health Application (Shield 01).

			32274292 Whole-Genome Promoter Profiling
			of Plasma DNA Exhibits Diagnostic Value for
			Placenta-Origin Pregnancy Complications.

			32273674 Influence of Sexually Transmitted
			Infections in Pregnant Adolescents on Preterm
			Birth and Chorioamnionitis.

			32272963 Adaptation and validation of the
			Iowa infant feeding attitude scale and the
			breastfeeding knowledge questionnaire for use
			in an Ethiopian setting.

			32271787 Maternal and perinatal outcome of
			preeclampsia without severe feature among
			pregnant women managed at a tertiary referral
			hospital in urban Ethiopia.

			32270133 "When I Eat Well, I Will Be Healthy,
			and the Child Will Also Be Healthy": Maternal
			Nutrition among HIV-Infected Women Enrolled
			in a Livelihood Intervention in Western Kenya.

			32269313 Role of Lectin-like Oxidized LDL
			Receptor-1 and Syncytiotrophoblast Extracellular
			Vesicles in the Vascular Reactivity of Mouse
			Uterine Arteries During Pregnancy.

			32269273 A novel mechanical chest compressor
			with rapid deployment in all population
			cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

			32268901 First trimester use of artemisinin-based
			combination therapy and the risk of low birth weight
			and small for gestational age.

			32266401 Interpretation of vitamin B-12 and
			folate concentrations in population-based
			surveys does not require adjustment for
			inflammation: Biomarkers Reflecting Inflammation
			and Nutritional Determinants of Anemia (BRINDA)

			32265432 Effects of an Informational Video
			About Anesthesia on Pre- and Post-Elective
			Cesarean Section Anxiety and Recovery: A
			Randomized Controlled Trial.

			32265365 Obstetric Anesthesia During the
			COVID-19 Pandemic.

			32259141 Accuracy of Tuffier's Line Identification
			by Palpation Method: Cross-Sectional
			Comparative Study Among Obese, Pregnant
			and Control Groups.

			32259024 Effect of birth weight, exclusive
			breastfeeding and growth in infancy on fat
			mass and fat free mass indices in early
			adolescence: an analysis of the Entebbe Mother
			and Baby Study (EMaBs) cohort.

			32258988 A Multisectoral Nutrition Program
			in Nepal Improves Knowledge of Dietary
			Diversity, Sick Child Feeding, and Handwashing,
			but Not All Practices: a Program Impact
			Pathways Mediation Analysis.

			32258987 Assessing Dietary Diversity in
			Pregnant Women: Relative Validity of the
			List-Based and Open Recall Methods.

			32258964 Osteoporosis Treatments Affect
			Bone Matrix Maturation in a Rat Model of
			Induced Cortical Remodeling.

			32258257 Prenatal resident-intruder stress
			decreases levels of allopregnanolone in the
			cortex, hypothalamus, and midbrain of males,
			and increases levels in the hippocampus and
			cerebellum of female, juvenile rat offspring.

			32258253 Acute sleep deprivation during
			pregnancy in rats: Rapid elevation of placental
			and fetal inflammation and kynurenic acid.

			32258201 Determinants of Fatal Outcome in
			Patients Admitted to Intensive Care Units With
			Influenza, European Union 2009-2017.

			32257959 A 2018 European Thyroid Association
			Survey on the Use of Selenium Supplementation
			in Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.

			32257378 Renal artery stenosis presenting
			as preeclampsia.

			32257266 Practices of pica among pregnant
			women in a tertiary healthcare facility in Ghana.

			32257262 Comparison of health-promoting
			behaviours, eating behaviour patterns and
			perceived social support in normal-weight and
			overweight pregnant women: An unmatched
			case-control study.

			32257074 Factors associated with stockout
			of Nevirapine syrup in Oshana Region, Namibia.

			32256867 Pregnancy with Fontan circulation:
			A report of case series in Japan.

			32256497 Influenza-Induced Interferon Lambda
			Response Is Associated With Longer Time to
			Delivery Among Pregnant Kenyan Women.

