BioProject: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  Source:		MN994467

     		Wuhan seafood market pneumonia virus
			isolate 2019-nCoV/USA-CA1/2020,
			complete genome


			This is a sample genome of the new coronavirus,
			2019 novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV, SARS-CoV-2),
			an enveloped, positive-sense, single-stranded RNA,
			B lineage Betacoronavirus (β-CoV, Beta-CoV).

			This sample genome was isolated from a human
			in California by nasopharyngeal swab on
			January 23, 2020.

			The first known human infection was identified
			in December, 2019 at Wuhan, China, near the
			Huanan animal market where wild caught
			animals were kept and sold for food.

			These novel coronaviruses cause COVID-19,
			a viral respiratory tract infection with symptoms
			from cough to severe acute respiratory syndrome
			and life threatening respiratory distress.

			Genomic analysis shows the new coronavirus
			is most closely related to previously identified
			Chinese bat coronaviruses (MG772933, MG772934).

			For more information regarding viral pathogenesis,
			course of illness, disease transmission and vaccine,
			view the content page for coronavirus infection.

			MN988668 Wuhan seafood market pneumonia
			virus isolate 2019-nCoV WHU01,
			complete genome

			MN985325 Wuhan seafood market pneumonia
			virus isolate 2019-nCoV/USA-WA1/2020,
			complete genome

			MN938384 Wuhan seafood market pneumonia
			virus isolate 2019-nCoV_HKU-SZ-002a_2020,
			complete genome

			MN908947 Wuhan seafood market pneumonia
			virus isolate 2019-nCoV Wuhan-Hu-1,
			complete genome

			32346356 Innovative "Bring-Service-Near-Your-Home"
			Operations under Corona-Virus (COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2)
			Outbreak: Can Logistics Become the Messiah?

			32341943 Recommendations on the clinical
			management of the COVID-19 infection by the
			«new coronavirus» SARS-CoV2. Spanish Paediatric
			Association working group.

			32341791 Thoughts on COVID-19 and
			autoimmune diseases.

			32337324 The Data set for Patient Information
			Based Algorithm to Predict Mortality Cause
			by COVID-19.

			32337201 Atypical presentation of SARS-CoV-2
			infection: A case report.

			32336959 SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and
			intravascular volume management strategies
			in the critically ill.

			32336586 Pharmacotherapy in COVID-19; A
			narrative review for emergency providers.

			32335053 Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)
			in pregnant women: A report based on 116

			32334646 Practical recommendations for the
			management of diabetes in patients with

			32334323 Recommendations for triage,
			prioritization and treatment of breast cancer
			patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

			32334207 Real-time estimation and prediction
			of mortality caused by COVID-19 with
			patient information based algorithm.

			32333915 Association of Respiratory Allergy,
			Asthma and Expression of the SARS-CoV-2
			Receptor, ACE2.

			32333836 Inhibition of SARS-CoV-2 Infections
			in Engineered Human Tissues Using Clinical-Grade
			Soluble Human ACE2.

			32333293 Recommendations for prioritization,
			treatment, and triage of breast cancer patients
			during the COVID-19 pandemic. the COVID-19
			pandemic breast cancer consortium.

			32331519 Successful recovery of COVID-19
			pneumonia in a patient from Colombia after
			receiving chloroquine and clarithromycin.

			32330593 A multinational, multicentre study
			on the psychological outcomes and associated
			physical symptoms amongst healthcare workers
			during COVID-19 outbreak.

			32330544 Management of Acute Myocardial Infarction
			During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

			32328367 Coronavirus (COVID-19): A Review
			of Clinical Features, Diagnosis, and Treatment.

			32327721 Bat coronavirus phylogeography
			in the Western Indian Ocean.

			32326943 Sexual and reproductive health
			(SRH): a key issue in the emergency response
			to the coronavirus disease (COVID- 19) outbreak.

			32322159 Electrostatic Charged Nanofiber
			Filter for Filtering Airborne Novel Coronavirus
			(COVID-19) and Nano-aerosols.

