Source:		MedGen UID: 84035

     		Viral Load

			The number of viral particles (usually HIV) in a
			sample of blood plasma.

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			Abacavir Succinate
			Abacavir sulfate
			Anti-CCR5 Monoclonal Antibody PRO 140
			Delavirdine mesylate
			Lymphoproliferative syndrome 1
			Nevirapine product
			Viral Breakthrough
			Virologic Null-Response
			Virologic Partial Response
			human immunodeficiency virus
			hepatitis C

			PRJNA318284 A Reproducibility-Based
			Computational Framework Identifies An
			Inducible, Enhanced Antiviral Dendritic Cell
			State In HIV-1 Elite Controllers (scRNA-Seq)

			PRJNA427307 A Reproducibility-Based
			Computational Framework Identifies An
			Inducible, Enhanced Antiviral Dendritic Cell
			State In HIV-1 Elite Controllers (Sorted Bulk

			PRJNA427303 A Reproducibility-Based
			Computational Framework Identifies An
			Inducible, Enhanced Antiviral Dendritic Cell
			State In HIV-1 Elite Controllers (TLR
			perturbation Bulk RNA-Seq)

			PRJNA294815 CD39 expression identifies
			terminally exhausted CD8+ T cells

			PRJNA83629 CIDR-NIDA Study of HIV Host

			PRJNA83631 CIDR-NIDA Study of HIV Host

			PRJNA133651 Comparison of gene expression
			profiles of HIV-specific CD8 T cells from
			controllers and progressors

			PRJNA98975 Comparison of transcriptional
			profiles of CD4+ and CD8+ T cells from
			HIV-infected pateints and uninfected control

			PRJNA495603 Comprehensive Analysis of
			TCR-β Repertoire in Patients with Neurological
			Immune-mediated Disorders

			PRJNA263243 Differential adipose tissue gene
			expression profiles in abacavir treated patients
			that may contribute to cardiovascular risk: a
			microarray study

			PRJNA255454 DNA methylation levels of
			various brain regions from HIV+ and HIV-

			PRJNA94249 Effects on gene expression of a
			medicinal extract from Agaricus blazei in
			patients with hepatitis C infection

			PRJNA139527 Expression data from HAART
			interruption in HIV patients

			PRJNA312168 Gene expression data from
			immunological non-responders and responders
			to antiretroviral therapy in HIV infected patients

			PRJNA240004 Gene expression profiling of
			European American HPV-active, HPV-inactive
			and HPV-negative oral and oropharyngeal

			PRJNA239998 Gene expression profiling of
			HPV-active oropharyngeal cancers and Normal
			benign uvula, tonsil

			PRJNA240005 Gene expression profiling of
			HPV-active, HPV-inactive and HPV-negative
			oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinomas

			PRJNA240001 Gene expression profiling of
			HPV-inactive and HPV-negative oropharyngeal

			PRJNA240000 Gene expression profiling of
			HPV-inactive oropharyngeal cancers and
			normal benign tissue (uvula, tonsil) from
			European American patients

			PRJNA119619 Genome wide mRNA
			expression correlates of viral control in CD4+T
			cells from HIV-1 infected individuals

			PRJNA142821 Genome-wide analysis of gene
			expression profiles in individuals infected with
			the Human T-Lymphotropic virus Type 1
			(HTLV-1) - train set

			PRJNA168168 HIV/HCV coinfection activates a
			type 1 interferon response in monocytes that
			correlates with cognitive impairment

			PRJNA239279 Human

			PRJNA118189 IFN-a-induced monocyte
			phenotype in chronic unsuppressed HIV

			PRJNA175036 Impaired TLR3-mediated
			immune responses from macrophages of
			patients chronically infected with Hepatitis C

			PRJNA479871 In vivo molecular signatures of
			severe dengue infection revealed by

			PRJNA391286 Increased adaptative immune
			response and proper feedback reguation
			protect against clinical Dengue

			PRJNA273765 Liver transcriptome profiles
			correlates with viral control during hepatitis B
			virus infection

			PRJNA96515 Longitudinal comparison of
			monocytes from an HIV viremic vs avirmeic

			PRJNA369087 Memory CD4+ T cell subsets
			show differential responses to HIV latency
			reversing agents [LRA stimulated]

			PRJNA247960 Microarray analysis of
			whole-blood in HIV-infected Viremic Non
			Progressor patients

			PRJNA246270 microRNA Expression Profile on
			Stimulated Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells
			from HIV-1 infected Elite Controllers, Viremic
			Patients, Treated Patients and Uninfected

