Source:		PRJNA350586

     		HCoV-229E infection of the human HuH7 cell
			line [Experiment A]

			Wilhelm Lab, ECCPS, University of Giessen

			The aim of the experiment is to identify
			changes in host gene expression upon infection
			of HuH7 human hepatoma cells with Human
			corona virus-229E (HCoV-229E) compared to
			mock-infected cells. All experiments were
			performed at 33°C which is required for
			sufficient viral entry/replication. Overall
			design: Single-color hybridizations of RNA
			from different cell lines, either uninfected
			or infected with HCoV-229E. Duplicates.

			28355270 The NF-κB-dependent and
			-independent transcriptome and chromatin
			landscapes of human coronavirus
			229E-infected cells.

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