			32320852 Déjà vu: Stimulating open drug discovery
			for SARS-CoV-2.

			32320677 Complex Immune Dysregulation in
			COVID-19 Patients with Severe Respiratory Failure.

			32318327 Potential therapeutic effects of
			dipyridamole in the severely ill patients with

			32317235 Society of Cardiovascular Computed
			Tomography guidance for use of cardiac
			computed tomography amidst the COVID-19
			pandemic Endorsed by the American College of Cardiology.

			32313885 COVID-19 Clinical Trials: A Primer
			for the Cardiovascular and Cardio-Oncology

			32313873 How to manage lymphoid
			malignancies during novel 2019 coronavirus
			(CoVid-19) outbreak: a Brazilian task force

			32313804 Tracing New Clinical Manifestations
			in Patients with COVID-19 in Chile and Its
			Potential Relationship with the SARS-CoV-2

			32313648 Prediction of the SARS-CoV-2
			(2019-nCoV) 3C-like protease (3CL pro)
			structure: virtual screening reveals velpatasvir,
			ledipasvir, and other drug repurposing

			32313348 Nosocomial infections in psychiatric
			hospitals during the new coronavirus pneumonia

			32311448 COVID-19 and Thrombotic or
			Thromboembolic Disease: Implications for
			Prevention, Antithrombotic Therapy, and

			32311380 Reducing antibiotic prescribing and
			addressing the global problem of antibiotic
			resistance by targeted hygiene in the home
			and everyday life settings: A Position Paper.

			32311318 SARS-CoV-2 and viral sepsis:
			observations and hypotheses.

			32309679 COVID-19 Clinical Trials: A Primer
			for the Cardiovascular and Cardio-Oncology

			32309388 A quickly, effectively screening
			process of novel corona virus disease 2019
			(COVID-19) in children in Shanghai, China.

			32307593 Therapeutic strategies for critically
			ill patients with COVID-19.

			32307322 Clinical characteristics and diagnostic
			challenges of pediatric COVID-19: A systematic
			review and meta-analysis.

			32307245 Treatment options for COVID-19:
			The reality and challenges.

			32307151 Clinical Consensus Recommendations
			Regarding Non-Invasive Respiratory Support
			in the Adult Patient with Acute Respiratory Failure
			Secondary to SARS-CoV-2 infection.

			32305831 Flash survey on severe acute respiratory syndrome
			coronavirus-2 infections in paediatric patients
			on anticancer treatment.

			32305506 Renin-angiotensin system at the
			heart of COVID-19 pandemic.

			32305402 Disruptive Modifications to Cardiac
			Critical Care Delivery During the Covid-19
			Pandemic: An International Perspective.

			32305359 American Society for Transplantation
			and Cellular Therapy Pharmacy Special Interest
			Group Position Statement on Pharmacy Practice
			Management and Clinical Management for
			COVID-19 in Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation
			and Cellular Therapy Patients in the United

			32305286 Adult cardiac surgery during the
			COVID-19 Pandemic: A Tiered Patient Triage
			Guidance Statement.

			32305075 Endoscopy in inflammatory bowel diseases
			during the COVID-19 pandemic and post-pandemic

			32303420 Approaches to the management
			of patients in oral and maxillofacial surgery
			during COVID-19 pandemic.

			32303395 Response and Operating Room
			Preparation for the COVID-19 Outbreak: A
			Perspective From the National Heart Centre
			in Singapore.

			32302675 Comparative computational analysis
			of SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid protein epitopes
			in taxonomically related coronaviruses.

			32300496 Coronavirus Disease: A Review of
			a New Threat to Public Health.

			32300370 Can an effective SARS-CoV-2
			vaccine be developed for the older population?

			32299776 Complement associated microvascular
			injury and thrombosis in the pathogenesis of
			severe COVID-19 infection: A report of five

			32292904 Coronavirus Disease 2019
			(COVID-19) Pneumonia in a Hemodialysis

			32292903 COVID-19 infection among
			asymptomatic and symptomatic pregnant
			women: Two weeks of confirmed presentations
			to an affiliated pair of New York City hospitals.