			32252821 Pregnancy-associated
			cardiac dysfunction and the regulatory role of

			32252675 Antenatal depression: an examination
			of prevalence and its associated factors among
			pregnant women attending Harare polyclinics.

			32251320 Maternal obesity and severe pre-eclampsia
			among immigrant women: a mediation analysis.

			32245431 Community-level factors associated
			with the use of facility-based delivery assistance
			in Uganda: a multilevel analysis.

			32245416 A risk factor-based predictive model
			for new-onset hypertension during pregnancy
			in Chinese Han women.

			32243473 Alterations in the structural
			characteristics of rectus abdominis muscles
			caused by diabetes and pregnancy: A
			comparative study of the rat model and women.

			32238084 Vertical Transmission of
			Coronavirus Disease 19 (COVID-19) from
			Infected Pregnant Mothers to Neonates: A

			32234746 Maternal multivitamin intake and
			orofacial clefts in offspring: Japan Environment
			and Children's Study (JECS) cohort study.

			32231390 Migration and first-year maternal
			mortality among HIV-positive postpartum
			women: A population-based longitudinal study
			in rural South Africa.

			32228691 Maternal and fetal thyroid dysfunction
			following porcine reproductive and respiratory
			syndrome virus2 infection.

			32226052 Pregnancy physical activity
			questionnaire (PPAQ): Translation and cross
			cultural adaption of an Arabic version.

			32222147 Functional polymorphisms in FOXC2
			gene and Epithelial ovarian Cancer susceptibility
			in Chinese population.

			32219148 Antiapolipoprotein A-1 Autoantibody
			Positivity Is Associated with Threatened Abortion.

			32219001 Pregnancy has a minimal impact on
			the acute transcriptional signature to

			32218715 Effect of sex and reproductive
			status on the immunity of the temperate bat
			Myotis daubentonii.

			32215215 Factors associated with antenatal
			depression among pregnant women in
			Vietnam: A multisite cross-sectional survey.

			32211438 Design and conduct of facility-based
			surveillance for severe childhood pneumonia in
			the Household Air Pollution Intervention
			Network (HAPIN) trial.

			32211223 Protocol for a Longitudinal Analysis
			of the Vaginal Microbiome from a Pregnant
			Cohort of African Women in Nigeria.

			32210608 Predictors of Depression, Anxiety
			and Stress Indicators in a Cohort of Women
			with Chronic Pelvic Pain.

			32210333 90-90-90 cascade analysis on
			reported CLHIV infected by mother-to-child
			transmission in Guangxi, China: a modeling

			32210256 Cholesterol uptake and efflux are
			impaired in human trophoblast cells from
			pregnancies with maternal supraphysiological

			32206662 Ovarian pregnancy rupture in
			second trimester manifesting mental change in
			pregnancy: a case report.

			32206334 Protocol for a pilot randomized
			controlled feasibility study of brief interpersonal
			psychotherapy for addressing social-emotional
			needs and preventing excess
			gestational weight gain in adolescents.

			32204704 Validity and reliability of a Hausa
			language questionnaire assessing information,
			motivation and Behavioural skills for malaria
			prevention during pregnancy.

			32204702 Reasons for previous Cesarean
			deliveries impact a woman's independent
			decision of delivery mode and the success of
			trial of labor after Cesarean.

			32202066 TB prevention strategies and
			unanswered questions for pregnant and
			postpartum women living with HIV: the need for
			improved evidence.

			32201680 Advancing preventive interventions
			for pregnant women who are opioid using via
			the integration of addiction and mental health

			32201494 Management of psoriasis in
			pregnancy - a review of the evidence to date.

			32201491 Effect of Perineal Massage on the
			Rate of Episiotomy.

			32201489 Race and Length of Time Pursuing
			Pregnancy Among Women Who
			Utilized Medical Help to Get Pregnant.

			32198488 RANKL and OPG and their influence
			on breast volume changes during pregnancy in
			healthy women.

			32197593 Characteristics of sleep/wake
			problems and delivery outcomes among
			pregnant Japanese women without gestational

			32196492 Validation of Chinese
			Multidimensional Depression Assessment Scale
			(MDAS) in Inner Mongolia pregnant women and
			risk factors of antenatal depression in Inner
			Mongolia in the era of one-child policy.

