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     		Disease Transmission

			A passage or transfer, as of a disease from one
			individual to another.

			Related Concepts
			lymphatic filariasis
			viral diseases
			spatial patterns
			severe acute respiratory syndrome
			infection control
			incubation period

			32342047 Recommendation to Optimize
			Safety of Elective Surgical Care While Limiting
			the Spread of COVID-19: Primum Non Nocere.

			32337029 Medium-chain fatty acids and
			monoglycerides as feed additives for pig
			production: towards gut health improvement
			and feed pathogen mitigation.

			32330439 Connecting clusters of COVID-19:
			an epidemiological and serological investigation.

			32330209 A precision medicine approach to
			managing 2019 novel coronavirus pneumonia.

			32313879 What are the Underlying Transmission
			Patterns of COVID-19 Outbreak? - An
			Age-specific Social Contact Characterization.

			32313434 Drivers of foot-and-mouth disease
			in cattle at wild/domestic interface: Insights
			from farmers, buffalo and lions.

			32312477 Elective surgery in the time of

			32298643 Operational Strategies to Prevent
			Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Spread
			in Radiology: Experience From a Singapore
			Radiology Department After Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.

			32296083 Spatiotemporal heterogeneity of
			social contact patterns related to infectious
			diseases in the Guangdong Province, China.

			32292527 On a Statistical Transmission Model
			in Analysis of the Early Phase of COVID-19

			32289050 Dealing in deadly pathogens: Taking
			stock of the legal trade in live wildlife and
			potential risks to human health.

			32289049 Analysis and Optimal Control of
			Fractional-Order Transmission of a Respiratory
			Epidemic Model.

			32288990 A new PSO-optimized geometry
			of spatial and spatio-temporal scan statistics
			for disease outbreak detection.

			32288763 Impact of global change on
			transmission of human infectious diseases.

			32288109 Effects of asymptomatic infection
			on the dynamical interplay between behavior
			and disease transmission in multiplex networks.

			32288075 Clustering model for transmission
			of the SARS virus: application to epidemic
			control and risk assessment.

			32288030 A Markov chain model for predicting
			transient particle transport in enclosed

			32288024 HVAC filtration for controlling
			infectious airborne disease transmission in
			indoor environments: Predicting risk reductions
			and operational costs.

			32288009 An under-aisle air distribution system
			facilitating humidification of commercial aircraft

			32287991 A tracing method of airborne bacteria
			transmission across built environments.

			32287976 A human behavior integrated
			hierarchical model of airborne disease transmission
			in a large city.

			32287969 Human exhalation characterization
			with the aid of schlieren imaging technique.

			32287943 Chaos in a nonautonomous
			eco-epidemiological model with delay.

			32287593 Chapter 13 Recent Advances and
			Future Needs in Environmental Virology.

			32287555 Super-spreaders and the rate of
			transmission of the SARS virus.

			32287499 Global stability for an epidemic
			model with applications to feline infectious peritonitis
			and tuberculosis.

			32287495 Qualitative study of a quarantine/isolation
			model with multiple disease stages.

			32287389 Inactivation of airborne viruses using
			a packed bed non-thermal plasma reactor.

			32287339 Pathogen prevalence in commercially
			reared bumble bees and evidence of spillover in
			conspecific populations.

			32286412 Estimation and correction of bias
			in network simulations based on respondent-driven
			sampling data.

			32275719 Effect of physio-chemical seed
			treatments on opium poppy downy mildews
			caused by Peronospora meconopsidis and
			P. somniferi.

			32270057 Occupational exposures to biological
			material among health professionals of Bauru
			Base Hospital: preventive and post-exposure

			32265315 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
			Pandemic: Built Environment Considerations
			To Reduce Transmission.