			32292902 Outcome of Coronavirus spectrum
			infections (SARS, MERS, COVID 1 -19) during
			pregnancy: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

			32292848 COVID-19 for the Cardiologist: A
			Current Review of the Virology, Clinical
			Epidemiology, Cardiac and Other Clinical
			Manifestations and Potential Therapeutic

			32292252 Recommendations for Surgery
			During the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

			32292226 [Coronavirus: the geriatric emergency
			of 2020. Joint document of the Geriatric
			Cardiology Section of the Spanish Society of Cardiology
			and the Spanish Society of Geriatrics and

			32290904 Roll-out of SARS-CoV-2 testing
			for healthcare workers at a large NHS
			Foundation Trust in the United Kingdom, March

			32290901 Excess cases of influenza-like illnesses
			synchronous with coronavirus disease
			(COVID-19) epidemic, France, March 2020.

			32289152 COVID-19 and emerging viral
			infections: The case for interferon lambda.

			32288936 Detection of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
			(SARS) Coronavirus Nucleocapsid Protein
			Using AlGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility

			32288917 Milk-derived antimicrobial peptides
			to protect against Neonatal Diarrheal Disease:
			An alternative to antibiotics.

			32288442 Recombination and Coronavirus
			Defective Interfering RNAs.

			32288412 Dissection of SARS Coronavirus
			Spike Protein into Discrete Folded Fragments.

			32288246 Investigation of C-terminal domain
			of SARS nucleocapsid protein-Duplex DNA
			interaction using transistors and binding-site

			32288082 Parameter inference in small world
			network disease models with approximate
			Bayesian Computational methods.

			32287403 One-step nanomorphology control
			of self-organized projection coronas in uniform
			polymeric nanoparticles.

			32283217 Mortality of a pregnant patient
			diagnosed with COVID-19: A case report with
			clinical, radiological, and histopathological

			32282440 COVID-19 in Children in the United
			States: Intensive Care Admissions, Estimated
			Total Infected, and Projected Numbers of
			Severe Pediatric Cases in 2020.

			32278616 Recommendations on management
			of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic
			(Covid-19) in kidney transplant patients.

			32278065 Diarrhea during COVID-19 infection:
			pathogenesis, epidemiology, prevention and

			32277040 Structure of the RNA-dependent
			RNA polymerase from COVID-19 virus.

			32276137 Individual risk management strategy
			and potential therapeutic options for the
			COVID-19 pandemic.

			32274341 Characteristics and Mechanism of
			Liver Injury in 2019 Coronavirus Disease.

			32268984 Chinese Society of Anesthesiology
			Expert Consensus on Anesthetic Management
			of Cardiac Surgical Patients With Suspected
			or Confirmed Coronavirus Disease 2019.

			32265365 Obstetric Anesthesia During the
			COVID-19 Pandemic.

			32265315 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
			Pandemic: Built Environment Considerations
			To Reduce Transmission.

			32258351 Current knowledge about the antivirals
			remdesivir (GS-5734) and GS-441524 as
			therapeutic options for coronaviruses.

			32257173 An evidence-based framework for
			priority clinical research questions for COVID-19.

			32256706 COVID-19 and treatment with
			NSAIDs and corticosteroids: should we be
			limiting their use in the clinical setting?

			32247927 Remdesivir for severe acute respiratory syndrome
			coronavirus 2 causing COVID-19: An evaluation
			of the evidence.

			32247926 Clinical features of the first cases
			and a cluster of Coronavirus Disease 2019
			(COVID-19) in Bolivia imported from Italy and

			32247013 Guidance for Cardiac Electrophysiology
			During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic
			from the Heart Rhythm Society COVID-19
			Task Force; Electrophysiology Section of the
			American College of Cardiology; and the
			Electrocardiography and Arrhythmias Committee
			of the Council on Clinical Cardiology,
			American Heart Association.

			32245784 A highly conserved cryptic epitope
			in the receptor-binding domains of SARS-CoV-2
			and SARS-CoV.

			32245157 Effective Risk Communication for
			Public Health Emergency: Reflection on the
			COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) Outbreak in Wuhan,

			32244041 Shell disorder analysis predicts
			greater resilience of the SARS-CoV-2
			(COVID-19) outside the body and in body

			32241761 Infectious diseases in children and
			adolescents in China: analysis of national
			surveillance data from 2008 to 2017.

