Source:		MedGen UID: 7752


			An involuntary, persistent state of firm, tense
			muscles with marked resistance to passive

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			Juvenile onset Huntington disease
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			Malignant hyperthermia susceptibility
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			Parkinsonism with dementia of Guadeloupe
			Parkinsonism with dementia of Guadeloupe
			Pigmentary pallidal degeneration
			Piperacillin and tazobactam product
			Pivampicillin Pamoate
			PLA2G6-associated neurodegeneration
			Procyclidine hydrochloride
			Progressive supranuclear palsy
			Rigor mortis
			Sepiapterin reductase deficiency
			Spinocerebellar ataxia 14
			Spinocerebellar ataxia 17
			Stiff tongue
			Stiff-man syndrome
			Striatonigral degeneration
			Tetanus neonatorum
			Trihexyphenidyl hydrochloride
			Wilson disease
			Young-onset Parkinson disease
			Young-onset Parkinson disease
			motor symptoms
			molecular dynamics
			postural instability
			resting tremor

			PRJNA270395 Genome-wide analysis of gene
			expression in Normal oral mucosa and different
			stages of oral submucous fibrosis

			PRJNA191906 Mechanotransduction regulates
			adipose estrogen output and its impact on
			tumor cell growth

			PRJNA322323 Multivalent histone and DNA
			engagement by a PHD/BRD/PWWP triple
			reader cassette recruits ZMYND8 to K14ac-rich

			PRJNA385490 RAP2 Mediates
			Mechanotransduction to Hippo pathway

			PRJNA496601 Rigidity and inflammatory
			responses of interconnected endothelial cells
			are stimulated by rhodocetin-αβ via the

			32351681 Wearable Sensors Measure Ankle
			Joint Changes of Patients with Parkinson's
			Disease before and after Acute Levodopa

			32336912 Entropy, Fluctuations, and Disordered

			32328564 A Case of Logopenic Variant of
			Primary Progressive Aphasia with Parkinsonism
			and Anosmia.

			32318653 Vertical Plate for Flail Chest Repair.

			32317954 Safety Study of Combination
			Treatment: Deep Brain Stimulation and
			Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

			32317934 Advantages and Recent Developments
			of Autologous Cell Therapy for Parkinson's
			Disease Patients.

			32307013 Peritoneal tuberculosis mimicking
			carcinomatous ascites in a child living in a low
			prevalence country: a case report.

			32300645 The surface stress of biomedical
			silicones is a stimulant of cellular response.

			32285019 Architectural Stabilization of a Gold(III)
			Catalyst in Metal-Organic Frameworks.

			32284907 Autologous conditioned serum:
			clinical and functional results using a novel
			disease modifying agent for the management
			of knee osteoarthritis.

			32273512 Stereoselective gridization and
			polygridization with centrosymmetric molecular

			32269747 Cognition Deficits in Parkinson's
			Disease: Mechanisms and Treatment.

			32266228 Can We Predict the Motor
			Performance of Patients With Parkinson's
			Disease Based on Their Symptomatology?

			32265585 Biomechanical comparison of six
			intramedullary nails, for the treatment of
			ex-tra-articular, proximal tibial fractures.

			32258152 Efficacy of Altered Two-Point Fixation
			in Zygomaticomaxillary Complex Fracture.

			32255914 Evaluation of Rigidity of Surgical
			N95 Respirators Using a Manikin-System: A
			Pilot Study.

			32247316 The views of physicians and nurses
			on the potentials of an electronic assessment
			system for recognizing the needs of patients
			in palliative care.

			32246074 Intracellular nonequilibrium fluctuating
			stresses indicate how nonlinear cellular
			mechanical properties adapt to microenvironmental

			32246004 Mechanobiological regulation of
			placental trophoblast fusion and function through
			extracellular matrix rigidity.

			32245034 Development of a Flex and Stretchy
			Conductive Cotton Fabric Via Flat Screen
			Printing of PEDOT:PSS/PDMS Conductive
			Polymer Composite.

			32238845 On the Origin of the Anomalous
			Behavior of Lipid Membrane Properties in the
			Vicinity of the Chain-Melting Phase Transition.

			32232113 Spinal cord stimulation in Parkinson's
			disease: a review of the preclinical and clinical
			data and future prospects.

			32219003 Anion Influence on the Packing of
			Halogen Bond Receptors.

			32214483 Acyclic nucleoside phosphonates
			containing the amide bond: hydroxy derivatives.

			32206638 Portal Vein Thrombosis in a Patient
			with Type 1 Diabetes Presenting as
			Acute Pyelonephritis.

			32206259 Strong dual emission in covalent
			organic frameworks induced by ESIPT.

			32206251 Blue thermally activated delayed
			fluorescence emitters incorporating acridan
			analogues with heavy group 14 elements for
			high-efficiency doped and non-doped OLEDs.

			32195305 Data set of intrinsically disordered
			proteins analysed at a local
			protein conformation level.

			32175215 The Stiff People: Two Rare Cases of
			Stiff-person Syndrome.

			32165786 Effect of Adjacent Hydrophilic
			Polymer Thin Films on Physical Aging and
			Residual Stress in Thin Films of

			32160230 Basic morphometry,
			microcomputed tomography and mechanical
			evaluation of the tibiotarsal bone of a
			dual-purpose and a broiler chicken line.