			32257096 Fish Husbandry Practices and
			Water Quality in Central Kenya: Potential
			Risk Factors for Fish Mortality and Infectious

			32255891 Novel high-throughput screens of
			Anopheles gambiae odorant receptors reveal
			candidate behaviour-modifying chemicals for

			32255866 CFD Simulation of Spread Risks
			of Infectious Disease due to Interactive Wind
			and Ventilation Airflows via Window Openings
			in High-Rise Buildings.

			32251464 Nowcasting by Bayesian Smoothing:
			A flexible, generalizable model for real-time
			epidemic tracking.

			32251455 Understanding the role of disease
			knowledge and risk perception in shaping
			preventive behavior for selected vector-borne
			diseases in Guyana.

			32250959 Dentists' Awareness, Perception,
			and Attitude Regarding COVID-19 and
			Infection Control: Cross-Sectional Study Among
			Jordanian Dentists.

			32249775 Models with environmental drivers
			offer a plausible mechanism for the rapid spread
			of infectious disease outbreaks in marine

			32240973 Peer-to-Peer Contact Tracing:
			Development of a Privacy-Preserving
			Smartphone App.

			32240094 Use of Rapid Online Surveys to
			Assess People's Perceptions During Infectious
			Disease Outbreaks: A Cross-sectional Survey
			on COVID-19.

			32231645 Comparison of the Bacterial Gut
			Microbiome of North American Triatoma spp.
			With and Without Trypanosoma cruzi.

			32226652 Imaging of Emerging Infectious

			32218911 Role of air changes per hour (ACH)
			in possible transmission of airborne infections.

			32218712 Viral metacommunities associated
			to bats and rodents at different spatial scales.

			32215112 Criminalizing Health-Related
			Behaviors Dangerous to Others?
			Disease Transmission,
			Transmission-Facilitation, and the Importance
			of Trust.

			32214737 Influenza A (H1N1) transmission by
			road traffic between cities and towns.

			32214626 Determining the filtration efficiency of
			half-face medical protection mask (N99)
			against viral aerosol.

			32214613 Social network theory in the
			behavioural sciences: potential applications.

			32190692 Use of Novaluron-Based Autocidal
			Gravid Ovitraps to Control Aedes Dengue
			Vector Mosquitoes in the District of Gampaha,
			Sri Lanka.

			32183909 Population dynamics, pathogen
			detection and insecticide resistance of
			mosquito and sand fly in refugee camps,

			32179592 Simultaneous multiple allelic
			replacement in the malaria parasite enables
			dissection of PKG function.

			32159009 Identifying Environmental
			Risk Factors and Mapping the Distribution of
			West Nile Virus in an Endemic Region of North

			32159002 Climate Change and Women's
			Health: Impacts and Opportunities in India.

			32158991 Quantification of multiple waterborne
			pathogens in drinking water, drainage channels,
			and surface water in Kampala, Uganda, during
			seasonal variation.

			32152334 The effects of seasonal climate
			variability on dengue annual incidence in Hong
			Kong: A modelling study.

			32143610 American foulbrood in a honeybee
			colony: spore-symptom relationship and

			32134914 Pathogen transmission from
			vaccinated hosts can cause dose-dependent
			reduction in virulence.

			32132537 Enhanced heat tolerance of
			viral-infected aphids leads to niche expansion
			and reduced interspecific competition.

			31253680 A vibrating mesh nebulizer as an
			alternative to the Collison 3-jet nebulizer for
			infectious disease aerobiology.

			31251341 Individual-level antibody dynamics
			reveal potential drivers of influenza A
			seasonality in wild pig populations.

			31249889 Seroprevalence of HBV among
			Egyptian municipal solid waste workers.

			31249734 Linked within-host and
			between-host models and data for infectious
			diseases: a systematic review.

			31246954 Estimating age-stratified
			influenza-associated invasive pneumococcal
			disease in England: A time-series model based
			on population surveillance data.

			31243535 Utilizing increased risk for disease
			transmission (IRD) kidneys for pediatric renal
			transplant recipients.

