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     		Incubation period

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			severe acute respiratory syndrome
			bilateral pneumonia
			Middle East respiratory syndrome

			32341705 The Clinico-Epidemiological Profile
			of Patients with Gonorrhoea and Challenges
			in the Management of Neisseria gonorrhoeae
			Infection in an STI clinic, Ternopil, Ukraine

			32339715 Statistical and network analysis of
			1212 COVID-19 patients in Henan, China.

			32335171 Clinical and epidemiological features
			of COVID-19 family clusters in Beijing, China.

			32332800 Novel Variations in Native Ethiopian
			Goat breeds PRNP Gene and Their Potential
			Effect on Prion Protein Stability.

			32322400 Epidemiology, genome, and clinical
			features of the pandemic SARS-CoV-2: a
			recent view.

			32319594 SORBS1 serves a metastatic role
			via suppression of AHNAK in colorectal cancer
			cell lines.

			32313463 2019 novel coronavirus: an emerging
			global threat.

			32308253 Effect of time delay on pattern
			dynamics in a spatial epidemic model.

			32305025 Epidemiological and initial clinical
			characteristics of patients with family aggregation
			of COVID-19.

			32296285 Natural history of the social millipede
			Brachycybe lecontii Wood, 1864.

			32292899 Clinical characteristics and outcomes
			of patients undergoing surgeries during the
			incubation period of COVID-19 infection.

			32292527 On a Statistical Transmission Model
			in Analysis of the Early Phase of COVID-19

			32288639 The effect of incidence functions
			on the dynamics of a quarantine/isolation
			model with time delay.

			32287943 Chaos in a nonautonomous
			eco-epidemiological model with delay.

			32287601 II, 11. Human adaptive immunity
			to rotaviruses: A model of intestinal mucosal
			adaptive immunity.

			32278764 COVID-19 and diabetes: Knowledge
			in progress.

			32276139 COVID-19 in a patient with long-term
			use of glucocorticoids: A study of a familial

			32273999 Conditional female strategies influence
			hatching success in a communally nesting

			32268195 Epidemiology of 2019 novel coronavirus
			in Jiangsu Province, China after wartime control
			measures: A population-level retrospective

			32266503 Long-chain n-alkane biodegradation
			coupling to methane production in an enriched
			culture from production water of a high-temperature
			oil reservoir.

			32266268 Mesenchymal Stem Cell Derived
			Extracellular Vesicles Ameliorate Kidney Injury
			in Aristolochic Acid Nephropathy.

			32259130 Epidemiological and Clinical Aspects
			of COVID-19; a Narrative Review.

			32257717 A Case of Plasmodium falciparum Malaria
			with a Prolonged Incubation Period of Four

			32250959 Dentists' Awareness, Perception,
			and Attitude Regarding COVID-19 and
			Infection Control: Cross-Sectional Study Among
			Jordanian Dentists.

			32247826 Delivery of infection from asymptomatic
			carriers of COVID-19 in a familial cluster.

			32247050 Insight into 2019 novel coronavirus
			- an updated intrim review and lessons from
			SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV.

			32226705 Dexmedetomidine alleviates
			postoperative cognitive dysfunction through
			circular RNA in aged rats.

			32218773 A Novel "Microbial Bait" Technique
			for Capturing Fe(III)-Reducing Bacteria.

			32206545 Public awareness of coronavirus in
			Al-Jouf region, Saudi Arabia.

			32189137 600-ns pulsed electric fields affect
			inactivation and antibiotic susceptibilities of
			Escherichia coli and Lactobacillus acidophilus.

			32172700 Animal agriculture exposures among
			Minnesota residents with zoonotic enteric
			infections, 2012-2016.

			32150748 The Incubation Period of
			Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) From
			Publicly Reported Confirmed Cases: Estimation
			and Application.

			32148522 Effect of Inflammation on Gingival
			Mesenchymal Stem/Progenitor Cells'
			Proliferation and Migration through
			Microperforated Membranes: An In Vitro Study.

			31245315 A Comparative Study of
			Bacteriological Culture Results Using Swab and
			Tissue in Open Fractures: A Pilot Study.

			31236165 Retrospective Analysis of Septic
			Arthritis Caused by Intra-Articular
			Viscosupplementation and Steroid Injections in
			a Single Outpatient Center.