			32240096 Preventive Behaviors Conveyed on
			YouTube to Mitigate Transmission of COVID-19:
			Cross-Sectional Study.

			32234804 An investigation of transmission
			control measures during the first 50 days of
			the COVID-19 epidemic in China.

			32233816 Novel coronavirus in a 15-day-old
			neonate with clinical signs of sepsis, a case

			32232520 Facing a disruptive threat: how can
			a nuclear medicine service be prepared for the
			coronavirus outbreak 2020?

			32232339 Forty years with coronaviruses.

			32232214 Potential Treatments for COVID-19;
			a Narrative Literature Review.

			32228736 Heart University: a new online
			educational forum in paediatric and adult
			congenital cardiac care. The future of virtual
			learning in a post-pandemic world?

			32226946 COVID-19: a novel zoonotic disease
			caused by a coronavirus from China: what we
			know and what we don't.

			32226720 Respiratory virus-induced
			heterologous immunity: Part of the problem or
			part of the solution?

			32226718 Molecular Pathogenesis of
			Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)

			32226714 Vaccine Development Against
			Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.

			32226638 Hot start reverse transcriptase: an
			approach for improved real-time RT-PCR

			32226589 A Simple and Multiplex
			Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP)
			Assay for Rapid Detection of SARS-CoV.

			32226355 The effects of glass surfaces and
			probe GC content on signal intensities of a
			60-mer diagnostic microarray.

			32226292 Tribute to health workers in China: A
			group of respectable population during the
			outbreak of the COVID-19.

			32226286 Zoonotic origins of human

			32226085 Homology models of main
			proteinase from coronavirus associated with

			32226083 The effect of protected areas on
			pathogen exposure in endangered African wild
			dog (Lycaon pictus) populations.

			32226080 Pathogen exposure in endangered
			island fox (Urocyon littoralis) populations:
			Implications for conservation management.

			32219057 The SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Pipeline:
			an Overview.

			32218915 National Institute for the Infectious
			Diseases "L. Spallanzani", IRCCS.
			Recommendations for COVID-19 clinical

			32218805 Coronaviruses: Molecular and
			Cellular Biology.

			32218712 Viral metacommunities associated
			to bats and rodents at different spatial scales.

			32218652 Is Pakistan prepared to tackle the
			coronavirus epidemic?

			32218651 Coronavirus outbreaks: prevention
			and management recommendations.

			32214980 SARS - Pandemie und Emerging

			32214964 Expression patterns in feline blood
			and tissues of α1-acid glycoprotein (AGP) and of
			an AGP-related protein (AGPrP).

			32214929 Production of a Monoclonal
			Antibody Targeting the M Protein of MERS-CoV
			for Detection of MERS-CoV Using a Synthetic
			Peptide Epitope Formulated with a
			CpG-DNA-Liposome Complex.

			32214717 Genome sequencing and
			characterization analysis of a Beijing isolate of
			chicken coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus.

			32214713 Genome sequence variation analysis
			of two SARS coronavirus isolates after passage
			in Vero cell culture.

			32214702 Phylogeny of SARS-CoV as inferred
			from complete genome comparison.

			32214701 Molecular phylogeny of
			coronaviruses including human SARS-CoV.

			32214698 A complete sequence and
			comparative analysis of a SARS-associated
			virus (Isolate BJ01).

			32214695 Wild canids, domestic dogs and
			their pathogens in Southeast Brazil: disease
			threats for canid conservation.

			32214681 Angiotensin Converting Enzyme-2
			(ACE2) and its Possible Roles in Hypertension,
			Diabetes and Cardiac Function.

			32214649 Viral infections in patients with acute
			respiratory infection in Northwest of Iran.

			32214596 Cell culture propagation of bovine

			32214468 Synthesis in Escherichia coli cells
			and characterization of the active
			exoribonuclease of
			severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus.