			PRJNA196908 MicroRNA regulation and its
			effects on cellular transcriptome in Human
			Immnodeficiency Virus-1 (type-1) infected
			individuals with distinct viral load and CD4 cells

			PRJNA253744 MicroRNAs differentially present
			in the plasma of HIV elite controllers

			PRJNA124193 Molecular signatures of
			mucosal immunity that distinguish HIV
			controllers from non-controllers

			PRJNA154425 NanoString miRNA profiling of
			peripheral blood mononuclear cells from
			HIV-1-infected elite suppressors, viremic
			patients, and uninfected control donors

			PRJNA362617 Peripheral blood transcriptional
			analysis of a severe Ebola virus disease patient
			reveals dramatic transitions during critical illness
			and recovery

			PRJNA407284 Respiratory Syncytial Virus
			Genotypes and Disease Severity in Young
			Children Hospitalized with Bronchiolitis

			PRJNA392660 RNA-Seq of Kaposi’s sarcoma
			reveal alterations in glucose and lipid

			PRJNA215683 T lymphocytes from Chronic
			HCV-infected patients express unique
			pro-apoptotic gene signature.

			PRJNA154279 TaqMan Peripheral blood
			mononuclear cell miRNA profiles of
			HIV-1-infected elite suppressors, viremic
			patients, and uninfected control donors

			PRJNA153433 TaqMan whole peripheral blood
			miRNA profiles of HIV-1-infected donors with
			different clinical characteristics

			PRJNA127033 The Relationship between Virus
			Replication and Host Gene Expression in
			Lymphatic Tissue during HIV-1 Infection

			PRJNA119955 TNF dependent induction of
			inhibitory pathways in CD4+ T cells in HIV and
			LCMV [CD4+ T activation]

			PRJNA118561 TNF dependent induction of
			inhibitory pathways in CD4+ T cells in HIV and
			LCMV [HIV-infected individuals]

			PRJNA227133 TNF dependent induction of
			inhibitory pathways in CD4+ T cells in HIV and
			LCMV [TNF stimulation]

			PRJNA79983 Transcriptome Sequencing
			Demonstrates that Human Papillomavirus is not
			Active in Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma

			PRJNA517165 Transcriptomic profiling of
			peripheral blood NK cells of chronic HBV, HCV
			and HIV patients

			PRJNA433978 Unique Circulating MicroRNA
			profiles in HIV Infection

			PRJNA233507 Whole blood DNA methylation
			samples from HIV positive men [2012 study]

			PRJNA233508 Whole blood DNA methylation
			samples from HIV positive men [2013 study]

			32341894 RNA sequencing of CD4 T-cells
			reveals the relationships between lncRNA-mRNA
			co-expression in elite controller vs. HIV-positive
			infected patients.

			32333726 Enhanced immunovirological response
			in women compared to men after antiretroviral
			therapy initiation during acute and early HIV-1
			infection: results from a longitudinal study in
			the French ANRS Primo cohort.

			32329186 Point-of-care HIV maternal viral load
			and early infant diagnosis testing around time
			of delivery at tertiary obstetric units in South
			Africa: a prospective study of coverage, results
			return and turn-around times.

			32328416 In Vivo Assembly of Nanoparticles
			Achieved through Synergy of Structure-Based
			Protein Engineering and Synthetic DNA
			Generates Enhanced Adaptive Immunity.

			32328321 Reactivation of Epstein-Barr
			Virus Presenting as Massive Splenomegaly
			after Initiation of Golimumab Treatment.

			32328051 Accumulation and Competition
			Amongst Deformed Wing Virus Genotypes in
			Naïve Australian Honeybees Provides Insight
			Into the Increasing Global Prevalence of
			Genotype B.

			32319203 HIV treatment outcomes among
			people with initiation CD4 counts >500 cells/µL
			after implementation of Treat All in South
			African public clinics: a retrospective cohort

			32313702 Self-audits as alternatives to
			travel-audits for improving data quality in the
			Caribbean, Central and South America network
			for HIV epidemiology.

			32305025 Epidemiological and initial clinical
			characteristics of patients with family aggregation
			of COVID-19.

			32299389 Expanded access to viral load
			testing and use of second line regimens in
			Haiti: time trends from 2010-2017.

			32295538 Detection of viral RNA in diverse
			body fluids in an SFTS patient with encephalopathy,
			gastrointestinal bleeding and pneumonia: a
			case report and literature review.

			32289548 Clinical and microbiological effect
			of a combination of hydroxychloroquine and
			azithromycin in 80 COVID-19 patients with at
			least a six-day follow up: A pilot observational

			32288562 Molecular diagnostic techniques.

			32288321 Severe acute respiratory syndrome
			(SARS) in intensive care units (ICUs): limiting
			the risk to healthcare workers.