			31235678 An In Vitro Study of Bactericidal
			Effect of Gallium Aluminium Arsenide Laser on
			Anaerobic Photosensitized Periodontopathics.

			31230094 Quantification of freely dissolved
			effect concentrations in in vitro cell-based

			31229888 Modulation of oxidant and
			antioxidant homeostasis in the cyanobacterium
			Nostoc muscorum Meg1 under UV-C radiation

			31229488 A conformational switch balances
			viral RNA accessibility and protection in a
			nucleocapsid ring model.

			31229106 Modelling microbial growth in
			modified-atmosphere-packed hake (Merluccius
			merluccius) fillets stored at different

			31228423 Rapid fluorescent focus inhibition
			test optimization and validation: Improved
			detection of neutralizing antibodies to rabies

			31227815 Microbial transformation of
			virus-induced dissolved organic matter from
			picocyanobacteria: coupling of bacterial
			diversity and DOM chemodiversity.

			31226987 Reproductive toxicity of
			fluoroquinolones in birds.

			31226116 Assessing dengue control in Tokyo,

			31222481 Photobiomodulation increases cell
			viability via AKT activation in an in vitro model of
			diabetes induced by glucose neurotoxicity.

			31220515 Effect of carbon dioxide during the
			early stage of duck egg incubation on hatching
			characteristics and duckling performance.

			31209752 Growth of Dehalococcoides spp.
			and increased abundance of reductive
			dehalogenase genes in anaerobic
			PCB-contaminated sediment microcosms.

			31207968 Effect of In Ovo Injection of
			L-Arginine in Different Chicken Embryonic
			Development Stages on Post-Hatchability,
			Immune Response, and Myo-D and Myogenin

			31207753 Retention of Acid Tolerance and
			Acid Shock Responses of Escherichia coli
			O157:H7 and Non-O157:H7 Isolates.

			31206512 Refinement strategy for antivenom
			preparation of high yield and quality.

			31205308 Generation of Alpha-Synuclein
			Preformed Fibrils from Monomers and Use In

			31205290 Nowcasting the number of new
			symptomatic cases during infectious disease
			outbreaks using constrained P-spline

			31205033 Nipah virus - the rising epidemic: a

			Clinical Trials
			3895268 Influenza A+B Test Kit Performance

			3864718 Photodynamic Therapy in Anal Fistula

			3780114 Knowledge, Attitude and Practice
			Survey for Egyptian Dentists About Infection
			Control in Pediatric Dental Clinics

			3635138 Effect of the Incoportation of Copper
			and Zinc Nanoparticles Into Dental Adhesives

			3460171 Clinical Features, Outcome and
			Prognosis of Human Metapneumovirus (hMPV)
			Lower Respiratory Tract Infections in Adult

			3361163 Controlled Human Infection for
			Vaccination Against Streptococcus Pyogenes

			3203551 Clinical and Laboratorial Evaluation of
			the Desinfection Solutions in Candida Species
			From Total Prostheses and Palate of Total

			3162042 Role of Myostatin, Activin A and
			Follistatin Cachexia of ENT Cancers

			3024060 Phase 3 Study of Levulan With New
			Blue Light for AK on the Face or Scalp

			3017768 The Effect of Acute Tryptophan
			Depletion (ATD) on Esophageal Sensitivity in
			Healthy Volunteers

			3016884 Safety and Tolerability of Herpes
			Zoster Vaccine Rheumatologic Patients

			3013673 Predicting Visceral Leishmaniasis in
			HIV Infected Patients

			2788227 Immunogenicity of Recombinant
			Vesicular Stomatitis Vaccine for Ebola-Zaire
			(rVSV[Delta]G-ZEBOV-GP) for Pre-Exposure
			Prophylaxis (PREP) in People at Potential
			Occupational Risk for Ebola Virus Exposure

			2602548 The Incidence and Incubation Period
			of False Positive Cultures in Shoulder Surgery

			2594644 The Use of Microneedles to Expedite
			Treatment Time in Photodynamic Therapy

			2409732 Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) With
			Levulan and Blue Light for the Treatment of
			Actinic Cheilitis

			2367664 A Clinical Trial for Inactivated
			Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine in Healthy
			Chinese Infants

			2230163 Clinical Evaluation of Anti-CHIKV
			Hyperimmune Intravenous Immunoglobulins

			1823640 Experimental Human Rhinovirus

			1607047 French West Indies Leptospirosis

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