			32159129 Unsuccessful Transfemoral Tricuspid
			Valve-in-Ring Implantation: Case Report and
			Literature Review.

			32158422 Trimetazidine-Induced Parkinsonism:
			A Systematic Review.

			32148968 Early Recognition and Treatment of
			Malignant Hyperthermia in Pediatric Patient
			during Bronchoscopy.

			32143605 Complex biomechanical properties
			of non-augmented and augmented pedicle
			screws in human vertebrae with
			reduced bone density.

			32133219 Ultra-sensitive optical coherence
			elastography using a high-dynamic-range force
			loading scheme for cervical rigidity assessment.

			32132766 Patient-specific pediatric silicone
			heart valve models based on 3D ultrasound.

			31254497 Study of the conformational
			behaviour of trehalose mycolates by FT-IR

			31252462 Stiffness and Membrane Anchor
			Density Modulate DNA-Nanospring-Induced
			Vesicle Tubulation.

			31249381 Intrinsic enzymatic properties
			modulate the self-propulsion of micromotors.

			31249358 A Novel Technique Enables
			Quantifying the Molecular Interaction of
			Solvents with Biological Tissues.

			31246833 Supersonic Transporter Deformity in
			Transgender Men following Phalloplasty.

			31246722 Dural Arteriovenous Fistula With
			Sinus Thrombosis and Venous Reflux
			Presenting as Parkinsonism: A Case Report.

			31246197 Efficiently luminescent copper(i)
			iodide complexes with crystallization-induced
			emission enhancement (CIEE).

			31245537 Highly efficient sky blue
			electroluminescence from ligand-activated
			copper iodide clusters: Overcoming the
			limitations of cluster light-emitting diodes.

			31244440 Factors Predisposing To
			Hypertension In Subjects Formerly Born
			Preterm: Renal Impairment, Arterial Stiffness,
			Endothelial Dyfunction Or Something Else?

			31236395 Lupus enteritis as the only active
			manifestation of systemic lupus erythematosus:
			A case report.

			31236158 Spontaneous Rupture of
			Fibrolamellar Variant Hepatocellular Carcinoma.

			31235266 Structure-activity relationship study
			of thiazolyl-hydroxamate derivatives as selective
			histone deacetylase 6 inhibitors.

			31234077 Predictive cues reduce but do not
			eliminate intrinsic response bias.

			31233790 Activation and stabilization of
			Candida antarctica lipase B in choline
			chloride-glycerol-water binary system via
			tailoring the hydrogen-bonding interaction.

			31229638 Physical impacts of PLGA
			scaffolding on hMSCs: Recovery neurobiology
			insight for implant design to treat spinal cord

			31229096 Impact of mineral ions on the
			release of starch and gel forming capacity of
			potato flakes in relation to water dynamics and
			oil uptake during the production of snacks
			made thereof.

			and Its Cationic Species Showing Annulene-like
			Global (Anti)Aromaticity.

			31225566 Structural flexibility versus rigidity of
			the aromatic unit of DNA ligands: binding of
			aza- and azoniastilbene derivatives to duplex
			and quadruplex DNA.

			31225517 Occipital Artery Harvesting and
			Anastomosis to P3 Segment of Posterior
			Inferior Cerebellar Artery: Operative Video.

			31223212 POWAINDv1.0: A Program for
			Protein-Water Interactions Determination.

			Clinical Trials
			3977740 Chest PNF on Pulmonary Function in
			Parkinson Disease

			3974529 Intensive Running Exercise Improves
			Parkinson's Motor and Non-motor Symptoms

			3972969 Highly Challenging Balance Program
			to Reduce Fall Rate in PD

			3972241 Strategy for Daily Activity
			Improvement in Patients With Parkinson's

			3960931 Interest of Hydrophysiotherapy Care
			in Parkinson Disease's Motor and Non-motor

			3959852 Sub-Dissociative Ketamine and
			Fentanyl to Treat Moderate to Severe Pain

			3929068 Sinemet for Spasticity and Function in
			Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Primary
			Lateral Sclerosis

			3921970 Ultrasound-Guided Erector Spinae
			Plane Block Following Laparoscopic Sleeve
			Gastrectomy Surgery

			3895541 Noninvasive Elastography Evaluation
			of Myocardial Stiffness in Elderly Patients With
			Isolated Diastolic Heart Failure: New Diagnostic

			3866044 Unravelling the Alteration of Brain
			Structure and Function in Parkinson´s Disease
			With Ultra-high Field MRI

			3865121 Pilot Trial of Transnasal Nicotine in
			Parkinson Disease

			3854747 The Effect of Cervical Spinal
			Stabilization Exercises in Patients With
			Parkinson's Disease

			3832231 Use of Transient Elastogaphy to
			Assess Diaphragm Function in Mechanically
			Ventilated Patients

			3823014 Use of an External Erectile Device in
			Transgender Man Following Phalloplasty

			3820635 Markers of Vascular Calcification in
			Diabetic Nephropathy in Patients With Diabetic

			3819400 Evaluation of Kidney Graft's Fibrosis
			With Real Time Shear-wave Elastography

			3814070 Prosthesis and Implant Survival in
			Immediately Loaded Temporary Full Arch

			3808467 Cognitive Training for Patients With
			Eating Disorders

			3805113 Efficacy of Magnetotherapy in Hand
			Erosive Osteoarthritis.

			3784469 Effectiveness of Positioning on Back
			Pain After TACE Among Patients With HCC

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