			32287463 Chapter 22. Non-HIV antiviral agents.

			32287293 Dried blood spot self-sampling at
			home is a feasible technique for hepatitis C
			RNA detection.

			32287264 Population-based monitoring of HIV
			drug resistance early warning indicators in
			Uganda: A nationally representative survey
			following revised WHO recommendations.

			32280691 HIV-1 Drug Resistance, Distribution
			of Subtypes, and Drug Resistance-Associated
			Mutations in Virologic Failure Individuals in
			Chengdu, Southwest China, 2014-2016.

			32280655 Association of HCV genotype with
			viral load among Iranian blood donors: a
			penalized logistic regression.

			32280643 Association between Parvovirus
			B19 and anemia in HIV-infected patients.

			32271796 Feasibility of dried blood spots for
			HIV viral load monitoring in decentralized area
			in North Vietnam in a test-and-treat era, the
			MOVIDA project.

			32270056 Elbasvir and grazoprevir for hepatitis C
			virus genotype 1 infection in people with recent
			injecting drug use (DARLO-C): An open-label,
			single-arm, phase 4, multicentre trial.

			32269027 Prevalence and clinical implications
			of respiratory viruses in stable
			chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
			and exacerbations: a systematic review and
			meta-analysis protocol.

			32267890 The geographic distribution of
			priority population groups for the elimination
			of mother-to-child transmission of HIV in South

			32267846 Route of inoculation and mosquito
			vector exposure modulate dengue virus
			replication kinetics and immune responses in
			rhesus macaques.

			32267659 The HIV Continuum of Care for
			Adolescents and Young Adults Attending 13
			Urban US HIV Care Centers of the
			NICHD-ATN-CDC-HRSA SMILE Collaborative.

			32266317 Drug resistance patterns in HIV
			patients with virologic failure in Iran.

			32265886 Evaluation of High-Pressure
			Processing in Inactivation of the Hepatitis E

			32265875 Drug Resistance Mutations Against
			Protease, Reverse Transcriptase and Integrase
			Inhibitors in People Living With HIV-1 Receiving
			Boosted Protease Inhibitors in South Africa.

			32265850 Does Mucosal B1 Activation Result
			in the Accumulation of Peak IgM During Chronic
			Intrarectal SIVmac239 Exposure to Protect
			Chinese-Origin Rhesus Macaques From Disease

			32264870 Phenotype and functionality of
			follicular helper T cells in patients with acute
			dengue infection.

			32258951 Safety and Efficacy of Limited
			Laboratory Monitoring for Hepatitis C Treatment:
			A Blinded Clinical Trial in Rwanda.

			32258852 Enhanced Immunological Recovery
			With Early Start of Antiretroviral Therapy During
			Acute or Early HIV Infection-Results of Italian
			Network of ACuTe HIV InfectiON (INACTION)
			Retrospective Study.

			32258204 Cytomegalovirus in Adult Allogeneic
			Blood and Marrow Transplant Patients Before
			or Around the Period of Neutrophil Recovery:
			A Single-Center, Retrospective, Descriptive


			32256496 Long-Term Delivery of an Anti-SIV
			Monoclonal Antibody With AAV.

			32244051 Lower respiratory tract infection in
			the community: associations between viral
			aetiology and illness course.

			32235771 BoLA-DRB3 Polymorphism is
			Associated with Differential Susceptibility to
			Bovine Leukemia Virus-Induced Lymphoma
			and Proviral Load.

			32228691 Maternal and fetal thyroid dysfunction
			following porcine reproductive and respiratory
			syndrome virus2 infection.

			32228523 Modelling immune deterioration,
			immune recovery and state-specific duration
			of HIV-infected women with viral load
			adjustment: using parametric multistate model.

			32214913 Viral lower urinary tract infections.

			32214854 Anemia and Related Factors Among
			Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy Experienced
			Children in Hawassa Comprehensive
			Specialized Hospital, Southern Ethiopia:
			Emphasis on Patient Management.

			32211349 Hepatitis C Virus Screening of
			High-Risk Patients in a Canadian Emergency

			32210933 Glycoproteins C and D of PRV Strain
			HB1201 Contribute Individually to the Escape
			From Bartha-K61 Vaccine-Induced Immunity.

			32210333 90-90-90 cascade analysis on
			reported CLHIV infected by mother-to-child
			transmission in Guangxi, China: a modeling

			32210284 Specific circulating microRNAs
			during hepatitis E infection can serve as
			indicator for chronic hepatitis E.