			32212103 Practical considerations for
			performing regional anesthesia: lessons learned
			from the COVID-19 pandemic.

			32211820 SARS-CoV-2 Transmission in
			Patients With Cancer at a Tertiary Care
			Hospital in Wuhan, China.

			32211279 An Ounce of Prevention:
			Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Mass Gatherings.

			32211123 A numerical study of ventilation
			strategies for infection risk mitigation in general
			inpatient wards.

			32210742 Role of changes in SARS-CoV-2
			spike protein in the interaction with the human
			ACE2 receptor: An in silico analysis.

			32210741 Unrevealing sequence and structural
			features of novel coronavirus using in silico
			approaches: The main protease as molecular

			32210236 Epidemiological data from the
			COVID-19 outbreak, real-time case information.

			32209164 Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in a
			paucisymptomatic patient: epidemiological and
			clinical challenge in settings with limited
			community transmission, Italy, February 2020.

			32209163 Serological and molecular findings
			during SARS-CoV-2 infection: the first case
			study in Finland, January to February 2020.

			32206694 Structural, glycosylation and
			antigenic variation between 2019
			novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) and SARS
			coronavirus (SARS-CoV).

			32206545 Public awareness of coronavirus in
			Al-Jouf region, Saudi Arabia.

			32202608 Ethics Committee Reviews of
			Applications for Research Studies at 1 Hospital
			in China During the 2019 Novel Coronavirus

			32202420 An Imperative Need for Research on
			the Role of Environmental Factors in
			Transmission of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

			32201502 Renin-angiotensin system in human
			coronavirus pathogenesis.

			32201501 Immunotherapy of SARS based on
			combinations of neutralizing human monoclonal

			32201500 Membrane binding proteins of

			32201499 Middle East respiratory syndrome:
			pathogenesis and therapeutic developments.

			32201498 STAT3 roles in viral infection: antiviral
			or proviral?

			32201497 Post-translational modifications of
			coronavirus proteins: roles and function.

			32201496 Host resilience to emerging

			32201495 What needs to be done to control
			the spread of Middle East respiratory syndrome

			32195311 From SARS to COVID-19: A
			previously unknown SARS- related coronavirus
			(SARS-CoV-2) of pandemic potential infecting
			humans - Call for a One Health approach.

			32194995 The outbreak of SARS-CoV-2
			pneumonia calls for viral vaccines.

			32194981 Hydroxychloroquine, a less toxic
			derivative of chloroquine, is effective in inhibiting
			SARS-CoV-2 infection in vitro.

			32194980 Network-based drug repurposing for
			novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV/SARS-CoV-2.

			32194944 Prediction of the SARS-CoV-2
			(2019-nCoV) 3C-like protease (3CL pro)
			structure: virtual screening reveals velpatasvir,
			ledipasvir, and other drug repurposing

			32191764 Association of radiologic findings
			with mortality of patients infected with 2019
			novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China.

			32190785 Transmission potential of the
			novel coronavirus (COVID-19) onboard the
			diamond Princess Cruises Ship, 2020.

			32190575 CT imaging of two cases of one
			family cluster 2019 novel coronavirus
			(2019-nCoV) pneumonia: inconsistency
			between clinical symptoms amelioration and
			imaging sign progression.

			32190290 SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19: The
			most important research questions.

			32189081 AI-Driven Tools for Coronavirus
			Outbreak: Need of Active Learning and
			Cross-Population Train/Test Models on
			Multitudinal/Multimodal Data.

			32189010 Correction to: COVID-19: a
			novel coronavirus and a novel challenge for
			critical care.

			32188445 Coronavirus: the spread of

			32185371 Coronavirus Pandemic and Worries
			during Pregnancy; a Letter to Editor.

			32185370 Information Typology in Coronavirus
			(COVID-19) Crisis; a Commentary.

			32185368 A Novel Coronavirus Outbreak from
			Wuhan City in China, Rapid Need for
			Emergency Departments Preparedness and
			Response; a Letter to Editor.

			32183901 Epidemiology, causes, clinical
			manifestation and diagnosis, prevention and
			control of coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
			during the early outbreak period: a scoping

			32180175 Safety and efficacy of different
			anesthetic regimens for parturients with
			COVID-19 undergoing Cesarean delivery: a
			case series of 17 patients.

