Source:		MedGen UID: 730611

     		Atypical pneumonia

			Historical term that references a form of
			pneumonia caused by
			Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Chlamydophila
			pneumoniae, or Legionella species.

			Related Concepts
			Cat-scratch disease
			Severe acute respiratory syndrome

			32337201 Atypical presentation of SARS-CoV-2
			infection: A case report.

			32294518 A comprehensive analysis of genome
			composition and codon usage patterns of
			emerging coronaviruses.

			32287997 Numerical study of the transport
			of droplets or particles generated by respiratory
			system indoors.

			32185274 Oxygen-Dependent Patient with
			Antisynthetase Syndrome Associated Interstitial
			Lung Disease Responds Promptly to Rituximab
			with Rapid Pulmonary Function Improvement.

			31124168 Acquired acrodermatitis
			enteropathica due to zinc-depleted parenteral

			31052181 A Bird's-Eye View of Chronic
			Unilateral Conjunctivitis: Remember about
			Chlamydia psittaci.

			31026602 Profiling of cellular immune
			responses to Mycoplasma pulmonis infection in
			C57BL/6 and DBA/2 mice.

			30882289 Human psittacosis: a review with
			emphasis on surveillance in Belgium.

			30766683 An atypical pneumonia.

			30755992 Mycoplasma
			pneumoniae-associated Mucositis: A Recently
			Described Entity.

			30679570 Legionella SBT applied directly to
			respiratory samples as a rapid molecular
			epidemiological tool.

			30619180 Chlamydia Persistence: A Survival
			Strategy to Evade Antimicrobial Effects in-vitro
			and in-vivo.

			30577312 Challenging Alveolar Hemorrhage
			Complicating Pneumonia After Liver
			Transplantation: A Case Report.

			30323027 PPIases Mip and PpiB of Legionella
			pneumophila contribute to surface
			translocation, growth at suboptimal
			temperature and infection.

			30250831 High frequency of Mycoplasma
			pneumoniae among patients with atypical
			pneumonia in Tehran, Iran.

			30241455 Chlamydophila psittaci pneumonia
			associated to exposure to fulmar birds
			(Fulmaris glacialis) in the Faroe Islands.

			30236160 Changes in the immune system in
			experimental acanthamoebiasis in
			immunocompetent and immunosuppressed

			30205586 Characteristics of Invasive Fungal
			Infections among HIV Individuals from an
			Indigenous Origin in Mexico.

			30136660 Bilateral massive pneumonia as an
			unusual manifestation of Puumala hantavirus

			30113306 Icelandic ovine Mycoplasma
			ovipneumoniae are variable bacteria that induce
			limited immune responses in vitro and in vivo.

			30105627 Severe atypical pneumonia in
			critically ill patients: a retrospective multicenter

			30051535 International survey of paediatric
			infectious diseases consultants on the
			management of community-acquired
			pneumonia complicated by pleural empyema.

			30037385 [Servere atypical pneumonia with
			macrolide-resistant Mycoplasma pneumoniae].

			29998043 An atypical case of atypical

			Clinical Trials
			1624753 Fibered Confocal Fluorescence
			Microscopy Imaging in Patients With Diffuse
			Parenchymal Lung Diseases

			1328873 FOB in HSCT and Leukemia Patients
			With Acute Respiratory Symptoms and
			Pulmonary Infiltrates

			441389 Infectious Etiology of Acute
			Exacerbations of COPD

			342524 Collection of Convalescent SARS
			Plasma by Apheresis

			73086 Evaluation and Treatment of Severe
			Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)

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