			32195154 Effect of Positive Psychology
			Interventions on the Quality of Prenatal Care
			Offered by Midwives: A Field Trial.

			32194996 An optimized purified inactivated
			Zika vaccine provides sustained
			immunogenicity and protection in cynomolgus

			32194764 Pregnancy-adapted YEARS
			algorithm: can YEARS do more for pregnant

			32191758 Asymptomatic bacteriuria among
			pregnant women attending antenatal care at
			Mbale Hospital, Eastern Uganda.

			32191181 Penalties for Emergency Medical
			Treatment and Labor Act Violations Involving
			Obstetrical Emergencies.

			32189928 A 5-year Single-Center Experience
			of Hepatitis E Virus Infection During Pregnancy.

			32188885 Biphasic changes in β-cell mass
			around parturition are accompanied by
			increased serotonin production.

			32188418 Application of cook balloon during
			aorta replacement in a pregnant
			Marfan-syndrome patient: a case report.

			32188414 Serum homocysteine and folate
			concentrations in early pregnancy and
			subsequent events of adverse
			pregnancy outcome: the Sichuan
			Homocysteine study.

			32187236 An internet-based mind/body
			intervention to mitigate distress in women
			experiencing infertility: A randomized pilot trial.

			32186745 Cognitive Outcomes of Young
			Children After Prenatal Exposure to
			Medications for Opioid Use Disorder: A
			Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.

			32185110 Application of a high-quality,
			high-volume trap-neuter-return model of
			community cats in Seoul, Korea.

			32184720 Maternal
			25-Hydroxyvitamin D Deficiency Promoted
			Metabolic Syndrome and Downregulated
			Nrf2/CBR1 Pathway in Offspring.

			32183826 Characterization of VDR and
			CYP27B1 expression in the endometrium
			during the menstrual cycle before embryo
			transfer: implications for endometrial receptivity.

			32183765 Desire to delay the first childbirth
			among young, married women in India: a
			cross-sectional study based on national survey

			32183726 Antenatal depression and its
			potential causal mechanisms among pregnant
			mothers in Gondar town: application of
			structural equation model.

			32183725 Post-traumatic stress disorder and
			association with low birth weight in displaced
			population following conflict in Malakand
			division, Pakistan: a case control study.

			32182850 Physical Activity Patterns among
			9000 Pregnant Women in Poland: A
			Cross-Sectional Study.

			32182282 Adherence to clinical practice
			guidelines for South Australian pregnant women
			with cardiac conditions between 2003 and

			32175526 Adverse birth outcomes and their
			clinical phenotypes in an urban Zambian cohort.

			32175351 A preliminary study on a patented
			intrauterine stent in the treatment of recurrent
			intrauterine adhesions with poor prognosis.

			32175350 Establishment of an animal model of
			intrauterine adhesions after surgical abortion
			and curettage in pregnant rats.

			32175345 Obstetrical outcome in the third
			trimester after hysteroscopic adhesiolysis.

			32175343 Logistic regression analyses of
			factors affecting fertility of intrauterine
			adhesions patients.

			32175335 Evaluation of Duration of
			Immunogenicity and Protective Efficacy of
			Improved Influenza Viral Vector-Based Brucella
			abortus Vaccine Against Brucella melitensis
			Infection in Sheep and Goats.

			32174985 Thyroid volume and nodular and
			diffuse thyroid diseases by ultrasonography in
			pregnant women: A case-control study.

			32169083 Maternal phthalate exposure and
			asthma, rhinitis and eczema in 552 children
			aged 5 years; a prospective cohort study.