			32179788 Ginkgolic acid inhibits fusion of
			enveloped viruses.

			32178716 Coronavirus: just imagine….

			32175421 Early estimation of the case fatality
			rate of COVID-19 in mainland China: a
			data-driven analysis.

			32174053 False-Negative Results of Real-Time
			Reverse-Transcriptase Polymerase Chain
			Reaction for
			Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
			Coronavirus 2: Role of Deep-Learning-Based
			CT Diagnosis and Insights from Two Cases.

			32169119 The origin, transmission and clinical
			therapies on coronavirus disease 2019
			(COVID-19) outbreak - an update on the status.

			32166346 Findings of lung ultrasonography of
			novel corona virus pneumonia during the
			2019-2020 epidemic.

			32166128 The novel coronavirus outbreak:
			what can be learned from China in public

			32165386 Complete Genome Sequence of a
			2019 Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Strain
			Isolated in Nepal.

			32163542 Histopathologic Changes and
			SARS-CoV-2 Immunostaining in the Lung of a
			Patient With COVID-19.

			32161728 New Year and coronavirus.

			32159775 Detection of SARS-CoV-2 in
			Different Types of Clinical Specimens.

			32156607 Positive rate of RT-PCR detection of
			SARS-CoV-2 infection in 4880 cases from one
			hospital in Wuhan, China, from Jan to Feb

			32154505 The coronavirus 2019-nCoV
			epidemic: Is hindsight 20/20?

			32154287 Chinese expert consensus on the
			perinatal and neonatal management for the
			prevention and control of the 2019 novel
			coronavirus infection (First edition).

			32154135 Clinical analysis of 10 neonates born
			to mothers with 2019-nCoV pneumonia.

			32153742 2019-nCoV: Polite with children!

			32153518 MiR-10a-5p-Mediated Syndecan 1
			Suppression Restricts Porcine
			Hemagglutinating Encephalomyelitis Virus

			32150748 The Incubation Period of
			Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) From
			Publicly Reported Confirmed Cases: Estimation
			and Application.

			32149036 Identification of Coronavirus Isolated
			from a Patient in Korea with COVID-19.

			32148499 Molecular Diagnosis of Pneumonia
			Using Multiplex Real-Time PCR Assay
			RespiFinder® SMART 22 FAST in a Group of
			Moroccan Infants.

			32143519 Prediction of Epidemic Spread of the
			2019 Novel Coronavirus Driven by Spring
			Festival Transportation in China: A
			Population-Based Study.

			32140538 The novel Coronavirus
			(SARS-CoV-2) is a one health issue.

			32139484 Influence of trust on two different
			risk perceptions as an affective and cognitive
			dimension during
			Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus
			(MERS-CoV) outbreak in South Korea: serial
			cross-sectional surveys.

			32139462 Epidemiological characteristics of
			2019-ncoV infections in Shaanxi, China by
			February 8, 2020.

			32139372 What we know so far: COVID-19
			current clinical knowledge and research.

			32134016 Aetiological agents for pulmonary
			exacerbations in children with cystic fibrosis: An
			observational study from a tertiary care centre
			in northern India.

			32133159 Potential benefits of precise
			corticosteroids therapy for severe 2019-nCoV

			32133153 Comparative genetic analysis of the
			novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV/SARS-CoV-2)
			receptor ACE2 in different populations.

			32133152 Phase-adjusted estimation of the
			number of Coronavirus Disease 2019 cases in
			Wuhan, China.

			32132744 Data sharing for novel coronavirus

			32132521 The Effects of Social Support on
			Sleep Quality of Medical Staff Treating Patients
			with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in
			January and February 2020 in China.

			32004427 First Case of 2019 Novel
			Coronavirus in the United States.

			31999307 The Novel Coronavirus Originating
			in Wuhan, China: Challenges for Global
			Health Governance.

			31986264 Clinical features of patients infected
			with 2019 novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China.

			31987001 Genomic characterization of the
			2019 novel human-pathogenic coronavirus
			isolated from a patient with atypical pneumonia
			after visiting Wuhan.

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