			32209095 Multivariate multilevel modeling of
			quality of life dynamics of HIV infected patients.

			32209092 Association between the cytokine
			storm, immune cell dynamics, and viral
			replicative capacity in hyperacute HIV infection.

			32202067 Super learner analysis of real-time
			electronically monitored adherence to
			antiretroviral therapy under constrained
			optimization and comparison to
			non-differentiated care approaches for persons
			living with HIV in rural Uganda.

			32201686 Virus, allergic sensitisation and
			cortisol in infant bronchiolitis and risk of early

			32197585 Anemia risk factors among people
			living with HIV across the United States in the
			current treatment era: a clinical cohort study.

			32194356 Early detection of Ebola virus
			proteins in peripheral blood mononuclear cells
			from infected mice.

			32191762 Evaluation of continuous quality
			improvement of tuberculosis and HIV
			diagnostic services in Amhara Public Health
			Institute, Ethiopia.

			32191761 Home-based HIV testing: Using
			different strategies among transgender women
			in Argentina.

			32189928 A 5-year Single-Center Experience
			of Hepatitis E Virus Infection During Pregnancy.

			32183931 Monitoring Crimean-Congo
			haemorrhagic fever virus RNA shedding in body
			secretions and serological status in hospitalised
			patients, Turkey, 2015.

			32182271 Assessment of diagnostic and
			analytic performance of the SD Bioline Dengue
			Duo test for dengue virus (DENV) infections in
			an endemic area (Savannakhet province, Lao
			People's Democratic Republic).

			32180367 Patterns of detectable viral load in a
			cohort of HIV-positive adolescents on
			antiretroviral therapy in South Africa.

			32175085 Feasibility and safety of research
			sigmoid colon biopsy in a cohort of Thai men
			who have sex with men with acute HIV-1.

			32169118 Health related behaviors among
			HIV-infected people who are successfully linked
			to care: an institutional-based cross-sectional

			32169065 Sustained HIV viral suppression
			among men who have sex with men in the
			Miami-Dade County Ryan White Program: the
			effect of demographic, psychosocial, provider
			and neighborhood factors.

			32158775 Oral Cytokine Levels Are More
			Linked to Levels of Plasma and Oral HIV-1 RNA
			Than to CD4+ T-Cell Counts in People With

			32158554 HIV viral load testing coverage and
			timeliness after implementation of the wellness
			anniversary in a paediatric and adolescent HIV
			clinic in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

			32153543 Isolation and Characterization of the
			Novel Phages vB_VpS_BA3 and vB_VpS_CA8
			for Lysing Vibrio parahaemolyticus.

			32148675 Serum protein electrophoresis
			pattern in patients living with HIV: frequency of
			possible abnormalities in Iranian patients.

			32148339 Positive feedback through
			inflammation creates bistable behavior in HIV
			tissue sanctuaries.

			32144888 "I just believe there is a risk"
			understanding of undetectable equals
			untransmissible (U = U) among health providers
			and HIV-negative partners in serodiscordant
			relationships in Kenya.

			32142549 Promoters and inhibitors of
			treatment adherence among HIV/AIDS patients
			receiving antiretroviral therapy in Ghana:
			Narratives from an underserved population.

			32141822 The effect of twelve weeks of
			treatment with ezetimibe on HDV RNA level in
			patients with chronic hepatitis D.

			32140590 Human papillomavirus type 16 and
			18 viral loads as predictors associated with
			abnormal cervical cytology among women in
			Saudi Arabia.

			32138741 Detectable HIV-1 in semen in
			individuals with very low blood viral loads.

			32138673 Is PrEP necessary during natural
			conception in HIV-1-serodiscordant couples on
			ART with suppressed viral load? A retrospective
			cohort analysis.

			32134914 Pathogen transmission from
			vaccinated hosts can cause dose-dependent
			reduction in virulence.

			32134486 Cytomegalovirus Infection in Solid
			Organ and Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation:
			State of the Evidence.

			32134483 Advances in the Development of
			Therapeutics for Cytomegalovirus Infections.

			32133330 Overnutrition in Infants Is Associated
			With High Level of Leptin, Viral Coinfection and
			Increased Severity of Respiratory Infections: A
			Cross-Sectional Study.

			32133165 The role of HIV viral load in
			mathematical models of HIV transmission and
			treatment: a review.

			31254956 Implications of soluble E-cadherin
			level of antiviral treatment in patients with
			chronic hepatitis C virus infection.