			32169034 Potential health risk assessment of
			toxic metals contamination in clay eaten as pica
			(geophagia) among pregnant women of Ho in
			the Volta Region of Ghana.

			32168356 Awareness of HIV-positive status
			and linkage to treatment prior to pregnancy in
			the "test and treat" era: A national antenatal
			sentinel survey, 2017, South Africa.

			32165965 A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Dental
			Care Utilization Among Pregnant Women in
			Saudi Arabia.

			32164771 CareConekta: study protocol for a
			randomized controlled trial of a mobile health
			intervention to improve engagement in
			postpartum HIV care in South Africa.

			32164606 Intergenerational transmission of
			health disparities among Turkish-origin
			immigrants in Germany: study protocol of a
			multi-centric cohort study (BaBi-stress and
			BaBeK study).

			32164603 Herbal medicine use and predictors
			among pregnant women attending
			antenatal care in Ethiopia: a systematic review
			and meta-analysis.

			32164601 Measuring retention in care for
			HIV-positive pregnant women in Prevention of
			Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV (PMTCT)
			option B+ programs: the Mozambique

			32164563 Maternal plasma lipid levels across
			pregnancy and the risks of
			small-for-gestational age and low birth weight:
			a cohort study from rural Gambia.

			32164251 Female Infertility Associated with
			Blood Lead and Cadmium Levels.

			32163492 "I couldn't buy the items so I didn't
			go to deliver at the health facility" Home delivery
			among rural women in northern Ghana: A
			mixed-method analysis.

			32160921 Prevalence of and risk factors for
			periodontal disease among pregnant women in
			an antenatal care clinic in Khartoum, Sudan.

			32159091 Interdisciplinary Approach to an
			Unusual Case of Myocarditis in Pregnancy.

			32158555 Drug resistance after cessation of
			efavirenz-based antiretroviral treatment started
			in pregnancy.

			32158276 Predictors of Health-Promoting
			Lifestyle in Pregnant Women Based on
			Pender's Health Promotion Model.

			32158267 Clinicopathological Characteristics
			and Treatment Outcomes of Pregnancy
			Complicated by Malignant
			Ovarian Germ Cell Tumors.

			32158151 Toxoplasma gondii seropositivity
			and the associated risk factors in sheep and
			pregnant women in El-Minya Governorate,

			32156767 Dissemination and implementation
			of the e-MCH H andbook, UNRWA's newly
			released maternal and child health mobile
			application: a cross-sectional study.

			32156054 Downregulation of Placental
			Amino Acid Transporter Expression and
			mTORC1 Signaling Activity Contributes to Fetal
			Growth Retardation in Diabetic Rats.

			32155166 Effects of maternal
			hepatitis B surface antigen positive status on
			the pregnancy outcomes: A retrospective study
			in Xiamen, China, 2011-2018.

			32154502 Effect of Maternal Exposure to
			Seasons during the Second and Third
			Trimesters of Pregnancy on Infant Birth Weight
			in Rural Bangladesh.

			32153949 Impact of lunch provision on
			anthropometry, hemoglobin, and micronutrient
			status of female Cambodian garment workers:
			exploratory randomized controlled trial.

			32153944 Prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in
			pregnant women and their babies in Bhaktapur,

			32153937 Knowledge about iodine
			requirements during pregnancy and
			breastfeeding among pregnant women living in
			Northern Ireland.

			32153921 Maternal knowledge and attitudes
			towards complementary feeding in relation to
			timing of its initiation in rural Bangladesh.

			32153904 Pregnant mothers have limited
			knowledge and poor dietary diversity practices,
			but favorable attitude towards nutritional
			recommendations in rural Ethiopia: evidence
			from community-based study.

			32153845 Predictors of anemia in pregnant
			women residing in rural areas of the Oromiya
			region of Ethiopia.

			32153830 Folate, vitamin B12, ferritin and
			haemoglobin levels among women of
			childbearing age from a rural district in South

			32153820 Foods tabooed for pregnant women
			in Abala district of Afar region, Ethiopia: an
			inductive qualitative study.