			31234440 Characterization and Phylogenetic
			Analysis of Campylobacter Species Isolated
			from Paediatric Stool and Water Samples in the
			Northwest Province, South Africa.

			31233503 Genetic characteristics of
			pathogenic Leptospira in wild small animals and
			livestock in Jiangxi Province, China,

			31229468 Optimal control of a Multi-patch
			Dengue Model under the Influence of
			Wolbachia Bacterium.

			31226957 Design of a parallel
			cluster-randomized trial assessing the impact
			of a demand-side sanitation and hygiene
			intervention on sustained behavior change and
			mental well-being in rural and peri-urban
			Amhara, Ethiopia: Andilaye study protocol.

			31217547 Community Composition and
			Year-round Abundance of Vector Species of
			Mosquitoes make Miami-Dade County, Florida
			a Receptive Gateway for Arbovirus entry to the
			United States.

			31214606 Evaluation of Risk of Zoonotic
			Pathogen Transmission in a University-Based
			Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI) Program.

			31211938 Ethical Considerations for Movement
			Mapping to Identify Disease Transmission

			31211772 Spatial spread of malaria and
			economic frontier expansion in the Brazilian

			31209868 Hunting practices in northern
			Australia and their implication for disease
			transmission between community dogs and
			wild dogs.

			31200770 Strongyloidiasis in Ethiopia:
			systematic review on risk factors, diagnosis,
			prevalence and clinical outcomes.

			31199809 Downgrading disease transmission
			risk estimates using terminal importations.

			31199546 Examining time-dependent effects
			of water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH)
			interventions using an agent-based model.

			31197365 Network context matters: graph
			convolutional network model over social
			networks improves the detection of unknown
			HIV infections among young men who have sex
			with men.

			31186318 Is Anopheles gambiae a Natural
			Host of Wolbachia?

			Clinical Trials
			3935945 Brief Personalized Feedback
			Intervention for Hazardous Drinking in an HIV

			3850717 Safety of Acupuncture Treatments for
			Chronic Low Back Pain in Older Adults

			3813069 Testing Insect Repellents Against
			Musca Sorbens, the Vector of Trachoma

			3780114 Knowledge, Attitude and Practice
			Survey for Egyptian Dentists About Infection
			Control in Pediatric Dental Clinics

			3607864 Coral Bone Graft Verses Xenograft
			With Immediate Implant in Maxillary Anterior
			Esthetic Zone

			3601130 Assessment of HydroxyColl Bone
			Graft Substitute in High Tibial Osteotomy
			Wedge Grafting.

			3573193 Radiographic Changes Following
			Socket Preservation in Molars Using Bovine
			Bone Versus Using Beta Tri ca.ph

			3547167 A Study to Evaluate the Safety,
			Tolerability, and Immunogenicity of V114
			Followed by PNEUMOVAX™23 in Adults at
			Increased Risk for Pneumococcal Disease

			3435419 Evaluation of Point-of-care Tests for
			the Diagnosis of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in

			3310060 Reducing Blood Loss Using Tisseel in

			3185286 3D-Printed Personalized Metal
			Implant in Surgical Treatment of Ankle Bone

			3116568 Bacterial Transmission In Utero and
			IBD Risk

			3087214 Human Movement Patterns on the
			Thailand-Myanmar Border

			3077256 Burst Biologics Foot and Ankle

			3067623 Autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma
			(PRP) and Endometrial Thickness

			3064802 Burst Biologics Spinal Fusion Registry

			3014167 Field Studies on the Feasibility of
			Interrupting the Transmission of
			Soil-transmitted Helminths (STH)

			2982681 Bioactive Glass and Platelet Rich
			Fibrin in Intrabony Defects

			2865174 Topical Tranexamic Acid and Floseal®
			in Total Knee Arthroplasty

			2820792 Non-Crossover Study of the LMA
			Protector Versus Ambu AuraGain

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