			31254912 The new Xpert HCV viral load
			real-time PCR assay accurately quantifies
			hepatitis C virus RNA in serum and whole-blood

			31254397 Higher Human T-cell Leukaemia
			Virus Type 1 (HTLV-1) proviral load is
			associated with end-stage kidney disease in
			Indigenous Australians: results of a
			case-control study in central Australia.

			31253674 Generation of a prophage-free
			variant of the fast-growing bacterium Vibrio

			31251532 Effects of Chicken MHC Haplotype
			on Resistance to Distantly Related Infectious
			Bronchitis Viruses.

			31251531 Infectious Bronchitis Virus
			Vaccination at Day 1 of Age Further Limits
			Cross Protection.

			31250840 Baloxavir marboxil: a novel
			cap-dependent endonuclease (CEN) inhibitor
			for the treatment of acute uncomplicated

			31249224 The use of sirolimus in patients with
			recurrent cytomegalovirus infection after kidney
			transplantation: A retrospective case series

			31247036 Assessing treatment outcomes
			among peer educators living with HIV in Kenya.

			31246986 Correlates of telomere length
			shortening in peripheral leukocytes of
			HIV-infected individuals and association with

			31246963 Systematic review of the
			performance and clinical utility of point of care
			HIV-1 RNA testing for diagnosis and care.

			31246961 Influenza M2 virus-like particle
			vaccination enhances protection in combination
			with avian influenza HA VLPs.

			31244857 Ex vivo Detection and
			Characterization of Hepatitis B Virus-Specific
			CD8+ T Cells in Patients Considered Immune

			31244113 Design, Synthesis, and Anti-RNA
			Virus Activity of 6'-Fluorinated-Aristeromycin

			31243898 Using national laboratory data to
			assess cumulative frequency of linkage after
			transfer to community-based HIV clinics in
			South Africa.

			31243554 Detection and characterization of a
			novel hepacivirus in long-tailed ground squirrels
			(Spermophilus undulatus) in China.

			31243235 A Case of HIV-associated Immune
			Complex Kidney Disease with C3-dominant
			Deposition Induced by HIV Infection after
			Treatment of IgA Nephropathy.

			31243154 A T164S mutation in the dengue
			virus NS1 protein is associated with greater
			disease severity in mice.

			31243144 HIV treatment cascade for older
			adults in rural South Africa.

			31236749 Criminal Justice System Involvement
			as a Risk Factor for Detectable Plasma HIV
			Viral Load in People Who Use Illicit Drugs: A
			Longitudinal Cohort Study.

			Clinical Trials
			3995953 Integrated Care Delivery of HIV
			Prevention and Treatment in AGYW in Zambia

			3995745 Medication Adherence and Outcomes
			Among Patients in United States With HIV

			3994835 2000 HIV Human Functional
			Genomics Partnership Program

			3992313 Community Versus Facility-based
			Services to Improve the Screening of Active
			HCV Infection in Cambodia

			3991013 Tenofovir/Lamivudine/Dolutegravir
			Combination as Second Line ART: a
			Randomised Controlled Trial (ARTIST)

			3988452 Nucleosides And
			Darunavir/Dolutegravir In Africa

			3986099 Community Based Antiretroviral
			Therapy (CBART) Among Children on Chronic

			3959826 Promoting Employment in Persons
			Living With HIV/AIDS

			3952520 Scaling up an Evidence-based
			Intervention for Antiretroviral Therapy for PWID
			in Vietnam: an Implementation Trial

			3950414 A Dose-Escalation Study Evaluating
			Safety and Tolerability of Viral-Specific T Cells
			Against CMV in Adult Kidney Transplant

			3940521 Bioclinical Evaluation of 2 Biomarkers
			of Aviremic HIV-1 in CD4+ T Cells of Adults
			Undergoing Treatment

			3934437 Leveraging mHealth and Peers to
			Engage African- Americans and Latinxs in HIV
			Care (LEAN)

			3932851 Clinical Study on the Effect of IVF-ET
			on Mother-to-child Transmission of Hepatitis B

			3928834 Sustainable Adherence and
			Prevention of HIV Drug Resistance in

			3924219 CMV T Cell Immunity in Pediatric Solid
			Organ Transplant Recipients

			3922269 Trans People Living With HIV
			Throughout Europe

			3920969 Sport and Self Esteem in Patients
			Living With HIV

			3919695 Development of an Intervention to
			Reduce Heavy Drinking and Improve HIV Care
			Engagement Among Fisherfolk in Uganda

			3916484 AllyQuest Adherence App Intervention
			for HIV-positive Men Who Have Sex With Men
			and Transgender Women: Pilot Trial

			3915899 The Welcome Incoming Neighbor
			(WIN) Community Trial

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