			32152020 Maternity Care and Buprenorphine
			Prescribing in New Family Physicians.

			32149117 Human Uterine Decidual NK Cells in
			Women with a History of Early Pregnancy
			Enhance Angiogenesis and Trophoblast

			32148971 Long-Term Outcome of
			Thrombolytic Therapy for Massive
			Pulmonary Embolism in Pregnancy.

			32148675 Serum protein electrophoresis
			pattern in patients living with HIV: frequency of
			possible abnormalities in Iranian patients.

			32145355 Neurotoxicity of e-cigarettes.

			32144129 Placental growth factor in beta cells
			plays an essential role in gestational beta-cell

			32143666 Factors associated with
			loss-to-follow-up of HIV-positive mothers and
			their infants enrolled in HIV care clinic: A
			qualitative study.

			32143644 Acceptability and appropriateness of
			a perinatal depression preventive group
			intervention: a qualitative analysis.

			32143611 How does video case-based
			learning influence clinical decision-making by
			midwifery students? An exploratory study.

			32143390 Girls' Empowerment and Adolescent
			Pregnancy: A Systematic Review.

			32142734 Sentinel surveillance of selected
			veterinary and public health pathogens in camel
			population originating from Southern Punjab
			province, Pakistan.

			32142081 Small for gestational age babies and
			depressive symptoms of mothers during
			pregnancy: Results from a birth cohort in India.

			32140586 Cognitive-behavioral counseling and
			mental health of pregnant women.

			32140467 Inhibited Maternal Bone Resorption
			Suppress Fetal Rat Bone Development During

			32140293 Perinatal Oral Health: A Novel
			Collaborative Initiative to Improve Access,
			Attitudes, Comfort Level, and Knowledge of
			Pregnant Women and Dental Providers.

			32140026 Cerebral Lupus and
			Cryptococcal Meningitis in a Pregnant Woman.

			32138765 Recruitment of low-income pregnant
			women into a dietary and dental care
			intervention: lessons from a feasibility trial.

			32138725 Breastfeeding as a balancing act -
			pregnant Swedish women's voices on

			32134959 Pregnancy outcomes according to
			the definition of gestational diabetes.

			32133196 Reducing maternal mortality in China
			in the era of the two-child policy.

			32133164 Effects of improved complementary
			feeding and improved water, sanitation and
			hygiene on early child development among
			HIV-exposed children: substudy of a cluster
			randomised trial in rural Zimbabwe.

			32131865 Mobile phone support to sustain
			exclusive breastfeeding in the community after
			hospital delivery and counseling: a
			quasi-experimental study.

			32131832 Perspectives of pregnant and
			postpartum women and obstetric providers to
			promote healthy lifestyle in pregnancy and after
			delivery: a qualitative in-depth interview study.

			32131758 "INTERGROWTH21st vs
			customized fetal growth curves in the
			assessment of the neonatal nutritional status: a
			retrospective cohort study of gestational

			32131751 Adherence to iron-folic acid
			supplementation among pregnant women in
			Ethiopia: a systematic review and

			31254963 Hair cortisol levels, psychological
			stress and psychopathological symptoms prior
			to instrumental deliveries.

			31254723 Progesterone signaling during
			pregnancy in the lab opossum, Monodelphis

			31254547 Biomechanical and functional
			properties of trophoblast cells exposed to
			Group B Streptococcus in vitro and the
			beneficial effects of uvaol treatment.

			31254448 The impact of maternal touch of the
			abdomen on cardiotocography fetal patterns.

			31254283 A realist review of which advocacy
			interventions work for which abused women
			under what circumstances.

			31254257 Should I Get LASIK If I'm

			31254248 Urinary Excretion of Silicon in Men,
			Non-pregnant Women, and Pregnant Women:
			a Cross-sectional Study.

			31254160 Irish Maternal Early Warning Score.

			31253828 Residential wood stove use and
			indoor exposure to PM2.5 and its components
			in Northern New England.

			31253123 Socioeconomic correlates of
			overweight and obesity among ever-married
			urban women in Bangladesh.

			31253114 Maternal plasma vitamin D levels
			and associated determinants in late pregnancy
			in Harare, Zimbabwe: a cross-sectional study.

