Source:		PRJNA350589

     		HCoV-229E infection of the human HuH7 cell
			line [Experiment B]

			Wilhelm Lab, ECCPS, University of Giessen

			The aim of the experiment is to identify
			changes in host gene expression upon infection
			of Huh7 hepatoma carcinoma cells with human
			coronavirus HCoV-229E as compared to uninfected
			cells and in comparison to cells stimulated
			by IL-1alpha (10ng/ml) for 1h. All experiments
			have been performed at 33°C which is required
			for sufficient viral entry/replication.
			Also included are two samples which have
			been treated with a heat inactivated coronavirus
			(56°C for 5min). Overall design: Single-color
			hybridization of RNA from HuH7 cells. Duplicates.

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