			31253109 Effect of prematurity on genome
			wide methylation in the placenta.

			31252603 Slaughter of Pregnant Cattle in
			Denmark: Prevalence, Gestational Age, and

			31252347 Brief report: Assessing the risk of
			reporting bias in a RCT for adolescent mothers.

			31252314 Changes of second-time mothers
			and their infants under the universal two-child
			policy in Changsha, China.

			31252166 Transplacental transfer of
			organochlorine pesticides: Concentration ratio
			and chiral properties.

			31252000 Tet3 enhances IL-6 expression
			through up-regulation of 5-hmC in IL-6
			promoter in chronic hypoxia induced
			atherosclerosis in offspring rats.

			31251958 Chloroquine inhibits endosomal viral
			RNA release and autophagy-dependent viral
			replication and effectively prevents maternal to
			fetal transmission of Zika virus.

			31251883 Dietary Sodium, Potassium, and
			Blood Pressure in Normotensive Pregnant
			Women: the National Health and Nutrition
			Examination Survey.

			31251856 [The social anamnesis, conditions of
			life and life-style of pregnant women with
			syphilitic infection].

			Clinical Trials
			3997396 Effects of Gestational Diabetes
			Mellitus on Children

			3995316 Responsive eHealth Intervention for
			Perinatal Depression in Healthcare Settings

			3994133 Body Composition Monitor Among
			Daily Home Dialysis With Low Flow Dialysate

			3993457 Promoting Enhanced
			Pharmacotherapy Choice Through
			Immunomarkers Evaluation in Depression

			3992729 Safety Study for Prospective
			Assessment of Pregnancy Outcomes in
			Patients Treated With Tildrakizumab

			3992534 The FLIP-1 Study: Vaginal
			Lactobacillus Supplementation in Women at
			High Risk of Preterm Birth

			3992144 Prevention of Dry Socket by Means of
			Single Preoperative Antibiotics Compared to
			Conventional Therapy

			3989232 A Research Study to Compare Two
			Doses of Semaglutide Taken Once Weekly in
			People With Type 2 Diabetes

			3989102 Safety, Immunogenicity, and
			Protective Efficacy of Radiation Attenuated
			Plasmodium Falciparum NF54 Sporozoites
			(PfSPZ Vaccine) During Malaria Transmission
			Season in Healthy African Adult Women of
			Childbearing Potential in Mali

			3987503 The No One Waits Study:
			Acceptability and Feasibility of
			Community-based Point-of-diagnosis HCV
			Treatment Study

			3987451 A Research Study on How
			Semaglutide Works in People With Fatty Liver
			Disease and Liver Damage

			3987412 A Behavioral Intervention to Prevent
			Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

			3987165 The Effect of Music Therapy on

			3985449 Implementation of Uterine Fibroid
			Option Grid Patient Decision Aids Across Five
			Organizational Settings

			3984747 Study for the Prediction of Active
			Rejection in Organs Using Donor-derived
			Cell-free DNA Detection

			3984630 Pregnancy Intervention Revolving
			Around Goal-focused Education (GIRAFE)

			3984006 Early Detection of Autoimmune
			Thyroid Heart Disease Via Urinary Exosomal

			3982875 Efficacy and Application of the Alfred
			SmartBag System After Ileostomy Creation in
			Colorectal Surgery: A Pilot Study

			3979950 Contraception for Solid Organ
			Transplant Patients: Utilizing Social Media

			3978923 Observational Study on the
			Preparation of the Implant Site With
			Piezosurgery vs Drill: Comparison Between the
			Two Methods in Terms of Post-operative Pain,
			Surgical Times and Operational Advantages

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